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My Weekend Crush

You guys. If anyone ever tells you consent isn’t sexy, yeah, just show them this. Because consent is so, so sexy. As is this scene. As is everything to do with WayHaught. Look, I don’t know exactly what is up with dark eyes, bell stealing Waverly, but I know what’s happening between her and Officer Nicole Haught is real and really, really hot. Show More Summary

Gender Fuck Thursday: Unbowed

Yes, yes, I know – bow ties are cool. Loosened bow ties? Sometimes, on the beautiful lady, they’re even cooler. Plus, it’s been an insane a year so far and we’re not even half way through. So loosen that bow tie, ladies. Because who the hell knows what is coming next. Show More Summary

Gillian Gods

You guys, I finished “American Gods” and I’ve decided the strong WTFisHappening feelings through the first half of the season were totally worth it. The series really came together in its second half, thanks mostly to the women of the series who helped center the show. Show More Summary

Burn, Cheeto, Burn

I’m not sure if you’ve been watching the new season of “Orange Is the New Black” yet or not. I have been. But I will say this is the first season I haven’t binged all at once in one weekend. I still have the final four episodes to watch. Show More Summary

Makeup Monday

Some weekends you just don’t want to end – hence the tardy Monday post. So here in the afterglow is one of my favorite non-film stills of Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara together. The contrast of the light and the dark. The Cate reaches for Rooney’s hands. Sublime. Have a good week, no matter the late start, kittens.

My Weekend Hero

Life has a poetic way of rooting out our hypocrisies sometimes. Like by having a queer woman of color act heroically to saves a homophobe’s life. But that’s the thing about humans. We can be absolute garbage all too often. But then sometimes we can also be reminded that we don’t have to be garbage. Show More Summary

The Reunion Word

Well, well, well. Seems all that Twitter back-and-forth between our favorite “The L Word” stars meant something after all. No, the gang isn’t reuniting for a revival of the series – just yet. But they did get together for a reunion show to discuss the series, which debuts online today. Show More Summary

Relationship Goals

Sue Perkins did THAT #BAFTATV — phoebs???? (@stellgibsons) May 14, 2017 Hard same, Sue Perkins. HARD SAME. p.s. fear not, I will be talking about Gillian on American Gods, soon.

Armor Top Tuesday

Bring me my two-hour Amazons of Themyscira movie. Bring it to me now. Look, we can all agree they live in paradise. Strong women. Fierce warriors. Wise leaders. Diverse community. No men. Forget San Junipero. Themyscira is heaven on Earth. Show More Summary

Woman of Wonder

One of my guilty (or should I say healthy?) TV pleasures is watching the insanely athletic people run the course on “American Ninja Warrior.” The show starts its new season tonight. And, as a gay lady, I always cheer extra hard for the women. Show More Summary

My Weekend Television

Guys, this is almost an embarrassment of lesbian television riches this weekend. “Orange Is the New Black,” “Wynonna Earp,” and “Orphan Black” are all back. The TV gods can be cruel to us, for sure. And have been, far too often. ButShow More Summary

Knit One, Orange Two

Unraveling each season of OITNB. — Orange Is the New... (@OITNB) June 6, 2017 So remember when I said this weekend was going to be amazing because both “Wynonna Earp” and “Orphan Black” were coming back? Well, let’s make that a threesome. Show More Summary

Fade To Black

You guys, not only do we get “Wynonna Earp” this weekend, we get “Orphan Black.” The final season, the final trip, the final puppies. Look, this series has had more twists, and definitely more clones, than you can shake a non-vestigial tail at. Show More Summary

Earps, Earps and Away

Giddy up, little demons. It’s time for a new season of “Wynonna Earp.” Well, almost time. Like some pocket change away. Like can you stand it? No, I’m not sure if I can. Especially now that I hear Officer Haught is getting even more well-deserved screentime. Show More Summary

Filled With Wonder

I could say so much about how the “Wonder Woman” film made me feel. Proud. Fierce. Joyous. Powerful. Excited. Important. Many have written many other wonderful things about the film (I suggest you give my friend Heather Hogan’s review a read if you want a more verbose take filled with eloquence and enthusiasm). Show More Summary

My Weekend Wonder Women

Guys, I ship it. I. Ship. It. Two times the Wonder Woman, two times the fun – amirite? Fine, fine. But I am very excited to see the new “Wonder Woman” movie and very relieved the reviews are good. Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman remains one of the stalwart heroes of my youth. Show More Summary

Me A-Gays The Music

Hey, guess what, it’s June. Which means it’s Pride Month. So say hello to gay-splosions everywhere. Fine, I know, that sounds kinda icky. Is an LGBTQ-palooza better? Anyway, however you want to describe it, just be as gay as Brittany S. Show More Summary

I Can't Believe We Still Have To Say This Shit

Say that, @jes_chastain. — Ava DuVernay (@ava) May 29, 2017 We want our movies to be larger than life. That’s the whole point of projecting them two-stories tall. But we don’t want our movies to be completely divorced from reality. Show More Summary

Tank Top KStew

You know, I think coming SNL out has done wonders for Kristen Stewart. The gradual reveal/realization that K-Stew was, indeed, family may not have been terribly surprising. But it’s a testament to the power that comes from being fully yourself. Show More Summary

Always Ready, Always Hot

Happy Memorial Day, kittens. Here in the United States we spend the day not working/paying tribute to those who died serving in our armed forces. While I’m no fan of the military industrial complex, I fully appreciate those who serve and honor those who pay the ultimate price. Show More Summary

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