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July 11 is World Population Day

World Population Day ” is coming up; it’s an annual event observed on July 11, and seeks to raise awareness of global population issues. The event was established by the Governing Council of the United Nations Development Programme in 1989. Show More Summary

It's not the time to be comfortably numb!

A little stream-of-consciousness here... based largely on what I am finding myself doing right now.1. There is a strong tendency right now to slide down in the swivel chair to just watch the markets and the global headlines. Maybe still denying internally that this might really be the beginning of the long-expected crash. Show More Summary

Why So Many People Dream of Writing a Book

Brian Tracy International claims 82 percent of adults dream of writing a book. I believe it! Last year it conducted a survey of 1100 people on their main reasons for wanting to write a book. What did the survey find? Check it out: To...Show More Summary

Celebrate your Independence & Self-reliance: Weekend prices slashed on great survival products

Our customers a breed apart: Resourceful, Self-reliant! Take pride in your commitment to independence This time of year, we celebrate the sacrifices our forefathers made in the cause of liberty and the groundwork they laid for generations of Americans who followed. Show More Summary

Beware the Greek Canary! Watch and learn ... finish your preps now

The dominoes have begun to fall. It will be a relatively slow-motion cascade of crises from now through the next several weeks and mere handful of months.The Greek default will turn out to be the trigger event that will cause not only a catastrophe in Greece, but will also quickly spread through much of Europe. Show More Summary

How to Boost Your Blog Traffic: Have a Baby

source If you’re a blogger, you know how hard it can be to make your site stand out in the sea of personal blogs. Well, after years of research spent on the subject of blogging, I’ve finally discovered the secret to making your blog both popular and successful. Have a baby. From my calculations, having a baby is […]

These are the Last Days ... Up to 41%-off Mountain House food w/ freebies offer ends June 30

Headlines: alarming. Outlook: grim. It's on you to maximize the survivability of you and your loved ones. Safecastle is in a position to help. T his is your opportunity... June Mountain House Sale - Road Warrior Freebies package 1. Lowest...Show More Summary

How to Create a Zero Waste Home

Today, our modern lifestyle includes so many ways to get things done faster and make life more convenient. Zero Waste Home: The Ultimate Guide to Simplifying Your Life by Reducing Your Waste by Bea Johnson helps us recognize the huge...Show More Summary

“Why Did You Decide Not To Have Kids?”- Survey Results

Last week I posted on my blog a survey asking childless friends, acquaintances and complete strangers why they didn’t have children. The response was terrific, and I slightly surpassed- 63-60- the amount of responders for my first poll, “Should I have children? A survey for moms and dads.” If you haven’t read the initial survey, […]

Don't Miss the Opportunity ... HUGE Mountain House Food Sale Ends June 30

Headlines are alarming. Outlooks are grim. And they're hiding the truly scary developments because you can't handle it.Or can you? Are you doing what needs to be done to maximize the survivability of you and your loved ones?We know there are plenty of folks who do know the score, and it happens we're in a position to help. Show More Summary

The clock is ticking ... so many opportunities, so little time

Just some of the latest & greatest at Safecastle for your bunker... First, a reminder on the huge Mountain House freeze-dried food sale that runs thru June and the freebies that many are pulling in... shop discounts of up to 41% now....Show More Summary

Will the Pope Talk Overpopulation & I=PAT?

As I am sure you have seen in the media, the Pope’s “papal encyclical” is due out tomorrow. As CNN explains, “Derived from the Greek word for ‘circle,’ a papal encyclical is a letter from the pope to Catholic clergy and laypeople around...Show More Summary

Survey: Why Did You Decide Not to Have Children?

A couple of months back, I posted a survey asking moms and dads why they had children. The survey stemmed from my own confusion and stress as to whether or not I, an early thirty-something, should pump out the babies. With the survey, I had hoped that by “crowdsourcing” my dilemma, I could receive insight into “the […]

Check Out Our Link Directory of Survival Sites!

These are all great survival sites that we know you’ll love! Have a site you want added to the directory? Just click the link below, click “add url” and follow the instructions to have your survival site added to the list. Survival Sites The post Check Out Our Link Directory of Survival Sites! appeared first on Survival Blog | Survival Spot.

Freeze-dried Chicken Patties by the Case or Can: Freshly canned, while supplies last!

Not a common freeze-dried product, these chicken patties are hugely popular when available. Judging by the onset of the bird flu this year, it will probably a good long while before this product is available again, once the current supply is depleted. Show More Summary

5-pack of Lifestraws--great deal!

Lifestraws are on the verge of becoming one of our top three selling products... and for good reason. They are literally saving lives around the world. We are celebrating the success of this product by putting together an unbeatable deal for a five-pack. Show More Summary

NEW: Extended Shelf-Life XMREs in Cases of 6 and 12 ... w heaters & in weather-proof bags!

As Low as $66 shipped! Just listed in our store! These great new MREs offer an extended shelf life of 5 years or more when stored well. Each meal averages better than 1300 calories. At 2000 calories a day, a 12-meal case gets you more than a week of sustenance. Show More Summary

Has Birth Control Made Us Richer and Happier?

After reading Amanda Marcotte's recent article in Rolling Stone titled 5 Ways Birth Control has Changed America, I had a little gratitude moment that I was born 2 years before the birth control pill was available in America.Had I been born even 25 years earlier things might have been very different for me. Show More Summary

On the Book, How Many is Too Many?

What books had you so absorbed you found them hard to put down? One for me: the first edition of Man Swarm. When it comes to learning about the many ways overpopulation harms wildlands and wildlife, this book rocked my world.… Read more The post On the Book, How Many is Too Many? appeared first on Laura Carroll.

Up to 41%-off 30-year Mountain House Food; Members Customize their Freebies Now!

We're known for the crazy freebies our club members earn--Now we're taking it up another notch or two... 1. From June 9-30: Club members who make a qualifying Mountain House purchase can contact us prior to making the purchase to determine...Show More Summary

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