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FOF #2438 – Think Pink – 01.23.17

10 hours agoLGBT / Gay : Feast of Fools

Trump is now in the Oval Office so George W Bush- you can take a seat- you’re no longer the worst president ever. Today, we take a look at the Women’s March and the rising resistance against Trump, Republicans and the Russian oligarchs who aim to control our government.

FOF #2437 – Chugging Down the Fountain of Youth – 01.20.17

3 days agoLGBT / Gay : Feast of Fools

When people ask about your age, it’s not usually because they are curious about your experiences, it’s likely they only want to judge how they have aged compared to you. Today we take a second look at one of our more popular shows, Guzzling from the Fountain of Youth. Listen as we examine more far out to totally sensible ideas on how to look and feel your best.

Inside 'Drag Race' Star Derrick Barry's 'Trinogomous' Relationship

When it comes to Britney Spears, attention to detail is everything for Derrick Barry. From costumes to hand gestures, the impersonator has memorized Britney’s every rhinestone, hair flip and “yeah-yeah-yeah.” Details of the former RuPaul’s...Show More Summary

Hollywood Icon Loni Anderson Stars In New Tello Films Queer Web Series 'My Sister Is So Gay'

“I met a young man at the Gay Men’s Chorus who told me, ‘When I was a teenager, I thought I had a crush on you,’” shares Loni Anderson. “’Then I realized I wanted to be you.’” It’s a sentiment many queer men of a certain age might well relate to as regards Anderson, who spent four seasons on WKRP in Cincinnati. Show More Summary

FOF #2436 – The Most Outrageous Movie Fan Theories Ever – 01.19.17

4 days agoLGBT / Gay : Feast of Fools

Like all great art, popular films create their own world filled with such detail and nuance that it gets fans to come up with some amazing theories as to what’s really going on. Today, we take a look at some of the most outrageous fan theories of popular films that give an amazing twist to your favorite movie of all time.

FOF #2435 – The Experimental Sounds of Sxip Shirey – 01.18.17

5 days agoLGBT / Gay : Feast of Fools

One of the most inventive musicians I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing is Sxip Shirey who grew up in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains and went on to became one of the world’s most beloved performers of unusual musical instruments. Today, my soul brother Sxip Shirey joins us to talk about his new album A Bottle of Whiskey and a Handful of Bees.

FOF #2434 – The Greatest Show on Earth – 01.17.17

6 days agoLGBT / Gay : Feast of Fools

We are back! Drag Race All Stars 2 winner Alaska Thunderfun recently invited us onstage to be her sexy muscle daddy backup dancers for her song Chicken, which featured the clucking sounds of Miss Fame. Today, we give you a behind the scenes look at what it’s like to perform in wrestling singlets and chicken masks for one of the world’s top drag queens.

Choreographer, Reality TV Star Glenn Douglas Packard Directs Queer-Themed Horror Film

For the two seasons of Brooke Knows Best, Glenn Douglas Packard encouraged Hulk Hogan’s baby girl to pursue her dreams of stardom. They were goals he knew well, having already conquered the dance world through his Emmy-nominated choreography. Show More Summary

Christine Ebersole Says Tony-Winning Role in 'Grey Gardens' Spoke to the Queer Community

Though she boasts two of her own, Christine Ebersole admits she’s not attended the Tony Awards in nearly a decade. “Don’t you have to be invited or something?” the two-time “Best Actress” winner shockingly quipped when asked about her lengthy absence from Broadway’s biggest night. Show More Summary

FOFA #1033 – Shine on Debbie Reynolds – 12.27.16

3 weeks agoLGBT / Gay : Feast of Fools

While we never had a chance to talk to Carrie Fisher on the podcast, we did get the opportunity to talk to her mother, Debbie Reynolds. Listen as we talk with Hollywood's Golden age diva Debbie Reynolds on her career, love, dating gay men in Hollywood and what it's like living next door to her daughter Carrie Fisher. Originally posted in 2009.

