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July 1s Prize for Loyalty Members Announced

Loyalty Drawing Prize for July 1st: Optimus Crux w/Terra Weekend Cook Set. Highly versatile and efficient 3-piece Cook System combines the Crux stove and Weekend HE Cook Set. Set includes: Folding Crux stove (83 g/2.9 oz), 0.95 L Heat...Show More Summary

What will anchor you through the coming storms?

What are your anchors in life? In other words, what is it that you absolutely rely on, believe in, and live for? In major crisis those anchors are hopefully going to be solid enough to keep you from being swept away in the madness and chaos. Show More Summary

Shout Out For LiveTrue Book Reviewers!

In March I showcased three books for review here.  Thanks to Adam Pober, for reviewing Believe It! You Know an Atheist, and Kendall Hanson for his review of Stuffocation. Interested in reading a LiveTrue book, reviewing with by line and for cash? I’m looking for reviewers for these two interesting nonfiction books: Attached: The New Science of […]

Importance of Water Filteration in an emergency, how we can help save $100s

Importance of Water Filteration in an emergency, how we can help save $100s After an emergency, especially after flooding, drinking water may not be available or safe to drink for personal use. Do not use water you suspect or have been told is contaminated to wash dishes, brush your teeth, wash and prepare food, make ice, or make baby formula. Show More Summary

Stories of Strangers on the Train: The Old Man

Last week, I took a 48-hour train trip from Austin to New York. Some of you have been following my adventures on social media (thanks for coming along for the ride!), but I wanted to share some more stories on my blog from the tracks. Amtrak didn’t pick me for their Amtrak Residency, so I [...]

Does Over-reacting Improve Survivability?

The hair-on-fire approach is not productive. by JC Refuge Given the rather cyclical nature of the global threat environment, and the current spate of ominous rumblings in some circles, it's time for another common-sense pep talk. Perspective:...Show More Summary

Want to counter rising beef prices ? Stock up Beef Patties | Only 40 Cases available

You've seen the news... virtually all food prices are rising fast now. Food inflation is becoming a major issue. There's really only way to take immediate productive action to protect your household, and that is to lock-in today's prices by purchasing foods that store indefinitely. Show More Summary

A Book That Needs to Come Back Around: The Parent Test

A popular pronatalist assumption is that we’ll just “know” how to parent when we have children.  The truth is we see far too many people who are unfit parents. Rather than think we’re all supposed to be naturally good at it, when it comes to how we think about parenthood there have been some smart […]

Think You Have No Time For That Writing Project? Think Again

What is the biggest challenge you think many of my new and aspiring writer clients say they face? Hint: They are often people who earn their living in another way, are raising families, and describe their lives as having a lot on their plate. You likely guessed it: They say their biggest challenge in reaching […]

Whose Side Are You On?

Our Guest Blogger, Melanie Holmes, offers her perspective as a mother who chooses to respect a woman's choices rather than pick sides. Holmes writes: Beyoncé is not “feminist enough.” bell hooks is “too feminist.” Some women are not “mom enough” because they don’t wear their babies, breastfeed, or co?sleep. Show More Summary

Big Ol’ Divorce Yard Sale!

Yesterday I came across this sign near my house: I took a photo of it on Instagram and it got a lot of shares and comments. Who doesn’t appreciate a sense of humor when it comes to tragedy? I discovered that the creator of the flyer is a man who goes by the name America [...]

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Maximum Discounts on Mountain House 30-40% off (Limited time) | Build your own case

Mountain House Cans !! 30-40% Off Our summer 2014 Mountain House sale is a big one. Not only do club members and non members get maximum allowed discounts on all can cases AND free shipping in lower 48 states, fresh from the MH Factory but also incredible loyalty benefits members get with our year end rebate. Show More Summary

Do You Feel Sad When People Don’t Hit ‘Like’ on Your Posts? That’s Normal.

source here I told myself that the second I was no longer a poor, starving artist, I would order a subscription to the New York Times Weekender. At 30 years of age, I can proudly say that I’m no longer poor or starving, and I guess the artist part could be arguable as well. However, [...]

Lorde shows off her bangin bikini body! Canoodles with sexi AZN bro!

Lordy Lord how I ABSOLUTELY love LORDE! She's DEF on my breakoutartists to watch of of 2014 list! We will DEFANATELY never be royals, bb! The closest I've ever been 2 being a royal is getting a job at Burger King. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE whoppers, but at the end of the day, I gained 50 lbs working there for about a year. Show More Summary

Hipster Travel: Sunken City, the Neighborhood That Fell Into the Ocean

Last weekend, I jumped in my car and drove to LA, like a goddamn fool. I’ve been a huge pussy about flying and after crying like a little bitch about whether or not I should buy a last minute flight or make the 42-hour roundtrip car ride to LA, I decided to toughen up, throw [...]

Mountain House 1 Month Supply Giveaway, Enter to Win !!

Rafflecopter giveaway Copyright 2007-2011 by Safecastle LLC

Credibility is Crucial for Preppers

by JC Refuge Here's a topic that's worth a book … or at least a whole chapter in a behavioral self-help volume. But time is money and no one's paying here, so I'll try to spare us too many of the embellishments and get down to the basics. Show More Summary

Finding and Feeling One’s “Voice”

Opera Legend Jessye Norman has new memoir out, and I caught a lovely interview with her by PBS Newshour’s Jeffrey Brown.  In it, I was struck by how some of the things she said about finding the sound and feel of one’s voice relate to writers finding their written “voice.” Check it out.     […]

June 1st Loyalty Drawing Prize Winner Arrounced.. sign up for a chance to

Loyalty Drawing Prize Winner for June 1st: Customer#11857 Vital Grill Survival Stove Winner gets it for FREE!! (Retail Value: $87.5) With the VitalGrill Stove, you can cook anywhere any time by using whatever dry biological materialShow More Summary

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