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Country Strong

I’m not really a country gal. While I grew up in the Midwest and had plenty opportunity to get my twang on, I gravitated more toward indie rock. But I have enjoyed from time to time some of classics – Johnny to Willie, Patsy to Loretta. Show More Summary

Bea Arthur, Caitlyn Jenner, and the EEOC Are Lookin’ Out For You This Sunday Funday

Meet the first lesbian couple to marry in Puerto Rico, rewatch Caitlyn Jenner's ESPYs speech, pet a sea bunny, celebrate Ramadan with your chosen family, check out what the Ali Forney center did with that donation from Bea Arthur, and then get a fcking job because the EEOC wants to protect you from your potential employer's bullsht while you do.

NSFW Lesbosexy Sunday Is Hot And Sweaty

The Portland dildos, more reasons to masturbate, behind the scenes of Hysterical Literature, how to have sex when it's too hot out to have sex, and more.

8 Reasons Why LGBT Gen-Xers Should Listen to LGBT Millennials

Gen-Xers did a lot of hard work paving the ground for these young upstarts. But these young upstarts are doing EPIC work themselves. Raise a cheer for those under-30 LGBT heroes. Contributor: Charlotte Dingle read more

Dammit, Reddit! A Letter To the Rotten Monolith

"You had me convinced that there were redeemable parts of you, that your leadership was making you less of a cesspool, that, like literally any other group of people, you contained both decent humans and horrid man-babies who throw tantrums when anyone tries to tell them how to behave like a person. I may have been wrong."

Antigay Bakers Sweet Cakes By Melissa Set Crowdfunding Record

The owners of Sweet Cakes by Melissa, ordered to pay damages for denying service to a lesbian couple, have raised a record amount online. read more

Fan Fiction Friday: 10 Sapphic Superhero Stories to Save You

Renee Montoya and Kate Kane, Peggy Carter and Angie Martinelli, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy!

8 Reasons Dating an Older Woman is Awesome

We're all goingto be older women at some point, and actually that might be a good and sexy thing. Contributor: Sasha Garwood read more

Netflix’s Tig Notaro Documentary Premieres Today

Tig is a story about losing love, family, and comedy and then finding them all again in places you never would've thought to look because Jesus Christ, you'd never want to.

10 Amazing Lesbian and Bisexual Girl Sex Scenes Conveniently Found on Netflix (Part Two)

Because Netflix has changed, and so has its sex scenes. Contributor: Rebekah Allen read more

FRIDAY OPEN THREAD: Eid Mubarak! (Also, Goodbye)

You might not be dealing with large family gatherings today but I will, so get in here and give me something to do other than refresh Twitter all day.

Also.Also.Also: Sesame Street Started a Revolution and Other Stories You Need Today

Mirror-touch synesthesia, so many black children living in poverty, holding your kid's hand, edibles, Bill fucking Clinton, not productivity tips, Free the Nipple, Jamie Babbit and Natasha Lyonne together again, shopping for maternity clothes, Sophia Wallace and your clit, women ruling Pluto, treating your own damn bladder infection, and so much more!

This Is How We Do It: Refinishing a Table

Everything you'll need to find a table on craigslist and refinish it so it looks even better than the day it was made.

My Weekend Crush

Please, like a trailer for the new Tina Fey and Amy Poehler movie would come out and I wouldn’t totally crush on it. Aw, man, I just love it every single times these two ladies get together. Like, who doesn’t enjoy watching two bestShow More Summary

WATCH: How 'Cliterate' Are You?

Kristin Russo talks queerdom, sex and art with conceptual artist Sophia Wallace. Contributor: Sasha Garwood read more

VIDEO: Announcing The Tell Us Everything Week Comment Contest Winners!

You came, you saw, you commented. And now, seven of y'all are gonna win some awesome prize packages for it. Get in here to watch my dog and I figure out who won what!

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