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Katadyn Pockets are On Sale with BIG Discounts

The Katadyn Pocket is the ultimate portable water filter, and it is on sale big-time right now at Safecastle. Great prices and free shipping for all... and even better prices for buyers club members! Copyright 2007-2011 by Safecastle LLC

"So, We MEAT Again!"

Wit h the return of JC Refuge to Safecastle, we are celebrating with special new discounts on his favorite long-term meats--Yoders!... These extra-sweet discounts are good only through May 10 on the delicious wet-pack meats that are good right out of the can over the next decade and beyond. Show More Summary

Safecastle Founder Returns to the Helm

Global crises bring JC Refuge out of retirement I'm baaack! Effective May 1, I am back at Safecastle to run the business I founded in 2002. Mom calls me Victor, and friends call me Vic, but most folks out in the prepping universe know me as JC Refuge. Show More Summary

Finding Hope & Inspiration in the Book, This is Not the Life I Ordered

The main title of the book, This is Not the Life I Ordered, expresses an exasperation that most of us have likely exclaimed at one time or another. With such a stunning title, I was eager to see how well the book addresses this emotion,...Show More Summary

A Comprehensive List of Austin’s Best Blogs

(Update: I wrote this blog post in 2012 and just updated as of April 28, 2015) There are an ass-load of awesome blogs in Austin, Texas. (I think) I read a statistic somewhere that Austin has more bloggers per capita than any place in the country. Since I have zero proof that Austin has the most […]

Once in a lifetime discounts on Lindon Farms 43% off, 5 days only

Lindon Farms Sale Limited Time Only...... Discounts of 35-43% are Live! From April 28th, all the dealer pricing restraints have been removed by the manufacturer of Lindon Farms foods! This sale has only been offered once in their 15+ years in business- we don't expect it to happen again. Show More Summary

“PrepperCon” Emergency Preparedness Convention Coming to Utah

We’ve all heard about ComicCon, DragonCon and all the other “Cons” or conventions for enthusiasts of all types.  Now we finally have our very own emergency preparedness convention aimed at Survivalists and I must say – it’s about time! ...Show More Summary

Could you give up a shopping for 30 days?

Recently I “met,” in the wonderful way that the Internet allows us to virtually meet, some of the folks behind the San Francisco-based startup Yerdle. Yerdle is a free market-style app where users can easily upload photos of stuff they no longer want, “sell it” for Yerdle dollars, and then use those Yerdle dollars to […]

The Results From My Survey “Should I Have Kids?”

Last week, I posted a survey for my mom and dad friends wherein I asked them about the nitty-gritty of childbirth and childbearing. As a woman in early 30s, marriage and kid stuff has been on my mind lately. Not because I’m itching for either, but because I’m at the age where I have to think […]

Nonfiction Book Review: Breasts: A Natural and Unnatural History

Breasts are arguably one of the most popular features of the human body, yet most of what we hear about the venerable ta-tas exudes playfulness and jest —or expresses great concern due to the high incidence of breast cancer. As the owner...Show More Summary

Emergency Alerts. Did you know ?

EMERGENCY ALERTS Visit the FEMA Library to downloadWEA PSA (:30) View "WEA PSA (:30)" on Youtube. You can receive important lifesaving alerts no matter where you are - at home, at school, or at work. Public safety officials use reliable systems to alert you and your family in the event of natural or man-made disasters. Show More Summary

Introducing Renovo Filters (3 stage filter removes bacteria, protozoa, metals and chemicals)

New Product - Renovo Trio - 3 Stage Water Filter & Purifier Straw - Hollow Fiber (UF) Membrane with Activated Carbon (Charcoal) Filter and Sediment Pre-Filter Unique 3 stage filtration removes bacteria (salmonella, e-coli, cholera),Show More Summary

I’m not a girly girl, but I f’ing love glitter

I’ve never been a girly girl. I don’t like the color pink. I’ve never gotten a manicure or pedicure (I even have difficulty saying the words “mani & pedi.”) I like men’s clothing, but I don’t wear it all that often (I own two top hats, three suspenders and six ties). My fashion icons are […]

Guidelines For Growing Vegetables Chart

There is nothing quite like the delight of growing your own vegetables. Growing your own vegetables organically ensures healthful produce and saves you the high prices of organically grown produce at the grocery store. Different vegetables require different conditions to thrive. Show More Summary

Survey: Should I have kids? Help me decide.

I’m getting to that age where I’m thinking about kids. And it’s not baby fever. F that. (Though babies are kind of squishy and cute.) It’s more like, “Shit, if I put this thing off for much longer, that kid is going to have senior citizen parents.” My dude and I have talked about kids, slightly, […]

Austin Accessories Line, ESPEROS, Gives the Gift of Education

Oliver Shuttlesworth, founder of ESPEROS Bags I’m a big fan of fair trade or American-made clothing and accessories. I try to buy ethical fashion as much as I can, but it’s not always easy. Luckily, many millennial designers and entrepreneurs are using their skills for good, so socially conscious products are on the rise. According to the […]

Berkey Filters are back in stock !! Buy Berkey Light or Travel Berkey get a Lifestraw Free

We have Berkey Filters (Light and Travel in Stock). Special Offer: With any purchase of Berkey Light or Travel Berkey you get a Lifestraw Free (retails $22) Berkey Light The Berkey Light™ water filter is designed for use during travel, outdoor activities or during unexpected emergencies. Show More Summary

A Caribbean Cruise with your Childfree friends! Group Deal extended until April 30!

We've been talking about it. Now it's finally happening! A Caribbean Cruise with your Childfree friends! Join us on Dec 5-12, 2015 for a cruise with Laura Scott and other Childfree authors on the stunning Italian cruise ship MSC Divina...Show More Summary

Talking Editing Services & More with DIY Author

I recently had the opportunity to be interviewed by Chris Wells, who runs DIY Author. He asked me about my editing services, and much more! Check it out: Here’s Chris’ outline of our conversation: Chris asks Laura about the wide variety...Show More Summary

Austin Day Trip: San Antonio Missions Hike & Bike Trail

I was flipping through the latest issue of Texas Monthly, the Newcomer’s Guide, and was surprised to learn of the San Antonio Missions Hike & Bike Trail. This 16-mile roundtrip trail runs alongside the San Antonio River and stops at four of San Antonio’s famous missions: Mission Espada, Mission San Juan, Mission San Jose and Mission […]

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