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Your home is full of creepy crawlies

Researchers find that there probably bugs in every room of your home right now.

Women Of Color YouTubers To Watch

This year one of my resolutions was to increase the people of color I am watching on all platforms. With another year of an all white Oscars,  it is so important that we celebrate our media producers that are Black, Indigenous, and People Of Color (BIPOC). New streaming services are launching for this purpose, like Kweli, […]

Bernie Sanders’ Health-Care Plan Would Provide ‘Medicare for All’

As the margins between the two narrow in the polls, both the Sanders and Clinton campaigns have ramped up rhetoric on why their health-care platforms are superior, sparring on the subject in Sunday’s debate in Charleston, South Carolina. Image: NBC News/YouTube The post Bernie Sanders’ Health-Care Plan Would Provide ‘Medicare for All’ appeared first on RH Reality Check.

Supreme Court to Review Case Challenging President Obama’s Immigration Order

The Supreme Court announced Tuesday it would hear United States v. Texas, the case challenging an executive action by the Obama administration designed to expand protections to millions of undocumented immigrants currently residing in...Show More Summary

Denver Archbishop: Shun Candidates Supporting Planned Parenthood

Denver’s Archbishop Samuel J. Aquila urged thousands of people at Denver’s March for Life rally Saturday to make their voices heard in politics, including at Colorado’s March caucuses. Image: Catholic Charities / YouTube The post Denver Archbishop: Shun Candidates Supporting Planned Parenthood appeared first on RH Reality Check.

Human Rights Campaign Endorses Hillary Clinton for President

The Human Rights Campaign, (HRC) the nation’s largest lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) civil rights organization, today announced its endorsement of Hillary Clinton for President. HRC’s Board of Directors, comprised of 32...Show More Summary

Pregnant After Rape as a Teen in Foster Care, She Was Forced to Get on the Table for an Abortion

After sharing my conceived in rape story a few years ago at Lake County Right to Life’s annual fundraiser in Indiana, a sweet woman came up to me and through tears, shared her own story of having endured a forced abortion after being raped while in foster care.  We’ve maintained a friendship since then, with Sheryl […]

The Hypersexualization of Female News Broadcasters Proves Sexism Is Alive and Well

Why is beauty a requirement for broadcast journalism? If you google “Fox News female anchors,” the first few results that pop up include, “Top Ten Hottest Fox News Girls,” “Sexy Fox News Anchor Suffers HUMILIATING Wardrobe Malfunction,”...Show More Summary

Pregnancy Center Saving Babies Opens Next Door to Kermit Gosnell’s Old Abortion Clinic

Six years ago this February, the Drug Enforcement Agency raided a doctor’s office at 3801 Lancaster in West Philadelphia. Expecting to uncover a “pill mill”, investigators got much more than they bargained for and found what one would later describe as a “House of Horrors.” Their discoveries would eventually lead to convictions relating to the […]

Oh No It’s Award Season Again Thread

Share your thumbs-ups and thumbs-downs here, for whatever production and whoever's performance, and feel free to go to town with subtext and meta-commentary. Just please be spoiler-aware for those readers who haven't managed to catch up with various books/movies/TV yet. I'll get you started. Read more ?

Campaign Week in Review: Ben Carson Can’t Stop Comparing Abortion to Slavery

Amid the week's chaos, you may have missed Ben Carson comparing abortion to slavery, John Kasich attributing the gender pay gap to paid family leave, and Martin O’Malley releasing his “Worker’s Bill of Rights.” Image: Rich Koele / The post Campaign Week in Review: Ben Carson Can’t Stop Comparing Abortion to Slavery appeared first on RH Reality Check.

How Photographer Wendi Kent Hopes to Galvanize the Quiescent ‘Pro-Choice Majority’

While Kent’s photographs show predictable tableaux, they underscore the contradiction between protesters’ declarations of Christian compassion and their behaviors: yelling, shaming, and metaphorically bludgeoning people with the Bible. Image:...Show More Summary

Oregon Labor Advocates Push Wage Protections

Democratic Gov. Kate Brown on Thursday unveiled a plan to boost the state minimum wage from $9.25 to $13.50. Separately, activists said they are circulating a proposed ballot measure to raise Oregon’s minimum wage should the governor's effort fail. Image: PBS NewsHour / YouTube The post Oregon Labor Advocates Push Wage Protections appeared first on RH Reality Check.

Catholic University Students Will Lead March for Life Showing How Millennials Oppose Abortion

Every January, hundreds of Catholic University students, bundled in their warmest winter attire, gather in Caldwell Auditorium. They grab signs that say things like, “Everyone deserves a birthday” and “Life is a Gift. Protect it.” After a brief rally, the students head downtown en masse via the Metro to the March for Life, a peaceful […]

HRC Announces Honoree and Speakers for Upcoming Time to Thrive Conference

HRC announced that Emmy Award-winning John Quiñones, anchor of ABC’s powerful “What Would You Do? news magazine, will be honored at HRC’s national Time to THRIVE conference in February. The HRC Foundation also announced today that featured...Show More Summary

Another GOP Governor Wants to End Planned Parenthood Funding

Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback said he would cut off Medicaid funding for the state’s Planned Parenthood. The move would deprive the organization of about $61,000. Image: Gov. Sam Brownback / YouTube The post Another GOP Governor Wants to End Planned Parenthood Funding appeared first on RH Reality Check.

Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet

Trans women seeking access to homeless shelters face widespread discrimination. Abusive police practices target women of color. Suffering gender violence in school often comes with big bills. Student survivors, learn your rights. Planned Parenthood is suing the people behind the video smear campaign. Show More Summary

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