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I awoke to an odd comment on another of my blogs. Early on a Sunday morning, someone in an outer Melbourne suburb had been visiting the site of a local blogger, clicked my non-de plume in his links and got redirected there. From there...Show More Summary

Childfree Social Lives – Your Tips for Those of us Seeking One

Of recent I’ve had much less time to blog. Five years on writing about childfree issues hasn’t dimmed my interest but on the other hand I feel the older I get the less I could care whether anyone “approves” of my choice. Except when folk like Mr Skelton go wading into waters they have no [...]

Women Would Rather Have Children Than Run Start Ups – What’s Your Childfree view?

I found this article via my Facebook and the comments were so interesting that I thought I had to share it here. It’s not just about being childfree, but it is interesting because of the perspectives of the author and the commentators. And I don’t just mean the ones that state that not every woman [...]

‘IVF destroyed my family’ Childfree – your comments?

How a mother’s desperate quest for a second child took over her life. I’ve always been thankful for my childfree readers who send me great articles. The past few months have been incredibly busy for me but I’ve been reading all the comments on the blog. In my opinion childfree people make the most insightful, thoughtful comments… [...]

Childfree: Vasectomy: $400. Speechless look on her face: priceless.

Get a vasectomy but keep it a secret. “I got a vasectomy.” Here’s a story the childfree may appreciate. As will the many men and fathers or the against-their-will-fathers who’ve been “oopsed” into having babies by… well by women who wanted babies any which way and will stop at almost nothing to get them… and the guy. NB: I didn’t [...]

Happy New Year and was 2010 The Year Childfree Went Mainstream?

The Year Childfree Went Mainstream I saw this link in my Google Alerts to day, but even better it was just sent to me by a reader. Thank you BB! It’s a great article in many ways as it highlights perhaps for the first time that being childfree is no longer hidden away under the covers – [...]

If Missing out on Motherhood is a “Result” of “Fanatical Feminism” Has Anything Changed?

Hello folks, Blogging about the life Childfree hasn’t really been at the top of my agenda for the past few months. There just hasn’t been the time. My dancing school is growing and is more and more fun and to be frank I don’t have that much time to think about child free-ness. But that doesn’t [...]

Do You Feel The Need to Defend Your Childfree Life?

If so why? It’s the 21st century and everyone lives and let lives. Right? Or not so much? These days I find it easier to simply side-step any long-drawn out conversation about kids and parenting. What about you? Does it depend on how long you’ve been comfortable being childfree? Or is there more to it than that?  Share [...]

Do You Think Childfree Conversations Leave Out Childfree Men?

And if so why is this? It’s been said that men don’t get pressured to have kids…is this true? I’m not sure it is. I know my single guys friends are forever being asked “when are going to settle down (and have kids)? ” Code for “when are you going to realize your life of [...]

Childfree… Do you Happily Give up Your Seat to Pregnant Women?

On my Facebook newsfeed today. Someone was complaining that she had to stand on the bus while she was pregnant coming home from work with the bus doing about 90km. The woman bemoaned the loss of manners and courtesy – and said that parents should teach their children respect – including standing up and giving [...]

Childfree – What’s Next? Reproductive Healthcare Under Increasing Threat

This was in my Facebook news feed today and something well worth sharing. Everyone should be concerned but the childfree especially because from where I sit the continued attack on Planned Parenthood continues. The subtext seems pretty clear to me – cut funding to anything that helps or supports contraception. Because without contraception all those [...]

Childfree – What Think You of the Baby and Child Social Updates?

Baby avatars, baby updates, kid updates, baby and kid photos on a daily basis and lots more parent updates. If you are on Facebook there is no way to escape them. While childfree blogs are a place to exchnge with like-minded childfree folk. Facebook – not so much. Most of us have friends who have kids, some [...]

Childfree: So Are We, Deep Down, Feeling We Missed Out on Having Children?

The comment below was left on an older post by a (I am  assuming)  a childed person on a childfree blog. Said person has quite a firm belief about some childfree people, which is, quote: I firmly believe that some childfree people out there, deep down inside, feel they missed out on an element of life [...]

childfree – How Do You Feel About Mother’s Day?

Yesterday was mother’s day. We all have mothers and I had a very happy day celebrating mother’s day with my MIL yesterday. In England mother’s day is in March so I celebrated my mum’s then. But how do you feel from a childfree perspective? We all have mothers who I believe in most cases we [...]

Childfree – So How Professional is it to Permanently Bring Your Kids to Work?

In other words, inflict them on your clientele, whoever they may be. This status was on my Facebook News Feed today and it was from a Business Woman and Entrepreneurs page: “Love having a business where I can bring my 5yo with me to just about every business event…she’s my little budding entrepreneur…” Seriously? And last week [...]

Childfree: What’s The Most Annoying Bingo You’ve Had?

Childfree “bingoes.” They range from mildly irritating to downright insulting. We aim to avoid them but it’s almost impossible. They seem to come at us when we are unprepared – so no short sweet answers are at the ready. Until afterwards when it is too late and you are thinking “Grrr I wish I had [...]

I’m Supporting the “Taboo” Subject of Positive Childfree People – Spread The Word

Hello Childfree readers.  I got this email today from another childfree blogger – Magenta -  who is doing an exciting childfree documentary. I am sharing it here to spread the word and support. (And by the way Magenta didn’t ask me to, I offered). Even if you’re not a childfree blogger feel free to [...]

Why Are Parents Qualified to Comment on the Childfree Life?

Discuss. If you’re childfree, how many times have you been informed “you wouldn’t understand because you don’t have kids?” Even though, because you are childfree – you probably understand far more than the parents give you credit for.  Enough, at least to know that it’s not the life you want. Enough to know you often have [...]

Childfree: Just Why is Bad Behaviour Justified By Pregnancy and Parenthood?

I’m not claiming credit for writing this post – it’s a comment from one of our readers on an older post. I liked it so much that I thought it’s worth being a post in its own right. (That, by the way goes for the majority of comments on this blog – big thanks for [...]

Childfree – How Do You Cope With the Pressure to Procreate?

These days very few people come out directly to pressure me into having kids. Wouldn’t make any difference if they did – it would be a waste of time. I’ve done quite a bit to remove myself from many images of kiddies and parenting, limiting any avenues for suggestions. I don’t watch t.v. and I [...]

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