FOF #2433 – Christmas with Brian and Meredith – 12.20.16

last monthLGBT / Gay : Feast of Fools

The winter holidays are here. After a brutal year and election it’s now more important than ever to celebrate the wonderful people in your life. Today, comedians Brian Sweeney and Meredith Kachel join us to look at the popular and sometimes ridiculous gifts everyone is buying this holiday season.

FOF #2432 – A Joan Waters Christmas – 12.19.16

last monthLGBT / Gay : Feast of Fools

2016 can’t come to an end soon enough - with the the election of a fascist Russian puppet as president, the Zika virus, Brexit, police shootings, Syria and the losses of beloved entertainers: this year has been a never ending barrage of horrible news. But, we have a Christmas miracle, we have a piping hot Cooking with Drag Queens Pizza Party with Joan Waters!

Alaska Thunderfk Spills The T On 'All Stars 2,' New Album And Holiday Shows

“I feel like the theme song to Duck Tales,” jokes Alaska Thunderfuck, “’Life is like a hurricane; it’s a duck blur.’ That’s absolutely what it is.” Since taking home “the shiny hat” as winner of RuPaul’s All Stars Drag Race 2, Thunderfuck hasn’t had a moment’s rest. Show More Summary

FOFA #2090 – Peaches Christ’s Accidental Christmas Movies – 12.15.16

last monthLGBT / Gay : Feast of Fools

One of the great things about the holiday season are the movies! They provide us the opportunity to celebrate with our friends and family with out actually having to interact with them. But closer to our hearts are films use Christmas as a backdrop to stories about fighting, fear, wild sex and murder. Originally posted on 12.10.14

FOF #2431 – Scott Heierman is a Pretty Bearded Lady – 12.14.16

last monthLGBT / Gay : Feast of Fools

Not all drag queens are clowns in ball gowns, some are just goofy. Our guest today got her start as a theme park mascot while working at Disneyland as Goofy then went on to become the queen of the judges’ hearts on America’s Got Talent. Today,...Show More Summary

FOF #2430 – WOW! Feast of Fun Wins Best Podcast Award – 12.13.16

last monthLGBT / Gay : Feast of Fools

A lot of truly awful shit has happened in 2016, but one good thing to come our way is that Feast of Fun won a Wowie! WOW! Joining us to celebrate is comedian Rachel McCartney who has a thing to say about the loud, obnoxious haters who feel like they can take over a comedy show with their hate speech now that Russia has put Trump in charge.

FOF #2429 – As the Bathhouse Turns – 12.12.16

last monthLGBT / Gay : Feast of Fools

All types of men go to bathhouses for all types of reasons but mainly they go for sex. Today, writer Terrill Aaron Closs puts everyone on blast as he takes us into the belly of the beast and shares with us his stories of working in a gay bathhouse in Atlanta.

Singer Martina Sorbara Talks Dragonette's 'Cozy' Home in the Queer Community, New Album 'Royal Blues'

“We’ve always felt embraced by the fringes,” says singer Martina Sorbara. “That’s because we haven’t ever fundamentally fit anywhere perfectly. That’s how we get pulled toward each other – Dragonette and the LGBTQ communities.” MoreShow More Summary

FOF #2427 – Bubbe’s Holiday Spectacular – 12.06.16

2 months agoLGBT / Gay : Feast of Fools

This year Hanukkah lands on Christmas Eve, so which holiday do you celebrate? It’s free, why not both? Today, comedian Meg Grunewald joins us to squeeze the stress ball of Christmas and Hanukkah. Meg has a new show “Home for Hanukkah with Bubbe” where she gets everyone to enjoy an improvised Hanukkah celebration by playing a Jewish grandmother in a ratty wig.

FOF #2426 – The Horrors of the Holidays – 12.05.16

2 months agoLGBT / Gay : Feast of Fools

For many people, the holiday season is filled with stress and anxiety as we try to fulfill everyone’s expectations of being fucking merry. And with this year’s election it’s been harder than ever to bring peace on earth and goodwillShow More Summary

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