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He’s the Only Republican to Oppose the Planned Parenthood Investigation, and He’s Proud of It

A U.S. Congressman from Florida is facing heat this week for being the only Republican to vote to end a government investigation of Planned Parenthood. U.S. Rep. David Jolly joined pro-abortion Democrats on May 17 in voting to shut down the Select Panel on Infant Lives, which is conducting an in-depth investigation into the abortion […]

Are America’s Abortion Laws More Radical Than Europe’s? New Video Has the Answer

A thought-provoking new video exposes just how radical America’s abortion laws are in comparison to most of the world. Europe is often held up as an example of progressivism among American liberals, including abortion activists; however, the new video “Who is more pro-choice: Europe or America?” from PragerU points out how abortion is much more […]

Baby Saved From Kaiser Hospital That Refused Medical Care, Heads to New Hospital

Last week brought good news for 2-year-old Israel Stinson whose family has been in a battle to save his life. After several agonizing weeks of battling a hospital’s plans to take the toddler off life support, his family found a new hospital willing to care for him, according to Life Legal Defense Foundation. Israel was […]

Pro-Life Doctor Purchased an Abortion Clinic and Kicked Out the Abortion Doctor

Wrapping up a medical residency, most doctors are focused on establishing themselves in their chosen field, joining a practice and starting the long process of paying down the student loans that have piled up over the previous decade. But as William Lile concluded his obstetrics and gynecology residency at the University of Florida in 1999, […]

Doctors Said to Withdraw His Life Support Because He’d Die, A Month Later Israel is Still Alive

A 2-year-old boy is still alive more than a month after doctors tried to take him off life support against his family’s wishes. This week, Life Legal Defense Foundation said its lawyers argued 2-year-old Israel Stinson’s case in federal court and sought another preliminary injunction to keep the hospital from removing him from a ventilator. […]

Abortion Activists Complain About Babies Miraculously Saved After the Abortion Has Already Started

It’s becoming more and more clear that abortion advocates don’t want pregnant women to have a “choice,” they want women to abort their unborn babies. Lately, they have been viciously attacking a pioneer medical procedure that gives pregnant women another option – an abortion pill reversal procedure. Standing in the way of medical progress, they […]

Louisiana House OKs Bill to Study Saving Babies From Abortion After It’s Already Begun

A Louisiana state lawmaker who recently learned that the abortion pill can be reversed wants the state to conduct more research into the new procedure. State Rep. Frank Hoffmann, R-West Monroe, proposed a resolution urging the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals to study the new life-saving technology, according to The Town Talk. The state […]

She Took the Abortion Pill and Thought She Killed Her Baby, But This Happened

When “Sandra” took the first of two abortion pills, the abortion clinic told her there was no going back. The Georgia law school student was 23 when she and her boyfriend, a medical student, became pregnant, Live Action News reports. Georgia Right to Life’s Wayne Dubois said both students were pro-abortion, and they decided that […]

Hillary Clinton Email: I Want to Hang Out With Cecile Richards and My “Friends” at Planned Parenthood

If you need additional proof that Hillary Clinton would the Planned Parenthood’s best friend if elected president, look no further. In an uncovered email from Hillary Clinton’s personal email server that the public interest group Judicial Watch uncovered, Hillary asks her staff to step up a meeting with her “friend” Cecile Richards, the CEO of […]

Pro-Choice People Say I Should Have Been Aborted Because My Birthmom Was Raped

Today’s my birthday. El Cinco de Ry-o is what we call it in my house. My friends and family get to celebrate that I was born. But I almost never was. Many say I “should have been aborted”. Not that I did anything wrong, but my biological “father’s” crime compels others to see my life, […]

Hospital Calls Baby Israel “Brain Dead,” But Videos Show Him Reacting to His Mother’s Voice

There is more good news this week in the case of a 2-year-old California boy who a hospital wants to take off life support against his family’s wishes. On Monday, a federal judge ruled with the family, allowing 2-year-old Israel Stinson to stay on life support, according to the Pacific Justice Institute, which is representing […]

Father Pushes His Disabled Son Across the Finish Line in a Beautiful Celebration of Life

We got up at 4:45 Sunday to be able to take our oldest daughter to compete in a short race (by her standards) of six miles. Beautiful day, up to a thousand runners, nice background music–couldn’t ask for more. Lisa and I stood about 10 ten feet away from the finish line. Having not seen […]

Planned Parenthood Opposes Bil to Ban Sex-Selection Abortions Targeting Girl Babies

The Planned Parenthood abortion business launched an offensive today on Twitter against a bill that would ban the practice of sex-selection abortion in the United States. The House Judiciary subcommittee on the Constitution and Civil...Show More Summary

She Tried 9 Times to Get an Abortion at Planned Parenthood, Then She Saw an Ultrasound of Her Baby

Every time McKenzie went to Planned Parenthood for an abortion, she was met with some excuse: The doctor was out of the office, or her appointment had to be rescheduled. The Connecticut college student said she made nine appointments to have an abortion before she finally gave up trying. Her baby son is alive today […]

Television Networks Ignore Hillary Clinton Saying Unborn Have No Constitutional Rights

The networks have their favorites when it comes to abortion gaffes. During their morning and evening news shows, the three broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, NBC) haven’t spent one second on Hillary Clinton’s abortion comments in which she...Show More Summary

Ted Cruz: Obama Admin Unfairly Targeting Pro-Life People Peacefully Protesting Abortion

Sens. Ted Cruz of Texas and Mike Lee of Utah are accusing the Justice Department of pursuing “frivolous prosecutions” against the pro-life movement and having, according to the senators’ offices, “what appears to be an exceptionally heavy bias” in favor of abortion clinics over houses of worship in a letter sent to U.S. Attorney General […]

Late-Term Abortionist LeRoy Carhart Sends 4 Women to Hospital in 4 Months After Botched Abortions

The Maryland Coalition for Life has reported that an ambulance responded to a medical emergency at Germantown Reproductive Health Services on the evening of Sunday, March 20, 2016, and transported an “underage” female patient abortion patient to Shady Grove Hospital. Late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart was responsible for the woman’s abortion. This is the twelfth medical […]

Abortion Activist Says Pro-Life Women are Just “Deluded” and “Brainwashed”

Texas’s pro-life House Bill 2, which heavily regulates abortion clinics, made its way to the Supreme Court last week. So did pro-abortion activists. Carrying crude signs and wearing uterus costumes, the demonstrators made their presence known. Show More Summary

She Survived an Abortion and Now She is Telling Congress Her Story

Late-term abortion survivor Melissa Ohden sees Tuesday’s Senate Judiciary hearing as an opportunity to let the American public know “what late-term abortion looks like.” “As somebody who has lived to see the effects of abortion, I think it’s incredibly important for the public to pay attention to this hearing, to hear the stories of people […]

Ben Carson: Donald Trump “Doesn’t Really Believe” the Things He Says, Does That Apply to Abortion?

In a new interview about why he endorsed Donald Trump, former republican presidential candidate Ben Carson made a curious statement — that Trump doesn’t really believe all of the things he says. From The Hill: In an interview with The Hill, Carson recalled the process by which he came around to supporting the controversial front-runner, […]

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