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Drawn to Comics: Jillian Tamaki’s “SuperMutant Magic Academy” Will Change the Way You Look at High School, Mutants, Graphic Novels

In both writing and illustrating this new book, and in doing both masterfully, Tamaki is now poised to take her place as one of the best and most important Graphic Novelists of the modern age.

Aloha, White People

I am going to pick on a movie trailer because I feel like it. I am going to pick on a movie trailer because it has something in common with so many other movie trailers. I am going to pick on a movie trailer because, like so many other...Show More Summary

Female Celebrities Tweet #BruceJenner in Flood of Support

Bruce Jenner has swept up the world in his transition story, full of hope, love and acceptance. Contributor: Bianca Rosen Siegel read more

Boob(s On Your) Tube: “The Good Wife” Says Goodbye to Its Bisexual Badass

One Big Happy has one more episode, Younger is still adorably hokey, Bo accidentally beds her stepmom on Lost Girl, Sam and Laura see a sexual healer on Newlyweds: The First Year, and The Bold and the Beautiful is still borking it all up.

8 Amazing White House Correspondents’ Dinner Zingers from Cecily Strong

In a refreshing turn of events, press and President become the punchline at yearly Correspondents' Dinner Contributor: Stuart McDonald read more

A SCOTUS Ruling, Marriage Equality, and the Hobby Lobby Law Walk Into a Bar

Two of the biggest LGBT legal issues on everyone's mind right now are the upcoming Supreme Court hearings on marriage equality and Religious Freedom Restoration Acts. How are the two going to impact each other?

WATCH: Demi Lovato Dedicates 'Warrior' to Bruce Jenner

"He probably saved so many lives and educated so many people..." read more

Makin’ Babies: Getting Pregnant On a Whim

"If we think too hard, we'll never do it," Kellie said. She was right. A cost-benefit analysis would yield no practical reason to grow our family. The only reason to make a new baby was that we felt like it, and we could.

Say My Name, Mey’s My Name

The journey to finding and deciding on my real name, Melinda Valdivia Rude, took about four years.

Meet Loretta Lynch, Our New Attorney General: Where She Stands on 5 Big Issues

Get to know Loretta Lynch, the first black woman to ever hold the office of Attorney General.

Review: All-Female Othello Brings a Thrilling New Perspective to a Familiar Piece

There is some kick-ass Shakespearean action happening in Queens, everyone. Contributor: Rebekah Allen read more

30 Recipes for Garlic Lovers to Swoon Over

Garlicky food that tastes amazing AND keeps you safe from vampires.

Also.Also.Also: Some Words Just Can’t Be Translated and Other Stories You Need

Female hysteria, black women as the default, the power of the black sorority, skeletons with jewels in their eye sockets, the Oregon Trail Generation, an introvert's guide to having to say hello, don't speed in Finland, and so much more!

Read a Fcking Book Review: “She Speaks Poetry” Is a Book for the Revolution

"These poems are middle fingers to the law, to the man, to history, to the future, to the people who continue to fight us for our lives."

Last Picture Show

Hey, so I wrote about the pathetic lack of lesbian and bisexual roles for actresses in my latest Woman and Hollywood column. (Click on over, read, enjoy, comment.) It’s so appalling that only two films featured lesbian characters and five featured bisexual characters – out of 114 major studio releases. Show More Summary

Grey’s Anatomy Episode 1121 Recap: All Doctors Go to Heaven

Well, goodbye, Derek! Say hello to Tara and Maya and Toshiko and Leslie and Bullet and Cristina and Silvia and Shana and Kenya and Tara and Naomi and other Naomi and Cat for us!

NSFW Lesbosexy Sunday Wants To Eat You Like Ice Cream

How to ask for things in bed, relationships and money, developing a kinky identity, why people make so many noise complaints about loud sex and more.

It’s Sunday Funday, Hence the Good News About Laverne Cox, Big Freedia, and This Feminist Ghost

Laverne Cox wins an Emmy, Loretta Lynch makes history, Conchita Wurst debuts a new video and more good news!

WATCH: This Sweet Lesbian Marriage Proposal Video Will Give You All The Feels

Giving love in the wild a whole new meaning. Contributor: Bianca Rosen Siegel read more

A Few Things You Should Know About Coding Boot Camps

If you’re thinking about making a career shift or adding new skill sets to your resume, then here are some factors to consider during your search for a boot camp and upcoming application prep.

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