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Dear Gene Wilder…

I wrote this last year on the Before I Die wall. We never met, but like many fans, I felt like I knew you. It’s a funny concept, isn’t it? The idea that millions of people around the world feel close to you simply because your job is to act onscreen. I often wonder what […]

In All the Ways I’ve Become a Crazy Cat Lady

You see, I’ve never owned a cat before this one. I never even thought about cats. Dogs seemed like the only sensible companion to humans. They need us, we need them and we find mutual enjoyment out of one another. Cats on the other hand, they didn’t seem to fit that mold. They’re aloof, cold, […]

I’ll be Speaking at the Texas Conference for Women 2016!

Hey, y’all! I just got back from a super insane 18-day trip through 19 states, 10 national parks and several inadequate gas station bathrooms, and I hope to write a post about it soon. In the meantime, I’m really excited to share that I will be speaking at the Texas Conference for Women! I’m not […]

On Understanding White Privilege

“Baby girl, I’ve been seeing this for decades. You stop thinking about. You just pray for the people left behind. You’re just seeing it now. I love you, but you were born on this side of the track, and you’re now on the track peeking over to the other side. Now you’re getting mad with […]

On Hollywood Reboots, Female Roles & the New Ghostbusters

I’m excited for the new Ghostbusters because there are four kick-ass women in it; what I’m not excited about is that they brought back the Ghostbusters. (I plan on seeing it at the theater nonetheless.) My conflicted emotions were only amplified when I read New York Times’ June 21st interview with the four lead actresses […]

To All the Feminists with Complex Feelings About Hillary Clinton

You’ve seen many status updates from female friends you love and respect saying that when Hillary became the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee, they wept with joy. They couldn’t wait to tell their daughters, share it with their mothers, scream it from the mountaintops, talk about it for years to come. You’ve seen all your favorite […]

We’re Excited to Announce an Addition to the Family!

  Sorry, Mom. This womb is currently barren. WE GOT A CAT! I’ve officially become Adult With Cat. (I’ve never had a cat before; I’ve always been a dog gal.) But she’s not any ol’ cat. Let me share with you the story of how FatFace and I found each other. This is FatFace: She’s […]

Today I Choose to Not Hate Everyone

Obligatory stock photo You know how you have those days when you’re sitting in traffic, or you’re waiting in a long line at the grocery store, and you look out at the world around you and say to yourself “Wow. I fucking hate everybody”? Additional thoughts float into your head such as: “Look at the […]

My dad used to be a model in the 80s…and it was weird

In my mother’s Easter care package, filled with chocolate, an infinity scarf and a postcard of Assistant Walter D. Skinner from the X-files, was a paper catalog from the 1980s of a now defunct department store in Upstate New York called Chappell’s. The catalog, which is weathered, features my dad, and a handful of other […]

Remember when we used to write super personal blog posts?

A recent work photo, where I was asked to bring something I love and I brought my NPR tumbler   Tonight my roommate and I went down a Gawker rabbit hole, which led to an Emily Gould mouse hole, which led to a “Why don’t I write super personal blog posts anymore?” ant hole. Refreshing […]

36 Hours in Austin: What the New York Times Missed

Last week you maybe saw the New York Times’ 36 Hours in Austin, Texas. And maybe you thought to yourself, “Eh. At least they pointed out Ramen Tatsu-Ya and Valentina’s.“ Or maybe you spat at the screen or crumpled up your newspaper and shouted into the air, “DAMN YOU, NEW YORK TIMES. DAMN YOU AND […]

Curbed Austin is now live!

Awww hells yeah. Curbed Austin is now live. I’ve been a fan of the Curbed series for years, most notably Curbed Detroit under the helm of Sarah Cox. The Detroit edition of Curbed continues to perfectly capture the unprecedented rise and fall and rise of one of America’s most iconic cities. I’m confident that Curbed Austin […]

Early Voting in Texas Starts Today!

source: Amanda Quraishi Early voting in Texas starts today (until Feb. 26th), and I was reminded ONCE AGAIN that the Texas Railroad Commissioner has nothing to do with actual railroads (he or she deals with oil and shit). These reminders always greatly disappoint me. I really want this job to be about trains. If it was, […]

Say Happy Valentine’s Day with Bernie Sanders Cards

I promised that I would only write one blog post about the presidential candidate I’m supporting, but I’m breaking that promise. Both Geoff and I are feeling the Bern, and we made Bernie Valentines for your viewing and sharing pleasure. We hope you enjoy!

The story of Wilbur, the little puppy that could

Warning: There are some sad photos in here, but this is a happy story!  My friend Carrie works at the Austin Animal Center, and her Facebook feed is often filled with photos of Austin’s stray dogs and cats. Each animal has a back story, many times a sad one. The neglect, abuse and disease can be […]

A year in review

I used to write a lot about personal stuff on my blog, but I kind of shied away from it over the years. Hipstercrite started as a sort of journal for me, a place for me to chronicle my adventures moving from Los Angeles to Austin and post passive-aggressive notes to former boyfriends, but it’s slowly become a […]

25 Reasons Why I’m Voting for Bernie Sanders

Hey, y’all. I’ve never gotten political on my blog, but today I am. This will most likely be the one and only time I post about a specific politician, unless this politician ends up winning the presidency. Then I might write a second post where I write IN CAPS AND EXCLAMATION POINTS AND HEARTS. However, I’m […]

The Second Time I Ate Edibles and Lost My Mind

source Some of you may recall my previous adventures in edibles, where I feared my face was falling off AND my boyfriend was going to jump off our hotel room balcony. I vowed never to try edibles again. Except I did. And I lost my friggin’ mind again. First, let me say this: Because marijuana […]

Why social media silence on Paris doesn’t equal apathy.

I wrote a piece over on my Medium channel regarding social media and the Paris attacks. I wanted to bring it over here as well. In light of the tragedy in Paris, as I stared wide-eyed at the news trickling in, I wrote this on my Facebook and Twitter pages: “When one doesn’t post on […]

Monkey Town 6 is more amazing than you think

Yesterday I went to Monkey Town 6, the immersive experimental-film-slash-four-course-meal experience currently running at 2416 E. 6th Street. If you haven’t bought tickets yet, you should before it sells out. (The event runs until February 7.) I had no idea what I was in for at Monkey Town 6, but it exceeded any expectation I […]

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