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Gloved Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Kittens, I thought I was done posting about the Oscars. But then Vanity Fair went and posted this image. And now we have to talk about this look between Holland Taylor and Sarah Paulson. This is some modern-day “Carol” right here. Yeah, I’ll be in my bunk having a gloved lunch.

My Weekend Crush

There are so many reasons to love Dolly Parton. Her music, her activism, her spunk. But perhaps the most lasting reason to love Dolly, for past and future generations, is her tireless work on behalf of her Imagination Library, which gives away free books to children. Show More Summary

Gender Fuck Thursday: Janelle Edition

Yes, I know I already posted about Janelle Monae this week. But look, just look. How can I not post about her again when she’s wearing a suit and looking like she looks? No one right now wears a suit better than Janelle. She gives Marlene Dietrich a run for her tuxedo. Show More Summary

Olympic Scream Queens

One of my favorite things about watching the Olympics is seeing the unfiltered emotion coming from all the female athletes. Women, all too often in society, are told to strictly monitor their emotions. Don’t be too friendly. Don’t be too cold. Show More Summary

Doctor Feels Brilliant

Ugh, is it fall yet? The more they tease us with little tidbits of the Thirteenth Doctor, the more excited I get. I’m into it all. The coat, the boots, the suspenders, the rainbow top, the multiple ear piercings. Oh, yeah, you know I love those piercings. Show More Summary

Tank Top Tuesday: Olympics Edition

Damn, I miss the Olympics already. But, good news, we don’t need to miss the Olympians. Here are a few choice Team USA athletes in their tank topped finest. And, of course, sports bras count. Like you even had to ask. See you in Beijing in 2022. Show More Summary

The Way This Makes Me Feel

I wish this video went on forever. I mean it, I could watch Janelle’s “Make Me Feel” video f-o-r-e-v-e-r. Like, who wouldn’t want to watch this ode to bisexuality and Prince (wait, is that redundant?) on a loop? No one, that’s who. And...Show More Summary

My Olympic Weekend Crush

Well, I hope you’ve been enjoying the Olympics. You know I have. In honor of its final weekend, please enjoy these literal golden girls. Here are all the female gold medal winners from the United States (with much respect and congratulations, of course, to all the other women from other countries who took gold as well). Show More Summary

Gender Fuck Thursday: Cate Edition

Oh, hi. Thought you might want to see in Cate Blanchett in this suit. And tie. And no shirt. You are welcome. Look, I don’t know why she’s cutting her hair either. But are you gonna tell her it’s probably not a good idea to cut her hair while she’s wearing that suit and tie and no shirt? I didn’t think so. Yeah, the lady can do whatever she wants.

You Don't Own Us

Here are two of the sheroes of my not all that rebellious youth (What? I was a good student…) Shirley Manson and Fiona Apple, singing a wonderfully defiant version of Lesley Gore’s “You Don’t Own Me.” What a perfect anthem for our Time’s Up moment. Show More Summary

Lesbian Bucket List

Filmmaking friends The Finks (Julie Keck and Jessica King) have been making LGBTQ-themed content for years now. And they were kind enough to share one of their latest projects, the sex education series “Fck Yes,” with me the other day. Show More Summary

We Call B.S.

Here’s the speech from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student Emma Gonzalez at an anti-gun rally happening today in Fort Lauderdale // — Joshua Chavers (@JoshuaChavers)...Show More Summary

My Weekend Gun Control Now

It’s easy to get despondent about all the senseless gun violence in America. Very, very easy. Why do we keep letting angry men unfettered access to the weapons of war? Why are they allowed to commit mass murder in a matter of seconds?...Show More Summary

Why Hello, New Robot Overlords

Oh, in all the commotion I’ve forgotten to talk about the new “Westworld” trailer. It’s a show I’ve grown to appreciate more and more as it reveals itself. Yes, it’s a slow and strange burn. But, if this the trailer is any indication, the robots are ready to rise up and kick our asses. Show More Summary

Happy Carol-entines Day

Dearest Kittens,May someone flirt with you as boldly as Carol Aird flirts with Therese Belivet this Valentine’s Day. Or – alternately or concurrently – may you love yourself as effortlessly as Carol Aird lifts herself off the floor. But, seriously, that’s serious gracefulness goals. Show More Summary

Olympic Screams

One of my favorite things about watching the Olympics is seeing the unfiltered emotion coming from all the female athletes. Women, all too often in society, are told to strictly monitor their emotions. Don’t be too friendly. Don’t be too cold. Show More Summary

Winter Is Coming Out

The Winter Games are here! The Winter Games are here! It’s the most wonderful every-four years, of the years. Does that make sense? Oh well, who cares. It’s that time of the lifetime again when I fall in love with all things Olympics. Show More Summary

My Weekend Crush

I’ve been trying to decide whether I liked the “Natalie’s Rap 2.” It’s taken me a little while, because of my absolute love of the first one - obviously, but I’ve decided I like it – a lot. Sure, it’s not as surprising and therefore memorable as the first one. Show More Summary

Annihilate the Patriarchy

You ever seen a photo and think, “Yeah, this gets me.” Well, that’s how I feel looking at this promo still from the new film “Annihilation.” This still is kind of everything I’m looking for from a movie right now. A tough, smart gang of diverse women who are heavily armed on a world-saving mission while some sport alternative lifestyle haircuts. Show More Summary

Disobey This

Good news, the trailer for “Disobedience” was recently released. Better news, the infamous “spit” scene is nowhere to be seen. Look, I’m still incredibly excited to see “Disobedience” because any movie where Rachel Weisz and Rachel McAdams have a passionate relationship is incredibly exciting. Show More Summary

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