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HUGE Mountain House Sale: Cans and Pouches - Up to 46% off, FREE Shipping

All 26 current varieties of canned 30-year MH food are in stock, fresh and ready for prompt, FREE shipping. It's all on sale. All right from the factory! From 32% to 46% off! All MH pouches are also on sale right now! Up to 31% off!Show More Summary

Even LOWER Canned Butter Prices!

No Coupon Needed Real butter--quite possibly the very best butter you've ever tasted... canned for long-term storage with no refrigeration. We just negotiated better shipping fees and are passing those savings on to you in the lowest prices ever. Show More Summary

Remember when we used to write super personal blog posts?

A recent work photo, where I was asked to bring something I love and I brought my NPR tumbler   Tonight my roommate and I went down a Gawker rabbit hole, which led to an Emily Gould mouse hole, which led to a “Why don’t I write super personal blog posts anymore?” ant hole. Refreshing […]

Professor Kimya Dennis on her College Course, The Childfree

Last year I had the pleasure of interviewing Kimya Dennis, Assistant Professor at Salem College, who was teaching the sociology course, The Childfree, for the first time, and was using my book, The Baby Matrix, as part of the curriculum. Show More Summary

When is it safe to start your garden?

This great tool allows you to check the freeze threat in your area by simply entering your zip code. It’s especially helpful for those in live in colder climates where it’s harder to tell when winter is actually over and it’s safe to transplant your seedlings outdoors. Show More Summary

Israeli Scholar & Author Orna Donath Making Waves With her New Book

Sociologist and author Orna Donath is making waves in Europe with her new book, Regretting Motherhood. I have interviewed her here before about her research on motherhood and regret in Israel. She has now published a book on this topic. Show More Summary

Lowest Price Ever on a LifeStraw 5-pack!

Act fast--we're on the clock with this one...We're able to offer you a 5-pack of LifeStraws at the lowest pricing ever. Be sure to use the coupon code below to bring your total discount to as much as 48%! (Non-buyers club members get...Show More Summary

36 Hours in Austin: What the New York Times Missed

Last week you maybe saw the New York Times’ 36 Hours in Austin, Texas. And maybe you thought to yourself, “Eh. At least they pointed out Ramen Tatsu-Ya and Valentina’s.“ Or maybe you spat at the screen or crumpled up your newspaper and shouted into the air, “DAMN YOU, NEW YORK TIMES. DAMN YOU AND […]

The Safecastle Coupon Bunker password will save you!

Big savings right now here... coupon codes and product discounts cannot be advertised.We've even got a free lifetime buyers club membership code in there at the moment.The thing is, you've got to "know somebody" to get through the vault door. Show More Summary

Maternal Outliers in India: A Q&A with Amrita Nandy

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing New Delhi-based researcher, activist and journalist Amrita Nandy about her paper, “Outliers of Motherhood,” and her upcoming book on this subject. Here is the Q&A: Q&A with Amrita Nandy What...Show More Summary

We've got SERIOUS Bugout Bikes, NOW including the World's Fastest, Quiet Electrics--Stealth Bikes!

Spring is the time a prepper's fancy turns to thoughts of bugging out. I'm told Tennyson did not say that. Spring is also the time folks look to upgrade their two-wheeling mobility and we have added a stable-full of exciting new bikes for sport and prepping. Show More Summary

An Australian Politician Advocates for the Childless/Childfree

This is my speech on childlessness; it's gone 'viral', as they say. I delivered it in the period leading up to passage of the government's 'No Jab No Pay' legislation. In it, I point out just how much taxpayers' money parents of children receive, money they ought not expect. Show More Summary

Yoders Bacon ON SALE at MAXIMUM DISCOUNT for just a few days

Delicious Yoders canned bacon good for 10+ years! Only till March 13...Yoders Bacon on sale for as low as it gets: members log in for your "best-er" price! Copyright 2007-2011 by Safecastle LLC

Mountain House Cans up to 39% off for members + Gift Certificate + Reward Points!

MOUNTAIN HOUSE CANS up to 39% off for Members!PLUS gift certificate member incentives!PLUS 2016 Member Reward Points! We've got all current varieties (by the case) of canned 30-year MH food back in stock--ready for prompt, FREE shipping. Show More Summary

New: Lifestraw Steel, Scrubba Wash Bag, Simple Shower, Freeze Dried Hamburger Patties

The new LifeStraw Steel has been named the Gold ISPO Award Winner for 2016/2017 in the Outdoor category, meaning the most exceptional product in the industry from around the world!The Scrubba Wash Bag is the lightest and most compact...Show More Summary

Serious Bugout Bikes: 18 Models, World-Renowned Folders and Electrics

Spring is the time a prepper's fancy turns to thoughts of bugging out. I think it was Tennyson who said something like that. Spring is also the time folks look to upgrade their two-wheeling mobility. We have now added a slew of exciting new bikes for sport and prepping. Show More Summary

Not Moms, Mark Your Calendars: The 2nd Not Mom Summit is October 14-15, 2016!

On October 9-10, 2015, over 100 women from as far away as Shanghai gathered in Cleveland, Ohio for the first Not Mom Summit. Spearheaded by Karen Malone Wright who runs the site, The Not Mom, it was  first time women without children by choice, chance or circumstance came together for presentations, discussions, and connection. Show More Summary

An Anatomist’s Take on the Book, Stiff

by Natalie Klempel Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers offers the reader a chance to experience the different aspects of body donation. There are so many different avenues that a cadaver can end up following body donation that many people do not know about. Show More Summary

The Childfree and Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is aroudn the corner again! I like to post this each year at this time because this day brings to mind one of the many bennies of being childfree: because the childfree don’t have kids, they have more time to devote to their relationships. Show More Summary

Where Are We, After 40+ Years of Talking About the Childfree Choice?

As 2015 came to a close, it marked another year of talking about the childfree choice  Let’s take stock. In the big picture, we’ve seen an ascent of talk about this choice in the public sphere since the 70s. That’s over four decades....Show More Summary

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