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The Art of Childfree-Parent Conversation at Holiday Parties

I like to re-post this as holiday party time approaches… We’re  into the holiday party time of year, and at these kinds of gatherings often people’s kids are a major topic of conversation. When you don’t have kids (yet or are childfree), trying to chime in with parent friends, acquaintances, colleagues and their spouses can feel awkward and challenging.… Read more

10 reasons why Schlitterbahn is the best place on the planet

  photo via Schlitterbahn   Schlitterbahn Waterpark is as Texan as corn dogs, boobie implants and Walker, Texas Ranger. Built in New Braunfels, TX, in 1979, this water park is often referred to as the “HOLY SHIT OMG BEST WATER PARK FOREVER <3? If you’re from Texas, Schlitterbahn is rite of passage. If you’re not [...]

The Anatomy Of a Backpacker

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Gun Laws By State The post Gun Laws By State appeared first on Survival Blog | Survival Spot.

How To Build a Cold Weather Debris Hut

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Top 10 Most Common Emergency Food Fails

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Taking on Pronatalist Myths: Author Moms Who Get It

Melanie Holmes has a new book out titled, The Female Assumption: A Mother’s Story: Freeing Women From the View that Motherhood is a Mandate. Like author Madelyn Cain, the author of The Childless Revolution, Melanie is a mother. While...Show More Summary

Top 10 Uses For Knives In A Survival Situation

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Nonfiction Book Review: Women in Clothes

by LiveTrue Book Reviewer Melanie Davis Women in Clothes, by Sheila Heti, Heidi Julavits, and Leanne Shapton, is a literary art gallery. The book itself could be the centerpiece of a living room’s décor, nestled amidst eclectic art pieces complimenting the cover design.… Read more

Cash Back on Loyalty Rewards | Black Friday has ended but not the sale, up to 60% off

What is Loyalty Royalty? We value our customers and reward them Every buyers club member who registers for the 2014 Loyalty program will earn a rebate gift certificate worth at least 1% of the total value of their year's purchases at Safecastle. Show More Summary

Black Friday Sale!

Deep discounts on so many products! 20-60% off !! BUY: $115 (28% off) Case of Bega Cheese 36, 7 oz cans, Now at a New Low Price Bega Real Australian CannedNO REFRIGERATION REQUIRED!! Buy 20 x 30 Mylar Pail Liners Extend the shelf-life of pharmaceutical products, dry mixes, food, and many more items. Show More Summary

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Why You Should Make Aerial Silks a New Year’s Resolution

So, I didn’t win the Snap Kitchen #21DaysforGood Challenge, but I did learn a lot over the past 21 days. Because of this challenge, I completed volunteer opportunities and physical challenges that I had been too lazy/fearful/forgetful to do. I’m becoming a regular volunteer at the Austin Resource Center for the Homeless, I’m attempting to walk [...]

What Thanksgiving and Being Childfree Have in Common

I like to bring this post back around at Thanksgiving time. What do Thanksgiving and being childfree have in common? Myths. Like the myths out there about the childfree, there sure are some myths about Thanksgiving. Check it out: InShow More Summary

Important Tips for Finding the Right Ghostwriter

Let’s face it. Many people want to write a book, but either do not have the time or writing skills to go about it themselves. The answer: Hire a ghostwriter. It may sound easy because you have many to choose from these days. … Read ...

Denver Self Reliance Expo specials now available online up to 30% off

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The "Swiss Knife" of belts, Built for rescue & outdoors!

Ultimate in Utility - Ty Belt Made in France, Distributed exclusively by Safecastle in US. The TYBELT is a sport belt for pants that can be worn with jeans, work or hiking pants. The TYBELT is a flexible strap, easy to adjust and ultra durable. Show More Summary

Yesterday a Homeless Man Gave Me Money

Last night, as I parallel parked my car on West 6th Street, between Hut’s Hamburgers and Whole Foods, a tall, older man dressed in black waved his arms at me, implying that I should back my car up. “A $40 ticket they’ll give you for not being in the lines,” I could hear muffled through [...]

Nonfiction Book Review: Unheralded Heroes

by LiveTrue Book Reviewer Melanie Davis The Introduction to Unheralded Heroes asks, “Are heroes made or do they just become one?” From that question, Thomas van Hees weaves a fascinating book filled with names and stories of those whose...Show More Summary

Mountain House Sale is back 25-32% off

Mountain House Cans !! Lowest prices anywhere. (Nov 8th - 15th) As always we have great prices on Mountain House cans. We are allowed only a few sales in a year where you get maximum allowed discounts on all can cases AND free shipping...Show More Summary

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