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Pay Us Some Mind: On the “Tragic” Humanity of Black Trans Women

"The queer and trans community can't continue to strip us of our racial oppression, just like the black community can’t solely blame our deaths on our gender identities. We’re targeted for both."

Daily Fix: The Canon Bisexual Protagonist and Other Pop Culture Stories We Missed

Glee is ending, The 100's lead character is bisexual and awesome, Azaelia Banks is naked, Clea DuVall is on This Just Out, Ilene Chaiken has a job, Brittani is on BET and all the other arts & entertainment news you need.

You Need Help: Two Bottoms, One Relationship

The thing about being a top or a bottom is that it's all in your head.

Let’s Talk About Ellen and Liz Feldman’s New Lesbian Sitcom “One Big Happy”

Liz Feldman is one of the funniest women in Hollywood, so I hope NBC loosens the reins and lets her get a little more real.

Rebel Girls: Women Who Have Been On the Money Since Time Immemorial

The campaigns to get women on American and Canadian currency got me thinking: who are the women who have been on the money? What are their stories? Do they have great hair?

On Wednesdays We Sing Orange

Granted, it’s not quite as catchy as FEE-MALES ARE STRONG AS HELL, but it’s still pretty damn catchy. And it makes me miss these ladies even more. June 12 can’t get here fast enough, and that’s the whole damn truth.

Wedding Feelings I’m Powering Through: 18 Day Countdown

"Is "Wild Horses" ever appropriate? Like are wild horses ever literally or even metaphorically trying to drag you away from your person? And if so what kind of life are you living right now? Idk but there's just something about that song. "

I’m Both an L and a T and I Don’t Want to Choose a Side

Really, I'm not sure why we feel like we have to keep on amplifying this fight. A solid two-thirds of trans women are on both sides of this so-called divide. We're a part of both communities.

A Note From Your Editor-in-Chief

The senior editors would really like to talk to you every single day about every single thing, so we're bringing back the Daily Fix.

Ela Darling On The Future Of Virtual Reality Porn: The Autostraddle Interview

"If people have a way to view entertainment, they're going to want to jerk off with it."

Hurray For The Riff Raff Interview and Ticket Giveaway!

Alynda Lee Segarra and Yosi Perlstein chat with us about their new album and new tour — and oh, by the way, you can win tickets to see them!

The A+ Bee Issue Sixteen: Shamrock Shake

This issue has so many cats, reader submitted lists, Laura and Luna being terrible/awesome and so much more!

Daily Fix: Utah’s Non-Discrimination Bill Isn’t All That And a Bag of Chips and More News Stories

A boycott of Dolce&Gabbana, lesbian divorce in Alabama, a lesbian rabbi, anti-gay marriage laws and more!

Drawn to Comics: Six Upcoming Titles from Marvel, DC and Boom! I Can’t Wait to Read

What a time to be alive! Major comic companies are actually targeting comics at women, queer people and people of color!

Tank Top Tuesday

Told you I have having an SMG moment. Though, really, anyone in a tank top can make me have a moment. Hey, sometimes I’m easy. And you love it, too. Angelica HustonThe tank top that started it all. No, really.Danielle BrooksTaystee,Show More Summary

Listling Without Commentary: 22 Excerpts From Brutal Amazon Customer Reviews Of “The L Word”

"I hate to break it to those people, but lesbians tend to dress like men, act like men — and look like men."

You Need Help: Getting Better At Feeling Good

"My body does not seem to be able to handle being aroused for more than 5–10 minutes at a time... Is there any way I can retrain my body to be better able to maintain arousal?"

Grey’s Anatomy Recap 1115: Heart Eyes and Earthquakes

Ben stops misgendering his trans sister and Callie finally grins!

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