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Gay Ladies, Mark Your Calendars

Hey, gay ladies, mark it down. And all people who are friends with gay ladies, take note. June 9, 2017. “Orange Is the New Black” is back. So don’t bother us, we’re watching. p.s. I am both incredibly excited and incredibly dreading this year’s return. Show More Summary

Chicks Love My 9-inch Zipper

I don’t understand The Fashions. I still have some shirts I wore in college hanging in my closet – and I wear them outside of the house sometimes, too. But I do understand that everything old is new again. And if you wait long enough, everything goes out of style and then comes back into style and then goes back out of style and repeat for infinity. Show More Summary

Requiem for the Mediocre White Man

Hey, did you spend last weekend watching a bunch of dudes hit other dudes? Yes, yes – I know, you were just in it for the commercials. And Lady Gaga. Still, odds are you have had your fill of overly confident dudes for the day/week/next four years. Show More Summary

I'm Like So Gay, Dude

Kristen Stewart calling herself "so gay" during her SNL monologue & making out over pizza rolls is our first glimmer of hope on 2017. — Dorothy Snarker (@dorothysnarker) February 5, 2017 So are we gonna have...Show More Summary

My Weekend Crush

Oh, Liz Lemon. How I miss your entirely relatable bouts of exasperation. Your entirely quotable frustrated gobbledygook words. Your entirely stoic preservation through a world of ineptitude, callousness and more than a little insanity. Show More Summary

Double the Opposite of Trouble

Here’s something that will be pertinent to your lady loving interests. Ruby Rose (your favorite tattooed Australian model-turned-former Litchfield inmate) and Milla Jovovich (your favorite former Ukrainian model-turned-undead killing...Show More Summary

Another Ocean To Cross

I have said for the past two months (78 days, to be exact) that “Oceans 8” is one of the only things I’m looking forward to in 2017. And now, dammit, I’ve finally realized that “Oceans 8” isn’t coming out in 2017. It’s not coming out until 2018. Show More Summary

Finding Metaphor

If you’ve been here any length of time you will know a few things about me. I love women in tank tops and I love women in a finely tailored suit. Basically, I love women, in general. And I love the movie “Finding Nemo,” which I watch as a comfort film when I need a little oceanic hug. Show More Summary

She’s tryin’ teach me how to cook

Let’s start the week off on a high note. Well, more of a low note, but literally – not figuratively. This remains one of my favorite scene from one of my favorite movies. And it never fails to make me smile. She’s tryin’ teach me how to cook, indeed. May the joy of Idgie and Ruth and their purposeful defiance of the world’s expectations on them guide you through another week.

My Weekend Crush

I have written this blog for more than 10 years of my life now. I have posted nearly every single weekday, without fail. Heck, I even post when I’m on vacation, because gay gal happiness should never take a holiday. And I have never, not once, run advertisements, even though I could have and have been offered to. Show More Summary

The Last Colossus

If our new Hate Pumpkin President does what he says he is going to do today, he will use executive orders to shut America’s borders to immigrants, visitors and refugees from several predominantly Muslim countries, effectively delivering his promised ban on Muslims. Show More Summary

Cate x 13

Welcome to the new world order. But, rest assured, even in our new horrible reality Cate Blanchett is still magnificent – and a wee bit weird. Today her new experimental film “Manifesto” debuts at the Sundance Film Festival. The film is based on an video art instillation where Cate played several different roles. Show More Summary

Make 'Em Laugh

In my ongoing effort to find more joy in 2017, I’ve compiled a list of 30-minute, female-fronted sitcoms that make me laugh. Like really, really, really laugh. While laughter may not rid of the unhinged, thin-skinned narcissist intend on destroying the pillars of our democracy, they do give us a needed respite from the sickening madness. Show More Summary

Still I March

So over the weekend you might of heard of a little march that happened. Nothing much – just more than 3 million people in all 50 states (not to mention across the globe) taking to the streets to protest Trump and support progressive causes. Show More Summary

My Four-Year Resistance

Fuck, America. We really did it. We really let this happen. We really let him become President. Today I will not be watching Trump’s inauguration. I will not dignify our great democracy’s history by celebrating a man with such blatant...Show More Summary

Handmaid's Rebellion

While crystal balls don’t actually work, it’s hard to believe the makers of “The Handmaid’s Tale” didn’t look into one and see a glimpse of our current, way too dystopian future when they decided to adapt Margaret Atwood’s “The Handmaid’s Tale” for television this year, of all years. Show More Summary

You make me feel like I am home again

As a person who has watched more than her fair share of bad lesbian movies (just like every other gay lady), I can say it takes a lot for me to get my hopes up. I enter into most films with something between sinking dread and resigned skepticism. Show More Summary

Tank Top Tuesday

In my ongoing effort to find joy in 2017, I’d like to take a moment to thank some of Hillary Clinton’s biggest backers – in tank tops. Like the only America who is great actually again, above. (Not that either America was ever not great.) These are some strong, talented women who supported a woman who is infinitely qualified to lead our country. Show More Summary

These Old Bones

Here’s a weird confession. Since the election I have been slowly, surely making my way through the entire run of “Bones.” Yes, “Bones.” Yes, the one with Brennan and Booth. Yes, all 11 going on 12 seasons of it. Now, there’s nothing wrong with “Bones.” It is a perfectly serviceable crime procedural-romantic comedy-workplace ensemble show. Show More Summary

My Weekend First Lady

Courage, kittens. Courage. I can’t believe this is the last speech Michelle Obama will give as First Lady of the United Statues. For the past eight years it has been our country’s great honor to have this amazing woman at its helm. She has been the epitome of strength, intelligence, honor and compassion. Show More Summary

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