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We Forgot to Have Kids: Gas Station Condoms and Childfreedom

It’s Friday night CFers! What’s on your sybaritic to-do list? Ain’t childfreedom a $#@%?!?! Okay, snark aside, I’m confident that you’ll have a wonderful evening (and weekend), especially once you check out Kevin B. Morrow’s (@kbmrg) lighthearted but sincere reflection on his childfree marriage. Show More Summary

Taking on Pronatalist Myths: Author Moms Who Get It

Melanie Holmes, has a new book out titled, The Female Assumption: A Mother’s Story: Freeing Women From the View that Motherhood is a Mandate. Like author Madelyn Cain, the author of The Childless Revolution, Melanie is a mother. While...Show More Summary

Childfree Adults Can’t Relate

Halloween strikes me as an appropriate day to wade back into the childfree wilderness for a moment. A day of tricks and treats for children. And for childfree adults… Happy Halloween, childfree adults! I have a funky costume to model...Show More Summary

Nonfiction Book Review: An End to Suffering

by Rose Parker At moments, An End to Suffering: The Buddha in the World by seems to be two books disguised as one. The main thread of the narrative follows the development of Buddhism, with an eye to interactions between East and West.… Read more

Vasa Deferentia Interrupta

“You didn’t know I’d had a vasectomy?” “Uhm, no, why would I have known?” “I thought I told you… Anyway, no biggie. But it does hurt!” “You mean they didn’t use any anesthetic?” “Of course they did, but it still hurts. The doc told me it’d feel like a donkey kicked me in the balls. [...]

Endless Summer (Vacation)

I hate that summer has to end. But I love comedienne (Canadian female comedian) Samantha Bee from The Daily Show. Her article in Saturday’s WSJ  “A Long Summer for ‘Weary Tiger’ Moms” made me pine for summer vacations past. She explained that as a child of the 1970s she spent her lazy summer days, “languishing [...]

Are the “Childless” Really More Likely to Divorce?

You may have seen more articles popping up lately on how “childless” couples are more likely to divorce.  How it’s treated as a “statistical reality”  needs to be challenged and clarified. Let’s start with some of the more “popular” data… Journalist and novelist Po Bronson’s divorce factoid sheet,  which is often quoted. Show More Summary

Musing on Ranting

mtuni, a commenter here, recently made an observation on some comments mostly in response to my recent Alamo Theater post. She spotted something that has not happened here before – ”hit and run trolling” type of rant. She observes… …”what is it with the ‘hit-and run’ trolling lately? I just spotted two of them in the comments section in another [...]

Parental Surrogacy Goes to India

Did you happen to catch pbs’ recent report on a growing way to go to all lengths to have a baby? Indian surrogacy. Check out how it works, and the pros and cons… Many couples who desperately want a baby and face the issue of the woman not being able to carry the child have had parental surrogacy in [...]

Do The Childfree Have a “Distinct Wanderlust”?

Any childfree person should know about sociologist Jean Veevers. She was a pioneer in the study of the childfree, or “voluntary childlessness” as it was called back then. Even in the 70s, she was writing about how the voluntary childless was a “neglected area of study.” Check out some of what she did find in [...]

Time and Place

From Desci I was in hospital with Gastro From Hell, my mum and Boyfriend waiting with me. Around 9pm, mum started sighing. Looking at me, slack from pain and exhausted from vomiting, she whined, 'see, we should be getting a child out...Show More Summary

budget advice for the barren

Another Outspoken Female is back on deck for another serve. Been a bit quiet around here, hasn’t it. As a woman without a family, I should have lots of time to pop out tri-weekly pithy posts for a blog, or four. Shouldn’t I? Well,...Show More Summary

Outrageous sums of money

Often I wonder just how much I, childless, can say about my partner's teenage step-children. Overwhelmingly generous and caring, it's not that I am afraid of broaching ( sp ?) the subject with him; rather my concern lies in how muchShow More Summary

strangers at a fair

I was at a school fete, so the conversation that followed was not unexpected. Chatting to an old friend about politics, the economy and the like, a mate of his rocked up. Introductions were made, their daughters are best buddies. InShow More Summary

“Mother of the Year”

“Mother of the Year” Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2009 It may seem perverse to find mention of a comedy show focused on parenting here, at a site dedicated to the musings of the childfree life. But bear with me. ThereShow More Summary

knee jerks, materialism and bad editing

Last weekend The Age nabbed a Guardian columnist’s rant on “dummy mummies” and set the cat amongst the pigeons. The journalist, Rachel Cooke, is 39 and doesn’t want to have children. What is more, she is rather bored by someShow More Summary

On Mother’s Day and Growing Up

House One: My mother is very religious! House Two: is she a fanatic? House One: No, a church! Boom Boom. - Full text from an old Muppet Show Sketch (the Paul Williams Episode) My mother isn’t religious, so she worships herself. Thus,...Show More Summary

photo credits

The delightful Lucinda Dodds has updated the DB banner. Don't you just love it! Lucy also sells some of her great photos/cards at Red Bubble....

simply barren

I’m not living the life I thought I’d lead. In a way I am experiencing a richer existence, it is just different to the template I had subconsciously adopted. Being a child born during the advent of feminism I figured I’d have the glamorous career, the gorgeous talented partner, a couple of gifted children and a groovy home to boot. Show More Summary

to hell in a carbon neutral hand basket

Single, familied, young, old – I know the demographic doesn’t define us and within each there will be those who go out of there way to conserve water and reduce their carbon footprint and those who won’t. But when I seen my octogenarian...Show More Summary

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