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Crofting New Heroes

Right, so let’s get into this new “Tomb Raider” trailer. When the reboot of the action franchise was announced I was a big, “M’k. I guess.” I also thought Alicia Vikander was a tad slight to fill Angelina Jolie’s combat boots. But then I saw her abs and I was like, “K. Show More Summary

SGALGG: Emmys Edition

To be honest, at this year’s Emmys there were so many Gay Gals Acting Like Gay Gals at the Emmys we hardly need a Straight Gals Acting Like Gay Gals. Plus we’ve got Straight Gals Acting Like Gay Gals With Gay Gals. Hell, at this point it’s just one big gay jumbles and I’m here for all of it. Show More Summary

Emmys Loves the Gay Ladies

Well, now that didn’t suck. The Emmys were an unmistakable win for us gay ladies. San Junipero. Kate McKinnon. Lena Waithe. The Handmaid’s Tale. It was like lesbian Christmas and New Year’s rolled up into one very well-dressed night....Show More Summary

My Weekend Crush

Sorry, again, to keep sharing videos from that hair tousle, but it’s not too often you get not only one but two lesbian guests on late night television. So here is Tig Notaro and Sarah Paulson kind of cracking each other up. Just pretend Jimmy’s not there, I know I do. Show More Summary

Spit Take

“Rachel Weisz and Rachel McAdams Have Incredible Sex in Disobedience”Well, hello – now there’s a headline. It’s almost enough to set the Lesbian Bat Signal up to “Carol” levels of anticipation. I’ve written about their new film “Disobedience” before. Show More Summary

Rest In Pride

If you ever doubt that one person can change the world, think of Edie Windsor. One singular woman, one timeless love, one righteous fight. They all came together in Edie, who undeniably changed the world for the better. Her death yesterday...Show More Summary

Your Best Paulson

Sarah Paulson continues to be an endless delight and someone we all wish was our lesbian BFF (no offense to my real lesbian BFF, but she is better at impressions that you – that’s a fact). I’m always so pleased when she has a new project...Show More Summary

We Got Weather

We have had some, shall we say, inclement weather here in the United States. Hurricanes, floods, wildfires. My thoughts, of course, are with all those who lost loved ones, their homes, their worldly possessions and all else the full force of our climate run amok has taken from them. Show More Summary

My Weekend Crush

One of my favorite things continues to be seeing “Game of Thrones” characters in costume while using modern contraptions. I particularly like anything to so with Cersei Lannister acting very un-Cersei Lannister-y. Like, sure she almost...Show More Summary

Magic Lesbians Bus

The lesbians are in your children’s TV, making everything more magical. I was a little too old (cough, a lot too old, cough) to have watched “The Magic School Bus.” I was more of a “3-2-1 Contact” girl, myself. But I’m all for educational television voiced by lesbians. Show More Summary

Great British Eat It

So I guess the “Great British Bake-Off” has made its Channel 4 debut. And while normally the start of a new season of my favorite televised Xanax would fill me with joy and soothing shots of the British countryside, whatever has returned can never hold candle to what was. Show More Summary

I Just Called To Say...

Kittens, today marks the year anniversary of the end of “Rizzoli & Isles.” And, yeah, I still miss that show and its crazy, insane, totally gay chemistry. No, the cases didn’t make sense. No, the police procedure wasn’t right. No, I have no idea why didn’t just give in and make Jane and Maura a couple. Show More Summary

B + D = Hell Yeah

So our first “Game of Thrones”-less Sunday until after the long, dark winter has arrived. And here we are waiting (and waiting, and waiting, and waaaaaaiting) for the final season. Which Targaryen – if any – will assume the Iron Throne. Show More Summary

My Weekend Crush

Yes, I know, many of our pop stars are problematic. We love (love, love) to pit them against each other. Especially if they’re women, precisely because they are women. But besides providing us with the effervescent delights to make our daily drives, work and lives just that much more fun, sometimes they’ve got some pretty wonderful messages. Show More Summary

Otterly Tired

Ugh, sorry kittens. Chalk it up to the Dog Days of August, but I’ve been a wee bit uninspired/tired/busy and therefore behind in my postings. Again, this is my personal site that I do in my spare time, without any kind of compensation just because I love it (and love interacting with you). Show More Summary

G'day, Kate

It’s Wednesday and on Wednesdays we allow Kate McKinnon to finally make us crack a smile in this infernal “Lemon, It’s Wednesday” of a year. Last week it was her playing with puppies. This week it is her struggling mightily with her Australia accent in “Rough Night.” Look, all I’m saying is no accent is required for her to play Hillary. Show More Summary

Tank Top Tardy

Whew, it has been a busy work week. Here is a make-ip tank top courtesy our favorite assassin/lover of Root. Enjoy.

In Search of a Good Place

You guys, so much is happening all at once and 99.95 percent of it is just so very terrible. Like, each time I think our capacity to ingest bad news has been stretched to its absolute limit, Trump goes and pardons a convicted racist and bans trans recruits from the military because LOL NOTHING MATTERS. Show More Summary

My Weekend Crush

Guys, we made it through another week in Trump’s America. That alone is reason to celebrate. (Though, don’t think I’m not 200 percent furious that this five-time draft dodger is going ahead with his cruel and despicable plan to kick out honorable trans military service members who actually volunteered to serve this country. Show More Summary

Lesbian Horror Story

Sometimes life imitates fiction. Sometimes fiction imitates life. Sometimes Ryan Murphy sneaks into your living room and films your whole damn life. Hello, “American Horror Story: Cult.”This season’s plot says, and I kid you not:“Sarah...Show More Summary

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