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Call to University Professors Interested in Population Issues

Dave Foreman and I are offering university professors who are interested in population issues a complimentary copy of our book, Man Swarm: How Overpopulation is Killing the Wild World. Man Swarm & Population Issues Man Swarm addresses...Show More Summary

A Chinese Reader’s Take on the book, Factory Girls

I recently had the pleasure of corresponding with a lovely Chinese woman named Zhang Jingjing about the book, Factory Girls: From Village to City in a Changing China by Leslie Chang. It tells untold stories about the lives of the migrant factory population in China.… Read more The post A Chinese Reader’s Take on the book, Factory Girls appeared first on Laura Carroll.

2015 Book Reviews: 5 Nonfiction Favorites

  The New York Times’ list of notable books of 2015 brought to mind some of my favorite books we’ve reviewed here this year. Here are just five of my nonfiction favorites of 2015: 5 Nonfiction Favorites   The Unspeakable and Other Subjects...Show More Summary

A Chinese Reader’s Take on Families of Two & The Baby Matrix

I recently received an e-letter from someone in China (who wishes to remain anonymous) who read my books, Families of Two and The Baby Matrix. With permission to share it, here are candid thoughts and insightful commentary on being childfree...Show More Summary

Childfree Workplace Stigma Questioned (The Billfold)

How tinted do your grievance glasses have to be to see a bias TOWARDS parents in today’s economy? I’m sorry, employers value parents? […] Trying to work and raise children at the same time in this country is exhausting and expensive…...Show More Summary

Childfree Stigma and Burden in the Workplace (Fortune)

Since the 1970s, being childfree — not wanting children — has slowly become more recognized as a legitimate choice… [but] we still have a ways to go when it comes to society accepting those with no children without judgment or stigma. Show More Summary

Digging Deep into Creatvitity: The book, The Shoreline of Wonder

by Melanie Davis I have recently taken a walk along the dynamic, flowing banks of creativity by reading Austin Hill Shaw’s The Shoreline of Wonder. It was not a jog or a run, but a meditative stroll through the pages of Shaw’s captivating...Show More Summary

I Respect Your Decision, But… Not Having Kids?

Childfree articles in the press usually get a lot of below-the-line debate. Lilit Marcus, writing for The Guardian about some of the factors behind her decision to remain childfree, definitely stirred the pot last week. Some didn’t bother disguising their vitriol, but I’ve discovered that there’s a new passive-aggressive approach on the block. Show More Summary

Finding the Right Ghostwriter

Many people want to write a book, but either do not have the time or writing skills to go about it themselves. This may describe you. How do you do it? Hire a ghostwriter. It may sound easy because there are many to choose from these days.… Read more The post Finding the Right Ghostwriter appeared first on Laura Carroll.

Childfree Regrets? (

Kate Banister and her husband Ian spent two or three years weighing up whether to have kids. “We both had our ups and downs, but now were equally on the same page about it which is very fortunate,” the 37-year-old business owner said. Getting their two dogs Ruby and Saffy helped the Banisters make up their minds. Show More Summary

Why Parents Regret Having Children (Thought Catalog)

Need proof that many parents regret having children? Fifteen ‘rents dish As you get older your mind will make up more and more reasons why it makes sense to have a kid. Don’t be fooled, it’s just evolution tricking you into reproducing — no...Show More Summary

Finding Connection, Commonality & Community at the First Not Mom Summit

This month I had the pleasure of attending and speaking at the first Not Mom Summit. Over 100 women without children by choice, chance and circumstance gathered for keynote speakers, breakout sessions, and socializing. Of the many wonderful...Show More Summary

On Elizabeth Gilbert’s New Book, Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear

Want to jump start your creative energies? Be inspired to start that creative project you have been putting off? Dedicate yourself to not just your creativity, but living a creative life? Read Elizabeth Gilbert’s latest book, Big Magic. Elizabeth...Show More Summary

The 1st Conference of its Kind: The Not Mom Summit 2015

A first-ever conference is happening this Friday and Saturday: The Not Mom Summit. Spearheaded by Karen Malone Wright who runs the site The Not Mom, it is the first time women without children by choice, chance or circumstance will gather...Show More Summary

On the Love of the Print Book

I recently enjoyed The Huffington Post‘s books and culture writer Claire Fallon’s post, “11 Simple Reasons the Print Book Doomsayers are Wrong.” According to The New York Times, she writes, “print book sales are holding steady in 2015 — and ebook sales have hit a wall.… Read more The post On the Love of the Print Book appeared first on Laura Carroll.

Intelligent Disobedience: Doing Right When What You’re Told To Do is Wrong

True or false: “Two-thirds of us would obey under certain circumstances even when we thought doing so was causing harm to others.” True. According to leadership expert Ira Chaleff, well-documented evidence around for more than fiftyShow More Summary

Mother or Mothering: On Kim Cattrall’s Childfree Perspective

As someone who has been tracking and writing about the childfree choice for some years now, I was delighted to hear Kim Cattrall speaking out about it recently on BBC radio. This is not the first time we have heard from her about her choice to have no children.… Read more The post Mother or Mothering: On Kim Cattrall’s Childfree Perspective appeared first on Laura Carroll.

Kid-free Controversy in Korea

Kim Min-kyung, a 37-year-old mother of two children… [supports] the concept of kid-free zones. “No-kid zones should be called more like a no-irresponsible parents zone,” Kim said, lashing out at ill-mannered parents turning a blind eye to their children’s misbehavior. Show More Summary

The Future of eBooks

Derek Haines, who runs the blog Just Publishing, has an interesting piece on the future of ebooks. After a brief look at the history of ebooks, he lists four interesting predictions about ebooks in the future. Check it out. Subscription...Show More Summary

Author Francine Russo on Siblings Caring for Aging parents

Staying on the theme of one’s later years – During the last year of journalist and author Francine Russo‘s diabetic mother’s life, her aging father and younger sister took care of her. Francine’s sister never asked her to do anything, and she didn’t volunteer.… Read more The post Author Francine Russo on Siblings Caring for Aging parents appeared first on Laura Carroll.

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