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Planned Parenthood Calls John Kasich “an Extreme Anti-Abortion Governor.” His Response is Priceless

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Planned Parenthood doesn’t like it when the government takes money away from them. So, when Ohio state legislators approved legislation to de-fund the abortion business this week, Planned Parenthood responded with a massive advertising attack to try to intimidate pro-life Gov. John Kasich. Kasich, who is running for […]

Head of Pro-Abortion Group: Having an Abortion Allowed Me to Achieve My Dreams

What exactly do you think NARAL president Ilyse Hogue means when she tells us “I always say my abortion story is boring”?  Before you answer, here’s the entire paragraph as seen in the YouTube video: I always say my abortion story is boring. I got pregnant, I wasn’t ready to be a parent, I wasn’t […]

Ireland Will Hold a General Election Soon, Which Candidates are Pro-Life on the 8th Amendment?

A general election has been called in Ireland and the vote will be held on 26th February, 2016.  In advance of polling day, the various politicians are setting out their position in relation to the abortion issue and specifically on where they stand on the retention or repeal of the 8th Amendment to the Irish […]

U.S. Panel Allows Scientists to Create Three-Parent Embryos With Sex Selection

This week a committee of scientists and ethicists have recommended to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that they approve three-parent embryo techniques for use in IVF in the United States. The committee calls it mitochondrial replacement techniques (MRT) because the goal is too “replace” defective mitochondria in woman with mitochondrial disease so they do […]

Let Them be Little Because They’ll Only be Little for Awhile

It’s the nature and the wonder of the Internet. I was just about to poke fun at a ridiculous column by a pro-abortionist when I went to You Tube looking for a related item to buttress my case. There I ran across a song that I remember hearing, gosh, seven or eight years ago, titled, […]

Planned Parenthood Sold Hearts and Brains of 18-Week-Old Babies Minutes After Aborting Them

A shocking new report reveals the Planned parenthood abortion business in Wisconsin lied about and attempted to cover up its sales of body parts of aborted babies. The new report reveals Planned Parenthood sold the hearts and brains of 18-week-old aborted babies to the University of Wisconsin and harvested the body parts just minutes after […]

Parents Share Amazing Video of 18-Week-Old Twin Babies Getting Surgery in the Womb

At 18 weeks gestation, unborn babies have all of their organs in place. Their hearts are beating, and their brain waves indicate that they probably are thinking, too. They can kick, roll, yawn and suck their thumbs. Their fingernails are beginning to grow, and their own unique fingerprints already have formed. In almost every state, […]

You Should Listen to Christian Singer Matthew West’s Beautiful New Pro-Life Song “Untold”

After Christian recording artist Matthew West performed two benefit concerts for an adoption agency and pregnancy center, he began to think about the work they do every day to save lives. West said their life-saving work became the inspiration for his new song “Untold.” The song encourages pregnant women not to “close the book” on […]

Pregnant After Rape as a Teen in Foster Care, She Was Forced to Get on the Table for an Abortion

After sharing my conceived in rape story a few years ago at Lake County Right to Life’s annual fundraiser in Indiana, a sweet woman came up to me and through tears, shared her own story of having endured a forced abortion after being raped while in foster care.  We’ve maintained a friendship since then, with Sheryl […]

Pregnancy Center Saving Babies Opens Next Door to Kermit Gosnell’s Old Abortion Clinic

Six years ago this February, the Drug Enforcement Agency raided a doctor’s office at 3801 Lancaster in West Philadelphia. Expecting to uncover a “pill mill”, investigators got much more than they bargained for and found what one would later describe as a “House of Horrors.” Their discoveries would eventually lead to convictions relating to the […]

Catholic University Students Will Lead March for Life Showing How Millennials Oppose Abortion

Every January, hundreds of Catholic University students, bundled in their warmest winter attire, gather in Caldwell Auditorium. They grab signs that say things like, “Everyone deserves a birthday” and “Life is a Gift. Protect it.” After a brief rally, the students head downtown en masse via the Metro to the March for Life, a peaceful […]

All Black Lives Don’t Matter: Congressional Black Caucus OK With Killing Black Babies in Abortion

Racism. It’s the go-to for liberals. Every institution of American life is touched by it according to the racialists. Well, almost every one. Somehow, the industry that kills, disproportionately, black human beings for a profit isn’t racist. It’s “reproductive justice”! Enter Congressman Sean Duffy, a Republican from Wisconsin. On the House floor he gave a […]

Her Name is Synonymous With the Supreme Court and Abortion on Demand, But She’s Pro-Life

Her name is not known to most Americans. A few might recognize “Mary Doe” of the famous U.S. Supreme Court case, Doe v. Bolton; Sandra Cano was that “Mary Doe.” This case and its more well-known companion case Roe v. Wade were used by the Supreme Court 43 years ago this January to legalize abortion in […]

13 Pro-Abortion Celebrities Who Pro-Life People Should Boycott

2015 revealed a lot about the abortion industry and its supporters. The 11 videos released by the Center for Medical Progress uncovered shocking details about the abortion industry and prompted numerous investigations and efforts to de-fund the abortion giant Planned Parenthood. As the videos were released showing top Planned Parenthood officials discussing the sale of […]

Founder of Feminist Group That Goes Topless to Protest Abortion Becomes Pro-Life, Apologizes

Chances are you’ve heard of the pro-abortion feminists who protest topless for abortion at The Vatican or infiltrate Catholic Churches to push their radical abortion agenda. In Spain, once time, as the Spanish government pushes a pro-life proposal to roll back some of Europe’s most pro-abortion laws, extreme feminists from Femen showed their anger by […]

Mei Survived Three Abortions as Chinese Population Control Officials Tried Repeatedly to Kill Her

Mei’s parents already had two children when she was conceived in 1971 in China. Her life in the womb began just as China started to implement population control measures that would lead up to its brutal One-Child Policy in 1980. Government officials told Mei’s mother to abort her, Mei said in a YouTube video as […]

He Survived an Abortion and Now Preaches the Gospel to Millions of People Around the World

Lincoln Bain almost lost his chance at life, not once but twice when both his mother and grandmother faced the temptation to abort. Bain is an abortion survivor. In January, the Bahamas talk show host, gospel singer and minister shared his story on YouTube to teach his viewers about how every baby has a purpose […]

Women Defend Aborting Their Babies: “I Didn’t Think Twice About It”

It’s no secret that abortion advocates have many allies in the mainstream media. In the past year, many news outlets have published stories of women who said their abortions were good for them. This week, the U.K. Metro followed the trend by publishing four women’s abortion stories in a video interview. Rather than present a […]

All These Children Want for Christmas is Something Only You Can Give Them

“Orphans are easier to ignore before you know their names. They are easier to ignore before you see their faces. It is easier to pretend they’re not real before you hold them in your arms. But once you do, everything changes.” — David Platt Adoption and Christmas… They’re not exactly peanut butter and jelly or […]

David’s Mom Tried to Abort Him Herself When She Was Too Far Along for an Abortion, But He Survived

David Carrasco felt embarrassed and angry when he first discovered the truth about his life. In 2013, the young man learned that his biological mother had tried to abort him. “It broke my heart and I was shocked,” Carrasco said in a YouTube video. “I never wanted anyone to know what she tried to do […]

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