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The Myth of Human Supremacy

With this mind blower of a book, be ready to be humbled. Experience awe. Left feeling sorrow, even anger that might fuel you to action. Activist, philosopher and author Derrick Jensen hopes so. With fiery style, Jensen keeps his readers...Show More Summary

Are you ready for the Purge? Watch and discern

Confession: this is the most alarmed I've been in 40 years. I've debated whether to even address this here, but the bottom line is we are all at major risk right now and you need to know. Our American institutions are under attack. All three branches of the government are in turmoil. Show More Summary

Talking Childfree and More on The Groovy Podcast

Check out this podcast I recently did with the fun and lively Grace Collins and Michelle Zunter at The Groovy Podcast! I am on a podcast roll … to do another this week. Stay tuned! The post Talking Childfree and More on The Groovy Podcast appeared first on Laura Carroll.

The Childfree and Valentine’s Day

On Valentine’s Day, I like to post this each year because this day brings to mind one of the many bennies of being childfree: because the childfree don’t have kids, they have more time to devote to their relationships. As a result, like...Show More Summary

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Pronatalism’s Impact on Motherhood Regret

A recent article in the Life/Parent section of The Toronto Star took on a topic we’ve been seeing more of these days: motherhood regret. This article, “Mothers not alone in regret over having children” speaks to one of the most central pronatalist myths that all too often drives women to have children. Show More Summary

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Why I Can’t Focus on Anything But the Fight

Since Donald Trump’s inauguration, I’ve had difficulty finding words. Words are my job, but when I sit down to my computer, all I want to write is FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK over and over. In fact,Show More Summary

Shoe Dog: A Memoir by the Creator of Nike

Phil Knight (Buck) writes as well as he sells shoes. The personal memoir, Shoe Dog, by the founder of the NIKE empire shows the grit, tenacity, challenges and continuous near failure endured over the course of more than a decade before...Show More Summary

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Why 1 in 5 German Moms Regret Parenthood

Many German women feel they have to choose between career and raising children and when they choose children, one in five feel regret. A recent study exposes just why Germany has one of the lowest birth rates in Europe and cites many...Show More Summary

Our National Parks Are in Trouble & Need Our Help

I imagined a National Park Service employee sitting at a metal desk in a one-room office somewhere in small-town South Dakota saying to no one, “F this. I’m going rogue, y’all.” And when Death Valley National Park tweeted yesterday about Japanese internment camps on the same day that Donald Trump used executive order to build […]

Want to adopt a furry friend? Let Zappos pay your adoption fee.

Sponsored by Zappos Friends, I usually don’t do sponsored content, but a partnership opportunity from a socially conscious brand that I’m a fan of came my way, and I was excited to get involved! As some of you know, I love me some animals. This year I took in a feral kitty, FatFace, and she has […]

My 2017 Resolutions by Theodore Roosevelt

(This is my first McSweeney’s rejection. Please enjoy! No, really. Please enjoy it.) —— My dearest 2017, Your predecessor was a challenging year for both me and my country, and I aim to put 2016 to bed like the bear I shot through the eyes on my last trek to the wildness of Wyoming. In […]

What I Learned Traveling 20,000 Miles of America

The bison of Yellowstone This year I’ve seen 20,000 beautiful, ugly miles of America. 13,500 from the window of a car. 6,500 from the window of a train. In 23 states I saw the endless cattle that feeds us The horses that serve us The bison that inspire us The birds that supply us our […]

To the Woman at the Diner, I Saw You

I saw you walk into the diner with your husband. Your back tired from years of living; your face pointed to the ground. I saw you walk into the diner and I thought to myself I don’t want to get old. I don’t want to sit across from my love and sit in silence because […]

Small businesses you should support this holiday season

I have a lot of friends and acquaintances that are crafty and creative, and I wanted to share their products with y’all so you may consider them for your holiday gift list! ——- For the Win Inc. If you dig patches, pop culture, horror films & mythological creatures, check out For the Win Inc. ($1.99-$4.99) […]

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Why I Went to the Women’s March on Washington

I went to the Women’s March in DC last weekend! As I am sure you have read, the March made history! Why did I go?  For a number of reasons, but the two biggies: the current administration’s policy positions seriously stand to worsen climate change and have a devastating impact on women’s reproductive rights. Show More Summary

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