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Barbara Mikulski, Longest Serving Woman in Congress, Will Not Seek Re-Election

At a press conference announcing her decision, Mikulski said she had asked herself, “Do I spend time my raising money, or do I spend my time raising hell?” Image: ABC News/Youtube The post Barbara Mikulski, Longest Serving Woman in Congress, Will Not Seek Re-Election appeared first on RH Reality Check.

Chile Government Won’t Let 14-Year-Old Break Law to Kill Herself in an Assisted Suicide

On February 28th, Chile’s president visited a hospital to meet with a 14-year-old girl who shocked the country after posting a YouTube video pleading for President Michelle Bachelet to let doctors kill her because she’s suffering with cystic fibrosis. According to the Daily Mail, the government quickly said no after the video began spreading on […]

Why Do These Six Women Regret Their Abortions? “I Think About My Baby Every Day”

Here are heartbreaking videos of six women who regret their abortions. 1) Megz “And even though I know I’ve found healing, I think about my baby every day. I wonder what he would look like. I wonder what he would like to play with. I wonder what his voice would sound like. My baby would […]

Was Willie Soon Paid For Science...Or Anti-Science?

Willie Soon has been in the news lately, but the recent 131p FOIA shines even more light on climate anti-science.  It details tax-exempt tactics that use a sciency facade to promote anti-science to the public. It includes some grant proposals and results for 2008-2012. Show More Summary

The problem with calling for demilitarization “of the police”

Ed. note: This post was originally published on the Community site. “This is not to say there aren’t vast differences and nuances that need to always be named, but our oppressors are literally collaborating together, learning from one another – and as oppressed people we have to do the same.” – Cherrell Brown The outrage […]

In Oakland's Radical Brownies, Girls Collect Merit Badges for Activism

Radical Brownies logo by Julio Salgado Say hello to the Radical Brownies, a troop of a dozen East Oakland girls who are learning about the merits of activism. With a tip of their brown berets to the Black Panthers, the original Oaktown...Show More Summary

Please look at these beautiful waves, because the ocean is awesome

When the seas inevitably rise to swallow civilization as we know it, at least it'll be fcking gorgeous.

Feministing Jamz: Black Girl Genius Music

In November I wrote a profile about the magic that was Black Girl Genius Week, a week of events, creation, and celebration of Black girlhood. This week-long event was presented by SOLHOT (Saving Our Lives Hear Our Truths) as an anti-conference and represented an opportunity to engage in SOLHOT sessions at middle and high schools […]

Liberals, Democrats, Feminists and Atheists; Can They Possibly be Pro-Life?

When one thinks of a pro-life activist, rarely does one imagine a girl with teal-colored hair. But shortly before the 42nd March for Life began on the National Mall, a group of self-described “non-traditional” pro-life activists were meeting at the Smithsonian Castle to launch #ProLifeAllies—including not one, but two, with teal hair. #ProLifeAllies is a […]

Obama Admin Forced to Pay $570,000 to Company It Tried to Force to Obey HHS Mandate

The bill is coming due, literally, for the Obama administration over its attempts to force companies to comply with the HHS mandate, that compels them to pay for drugs for their employees that can cause abortions. The pro-life legal group ADF obtained a settlement in federal court Friday that requires the Obama administration to pay […]

‘The Seas Are Rising And So Are We': Bayou Native American Tribes Fight To Save Their Land

Left with few protections and without recognition from the federal government, two Louisiana tribes are forced to take matters into their own hands as their land disappears. The post ‘The Seas Are Rising And So Are We': Bayou Native American Tribes Fight To Save Their Land appeared first on ThinkProgress.

Pastor: I’m Haunted Daily by Dreams of Hearing My Aborted Baby Call Me “Daddy”

As LifeNews previously reported, California pastor, Shane Idleman, spoke out about his participation in an abortion on his churches blog. Idleman writes, “Approximately 23 years ago, as a prodigal, I conceded to my girlfriends request to abort our child around the 5th week of conception. The pain of that decision still haunts me today. What […]

Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet

“From Ferguson to Palestine the struggle for freedom continues.” Stanford students and community members shut down the San Mateo-Hayward bridge. 68 arrested. Old but good: Gary Younge’s “The Misremembering of ‘I Have a Dream'” Maya Schenwar on Marissa Alexander, house arrest, and the evolving nature of state surveillance: “Like the plans of the early reformers, […]

The Feministing Five: Charlene Carruthers

For this week’s Feministing Five, we spoke with Charlene Carruthers, the national director of the Black Youth Project 100 and a co-organizer of this past week’s #ReclaimMLK. After an MLK weekend of actions in support of justice across the country, we were honored to speak with Charlene about her activism, her views on leadership, and […] Puts a Face on Homelessness Puts a Face on Homelessness Elvin from on Vimeo.The video above is about Elvin, a healthcare professional who has worked as a nurse for more than 20 years and also holds a degree in political science. Show More Summary

15 Awesome Pro-Choice Activists Who Work to #ProtectTheZone

Clinic escorts are amazing volunteers who help women wade through hostile anti-choice protesters outside reproductive health clinics. When the Supreme Court struck down the buffer zone law in Massachusetts this past June, their job became even more important. Show More Summary

Pro-life vid of day: Men who regret involvement with abortion

by Hans Johnson Pastor Shane Idleman, of Westside Christian Fellowship, recently confessed to his participation in an abortion more than two decades ago. It still haunts him, but he says there is hope for those who are hurting. In this...Show More Summary

Feministing giveaway: tickets to How to Lose Your Virginity screening

Virginity. It’s complicated. So complicated that the great Hanne Blank wrote a whole book about it (haven’t read it? You really, really should).  The question of what virginity is, and what it means to “lose” it – where did you last see it? It’s always in the last place you look! – is the subject […]

Tylenol’s holiday campaign puts a blended same-sex Jewish family front and center

Yes, it’s designed to make you feel good about Tylenol so that you’re more likely to buy Tylenol. But it’s also transgressive, and touching as hell, and there is power in visibility like this. And we’ll know just how much power if conservative “pro-family” groups call for a boycott of Tylenol in response to this commercial […]

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