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Whether Gun Violence or Abortion Violence, Harming the Innocent is Always Wrong

The Radiance Foundation condemns the horrific violence that happened this past weekend, and nearly every day, inside a Colorado Planned Parenthood. The daily destruction of human life for profit is inexcusable. Our hearts go out to mothers deceived into thinking violence is the answer to life that is unplanned. We also condemn the acts of […]

Attorney General Won’t Say if Obama Will Enforce Law Protecting Babies Who Survive Abortions

If an unborn baby survives a botched abortion and the abortionist just lets the baby die without providing him or her with proper medical care after the accidental birth, should the abortion doctor be held accountable? Apparently, if such a law were in place, Attorney general Loretta Lynch would not commit the Obama administration to […]

Coat Hanger Lies: Study Falsely Claims 240,000 Women Did Abortions on Themselves

“There are three kinds of lies: lies, ded lies and statistics.” Mark Twain made those words famous. Keep them in mind as the US Supreme Court hears the case of Texas HB 2, which requires abortionists and abortion facilities to meet the same standards as other outpatient ambulatory facilities. Opponents just released so-called research to […]

Compassion & Choices Admits Brittney Maynard Was “Perfect Match” for Their Suicide Agenda

Last week, the assisted suicide movement celebrated the one-year anniversary of Brittany Maynard’s death as a victory for their cause. Indeed, Maynard’s strategically-publicized death catalyzed events that led to the legalization of assisted suicide in California just last month. Show More Summary

Hulu Censors Pro-Life Commercials Giving Women Alternatives to Planned Parenthood

Hulu, the online television company, is coming under fire today from a pro-life group that says it censored two 15-second public service announcement-type commercials that direct women to alternatives to the Planned Parenthood abortion business. The commercials (shown below) provide women with a government web site they can use to find legitimate healthcare without going […]

Celebrities Schmooze With Planned Parenthood CEO After it Sells Aborted Baby Parts

The ripping apart of baby limbs is anything but glamorous – but that didn’t keep Glamour magazine from praising the efforts of Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards at its annual awards show Oct. 9. Glamour hosted its 25th “Women of the Year Awards” ceremony Monday night at Carnegie Hall, where Richards was honored with “The Health […]

Pro-Abortion Senator Claire McCaskill: Men Should Just “Shut the Hell Up”

Any man who is pro-life on abortion has probably heard the refrain before: men shouldn’t have a say on what is a “women’s issue.” Never mind that abortion touches the lives of countless men and is a human rights issue anyone should be concerned with because it kills children and injures women and men. But […]

Police Threaten to Arrest Pro-Life Advocate Just for Wearing a Pro-Life T-Shirt

A pro-life advocate says police threatened to arrest him for wearing a pro-life T-shirt and an abortion advocate mocked his 10-year-old son during a pro-abortion rally Sunday in Dayton, Ohio. Bryan Kemper, president of Stand True, reports that he and two of his children joined about 20 other pro-lifers to peacefully protest during the rally […]

When Eyeballs Drop Onto Their Laps: Things Abortionists Find Funny

Humor is a good thing to use in awkward situations. It helps to break the ice, relax the conversation and open up hearts and minds. Having a good sense of humor is helpful for de-stressing, which is why Jay Leno, Jimmy Kimmel and Ellen DeGeneres all have had great careers. Making people laugh is good […]

Planned Parenthood Abortionist Pulls Babies Out Feet First to Sell “Fully Intact” Aborted Baby

As additional footage emerges, Planned Parenthood looks more and more like a Clinic of Corpses. The Center for Medical Progress (CMP) released an 11th video revealing Planned Parenthood’s abortion practices on Oct. 27. This time, the...Show More Summary

Planned Parenthood: Babies Born Alive After Abortion Should Not Get Medical Care

Planned Parenthood has recently refused to say medical care should be given to a a baby born alive after an abortion. The shocking refusal came during Cecile Richards’ September Congressional testimony under oath. Planned Parenthood’s president claimed that she never heard of a case where a baby was born alive after an abortion. In addition, […]

Woman Whose Pro-Life Video Won National Contest Killed by Vehicle as She Crossed the Street

As our local chapter, Montgomery County Right to Life in Texas reported earlier this week: It is with great sadness that MCRTL shares that Daisy Baez Estrada, who was featured in the winning 2014 MCRTL Video Contest film, was killed early Sunday morning in College Station. Daisy along with her friend, Brian Gonzalez, was struck […]

Her Mother Dragged Her to an Abortion Clinic Despite Her Tears and Protests

In a new video from Care Net, Lovette Vassar shares her heartbreaking story of being forced to have an abortion by her mother at the fragile age of 16. Lovette explains that she grew up in a Christian home but her dad was physically abusive and that led her down a destructive path towards abortion. […]

Teenager With Down Syndrome Becomes Internationally Acclaimed Photographer

October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month, and today we are revisiting one of our heroes with Down syndrome, teenage photographer Oliver Hellowell.  Oliver Hellowell is an internationally acclaimed photographer who is only 19 years old.  His Facebook page has garnered tens of thousands of likes – and for good reason: the page features Oliver’s spectacular work […]

Planned Parenthood Made $127 Million in Profit Last Year, Not Counting Sales of Baby Parts

While the U.S. House plans to vote this week on a measure to defund Planned Parenthood via the complex reconciliation process, key questions remain unanswered—as public tax dollars continue to be entangled with the nonprofit group’s finances. When a series of undercover videos thrust Planned Parenthood into the national spotlight, leaders in Congress began an […]

Unseen Footage: Planned Parenthood Doc Discusses How to Get Brains From Aborted Babies

The group behind the 10 videos that has exposed the Planned Parenthood abortion business selling aborted babies and their body parts ha released some never-before-seen footage of another Planned Parenthood abortionist discussing the grisly practice. Show More Summary

Amazing Spoken Word Poem Reaches Out to Women Regretting Abortion: Jesus Forgives and Heals

“Years ago, I learned what really happened to pre-born babies during the different abortion procedures, and I was just devastated,” says Bernadine Barber, a spoken word poet. Barber uploaded her poem, “Condolences” to YouTube last month and hopes to reach the hearts of women who have experienced the tragedy of abortion. Barber spoke to Texas […]

Nancy Pelosi Refuses to Say if an Unborn Baby With a Beating Heart is a Human Being

In case you missed it, today Nancy Pelosi shut up CNS reporter Sam Dorman during her weekly press conference because his question was “ideological.” Watch for yourself, or read this excerpt of the exchange: CNS: “Is an unborn baby with a human heart and a human liver a human being?” Pelosi: “Why don’t you take your […]

The Top 10 Ways Bill Nye the Science Guy Is Wrong About Abortion

It’s a sad reflection on the scientific knowledge of our culture that the abortion crowd is falling all over themselves to promote a new video by Bill Nye the “Science Guy,” a former engineer, TV host, actor, and comedian, on abortion. He makes his first scientific mistake in the title of the video: Can We […]

Cecile Richards Has No Apologies for Making $590,928 to Oversee Killing Babies in Abortions

In a nearly five hour long hearing, PPFA President Cecile Richards yesterday sparred with critics on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee and basked in praise from supporters. Here are five takeaways from the hearing which centered on taxpayer funding of the largest abortion provider in the United States. As was noted early and […]

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