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Little Big Town’s “Girl Crush” Isn’t The Gal Pal Anthem Homophobes Seem To Think It Is

7 minutes agoLGBT / Lesbian : Autostraddle

She wants to taste your lips but only because they've been kissing the boy she's into.

Fan Fiction Friday: 8 Carmilla Stories To Warm Your Misanthropic Heart

2 hours agoLGBT / Lesbian : Autostraddle

And a profile with series creator Ellen Simpson, who writes all kind of fan fiction too!

18 Signs You're a Lesbian or Bisexual Couch Couple

3 hours agoLGBT / Lesbian :

The first step is admitting... Contributor: Bianca Rosen Siegel read more

FRIDAY OPEN THREAD: Jill of Many Trades, Master of Some

3 hours agoLGBT / Lesbian : Autostraddle

You've got the skills to pay the bills or maybe not the bills, but you definitely have skills! Photo editing, twerking, parallel parking, making tiny burritos for tiny hamsters? Come over here and tell me about all the stuff you're boss at!

Women’s March Madness: The Sweet 16 Kicks Off Tonight!

4 hours agoLGBT / Lesbian : Autostraddle

You can watch women's basketball nonstop this weekend, if you want to. What a time to be alive!

Also.Also.Also: What’s More Exciting, A Spider Named Sparklemuffin or Ellen Page Eating Pancakes?

4 hours agoLGBT / Lesbian : Autostraddle

The latest episode of Kristin Russo's First Person series is queering fashion, Arabelle Sicardi and her mom are watching TV, drawing race and class boundaries with sexual discourse, Gillian Anderson is avaibs, being fat black and invisible,...Show More Summary

My Weekend Crush

Sometimes we scoff when folks call themselves allies. Like, anyone can say they support us, but how about you show us instead, eh? But the concept of an ally, and building allies, is always invaluable. The minority will always need the majority to come to their side for real, lasting change to occur. Show More Summary

Indiana Religious Freedom Bill Legalizes Discrimination

22 hours agoLGBT / Lesbian :

This is everything we don't want... Contributor: Stuart McDonald read more

The Fosters Episodes 220-221 Recaps: Dystopian Robot Apocalypse

23 hours agoLGBT / Lesbian : Autostraddle

Jude and Connor come out, and Monty finally stops keeping her lips to herself.

Indiana Governor Signs Anti-Gay “Religious Freedom Act,” Pisses Everybody Off

23 hours agoLGBT / Lesbian : Autostraddle

Indiana's decision to "protect" religions from having to deal with gay people has not gone over well with the NCAA, GenCon, a bunch of tech CEOs or the Indianapolis mayor — but the Governor insists this law is totally fine and awesome and not legalized discrimination at all!

Playlist: Let’s Go On A Picnic / Lay In The Grass

If you have the right weather for listening to this outside, please do that. But if not, put your sunglasses on inside and live the dream anyway.

Daily Fix: Frat Lobbies Are Why We Can’t Have Nice Things and Other News Stories

The death of trans teen activist Blake Brockington, good legislative news for same-sex parents in Maryland, Roy Moore says something regrettable, Ellen Pao takes sexism in venture capitalism to court, and more!

Sober in the City: Adventures in Sober Dating

"I could not wrap my head around having to jump back into the dating scene – sober no less. Where would I find suitable dating candidates? How do I "come out" as sober? It's bad enough that the queer dating pool is incredibly small. Now, I had to contend with the fact that some people would be averse to dating a sober recovering addict."

Evan Rachel Did

So, normally I don’t go in too much for blatant advertising campaigns. Naturally, there are exceptions and most involve either a) cute animals, or b) cute gays. (There’s also a subset I reserve for “empowering messages,” but those can sometimes be obviously self-serving corporate marketing.) Anywayyy, find the thread, Snarker. Show More Summary

15 Thoughts This Lesbian Bride Had While Trying on Dresses

When a lesbian buying a gown has thoughts just like everyone else... Contributor: Bianca Rosen Siegel read more

This Business Of Art Fix #1: That Awkward Moment You Realize That There Is No Businesswoman’s Lunch Special

The very first edition of a biweekly link round-up of stuff I've read and thought about relevant to the work we do here: online media, women in business, entrepreneurship, journalism, start-up culture, publishing, advertising, management, freelancing, literature, queer visibility, etc. LET'S TALK BUSINESS, LADIES.

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