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Wifeys for Lifeys

Well this is perhaps the most joyful start to any week since Jan. 20. Actress Samira Wiley and writer Lauren Morelli got married over the weekend. The couple who have been the real-life resident lovebirds of “Orange Is the New Black” since 2014 announced their engagement last October. Show More Summary

My Weekend Crush

IDGAF Frances McDormand is my favorite Frances McDormand of all. And in the new trailer for “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri,” No Fucks To Give Frances is her finest form. Now that’s a way to kick start a weekend. Happy weekend, all.

C'est Mirrenifique

Look, this is also an ad. But, like the one that started out our week, this one is at least an ad worth watching. Why? A couple reasons. First, there has been far too little Helen Mirren on these pages recently. And you all know how much a love a great dame. Show More Summary


Just a reminder that Anne Hathaway is ridiculously talented. Sure, she gets flack for having the audacity to both a) try bard and b) be a woman. But, and I repeat, she is ridiculously talented. First, she can lip sync better than any other celebrity in the world. Show More Summary

A Demon That Your Parents Knoooooow

After a full day of adulating yesterday (kittens, I bought a lawnmower and everything), I feel the need to return to some joyful abandon. And there’s no joyful abandon better than deeply weird joyful abandon. So please enjoy this reprise of “Outside Bones” by your friend and mine, Mr. Show More Summary

Hold On Now

Damn, Down Under. You just made me straight-up cry. In my ongoing effort to start each week with a little joy, here is a little love from our friends in New Zealand and Australia. Yeah, I know it’s an ad from a bank. But when it has an emotional hold like this, who can resist? Happy Monday, kittens.

My Weekend Parody

Since this is my trailer week, how about a trailer for a fake movie I would really watch? I don’t know how this escaped me the first time around. But now that another one of these in in the theaters, why not? As fun as it is to poke fun at lesbian stereotypes, the deleted scene is actually my favorite. Though, come on gay ladies - who flushes a tampon? Happy weekend, all.

Gods of Carnage

So this is my week to post trailers, apparently. Next up, the new trailer for “American Gods.” The new series from Bryan Fuller (Mr. “Pushing Daisies,” “Hannibal,” “Wonderfalls”) looks…well, it certainly looks. It actually might blend the two sides of Fuller perfects – the fantastical and the carnagetastical. Show More Summary

Wonder Where

Well, add another thing to the annals of “Men Ruin Everything.” Here we have a perfectly good movie about Amazon life in Themyscira, and then, boom, a dude drops in and everything goes to hell. Fine, so maybe he doesn’t ruin everything. Show More Summary

Rough Decision

So remember yesterday when I was like, “THIS MOVIE TRAILER IS MY REASON TO LIVE?” Of course you do, it is also now yours. Well here’s another movie trailer which is not exactly life affirming (actually sorta the exact opposite), but I still have a keen interest in for a number of reasons – as well as one very big reservation. Show More Summary

Atomic Summer Plans

Well, holy fuck. Looks like I have something else to live for in 2017. Look, sometimes something comes into your life you had no idea you needed. Like Cate Blanchett forgetting her gloves on a department store counter. But then, once you’ve seen it, you have no idea how you ever lived without it. Show More Summary

My Weekend Buffy

If you were to distill “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” down to one scene, it would be the beginning of “The Gift.” The fifth season finale opens with a teenage boy running for his life into a dark alley. Behind him a vampire stalks, ready for the easy kill. Show More Summary

Anne Again

Hey, here’s some good gay news! We’re about to get what sounds like some primo period-piece lesbian television content. HBO and BBC One are teaming up to create “Shibden Hall,” a new eight-part drama series created and written by Sally Wainwright of “Last Tango in Halifax” and “Happy Valley” fame. Show More Summary

A Day Without This Woman

So it's A Day Without A Woman Day. We are being encouraged to wear red, not engage in paid and/or unpaid work if possible and not spend money unless at small, woman or minority-owned businesses. So here I am doing my part.And, to put you in the mood, here is a fella singing a little strike music for you. Enjoy, ladies. See you on the flips side.

Otterly Perfect Resistance

Filled with existential dread about the destruction of our democracy? Here is an otter saying hello. — Dorothy Snarker (@dorothysnarker) March 3, 2017 Oof. I spent a sleepless night tossing and turning with nightmares/realities about the Trump cabinet pillaging our society's most essential institutions. Show More Summary

A Kindly Monday

It’s important, now more than ever, to start each week on a high note. And this song is a very, very, very high note. Granted, there are no lesbians. Or any discernable ladies. And, yes, there is an overabundance of white boy facial hair. Show More Summary

My Weekend Crush

As Trump readies his new – though certainly no less terrible – Muslim Ban, I thought it might be a good time to share Valerie’s Letter again. For no reason, really. Just totally out of the blue, actually. Apropos of nothing, truly. I...Show More Summary

Take Me To Your...My Face! My Face!

So last week NASA discovers 7 new possibly life-sustaining planets in the TRAPPIST-1 system. And this week we get the new trailer for “Alien” Covenant.” It’s the second in the planned “Alien” prequel series (the first was “Prometheus”...Show More Summary

The Brave One

One of the only positives out of our new political nightmare is the number of people – everyday folks, famous folks, semi-famous folks – who are coming out to resist. Sure, it sucks that it takes a staggeringly unqualified, unhinged,...Show More Summary

Tender Buttons

3 weeks agoLGBT / Lesbian : Effing Dykes

Hey, friggers! What’s happening? Here in Minneapolis, the weather's been scaring everyone. It keeps being freakishly warm and raining and then freezing suddenly, like, "It's warm! It's warm! Put on miniskirts! With no tights! LOL BITCH GOT U LMAO." As I walked home from work the other day, I stepped over an earthworm trying to cross the sidewalk. Show More Summary

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