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New ebook: “Abolition of Reason: Pro-life apologists deconstruct ‘Immediatist’ ideology”

On April 25, the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform’s Gregg Cunningham debated Abolish Human Abortion’s T. Russell Hunter on the topic, “Pro-life Incrementalism vs. Abolitionist Immediatism.” As faithful readers to my blog know, I followed...Show More Summary

Yet another catholic charity working with a pro-abortion organization

This is a very serious problem. Given how intimately connected the World Social Forum has been with the promotion of communism, abortion, and homosexuality since the very beginning, it’s impossible to see how any Catholic can participate in it, or even speak positively about it, let alone have any involvement in its governance. Show More Summary

Look at This Abortion Clinic That No Longer Kills Babies and Has Been Bulldozed to the Ground

A Kansas City abortion clinic that once fought a legal battle to prevent abortionists from being required to report child sex abuse is no more. After Central Family Medical (also known as Aid for Women) closed for good on July 26, 2014, it didn’t take long for the property to sell. But the ramshackle, outdated […]

Pro-life video of the day: Lucky 13th son

by Hans Johnson Jay and Kateri Schwandt of Michigan joked when they learned they were having another baby after 12 boys that they would be just fine if it wasn’t a girl, because that would be uncharted territory in their experience.Show More Summary

Stephanie Has Lupus and Has Three Years to Live, But Her Pro-Life Response is Beautiful

The California legislature is considering making physician-assisted legal through S.B. 128, which would allow a doctor to prescribe an overdose of pills so that a patient may die at the place and time of his or her choice. There are those who are fighting back though. A Hard Pill to Swallow is a group taking […]

“Immediatist vs Incrementalist” debate analysis: Epilogue

In the scheme of things, the "Immediatist vs Incrementalist" debate between AHA's T. Russell Hunter and Center for Bio-Ethical Reform's Gregg Cunningham on April 25, 2015, was iconic. AHA's immediatist philosophy was laid bare as contradictory,...Show More Summary

After Exploiting Brittany Maynard, Euthanasia Activists Exploit Another Brain Cancer Patient

On May 15, California resident Christy O’Donnell filed a lawsuit requesting that the courts allow a doctor to prescribe her life-ending drugs so that she can die on her own terms. In 2014, O’Donnell found out that she had terminal lung adenocarcinoma that had spread to her brain. As LifeNews previously reported, she said was […]

“Immediatist vs. Incrementalist” debate analysis, Part VII: So fundraising is wrong?

by Clinton Wilcox of Life Training Institute On one hand, a favorite punching bag of T. Russell Hunter is pro-life fundraising. On the other, Hunter’s group Abolish Human Abortion is incorporated, has a for-profit arm through which it sells t-shirts and other wares, and rents office space (see screen shot right; click to enlarge). Show More Summary

New language in 20-week abortion ban virtually ensures an end to late-term abortions

Yesterday, the U.S. House passed the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act by a vote of 242-184-1. In the gallery for the debates and vote, I was as horrified by pro-abortion opposition as I was elated by pro-life support. Most egregious was Democrat Rep. Show More Summary

Blind Pregnant Woman Gets to “See” Her Unborn Son and Her Response is Priceless

In Brazil, a blind woman was able to “see” her unborn son thanks to 3D printing technology. 30-year-old Tatiana Guerra is 20-weeks pregnant and never thought she would get the chance to see her son’s facial features. However, through touch, Guerra was able to feel her unborn babies face. According to the Daily Mail, in […]

“Immediatist vs Incrementalist” debate analysis, Part V: Sacrificing children to the idol of abolitionism

Abolish Human Abortion leader Don Cooper wrote on Facebook two days ago: I am an abolitionist. I am calling for the immediate abolition of human abortion. And anyone who opposes the immediate abolition of abortion I consider an enemy of God, an enemy of my neighbor, and enemy of me. Show More Summary

“Immediatist vs Incrementalist” debate analysis, Part IV: Straw men and the Bible

Abolish Human Abortion followers love to use the term “straw man” to dismiss pro-life arguments that point out their inconsistencies. (For example, during their recent “Immediatist vs Incrementalist” debate, AHA’s T. Russell Hunter called...Show More Summary

World’s Most Premature Twins Born at 22 Weeks Defy the Odds, Turn 9 Years Old

Premature twin babies born at 22 weeks weighing 500g and 560g respectively just celebrated their ninth birthday. Hunter Ryan Ridley and Darcy Louise Ridley were born on April 24, 2006 nearly 123 days early. The twins were considered the most premature twins to survive at the time. This video, which chronicles Darcy’s medical struggles, shows […]

“Immediatist vs Incrementalist” debate analysis, Part III: Social justice history vs TR Hunter

As I start, I’d like to reiterate why I’m pursuing this multi-part analysis of the “Immediatist vs Incrementalist” debate between Abolish Human Abortion’s T. Russell Hunter and Center for Bio-Ethical Reform’s Gregg Cunningham. In a comment...Show More Summary

“Immediatist vs Incrementalist” debate analysis, Part II: There’s only one way to cut down a tree?

See also, “Immediatist vs Incrementalist debate analysis: Prologue,” and  “Part I: Let babies die today, we can save the rest later.” Click to enlarge… While arguing in defense of abortion immediatism during his debate against Center for Bio-Ethical Reform’s Gregg Cunningham, Abolish Human Abortion’s T. Show More Summary

Activist Compares Dismembering Babies in Abortion to Getting Surgery on Her Wrist

An op-ed published by Sarah Erdreich (pictured below) who calls herself a “pro-choice activist” on her Twitter page, has made an absurd comparison regarding dismemberment abortion otherwise known as D+E abortion. Erdreich writes this on the blog Talking Points Memo: In a few weeks a surgeon is going to slice so deep into my right […]

“Immediatist v Incrementalist” debate analysis, Part I: Let babies die today, we can save the rest later”

This is just one example of their upside down and deadly thinking. So, as the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform’s Gregg Cunningham pointed out in the “Immediatist vs. Incrementalism” debate against AHA’s T. Russell Hunter on April 25 (1:08:03 on the time stamp, also in video clip below): The inescapable conclusion of T. Show More Summary

Pro-life vid of day: Couple refused to abort any of girl quints

by Hans Johnson Adam and Danielle Busby had success using intrauterine insemination (IUI) to have daughter Blayke, so several years later they used the same method to try for another child. But they didn’t expect to have five at once. Show More Summary

Miscarried at 22 Weeks, These Triplets are Changing the Abortion Debate

Late-term abortions are legal in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and other nations around the world. The pro-abortion movement tells us that the unborn baby in the womb is a ball of cells, a fetus or some other term used to dehumanize them. But the story of triplets who were miscarried at 22 […]

Watch as This Paralyzed Girl Surprises Her Favorite Nurse By Walking for the First Time

In Texas, a video was posted of a nurse reacting to one of her patients standing up for the first time in 11 days. The patient’s mom, Becky Miler, posted the video on YouTube. She said, “Our daughter, Bailey, had complete paralysis from the waist down for 11 days with no explanation as to why. […]

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