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BIG Discounts: Eggs, Meats, Berkeys, more!

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Strange days, sad days. Copyright 2007-2016 by Safecastle LLC

On Understanding White Privilege

“Baby girl, I’ve been seeing this for decades. You stop thinking about. You just pray for the people left behind. You’re just seeing it now. I love you, but you were born on this side of the track, and you’re now on the track peeking over to the other side. Now you’re getting mad with […]

The Childfree in Novels and Films: A Q&A with Author Gloria Bowman

I recently had the pleasure of asking author Gloria Bowman about her novel, Human Slices, which has a main female character who is childfree. We also got into the childfree in novels and films. Check it out: Q&A with Gloria Bowman What...Show More Summary

These are sad days ...

... for anyone old enough to recall an America of peace, prosperity, and liberty... when bad guys were recognized and punished... and good guys were, well, the good guys were us and we didn't have to try to make a case for that fact or apologize. Show More Summary

Freeze Dried Salmon Fillets (while they last)

Current Production - By the Can or Case! This is a first for us... we've been waiting a long time to get our hands on freeze dried salmon fillets. Your discount?... up to 13% with FREE shipping! This is current production... manufacture date of June 1, 2016. Show More Summary

Childfree Crones on: Why International Childfree Day?

by Laura Carroll & Marcia Drut-Davis It’s official – With Marcia Drut-Davis, author of Confessions of a Childfree Woman, in her 70s and me in my 50s, we’re childfree elders. Childfree crones. We’ve been working toward societal acceptance of having no children by choice for quite some time now. Show More Summary

On Hollywood Reboots, Female Roles & the New Ghostbusters

I’m excited for the new Ghostbusters because there are four kick-ass women in it; what I’m not excited about is that they brought back the Ghostbusters. (I plan on seeing it at the theater nonetheless.) My conflicted emotions were only amplified when I read New York Times’ June 21st interview with the four lead actresses […]

JULY: Select Mountain House Varieties Up to 45% Off!

Mountain House just surprised us with a very steep discount on five select 30-year-can varieties for the month of July. A couple of these discounts are as low as I can recall for even just a single case of freeze-dried MH! Check them...Show More Summary

Biocentrism, Buddhism, and the Parenthood Decision

One of my new heroes is Captain Paul Watson, activist and founder of the Sea Shepard Conservation Society. Reading his recent commentary, “Human Lives Are Not More Important Than Animal Lives” in Outdoor Journal and then shortly after finishing the book, Other than Mother set off swirls of contemplation. Show More Summary

Final Days of HUGE Mountain House Sale; You don't want to sleep on this one!

WWW.SAFECASTLE.COM Low, Low MH Prices Expire June 30 Huge Volumes ARE Going Out the Door! Only a few days left on this perfectly-timed last-chance opportunity to load up for what is roiling the markets and the political scene. Don't know what else there is to say... Show More Summary

UK Brexit Vote Signals Global Panic-Buying of Storage Food and Preps

WWW.SAFECASTLE.COM If you are just now waking up to the impact the UK's vote to exit the European Union is to have globally... you would be well advised to make sure your household preps are ready for the falling dominos.As we previously...Show More Summary

Heads-up on Uptick in HUGE Storage Food Orders

BIG, BIG Orders Coming In Faster and Faster The Folks with Resources and Insight are Stocking Up WWW.SAFECASTLE.COM Those of you who have been with us for a good long while know that part of our compact with members is that we share any insight we have that may not otherwise be available out there. Show More Summary

Around the Corner: Nominations for the 2016 Childfree Man & Woman of the Year

We are coming up on an exciting time of the year – Nominating and celebrating the winners of the annual Childfree Man and Woman of the Year award! The winners will be announced on August 1, International Childfree Day. How did this start? Check it out. Show More Summary

Yikes! Pricing Mistake on Mountain House Multi-case Listings

Much Lower Sale Prices Now! An eagle-eyed customer pointed out to us this weekend that our 70-case MH listing was not priced properly. He found that our MSRP list price was overstated in the listing (compared to what he found on the Mountain House site) and that thus, our 46% discounted price was not as low as we had intended. Show More Summary

Major Discount Binge: Red Feather Butter, Bega Cheese, Yoders Bacon, and more!

Lowest Prices by Far! Safecastle sells only fresh, top-quality brands of storage food. These items are prime examples of what our customers want and get, at the best prices, shipped FREE. Stock up now, and don't forget--buyers club members...Show More Summary

Professor Kimya Dennis on Year 2 of her Course, The Childfree

Earlier this year I had the pleasure of interviewing Kimya Dennis, Assistant Professor at Salem College, who was teaching the sociology course, The Childfree, for the second time and was using my book, The Baby Matrix, as part of the curriculum. Show More Summary

To All the Feminists with Complex Feelings About Hillary Clinton

You’ve seen many status updates from female friends you love and respect saying that when Hillary became the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee, they wept with joy. They couldn’t wait to tell their daughters, share it with their mothers, scream it from the mountaintops, talk about it for years to come. You’ve seen all your favorite […]

What an Adventure It Was!

On May 23rd I posted about an upcoming three-week adventure to Croatia and Slovenia, topped off with stops in Prague and Vienna. What a great trip it was – I even added a short trip to Mostar, Bosnia, and had lunch in Italy (Slovenia is so close to Italy)! I finished both books I wrote […] The post What an Adventure It Was! appeared first on Laura Carroll.

Final Days on Grandmas Country Sale and Dairy Combo: Best Prices Ever

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