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Brick & Mortar Stores: Staying Alive in the Growing Digital Age

With the recent boon in digital publishing, it’s a challenging time for brick and mortar stores. What’s it like in bookstores these days? In more and more bookstores, gone are the days when:  -Bookstore staff put a priority on building lasting customer-bookseller relationships. It used to be that there were bookstore employees with savvy book […]

The Bet: Paul Ehrlich, Julian Simon, and Our Gamble over Earth’s Future

In 1980, economist Julian Simon challenged well-known biologist and environmentalist Paul Ehrlich to a bet that, as author Paul Sabin writes “would leave their legacies forever intertwined.” Ehrlich bet Simon that metal prices would rise in the decade that followed, and that when they did it would prove that… “population growth caused resource scarcity.” Simon [...]

The Perils of Proofreading Your Own Work

In traditional book publishing, once you finish writing your book you find an agent who will submit it to publishers, and then you can wait up to several months to find out whether it has been accepted or rejected. Publishers very often employ “first readers” to go through submissions. If your book has typographical and [...]

Musings on the Play, The Interview

Families of Two & Beyond Facebook page follower Sharon Goldman turned me on to a new play running this month in LA called The Interview. Coincidentally, I was going to be in LA mid-October, and when I read this about the play, I sought out playwright Susan Josephs for a Q&A, and decided to go: [...]

Phasing Out Childfree Dr. Cristina Yang on Grey’s Anatomy

If you’ve ever had an opportunity to watch ABC’s hit series, Grey’s Anatomy, there’s a strong chance you’re familiar with the leading lady’s intelligent, ambitious, and often tactless best friend, Dr. Cristina Yang. In a role that has elevated Sandra Oh’s career to new heights, Yang not only represents one of few Asian-American regular characters [...]

Having No Children in Later Years: Highlights of Recent Research

As I discuss in The Baby Matrix, since the year 2000 more research has been conducted on those with no children than ever before. Studies have been conducted in many countries in a variety of areas. One area in which there has been a good deal of research involves one’s the elder years. Here are [...]

On Teaching Students to Love Nonfiction

Forty-six states and Washington D.C. have adopted what are called Common Core State Standards for their schools. What have some English teachers been outraged about? They require students to be reading primarily nonfiction by the time they are in high school.  As the San Francisco Chronicle put it… this means “moving Shakespeare and Keats off [...]

Finding the Right Ghostwriter

Let’s face it. Many people want to write a book, but either do not have the time or writing skills to go about it themselves. Ghostwriters are a very popular way to get the help you need to draft a manuscript. But finding the right one for you and your particular project is key to [...]

Playwright Susan Josephs Talks About Her New Play, The Interview

When you learn the story line of The Interview, a new play running in LA this month, you will know why it immediately interested me! It deals with what I call the pronatalist Right to Reproduce Assumption in my book, The Baby Matrix. Check out my interview with the playwright, Susan Josephs: Can you summarize for readers [...]

Taking Control at End of Life

What happens when you get old? It's an annoying question, I know, but even more annoying when you don't have an answer. That is why I was thrilled to see NY Times Blogger Paula Span, elder care expert, tackle this issue head on and write in detail about the importance and challenges of a having a health care proxy. Show More Summary

Revisiting the Fertility Industrial Complex

The recent spread, “Outsourcing a Life”  in the San Francisco Chronicle on one couple’s experience with Indian surrogacy begs for revisiting and adding to a La Vie Childfree discussion from about a year ago. Romney’s son and his wife have done it. E! anchor Giuliana Rancic has done it. Hollywood stars like Sarah Jessica Parker [...]

Ever Thought About Writing an Op-Ed? Here are Some Tips

Confession: I am a devout editorial page reader….I love this unique form of persuasive communication. Do you enjoy reading op-eds? Have you ever thought about writing one?  Writing them is not as easy as it may seem, and to get them accepted for print is competitive business. Why? The op-ed pages of major newspapers… …are read [...]

Costs That Come with Becoming an Indie Author

In the last several years the publishing industry has seen many changes. The advent of print-on-demand technology and e-reader tablets are just two things that have changed publishing forever.  Digital technology in publishing has also made it easier for writers to … …independently publish and get their work out there without having to go through [...]

Meet Kaye Walters, Childfree Author of Kidfree & Lovin’ It!

Author Kaye Walters has done something no other writer in the childfree genre has – she has conducted a survey of over 4000 childfree to learn about the childfree choice and those who make it. I recently had the chance to interview her about the survey, her book, Kidfree & Lovin It! and more… What [...]

DINK Debate: Sylvia D. Lucas on Childfree Guilt

WNK readers will appreciate this candid look at childfree guilt (or the absence thereof) and the persistent pressure on women (rather than men) to become parents. Sylvia D. Lucas (@SylDLucas) wants to redirect the conversation away from...Show More Summary

What’s Your Baby? My Baby Is…

Miriam Schaer and Melissa Potter are asking you to answer a childfree question: What’s your baby? No, not your cute little bundle of time-released anxiety and tuition payments. Your metaphorical baby. As in, “My baby is my medical career.”...Show More Summary

The Childfree Genre: Bring on More Interviews & Essay Collections

I was delighted to see Henriette Mantel in last Sunday’s Chicago Tribune Lifestyles section in Heidi Steven’s piece, “Childless Writers Address Choice to Forego Parenthood.”  Henriette is one  of the generous authors who donated copies of her book, No Kidding: Women Writers on Bypassing Parenthood to the 2013 winners of Childfree Man & Woman of the Year award.  [...]

Why No Kids? Pee-pee Teepees and Tinkle Targets!

Before tackling the topic of Pee-pee Teepees and tinkle targets I’d like to digress briefly to matters more mammary and less urinary. I remember hearing from a friend when he became a new father that his wife had received a breastfeeding cover-up (aka nursing cover, Bebe Au Lait, etc.) called a Hooter Hider. Show More Summary

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