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Halloween Costumes for the Die Hard Prepper

Preppers are people too! And when Halloween time rolls around we like to get our party on with the best of em’! But it’s not like a Prepper to fall out of line with our survivalist values just because it’s Halloween. Have some fun this...Show More Summary

New Safecastle Lifesaver Kit discounted w a FREE LifeStraw thru October!

Just listed--a great new product bundle, the Safecastle Lifesaver Package that includes:-- the top-of-the-line Kelly Kettle stainless steel Base Camp model-- the Aurora Firestarter - 440C-- a LifeStraw PLUS, thru October, an additional LifeStraw FREE Get yours now. Copyright 2007-2011 by Safecastle LLC

The 1st Conference of its Kind: The Not Mom Summit 2015

A first-ever conference is happening this Friday and Saturday: The Not Mom Summit. Spearheaded by Karen Malone Wright who runs the site The Not Mom, it is the first time women without children by choice, chance or circumstance will gather...Show More Summary

Texas Conference for Women Giveaway

    Last year, I attended the Austin-based Texas Conference for Women with my LIVESTRONG team, and we had a blast. We heard talks from GoldieBlox creator, Debbie Sterling, the CEO of the Malala Fund, Shiza Shahid, journalist, mom and overall bad-ass, Soledad O’Brien, and my personal favorite, swimmer Diana Nyad, whose tales are as grand as one […]

WWIII Threat Rapidly Building; Time to Get Ready and Be Steady

If you're not paying attention to what is happening in the Middle East, you'd better cast your gaze that way now. A war of Biblical proportions is fast shaping up that, if it escalates much further, WILL involve the U.S., no matter how...Show More Summary

10-4 good buddy: FREE lifetime buyers club memberships today only!

10-4 good buddy. You got your ears on? Dial this in and join the convoy... Today only, 10/4/15, we are offering up FREE lifetime buyers club memberships at Safecastle. Simply go here to make the membership purchase: 1. Show More Summary

On the Love of the Print Book

I recently enjoyed The Huffington Post‘s books and culture writer Claire Fallon’s post, “11 Simple Reasons the Print Book Doomsayers are Wrong.” According to The New York Times, she writes, “print book sales are holding steady in 2015 — and ebook sales have hit a wall.… Read more The post On the Love of the Print Book appeared first on Laura Carroll.

Survival Girl’s Self Sufficient Series – Make the Most of Your Fall Harvest With Canning

As the harvest season is drawing to a close this year, I can’t help but feel plagued by the idea that I won’t have a fresh salad on the dinner table and a big bowl of fruit on the counter like I’m used to. I’ve been spoiled by freshShow More Summary

Mountain House Foods a Huge Hit with Boy Scouts and Parents!

Rehydrating and eating right from the pouch This year, Safecastle donated a substantial amount of Mountain House freeze dried food to our local Boy Scout troops.This weekend we heard back from a leader who was at a Camporee where they served six different varieties to the boys and to the many parents who were also in attendance. Show More Summary

HUGE Mountain House Sale Ends Sept. 30 ... Yes, we still have it in stock--prompt free shipping!

Have you been snoozing? If so, you can at least be comforted to know that plenty of others have been asleep as well.However, a record number of storage-food buyers HAVE been inundating sellers such as Safecastle over the last two months. Show More Summary

New X-Treme Folding Electric Bikes: Great for preppers

Offering an X-Treme Gas Scooter too! Does the idea of having to pedal miles and miles make you gasp? (Not everyone is young and fit.) Electric bikes are a great solution. FOLDING electric bikes are a great prepping solution for manyShow More Summary

Intelligent Disobedience: Doing Right When What You’re Told To Do is Wrong

True or false: “Two-thirds of us would obey under certain circumstances even when we thought doing so was causing harm to others.” True. According to leadership expert Ira Chaleff, well-documented evidence around for more than fiftyShow More Summary

"Panic" Buying Expanding Throughout Preparedness Markets

We've been keeping you advised of this burgeoning situation for almost two months now. As a result many of you have stayed ahead of the curve. Today, we're deep into a spreading panic among those prepping for imminent crises. The most popular brands and varieties of storage foods are out of stock and backordered most anywhere you look. Show More Summary

As I reflect on Austin seven years later.

I’ve lived in Austin for seven years, and within those seven years my feelings toward the city have oscillated. I’ve fallen head over heels in love, I’ve been heartbroken over change and I’ve been inspired by a new kind of affection. I fall into one or all of these categories at any single time. In 2012, […]

Canned Butter and Cheese Out of Stock for Months at N. American Distributor (We still have some on sale!)

On Friday, Sept. 18, we were advised by the distributor for Red Feather Butter and Bega Cheese that they are completely out of stock now due to the ongoing panic buying of storage food. It will several months before they will be able to restock. Show More Summary

Good: Freeze Dried Hamburger Patties Now Available! Bad: Canned Butter and Cheese Almost Gone in North America

Freeze dried hamburger patties, 2015 production--25 year shelf life See our latest email to get all the updates on the storage-food-buying panic that is depleting inventories from all sellers, distributors, and factories.Bad news first--Right...Show More Summary

Mother or Mothering: On Kim Cattrall’s Childfree Perspective

As someone who has been tracking and writing about the childfree choice for some years now, I was delighted to hear Kim Cattrall speaking out about it recently on BBC radio. This is not the first time we have heard from her about her choice to have no children.… Read more The post Mother or Mothering: On Kim Cattrall’s Childfree Perspective appeared first on Laura Carroll.

Hipstercrite was voted “Best Local Blog” in the Austin Chronicle!

  Guys, Hipstercrite was voted “Best Local Blog” in the Austin Chronicle’s Best of 2015. I still can’t believe it. I freaking love Austin and I love the Chronicle, and to be in such good company means so much to me. When I first moved to Austin seven years ago, I remember thinking, “Shit. That […]

Kid-free Controversy in Korea

Kim Min-kyung, a 37-year-old mother of two children… [supports] the concept of kid-free zones. “No-kid zones should be called more like a no-irresponsible parents zone,” Kim said, lashing out at ill-mannered parents turning a blind eye to their children’s misbehavior. Show More Summary

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