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Out of the Woods

At long last, is it finally Woody Allen’s moment in The Reckoning? A tiny trickle has become a steady stream of actors who have worked with the filmmaker in the past and are now denouncing, and apologizing, for their involvement with him. Show More Summary

Goodnight, Sweet Dolores

Like many of you, the Cranberries were the soundtrack to a very specific time of my life. A time filled with intense change and emotion, love and heartbreak. You know, the usual. But through it all Dolores O’Riordan’s voice, this beautiful, powerful, haunting, unmistakable, unforgettable wail. Show More Summary

Flame On

Welcome to your Monday. May you all enter this week with the kind of ferocity as Sigourney Weaver test firing a flamethrower for the filming of “Alien.” p.s. Also, this means every time you see Ripley wielding a flamethrower in “Alien,” that fucker is the real fucking deal. Have a badass week, all.

My Weekend Oprah

Look, I don’t necessarily thing America should go elect another billionaire celebrity as its president anytime soon. One would hope the petulant orange C-Lister we have in there now would scare us away from ever again letting a famous...Show More Summary

Streep Throat

Look, it’s been an infinitesimally less terrific and no less economically advantageous time to be a straight white male recently. I know, cry them a river, they have to try to stop being such blatant garbage sex monsters. But in an effort...Show More Summary

Low Ryder

Because this is the Fuck the Patriarchy Golden Globes week here at Surrenders, I thought we’d discuss that insane L’Oreal commercial that aired during the ceremony. You know the one, where a dark-haired actress prepares nervously for her big moment in a dressing room while inspirational music swells. Show More Summary

SGALGG: Golden Globes Edition

You know when ladies pretend to kiss a shiny golden statue but they’re really just trying to kiss each other? Yeah, well in my head that’s what happens at every single awards show – but especially the Golden Globes. There was plenty of Straight Gals Acting Like Gay Gals action at this year’s ceremony. Show More Summary

Reclaiming Our Time

Right, let’s dig in shall we? This weekend’s Golden Globes were an interesting clash in acute cultural awareness and standard superficial bullshit. Pretty much everyone wore black, which while it can be seen as an empty gesture was also arresting in its own way because, well, pretty much everyone did it. Show More Summary

My Weekend Crush

Congratulations to Ellen Page and Emma Portner, who announced their marriage on Instagram this week. Also, condolences to all the queer ladies who will now never realize their dream of marrying Ellen Page. I have to give Ellen mega gay...Show More Summary

Yes to Life

So, did you make any New Year’s resolutions? I didn’t really, though I do have some loose goals. Most of them revolve around staying in more and others are about staying off the Internet more. It’s nothing against you all, kittens. You all are unquestionably lovely. Show More Summary

The Badass Is Out There

So, let’s be perfectly frank, the X-Files reboot from two years ago sucked. It really, really sucked. It suuuuuuuuuuuucked. But, here’s the rub. I love Gillian Anderson. Like I really, really love her. Like I looooooooooooove her. And...Show More Summary

Doctor Feels Amazing

Oh, brilliant. A new year, a new Doctor. Suck it, dudes, your favorite Time Lord is now a lady. It only took 54 years and 12 other men to come to this version of Doctor Who. I’ve come to the realization that any piece of pop culture that makes the fanboys irrationally angry (see: “Ghostbusters,” “The Last Jedi”) makes me incredibly happy. Show More Summary

Bring it, 2018

Hey, 2018. Bring. It. On. We, the women of the world, got this.

My Weekend America

Well, this waking nightmare of a year is almost over. I can’t say I’ll miss it. I can’t say it hasn’t been complete garbage. But I can say we have to take our happiness where we can. In this moment in history – where unabashed bigotry, greed and hatred is the norm – joy can be an act of rebellion in and of itself. Show More Summary

Keeping Up With the Joneses

Jessica is back, baby. After a two-year break (fine, she popped up in “The Defenders,” but I’m increasingly uninterested in ensemble casts with one token female and a ton of boring dudes), “Jessica Jones” is finally returning for her second season. Show More Summary

A Rosa Bi Any Other Name

I haven’t been watching “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.” It’s not that I have anything in particular against the show. I’ve just never been a huge Andy Samberg fan. But I enjoy the other actors. And I greatly enjoy the bi coming out storyline for one Det. Show More Summary

A Perfect Eight

Look, I know Christmas was yesterday, but who is to say we can’t celebrate a second day? (Heck that song with the partridge says we can celebrate 12 days, dammit.) But instead of two turtle doves, on this second day of Christmas I give you eight awesome ladies. Show More Summary

Make the Yuletide Gay

Merry Christmas, kittens. Or happy whatever you celebrate. May your day be merry and bright and oh so gay. And next year may all our troubles be out of sight.

My Weekend Crush

It’s been a crazy holiday season and I won’t have a chance to write about “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” until after Christmas. (So, you know, NO SPOILERS.) Because of that I’ve tried to stay away from reviews and interviews and behind-the-scenes whatnot. Show More Summary

Carol Day 2017

Happy Carol Day, lesbians! Rejoice, queer ladies everywhere, for today is the day Carol Aird and Therese Belivet had their second date. After that first gloved lunch over creamed spinach and poached eggs, this one involved a Christmas tree, Billie Holiday tune and sapphic intentions veiled as photographic ambitions. Show More Summary

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