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My Weekend Winslet

I’ve always loved Kate Winslet; there’s just always been something wonderfully cheeky about her. She seems sort of delightful, in that specifically British way of being delightful. And this interview with Stephen Colbert where she reenacts the famous Jack and Rose on the door scene is no exception. Show More Summary

Gender Fuck Thursday

It’s been a hell of a year – emphasis on hell. So I think you deserve some women in suits and ties. And in black and white, no less. Consider it an attempt to right some of the cosmic imbalance of this year. It’s not much, but we have to take our joy wherever we can find it. Show More Summary

Queens Beyond Compare

Well, holy shit, Alabama did it. Let me rephrase that, black voters and particularly black women in Alabama did it. They elected Doug Jones the next senator from Alabama and rejected Roy Moore for being a repulsive pedophile and hate monger. Show More Summary

Tank Top Tuesday

I (thankfully) never watched “House of Cards.” But now that they’re returning for a sixth and final season without Kevin Spacey and with Robin Wright I just might consider it. Finally, a smart woman replaces a bad man. Now, if only the real world worked like this as well. Say hello to Madame President. And can I just say this President Underwood looks stellar in a tank top.

What a Gal

Hello, hi, hey there. Only two weeks until Christmas. (And if you celebrate another holiday, please respectfully insert the appropriate days until that.) But here is an early holiday gift for everyone: Kate McKinnon doing Gal Gadot’s accent. Show More Summary

My Weekend Crush

Look, it has not been the best time to be a Democrat in America. With the GOP controlling the House, Senate and Executive Branch (and don’t even get me started on the Judiciary), we don’t have a lot of bright spots right now. And they’re letting Orange Voldemort ruin, like, everything (seriously, everything). Show More Summary

Fetch Them Their Axe

The “Carol Effect” is alive and well. First “Disobedience” with its questionable spitting, then “Vita & Virginia” with its lush first look, and well we haven’t seen much out of “Tell It to the Bees” just yet. But now we have our first look at the lesbian love that took an axe. Show More Summary

This Been The Damn World

I’m just gonna leave this right here. Welcome to Hell, fellas.

Jedi Top Tuesday

This clip has so much amazing going for it. Daisy Ridley wielding a lightsaber. Gwendoline Christie suited up in Phasma gear. Kelly Marie Tran as a Resistance fighter. My inner girl nerd is in full squee. Go get ‘em, ladies.

Meeting of the Minds

Get someone who looks at you like the late, great Edie Windsor looks at Cate Blanchett and Sandra Bernhard who are clearly deep in conversation about what Carol and Therese did after they locked eyes in that restaurant.

My Weekend Countess

As we all know, the cast of the short-lived but eternally beloved “My So-Called Life” has done pretty well for itself. Angela Chase is an only somewhat overly paranoid CIA agent. Jordan Catalano has an Oscar (cough, shoulda been played by an actual trans woman, cough) and a band. Show More Summary

Where U Been?

2 weeks agoLGBT / Lesbian : Effing Dykes

[via @kimmika] Hi homos, I hope you had a phenomenal autumn! So much has happened these past two months, and I haven’t filled you in on any of it. Rude, right? Wonderful and gay and fun and sexii things have been going on, absolutely...but for now, none of that feels like stuff I can talk cheerfully about. Show More Summary

When Vita Met Virginia

Hey, remember when I wrote about that trio of lesbian films with high-profile casts coming to a movie screen near (well, I hope near) you? Well, they’re really happening. While we may all still reeling from The Great Spit Debate of the...Show More Summary

Who Run The L

So I guess we should talk about this new “The L Word” reboot showrunner news. As we already knew, The Chaiken will executive produce but would not have time to return as showrunner. So a search ensued and the lesbian powers that be picked filmmaker and actress Marja-Lewis Ryan. Show More Summary

Fostering the Future

We haven’t crushed on Jodie Foster in a while. Which is, you know, a shame. After all she was my very first Weekend Crush. Granted, she is a happily married lady now. And, yes, there is still the bit about her very problematic past support of Mel Gibson. Show More Summary

A Wonder Woman

In my continued attempt to start each week with Not Awful News (which, of course, is so much better than so-called Fake News), here is a little slice of inspiration. This viral Twitter post got me looking into the life of silver screen legend Hedy Lamarr, who would have turned 103 earlier this month. Show More Summary

My Weekend Crush

As you all are abundantly aware, I’m all about the ladies here at Surrenders. But that doesn’t mean I’m opposed to the occasional cool dude here or there. And right now one of the coolest is Ezra Miller, a.k.a. The Flash. The actor came out as queer in 2012 and has been a unique voice in Hollywood ever since. Show More Summary

Happy Catesgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! Today I am thankful for, among other things, this photo of Cate Blanchett in a suit. Eat, drink and enjoy this very special Gender Fuck Thursday suit edition, kittens.

Champagne or Cot I know, I know – I already wrote about the big Very Softball Coming Out episode of “Fresh Off the Boat” last week. But, kittens, it really needs to be seen to be truly appreciated. Show More Summary

Real Hockey Moms

Hey, remember when that crazy lady from Alaska who thought she could be one heartbeat away from the presidency kept bragging about how she was a “hockey mom?” Well how about we erase those terrible memories with two real hockey moms instead. Show More Summary

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