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Scared to Have a Vasectomy? Bring your Bro!

Snip! Snip! Why is it that these two simple words trigger fear and loathing in the most manly of men?It's a simple procedure, taking less than 15 minutes with very little pain or down time, yet some men cringe just at the mention ofShow More Summary

The 28 Healthiest Foods on the Planet

The following is a “healthy food hot list” consisting of the 28 food that will give you the biggest nutritional bang for you caloric buck, as well as decrease your risk for deadly illnesses like cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Along...Show More Summary

The Amazing Story of the 1938 New England Hurricane

As hurricane season is heavy upon us the weather experts are predicting a very tumultuous month ahead. This harrowing tale of a historic hurricane in New England back in 1938 serves a stark reminder of the power of mother nature as well...Show More Summary

Hurricane Irma Resources & Must-Buy Supplies

Stay updated on the latest in Hurricane Irma storm forecast: Here is a list of resources you can track: National Hurricane Center Website Click here Google Crisis Map Click Here Updates from Florida Governor Rick Scott Click Here Facebook...Show More Summary

Self Rescue: When Staying Put to Survive Isn’t an Option

(Stay or go? A fundamental precept of urban and wilderness survival is that during or after an emergency and/or survival situation, you should stay put so rescuers can find you. But what happens if that isn’t a possibility? What if a...Show More Summary

Too Much and Not the Mood: Essays, by Durga Chew-Bose

Too Much and Not the Mood: Essays, a collection of essays by Durga Chew-Bose, reads like poetry. Much longer than the essays in the rest of the book, the opening essay, “Heart Museum,” acclimates readers to the tone and language Chew-Bose uses throughout the rest of the book. Show More Summary

10 Impressive Doomsday Bunkers

WW3 is breaking out, the nuclear bombs are going off, where would you go? You may not know, but powerful individuals around the world have a plan in case of such event, and it doesn't include you. The post 10 Impressive Doomsday Bunkers appeared first on Survival Blog | Survival Spot.

New Safecastle Site is Live ! Instructions to activate account

Free shipping across lower 48 states Call us: 1-877-673-2394 PREPARE & FORTIFY On Sale | Newest | Storage Food | Energy | Survival Gear | Water How do existing members login? We have moved all your account history from old site to new site however your safety we need you to set your new password and activate your account. Show More Summary

Attitudes About Not Having Children: A Recent YouGov Poll

On the heels of Serena William’s comment that when she gives birth, she will “be a real woman now,” YouGov, a non-partisan public opinion poll organization, conducted a poll with some interesting results that relate to the childfree, and others who decide not to have children. Show More Summary

How to Help People Affected by Harvey: An Updated List

  I’m currently hundreds of miles away from my adopted home state of Texas. It feels weird. I feel helpless. However, I also know there is not much I can do right now other than donate money. You might be feeling the same way too–helpless. And you may be wondering the best way to donate […]

35 Ways to Find Happiness From Someone Totally Unqualified

Follow these easy tips and you’ll have your shit together in no time. I’m not an expert on anything, except for maybe naps (they’re really, really good for you), but because I’m a Writer on Medium, I’m actually an expert on everything and today I’m going to share with you 35 foolproof ways to find happiness. Stop being […]

Dirt! The Movie

A look at man’s relationship with Dirt. Dirt and humans couldn’t be closer. We started our journey together as stardust, swirled by cosmic forces into our galaxy, solar system, and planet. We are made of the same stuff. Four billionShow More Summary

Inferior: How Science Got Women Wrong-and the New Research That’s Rewriting the Story

by Brittany Brolley Are women inferior to men? Angela Saini looks to modern science to answer this age-old question. In her book, Inferior: How Science Got Women Wrong-and the New Research That’s Rewriting the Story, readers can uncover the truth. Show More Summary

Interesting Facts on Lightning

Lightning has always intrigued me.. so much power concentrated into a tiny space with the ability to cause a ridiculous amount of damage and pops up seemingly out of nowhere. I recently stumbled across a video where lightning hits a creek and literally displaces the entire water bed with its sheer force. Show More Summary

Mountain House August Sale. Buy Bulk Cases, Stay Prepared. Get 35-51% Off

Be it a financial collapse, a natural disaster, or a human error, let not your family run out of food. Mountain house is the gold standard in storage food. Independent tests have proven they are best in this category. We are known for Mountain House products, and here we are, offering the best prices ever. Show More Summary

From Sacrifice to Privilege: Reframing the Role of Motherhood

The title of the recent opinion piece in the New York Times Sunday Review, “Motherhood Isn’t Sacrifice, It’s Selfishness” sure caught my eye. Was Karen Rinaldi going to get into pronatalism? Sort of… Sacrifice and Glorification Out of...Show More Summary

Potassium Iodide

Updated: 8/16/17 Did you know that in a nuclear fallout emergency having something as simple as potassium iodide tablets on hand could actually save your life? Editors Update: North Korea Nuclear Crisis With talk of WW3 and nuclear strikes...Show More Summary

Should We Punch Nazis?

Let me start off by getting this out of the way: I’m a liberal, an activist and a pacifist I’m also Jewish However, I admit that I don’t know the correct answer to “Should we punch neo-Nazis?” Therefore, this essay will have more questions than answers And it’s not about the ethics of punching a […]

Scratch: Writers, Money, and the Art of Making a Living, Edited by Manjula Martin

Review by Melanie Davis   As an author, I looked forward to receiving my copy of Scratch: Writers, Money and the Art of Making a Living. The truth is, unlike most professions, the exchange of money and value of service in the writing world is kept largely undisclosed. Show More Summary

Post-Collapse Barter Items And Trade Skills

Updated 8/15/17: The concept of private barter and alternative economies has been so far removed from our daily existence here in America that the very idea of participating in commerce without the use of dollars or without the inclusion of corporate chains seems almost outlandish to many people. Show More Summary

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