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Photos my Grandfather Took During WWII

My beloved grandmother passed away recently, and my mother and I have been going through old photos. We rediscovered photos my grandfather took while stationed in Africa during WWII. Here are some of my favorites. As far as I can tell, these were all taken by my grandfather. Show More Summary

How Joe Strummer and The Clash Have Helped Me Through the Trump Era

I don’t remember the first time I truly listened to Joe Strummer. It may have been when I heard “Clampdown” off the band’s seminal 1979 album, London Calling. The song warns young men of the inherit soul-crushing nature of capitalism and reminds them that they?—?not the government, not The Establishment?—?have control of their lives. Show More Summary

On Understanding My Jewish Roots

While growing up, we didn’t discuss being Jewish. We practiced no religious rituals, and no family member went to temple. A Yiddish swear word or phrase of exasperation often spilled from my grandma’s lips, something she picked up in...Show More Summary

Why I’ll Never Share My #MeToo Story

During the height of the #MeToo movement, I came really close to sharing a story that could have potentially changed my life in ways I wasn’t ready for. I had been contacted by the media, and I had two drafts of my story sitting on my laptop. Between the calls and the daily stories of […] The post Why I’ll Never Share My #MeToo Story appeared first on Hipstercrite.

Why More Millennials Should Invest in Cryptocurrency

First, let me get this out of the way: I’m not a financial advisor. I’m just a gal who started investing in cryptocurrency and has learned a thing or two. In early 2017, when cryptocurrency began taking off, I decided to take the plunge. Show More Summary

Don’t ever do this, she told me.

Howdy, friends. I’m going to start writing here again, so here’s my first real post in awhile. It’s a short piece & it’s about a woman I met on the train from Denver to Chicago. ——— She is tiny, bundled in a faux-leopard print coat, and she is carrying her weight in baggage. “Can I […] The post Don’t ever do this, she told me. appeared first on Hipstercrite.

A Message to Apologists From a Survivor

Hello. I know the daily news about another man in power being accused of sexual harassment or assault is overwhelming and disorienting. This is new territory for all us. I’ve watched some of my own favorite celebrities fall over the past few weeks. Show More Summary

How to Help People Affected by Harvey: An Updated List

  I’m currently hundreds of miles away from my adopted home state of Texas. It feels weird. I feel helpless. However, I also know there is not much I can do right now other than donate money. You might be feeling the same way too–helpless. And you may be wondering the best way to donate […]

35 Ways to Find Happiness From Someone Totally Unqualified

Follow these easy tips and you’ll have your shit together in no time. I’m not an expert on anything, except for maybe naps (they’re really, really good for you), but because I’m a Writer on Medium, I’m actually an expert on everything and today I’m going to share with you 35 foolproof ways to find happiness. Stop being […]

Should We Punch Nazis?

Let me start off by getting this out of the way: I’m a liberal, an activist and a pacifist I’m also Jewish However, I admit that I don’t know the correct answer to “Should we punch neo-Nazis?” Therefore, this essay will have more questions than answers And it’s not about the ethics of punching a […]

Please Remember: Love Will Outnumber Hate

Words have escaped me lately. This is, in part, due to the rapid fire of unfortunate, heartbreaking, terrifying events that have plagued America recently. Like many others, my brain is in a frenzied state and is having difficulty keeping up; every day is a fight not to go down a path of self-preservation numbness to […]

I Will Trim Your Trees at Night

  Once in awhile, as darkness falls, I will sling my trusty hedge trimmers over my shoulder and march up and down my street looking for neighbors whose brush encroaches on the sidewalk. I will snip, snip, snip as fast as I can and hurry off to the next offender. Before you think I’m that […]

Yesterday a Homeless Friend Gifted Me Lunch

  I have a friend. His name is Tyrone. Tyrone is homeless. We’ve been buddies for years now, and we have each other’s backs. Our favorite pastime is to hang on my front porch, chewing the fat on the troubles and joys of this beautiful and sometimes hateful world. I could write a novel on […]

Unbarlievable, the new racist bar in Austin

This morning social media in Austin lit up with talk about a circus-themed bar on Rainey Street. However, the talk wasn’t about how kitschy the theme is, but rather about the plethora of cruel and hateful responses the establishment has left for customers, in addition to racist comments from the owner, Brandon Cash. Here is just […]

What Happened When I Went on a 4,000-Mile Road Trip with My Cat

Originally appeared on my Medium page.  Last year, I took in a six-year-old feral cat with three teeth and mouth herpes. We named her FatFace, and she has become the center of my universe. When I say she’s become the center of my universe, I mean I’m obsessed with her. Like, people keep telling me I should have […]

The Little Cat That Could

                                                                 FatFace before and after One year ago, everything changed. A filthy, ragged feral moved into my home. She was apprehensive at first, and […]

Please Keep Your Implicit Racism Off NextDoor

I joined NextDoor in September of 2015. At first, I was thrilled to have an additional resource to help me get more involved in my East Austin neighborhood. NextDoor was a great way for me to discover urgent matters, when the next neighborhood association meeting was, what volunteer opportunities & meet-ups were available and which neighbors […]

If You Haven’t Been to Meow Wolf Yet, Go. RIGHT NOW.

  For almost a year, I’ve desperately wanted to visit Meow Wolf in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and I finally had the opportunity to do so two weeks ago. Oh Lordy it was better than I could have ever imagined. I initially wasn’t going to write about my experience at Meow Wolf because I figured everyone […]

Zappos helped adopt out 150 pets in Austin, Texas

Sponsored by Zappos So, I went to the Zappos Friends with Benefits Road Show a few weekends ago, and it was amazing. I got to watch sweet doggy after doggy get adopted out to new families—doggies like Princess! Princess now has a forever home! I also got to oooh and aww over adorable workout gear with […]

Why I Can’t Focus on Anything But the Fight

Since Donald Trump’s inauguration, I’ve had difficulty finding words. Words are my job, but when I sit down to my computer, all I want to write is FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK over and over. In fact,Show More Summary

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