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On Mother’s Day and Growing Up

House One: My mother is very religious! House Two: is she a fanatic? House One: No, a church! Boom Boom. - Full text from an old Muppet Show Sketch (the Paul Williams Episode) My mother isn’t religious, so she worships herself. Thus,...Show More Summary

photo credits

The delightful Lucinda Dodds has updated the DB banner. Don't you just love it! Lucy also sells some of her great photos/cards at Red Bubble....

simply barren

I’m not living the life I thought I’d lead. In a way I am experiencing a richer existence, it is just different to the template I had subconsciously adopted. Being a child born during the advent of feminism I figured I’d have the glamorous career, the gorgeous talented partner, a couple of gifted children and a groovy home to boot. Show More Summary

to hell in a carbon neutral hand basket

Single, familied, young, old – I know the demographic doesn’t define us and within each there will be those who go out of there way to conserve water and reduce their carbon footprint and those who won’t. But when I seen my octogenarian...Show More Summary

decking the halls

Some of us might not be christians but you can be assured that if you suggest skipping the commercialism of the season by not giving Christmas presents this year then you’ll be about as popular as a foreskin at a synagogue. If you really want to shit people off, give them an Oxfam unwrapped voucher instead. Show More Summary

even barren ones can be too busy to blog

Phew Christmas is out of the way. Just how much plastic, non-recyclable crap got wasted on the kids who have too much around the globe, I wonder? Sorry, that last statement may lumber me in the bitter and twisted barren camp but actually...Show More Summary

What me? One dimensional?

I've tried to ignore the latest media flurry created by our leader of the opposition, well known for his devout Catholicism and equally well known for his own sexual romps before the sanctity of marriage (due to a very public paternity test), regarding the sanctity of virginity. Show More Summary

Australia's first deliberately barren PM!

Congratulations to Julia Gillard, the patron saint of the deliberately barren, on becoming this country's first female prime minister. How exciting to have an unmarried, child-free, outspoken woman at the helm of the ship for a chan...


A few weeks ago I attended a dreaded interstate "celebration of family", one focused on my brother and his pregnant partner, and the fact that they were announcing, to the "family" that they were, indeed, pregnant. I should, perhaps,...Show More Summary

The election campaign with the inevitable question

So it's 2010 and the persistent, burning question asked of our recently promoted Prime Minister's is about her ability to really know what families need, her being barren and all. The recent ABC Q&A episode had audience members firing off a number of tragic attacks but it saddens me that this is the one that continues to get airtime. Show More Summary

designer babies - Sydney

Newtown is awash with small children zipping on scooters around their latte sipping parents perched on curbside stools in the pram cluttered streets in the inner city. I get the feeling not all of the locals are happy to see the gentrification of once grungy King Street.

Love, marriage and the baby carriage

Please don’t think less of me when I confide that hovering somewhere over the Tasman Sea a few months ago, I watched Sex & The City 2. And enjoyed it. When you’re bored with a small console and a handful of movies to choose from,...Show More Summary

childfree couples have a healthier diet

Fascinating UK study finds that childfree couples eat more fruit and veg and have a generally healthier diet than couples with children. Wonder if an IQ study between those who breed and those who don't will be next?...

when power is a cause for pity, not an aphrodisiac

Congratulations to Lara Giddings on taking over the reigns as Premier of Tasmania, the first woman in that state to get the top job. As a 23 y.o., Giddings was the youngest women to enter an Australian parliament. Now at 38, with almost...Show More Summary

Two billion minus one

No sneaky peaks, no dirty little secrets. Last night I did not watch the wedding of the century. I admit there was a time when I thought I’d be tuning into the extravaganza on Friday night. The Chaser crew announced they were going to do an alternative commentary to the royal wedding on ABC2. Show More Summary

Is motherhood the pinnacle of a woman's life?

The lovely Clem Bastow, Melbourne freelancer and hip chick about town, celebrates her 29th birthday today with an opinion piece in Fairfax about the plans she has for her uterus. So many parents (particularly new ones) look with pity...Show More Summary

birth, death, shame, compassion and comments

I awoke to an odd comment on another of my blogs. Early on a Sunday morning, someone in an outer Melbourne suburb had been visiting the site of a local blogger, clicked my non-de plume in his links and got redirected there. From there...Show More Summary

Childfree Social Lives – Your Tips for Those of us Seeking One

Of recent I’ve had much less time to blog. Five years on writing about childfree issues hasn’t dimmed my interest but on the other hand I feel the older I get the less I could care whether anyone “approves” of my choice. Except when folk like Mr Skelton go wading into waters they have no [...]

Women Would Rather Have Children Than Run Start Ups – What’s Your Childfree view?

I found this article via my Facebook and the comments were so interesting that I thought I had to share it here. It’s not just about being childfree, but it is interesting because of the perspectives of the author and the commentators. And I don’t just mean the ones that state that not every woman [...]

‘IVF destroyed my family’ Childfree – your comments?

How a mother’s desperate quest for a second child took over her life. I’ve always been thankful for my childfree readers who send me great articles. The past few months have been incredibly busy for me but I’ve been reading all the comments on the blog. In my opinion childfree people make the most insightful, thoughtful comments… [...]

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