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The Art of Conversation: Childfree and Parents at Holiday Parties

I like to bring this post back around each year during holiday party time: We’re  into the holiday party time of year, and at these kinds of gatherings often people’s kids are a major topic of conversation. When you don’t have kids (yet...Show More Summary

Breeder Bingo Bombs: Badabing, Badaboom!

Bravo, Ossiana Tepfenhart, for tackling the inevitable (and perennial) “Breeder Bingo” blather! Childfree friends, if you’re sick and tired of the endless onslaught of judgment and unsolicited advice, you may well want to borrow a zinger or three from Tepfenhart’s article, “27 Ways To Respond When You’re Being Pressured To Have Kids“. Show More Summary

Holiday Season Advertisers: It’s Time to Target Women without Children

Every holiday season, advertisers spend billions of marketing dollars to get us to buy their products and services. At this time of year, advertisers lose revenue because they don’t market to a specific demographic: the 47 percent of American women of childbearing age who are not mothers. Show More Summary

Mountain House Meals | 30 Years Shelf Life | Prices to increase in Jan 2018

Get Mountain House @ 2017 PricesMountain House Prices to increase starting Jan 1, 2018.We have already been notified of the same. Make sure you have saved enough of this quality freeze dried food brand at 2017 prices. More Summary

A Message to Apologists From a Survivor

Hello. I know the daily news about another man in power being accused of sexual harassment or assault is overwhelming and disorienting. This is new territory for all us. I’ve watched some of my own favorite celebrities fall over the past few weeks. Show More Summary

The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman

While I have had more of a summary of the book, The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts in my LiveTrue Book collection, I am delighted to now have a personal review by Brittany Brolley of my book review team: The 5 Love Languages...Show More Summary

Riffing on Childfree Lilli Blackmore’s, “Why Having Kids Is Not A Retirement Plan”

I have been enjoying Lilli Blackmore’s posts on her site, the American Spinster. Her most recent post, “Why Having Kids Is Not a Retirement Plan” inspires me to riff on this important topic. Please indulge me. The Pronatalist Elderhood...Show More Summary

Not Having Kids: From Moral Outrage toward Moral Duty

One particular phrase relating to a study that came out last spring continues to pop up online: moral outrage. The study, “Parenthood as a Moral Imperative? Moral Outrage and the Stigmatization of Voluntarily Childfree Women and Men”...Show More Summary

Regretting Motherhood: A Study, by Orna Donath

Israeli sociologist Orna Donath breaks important ground in her book, Regretting Motherhood: A Study. She bravely takes on motherhood regret squarely and directly, and questions “the social order and systems of power that present women...Show More Summary

New Brands on Safecastle | Rescue Tools, Inergy & More | Exclusive Member Savings | Don't Miss Out

Mountain House has been in short supply since the hurricanes.We have the 14-day food supply in stock and would like you to know so you can stock up.Also, see some great new tools and power supply products that are new on Safecastle.Best Prices. Show More Summary

Start Small but Must. Single Cans/Packs You Can Start Prepping With.

Prepping is not an easy task. Requires meticulous planning over a period of time. This week we want to highlight where to start small. This is also a great way to try out new products you haven't tried. ?We also have full-cases or multi-packs available. Show More Summary

Solar Cooking with Sun Oven, Combo Deal

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Long-Term Marriages: Pondering Recent Study Results 

A recent study in the Social Psychology Quarterly looks at long-term marriages and has some interesting  results to ponder.  A summary of findings include: Married women over 50 rate the quality of their marriages lower than their husbands do. Show More Summary

What a Fire & Rescue Station Needed During Hurricane Harvey?

An in-depth interview discussing the events of Hurricane Harvey in Texas. Do Watch. The Solar HYDRO was used at Fire and Rescue Station 8 in Beaumont, TX. Officers used the Solar HYDRO for purifying contaminated flood water for drinking. Station 8 also used the 8' Hydro WASH attachment for washing clothes and showering. Copyright 2007-2016 by Safecastle LLC

Fall Clearance Sale on Montague Bikes. Get 20% Off

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Patient H.M.: A Story of Memory, Madness, and Family Secrets

Review by Brittany Brolley Luke Dittrich’s New York Times bestseller, Patient H.M.: A Story of Memory, Madness, and Family Secrets is exactly that. Part biography and part memoir, Dittrich tells the unforgettable life story of how a young factory worker named Henry Molaison (Patient H.M.) became the most studied person in the history of neuroscience. Show More Summary

10 Must Have Survival Books

Updated: 10/19/2017 Every Prepper should have a complete knowledge base in their home library and these are the survival books you simply can’t afford to leave out. In a serious survival situation we may be left without power for long...Show More Summary

Moving Toward a True Childfree Movement

If you follow childfree news, you probably know that not only did filmmakers Maxine Trump and Therese Shechter hit their Kickstarter goals to finish their films about the childfree choice, they surpassed them with Stretch goals.  This...Show More Summary

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