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Destruct System ignites Ikebukuro Chop July 18 (Sun)

Hard-rocking industrial unit Destruct System will be infiltrating Ikebukuro Chop on July 18 (2013 guys), in Dark Side Rockers event. If you like your BAAL (check out a full set live in LA), Despair (or let’s say… NIN for those who don’t follow Japanese underground music), then you will absolutely love these guys. Destruct System [...]

BAAL in LA – Complete LIVE Video

Ho boy, have these guys gone far. From fighting in the clubs in Tokyo’s scene to Europe, Australia, and now the U.S…. and now with a record deal with Metropolis – awesome. Now you can experience one of Japan’s hottest industrial rock outfits at your computer! An hour of glorious Japanese underground music recorded in [...]

Where are all the Tokyo Gothic overnight events?

This blog entry is an update on the lack of overnight events this year in Tokyo’s dark scene. In case you have not already noticed, iconic events such as Tokyo Dark Castle and Midnight Mess have gone strangely quiet in recent months. There could be a few reasons for this, but it seems one big [...]

Igor’s buys first Psydoll CD at Artism Market

After a few months buried under work Igor has finally got around to writing an update. Today, I’m just want to show off my Psydoll CD, which I picked up at the Artism Market in April when I got a chance for a chat with Nekoi Psydoll and the gang. Psydoll are a concept band [...]

JGoth Update: Currently too busy to blog… hopefully soon

Hello folks! Just a short note to let you know that JGoth is not dead, just in hibernation while I catch up with daytime work. Will get onto the blog in the next few weeks ahead. To people mailing in stuff – thanks! I really like what you sent so will look into it more [...]

Tokyo Goth Event :: Club Theatic Show :: March 10, 2013!

I still have not had enough time to get into the site yet, but this event is too good not to mention! On Sunday March 10 from 3 pm, the Goths will be invading Ikebukuro Rosa Live Inn in Tokyo! Organizers are calling this Gothic 2013 SPRING FESTIVAL, and festive it is! Featured bands include Psydoll, Vanished Empire (DJ Chihiro… (more...)

Hear David Bowie’s new album for free (LEGALLY!)

Hey there folks. I got quite excited when I saw that David Bowie is releasing a new album. I got even more excited when he said it would be streaming for free on iTunes for a limited time (how kewl is that?!). You will need to be on your PC or iPad to listen, but that is no hassle right.… (more...)

TONIGHT! Autogen (Latvia) at Ikebukuro Chop with 2Bullet!

Sorry, I was going to post this on the weekend, but I had to do things in order to eat. It’s Monday, but something good is happening in Tokyo! It’s dark, got industrial bands and now, best of all (for me), is I can actually go! Autogen hail from Latvia and have a great industrial sound. They will be joined… (more...)

GOTH in Japan AGAIN! Igor’s getting excited

Names are spinning around my head, lotsa names. Names like DESPAIR! BAAL! 2 BULLET! GABRIEL’S STILLETTO A101! AGENT MURDER (sadly retired)! CHIHIRO! 13th MOON! and tons more Yes! Tokyo Gothic nights are a-calling. I want to scream out...Show More Summary re-igniting as a Japan Goth blog

Heya folks. Just a quick update on the never-ending story of Igor jolting the site around. As you know last episode, Igor closed the social network experiment after a two-year stint. What was the problem? Basically i didn’t have time or energy to combat the spammers and be a good host. So that will be re-opened as an archive in… (more...)

Japan Fetish Ball @ Christon Cafe Shinjuku

THE 2010 JAPAN FETISH BALL! – Nov 20 2010 (Sat) Details: Nov 20, 2010 (Sat) 11:45PM Open! @ CHRISTON CAFE (SHINJUKU) Tel: 03-5287-2426 Strict Dresscode Only! Fantasy, Fetish, Goth, Loli, SM, Cyber, Kinky..etc. (there will be a shop for people who wish to buy costumes at the entrance) No Camera, No Video! For the first time ever – united… (more...)

Dope Stars Inc., Celldweller hit Tokyo @ ClubAsia Shibuya

Renowned Italian cyberpunkers, Dope Stars Inc. will be playing their first live show at Tokyo’s Club Asia on December 12. They will be joined by hot U.S. industrialists, Celldweller, and local heavy industrial rockers BAAL. Making up the line-up for the night will be ???, Gari and [xxxSYNAPSExxx]. This is definitely an event not to be missed, and at 4,000… (more...)

2 Bullet & BAAL working on new albums

This is just a short update on two bands that Igor really loves. 2 Bullet are now under the Darkest Labyrinth label headed up by Blood’s and GPKISM’s ax man Kiwamu. I lost the official release, but from vague recollection the album should be available towards the end of the year. 2 Bullet are an anti-totalitarianism unit with a hot,… (more...)

Friday I got Psydoll on my mind!

All righty folks. Igor’s gonna be dressed in a suit and all, especially for Friday night’s Psydoll gig. Well, I have to wear a suit on Friday so I don’t have any choice in the matter, but still… Psydoll, The Royal Dead and Psychodream – Awesome. If any of you folks out there are rocking up to the night feel… (more...)

November Noire @ Chop Ikebukuro

Fancy a bit of dark indie J-rock? Then this night should have you gamboling in the dance pit. The Lechery from Mara is a frenetic punk rock act with Gothic undertones and have played a number of evil events in Tokyo. 13th Moon is a darker shade of hard Gothic rock with an infectious beat. For those with a penchant… (more...)

Darkest Fest Vol. 2 @ Club Crawl Shibuya

Here is a nice Gothy event towards the end of the month. This overnight event is a showcase of artists from the Darkest Labyrinth label created by Blood and GPKISM guitarist Kiwamu. The night features six bands including GPKISM, Seileen, Vanished Empire and BLAMHONEY. It will also be populated by hot underground DJs Takuya Angel, Chihiro and Sisen. In terms… (more...) Gothic Social Site Retired

Greetz folks. This is Igor, the Webslave of Thank you everybody who have invested your valuable time to supporting and using the site – without you I would never have tried. Unfortunately due to a massive influx of spam and my own lack of time to combat that and otherwise manage the site (not to mention the decline of… (more...)

Coming soon… Igor’s Gothic social network site

Yes brethren, I have been touched by this thing called social networking and I have been working with new code to create a social network site. It will have the expected personal spaces, galleries, videos, music (if the artists appl... Open (Beta)

This is just a small note to say that my social network site is now open. It is still in the beta stage, but seems stable enough for visitors.

Japan Fetish Ball @ Chrison Cafe Shinjuku

[ November 20, 2010 11:45 pm to November 21, 2010 6:00 am. ] THE 2010 JAPAN FETISH BALL! - Nov 20 2010 (Sat) Details: Nov 20, 2010 (Sat) 11:45PM Open! @ CHRISTON CAFE (SHINJUKU) Tel: 03-5287-2426 Strict Dresscode...Show More Summary

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