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The No-Baby Boom

This recent article from has people buzzing and tweeting. Not just because of the solid reporting and the cool charts but also because of the humor. Brian Frazer, the writer of this piece, tongue-in-cheek, reports on the increasing costs of raising kids, particularly in a society that values conspicuous consumption. Show More Summary

The Truth about Babies and the Economy

Blaire Brody, writing for the Fiscal Times, gave her readers a heads up when she documented the real costs of raising a child. While the U.S. has been hit hard by the recession and everyone is looking for ways to save, the cost of raising...Show More Summary

Population Media Center—Drama for Dramatic Change

Population Media Center (PMC) is an international NGO, and a registered charity in the U.S., which is working to educate people about the benefits of small families; elevating the status of women; encouraging use of effective familyShow More Summary

The Adoption Option

Author Stefanie Iris Weiss recently wrote a post titled My Uterus is Officially Closed for Business in HuffPost Living. Is she childfree? No, Stefanie is planning for children: As a woman who often cries at the sight of infants and coos at her friends' little ones, having biological babies always seemed like an inevitable step. Show More Summary

Some Parents Just Don’t Get It

Melody Moezzi's blog post titled "Childless by CHOICE—Get it?" on the Ms. Magazine site last December elicited over fifty comments, many seconding what Melody wrote in her post: Not long after we started dating, I informed my husband that if he wanted kids, I wasn’t the girl for him. Show More Summary

Nonfiction Book Review: Healing the Warrior Heart

by LiveTrue Book Reviewer, Melanie Davis The horror of war is the hottest fire of difficulty to endure. Those who come out on the other side of these flames and write about it bring treasured words to the world.  In Healing the Warrior...Show More Summary

Two Questions to Ask When You See a “Who’s Happier” Study

There are scads of nonfiction books out there on the happiness topic. Then there are the “Who’s Happier” studies the media loves to talk about. Earlier this month Good Morning America joined the collection of television and print media with what it says is a “hot button question:” Who is happier, parents or non-parents?… Read more

Nonfiction Book Review: Making Room for You: A Practical Guide to Organizing Your Home

Review by LiveTrue Book Reviewer, Melanie Davis As I sat down to read Making Room for You, there was my dog – on the floor rolling through messy piles of paper I’d made in an attempt organize the clutter. I thought of the state of my drawers, closet, pantry, and the borage of stuff under the seats of my car.  … Read more

The Baby Matrix in College Coursework: An Interview with Kimya Dennis, Ph.D.

Last year I had the pleasure of doing a Q&A with sociologist and criminologist, Kimya Dennis, Ph.D. (left), who was doing a study on childfree black women. I recently had another chance to talk with her. She is an Assistant Professor at Salem College, and is currently teaching a sociology course using The Baby Matrix as part of the curriculum.… Read more

Review of the Nonfiction Book, Just For the Love of It

Review by LiveTrue Book Reviewer, Rajen Jani Sometimes the striving for the accomplishment is more memorable than the accomplishment itself; and ultimately, when looking back, one realizes that both the striving and the accomplishment, took place simply because of love. Show More Summary

Review of Dr. He Said, Dr. She Said: Advice Columns on How to Make Relationships Work

Review by Melanie Davis People often lament, “There’s just no instruction manual!” when exasperated with important relationships.  After reading Dr. He Said, Dr. She Said, I assert that indeed there is an instruction manual filled with frequently asked questions and written especially for marriage and couples. … Read more

Print and Digital Book Cultures: Can They Exist Side by Side?

With the advent and innovations of print technology, there is a lot of talk about whether printed books are well on the road to dead. Author Alix Christie has an interesting view in the San Francisco Chronicle - check it out.  … Read more

Unplanned pregnancies linked to birth control failures or "less than perfect" use!

Used over 10 years, with less than perfect use, most birth control methods fail!We know we are supposed to take the pill every day (or as prescribed) and use a new, well-fitting condom every time we have sex but how many of us do?Apparently...Show More Summary

From Books to Babies: What We’re Learning about Millennials

Interesting information is being gathered about the millennial generation. The latest has to do with their reading habits. Check it out. Could they be readers? Here’s what a recent Pew Research Center report says: 88 percent of those ages 16-29, “the core of the millennial generation,” had read a book in the last year.  … Read more

Q & A with the Author of the Book, Planned UnParenthood

I recently had the pleasure of asking Planned UnParenthood author Dann Alexander a few questions about himself and his book. There are a lot of books out there now about the childfree choice, but not many address the topic from a childfree man’s perspective.… Read more

Growing Research on the Childfree in the India

As an author on the childfree choice, I am always keeping the pulse on international trends. Awhile back I posted on the growing numbers of childfree in India. It seems research in this area is growing in this country as well.… Read more

We Don't have to have a Child to Care!

Social Media is all a buzz over the Video clip of Jennifer Anniston puzzling over why people feel compelled to demand "When are you having kids?" as if that were the only way a woman can contribute as a human being. Commenting on this video clip, Today Show's Tamron Hall speaks about her own experience of being a mid-forties single childless woman. Show More Summary

Trailblazers of a Post-Pronatal Society

I recently had the pleasure of coming in contact with the head of the St. Louis Chapter of the National Organization for Non-Parents, a non-profit organization I’ve touted here before that existed in the 70s-early 80s. She has given me a lot more background on the organization’s great work. … Read more

True Stories of: Like That – Gone!

There’s nothing like a great true story. Sooner or later we all have one that may sound unbelievable, but it’s true. Tracing old steps in the Northwest recently sure brought one to mind from my life. It starts with a little cabin on the Sandy River at the base of Mount Hood, Oregon.… Read more

Musings on What it Means to Live True

I am sitting in a sweet mountain cabin at the base of Mount Hood, Oregon. It is near a cabin, a home really, that I lived in ten years ago. It is in on forested three acres, split by a river.… Read more

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