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International Childfree Day, Three Years Running

Last weekend on August 1st marked the third year of celebrating International Childfree Day and awarding the Childfree Man and Woman of the Year. How did it start? While running my blog, La Vie Childfree (which now lives here), learning...Show More Summary

Why Saying “I’m Sorry” Has Not Hurt My Career

A recent editorial trend is the admonishment of women who apologize. This movement has spawned similar essays that disparage women for vocal fry (common example: any word that comes out of Zooey Deschanel’s mouth), upspeak, the use of words such as “like” and the act of verbally undermining oneself. (I’m about to defend women who do any or all of these […]

Best Prices on LifeStraws!

Indefinite Shelf life! These are too good, too easy, too affordable to not have on hand. Clean water is numero uno in terms of survival priorities, and Lifestraws are now the go-to solution around the globe. Save BIG on a 5-pack! Copyright 2007-2011 by Safecastle LLC

MRE’s: A New Look at a Classic Survival Food

Last weekend my boyfriend and I decided to take a little trek into the wilderness to put our survival skills to the test. It’s always a good idea to practice your preps and make sure that your skill set is up to par by conducting periodic...Show More Summary

SurvivalCave Canned Meats ON SALE: Brand w/ Highest Customer Ratings!

Best Customer Rated Canned Meats--Indefinite Shelf life! For a short time only... big discounts on the canned wet-pack meats with the highest customer ratings! Chicken, beef, pork, turkey, and ground beef. Shipped fresh from the manufacturer in 3-10 days (based on current demand)--free to the lower 48 states. Show More Summary

The Art of Essay Writing: Q&A With Meghan Daum

I recently had the pleasure of asking essayist Meghan Daum about the art of essay writing. Meghan is the author of four books, most recently the original essay collection, The Unspeakable: And Other Subjects of Discussion. She is also...Show More Summary

On Sale Today: Our VERY Popular Emergency Honey-Bucket Kits

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No Regrets Later if you're Prudent Today: Get It Done

When It's All Over but the Crying... You don't want to be there... or be in that mob. Look at your supply shelves... are you completely ready? It's a daunting task--trying to be among the few who will not be having to fight for every meal. Show More Summary

A Key Phase in Manuscript Refinement: Beta Readers

You have finished your draft manuscript, worked with an editor on developmental and line edits, and hired a proofreader who has done one round of proof. You’re feeling great about your book, and thinking you’re done, right? If you’re...Show More Summary

NukAlert Giveaway on Facebook: Like. Comment. Share.

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Mega Sale on Lindon Farms Freeze-Dried Food ENDS TONIGHT: up to 43% off, FREE Shipping!

--Gotta' finish getting prepped. It's a very slippery slope we're all on. Get your footing... dig in the best you can. We've been doing our part to help our customers be as ready as they can afford to be.-- Several days ago we were able to arrange with the Lindon Farms folks a special discount for our customers. Show More Summary

The Time I Went to Denver, Ate Edibles and Lost My Mind

Back in February, I pulled a Maureen Dowd and completely lost my f’ing mind on (legal) edibles in Denver, Colorado. (I emphasize ‘legal’ for my current employers and any future employers. Hi, guys.) Let me start by saying: I’m weed ignorant. I believe this is how many stories begin when someone loses their shit on edibles. […]

What Good Fiction and Nonfiction Have in Common

What do fiction and nonfiction have in common that make both work? Eric Nelson, an editor turned agent, has some good wisdom. In a word: It’s all about choice. For fiction, Nelson says when it comes to what makes for plot, it’s all about...Show More Summary

You want GREAT storage food at REALLY LOW prices? ... up to 43% off, 5 days only ...

35-43% Off, Five Days Only: July 15-19... Gotta' get prepped. This fall is going to be like no other, based on what a lot of different prognosticators are saying. Most folks with their eyes open can see that for themselves. We've been doing our part to help our customers be as ready as they can afford to be. Show More Summary

Market-Meltdown Wake-up Call from Safecastle

This is your wake-up call... don't snooze Markets melting down, systems failing, panic spreading Getting right to the point--the slide toward anarchy may have begun. Global investors are in full retreat. Greece lit the fuse, China spilled the gasoline. Show More Summary

July 11 is World Population Day

World Population Day ” is coming up; it’s an annual event observed on July 11, and seeks to raise awareness of global population issues. The event was established by the Governing Council of the United Nations Development Programme in 1989. Show More Summary

It's not the time to be comfortably numb!

A little stream-of-consciousness here... based largely on what I am finding myself doing right now.1. There is a strong tendency right now to slide down in the swivel chair to just watch the markets and the global headlines. Maybe still denying internally that this might really be the beginning of the long-expected crash. Show More Summary

Why So Many People Dream of Writing a Book

Brian Tracy International claims 82 percent of adults dream of writing a book. I believe it! Last year it conducted a survey of 1100 people on their main reasons for wanting to write a book. What did the survey find? Check it out: To...Show More Summary

Celebrate your Independence & Self-reliance: Weekend prices slashed on great survival products

Our customers a breed apart: Resourceful, Self-reliant! Take pride in your commitment to independence This time of year, we celebrate the sacrifices our forefathers made in the cause of liberty and the groundwork they laid for generations of Americans who followed. Show More Summary

Beware the Greek Canary! Watch and learn ... finish your preps now

The dominoes have begun to fall. It will be a relatively slow-motion cascade of crises from now through the next several weeks and mere handful of months.The Greek default will turn out to be the trigger event that will cause not only a catastrophe in Greece, but will also quickly spread through much of Europe. Show More Summary

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