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Viral Video: Watch as This Couple Raps Their Pregnancy Announcement

In Oregon, Jesse and Melissa Meek uploaded a pregnancy announcement video inspired by the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song and it has gone viral. On April 5th, the Meeks posted their rap to YouTube and now it has garnered over 1.6 million views. Melissa said, “It was completely unexpected. Like, that was the last […]

Watch as This Abortion Advocate Sings a Disturbing Song: “Kill Your Unborn”

(LiveActionNews) — Just when you think you’ve seen it all on social media, this video surfaces. Created Equal, a pro-life non-profit organization, released a video of a man at Ohio State University singing a song about killing unborn children. As you can imagine, this is not a lullaby. The words to the song include these lyrics, […]

To End Patient Suffering, Eliminate the Patient? Why “Death with Dignity” Bills Are Unethical

A doctor, a reporter, a nun and a philosophy Ph.D. walk into a room… Such was the setting of a Washington, DC roundtable event entitled “Living Life to Its Fullest” – as Dr. Farr Curlin (Duke University), Kathryn Jean Lopez (National Review Institute), Sister Constance Veit (Little Sisters of the Poor) and Heritage Foundation expert […]

Hillary thinks she should be president because she loves pregnant mothers and children. Gag.

Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign was officially launched yesterday via a video carefully crafted to give the impression she loves pregnant mothers, children and families. I see Obama 3.0 ahead, wherein the pro-life community sees...Show More Summary

Austin’s Doctors Said He Wouldn’t Live Past a Year, 52 Surgeries Later He’s Now 14

In Colorado, Austin Niehus was born with Goldenhar Syndrome, which is a rare genetic condition that causes a craniofacial birth defect of the face and head, usually affecting the eyes, ears, and vertebrae. His condition was considered so serve that Austin’s doctors said he wouldn’t make it to past first birthday. However, now Austin is […]

Abortionist Left Thousands of Patient Records at Abandoned Abortion Clinic

A Michigan abortionist left thousands of medical records, many of them documents of women who had abortions, at an abandoned abortion clinic in Michigan. The incident belies the claims from abortion activists that they value a “right to privacy.” Tens of thousands of medical records were left accessible and unsecured in the defunct Feminine Health […]

Semisonic’s Song “Closing Time” Has a Pro-Life Meaning No One Knew About Until Now

Remember the Grammy-winning ‘90s song, “Closing Time,” by Semisonic?  Until recently, no one really knew what the song was actually about – although we all thought we knew. The song was about a bar’s last call for the night, and what might ensue once the bar-goers left… right?  Surprisingly, no. Even more surprising is the song’s Pro-Life […]

Why I chose to get arrested at Speaker Boehner’s office

When word came down the night of January 21 that House GOP leaders were reneging on their promise to hold a vote on the 20-week abortion ban the next day – the haunting 42nd anniversary of the Supreme Court’s Roe v Wade decision – [WARNING:...Show More Summary

14-Week-Old Unborn Baby Starts Clapping in the Womb as Parents Sing a Nursery Rhyme

On March 26th, Jen Cardinal posted a YouTube video of her 14-week-old unborn baby clapping and it has already received over 100,000 views. Cardinal told the Daily Mail that she began singing “If You’re Happy And You Know It Clap Your Hands” after she saw her baby clapping for the first time. She said, “At […]

Blind, Autistic Boy Leaves Viewers in Tears as He Sings “Open the Eyes of My Heart Lord”

In May 2001, Christopher Duffley was born at 26 weeks, weighing only one pound and 12 ounces with cocaine in his system. He was blind, autistic, and suffered from a host of other medical ailments. However, Christopher survived and was placed in foster care. His aunt and uncle, Christine and Steve Duffley, adopted him when […]

Pro-Abortion Senator Democrat Leader Harry Reid Retiring, Flip-Flopped on Abortion

Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid, an ardent abortion advocate, announced today that he is retiring from the Senate and will not seek re-election in 2016. His retirement paves the way for pro-life advocates to elect a pro-life replacement in Nevada, where his seat would be a competitive race. Harry Reid started his career in Congress […]

Louisiana Judge Quietly Changes Court Date Blocking Law That May Close Abortion Clinics

On Monday, U.S. District Court Judge John deGravelles in Louisiana quietly changed the trial date for a challenge to a much-discussed state pro-life law – arbitrarily allowing abortion providers three additional months to secure proper licensing, while their clinics remain open. Passed by large majorities in the State Legislature, the pro-life law was first introduced by […]

Couple Prayed to Adopt Baby With Down Syndrome, Here is Their Amazing Story

(LiveActionNews) —Last May, California parents Andy and Mercedes Lara shared the incredible story of Sunflower Mae, a little girl they adopted just days after her birth. Sunflower was born with a joyful spirit, exuberant personality, and Down syndrome. Show More Summary

Former American Idol Contestant, Kimberly Henderson, Sings to the Baby She Nearly Aborted

In December 2014, a YouTube video of Kimberly Henderson singing Whitney Houston’s “How Will I Know” to her then 1-year-old Vaida went viral, receiving over four million views. Now on her Facebook page she’s opened up about her abortion story. She said, “Two years ago today I was sitting in an abortion clinic thinking not […]

Baby Eliot Has Impacted Millions Even Though He Only Lived 99 Days

In a beautiful video called 99 Balloons, Matt and Ginny Mooney share about their journey with their first-born son Eliot, who was born with Trisomy 18. The condition, also known as Edwards Syndrome, is caused by an error in cell division, known as meiotic disjunction. According to the Trisomy 18 Foundation, the condition is extremely […]

Planned Parenthood Covers Up How Its Telemed Abortions are Four Times More Dangerous

In what is emerging as a national test case, the Iowa Supreme Court heard oral arguments last week in Planned Parenthood of the Heartland Inc. v. Iowa Board of Medicine, which challenges the 2013 state medical board’s decision to require the physical presence of a physician when a patient is given an abortion-inducing drug. A […]

21 Ways You Can Speak Up for Babies With Down Syndrome Who May be Aborted

A couple who had just had a baby with Down syndrome wrote to me and Eileen Haupt, my co-founder of KIDS to share their joy at their son’s birth and to ask how they can help advocate for babies with Down syndrome. Here is my response. How wonderful to hear from you and to know […]

Michael Voris erroneously maligns the pro-life movement

Several months ago Michael Voris admirably apologized for an unintentional gaffe he made in one of his ChurchMilitant.TV videos. Voris’s March 10 video, “Abortion change?” calls for a similar retraction. I’d call Voris a friend. We have...Show More Summary

What’s the One Kind of Student You Never See on a College Campus? Pro-Life Video Offers Help

“Dear pregnant student, do not be afraid. You are not alone in this. There is an entire community of people who are ready to love, support, and help you through this.” With these words, Purdue Students for Life present their entreaty to fellow students to choose life for their unborn children. The video, “You Are […]

Why is Christianity Today Defending Racist Abortion Activist Margaret Sanger?

Christianity Today, founded by none other than Billy Graham, is not only the name of a popular magazine/online news source for evangelicals, it’s a phrase that makes one wonder: “What is Christianity today?” I would suggest, in too many ways, it’s largely disconnected from the Christ who inspired it. This week’s published article on the […]

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