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The End of the Year Seems Like a Good Time to Let Go of the Rage

I try to be a nice person. When discussing controversial topics, such as the 2016 election, I ask questions so I can hear all sides of view. I never say “F you!” to anyone, online or IRL. When I don’t agree with someone, I smile, I listen and I try to understand. All this means […]

The Most Common Perceptions of Childfree Women in Africa and the UK

I recently asked Nina Steele, who is from West Africa, now lives in the UK, and runs, to write about her experience of what people think of childfree women in these two countries. Here is what Nina wrote: A Foot in Two...Show More Summary

Paratrooper Jumps with a Folding Bike Strapped On

Far and away, the most popular prepper bikes out there are the famous Montague folding bikes. Originally designed in cooperation with DARPA for the purpose of enabling US Forces to easily jump out of perfectly good airplanes and land...Show More Summary

6 Essential Winter Survival Books Every Survivalist Needs

We’ve all probably heard the phrase “A penny in your pocket is worth 5 in the bank”. That’s exactly how I feel about my survival library; “A book on the shelf is worth 10 at the store”. Even though it’s impossible to know everythingShow More Summary

Is the Safecastle Coupon Bunker for Real?

Some say I am not real. They say the same thing about the Safecastle Coupon Bunker! But the big, secret savings on quality preps to be had in the Bunker are undeniable! Copyright 2007-2016 by Safecastle LLC

Talking Pronatalism & The Baby Matrix on MotherShould?

I recently had the opportunity to talk about The Baby Matrix with Catherine Savini and Beverly Army Williams of MotherShould?, a site for those who are or have been on the fence about motherhood. Check out the  interview: Talking The...Show More Summary

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Adele on her Motherhood Moments: "I Fckin' Hate This!"

In the December issue of Vanity Fair magazine, Singer/Songwriter Adele speaks frankly about her experience of motherhood. When the Vanity Fair contributor Lisa Robinson commented that she thought it was brave of Adele to have a child...Show More Summary

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What We Learned at Standing Rock: A Guide for Allies

Oceti Sakowin camp at Standing Rock Two weeks ago, four of us decided to drive to Standing Rock and deliver supplies to the water protectors and protestors of the Dakota Access Pipeline. We raised $3,500 in six days and filled two cars to the brim with milk of magnesia (for pepper spray in eyes), firewood, propane, […]

Junk: Digging Through America’s Love Affair with Stuff

Author Alison Stewart began the development of Junk: Digging Through America’s Love Affair with Stuff in a way that I love to approach book projects. Sparked by an experience in her life, she was left with questions she had a passion to answer. Show More Summary

"Sure glad my family & I aren't prepared," said no one Practical Preparedness Gifts Say That You CareIf you're like me, you always give gifts that say I care... a lot. In other words, gifts that could at some point make a big difference and maybe even help save a life....Show More Summary

Talking The Baby Matrix on Nina Steele’s

Nina Steele, who runs, recently asked me to do a featured post on her site about The Baby Matrix.  Read it here as well: A Glimpse into The Baby Matrix In the last 15+ years, the question, “Is it OK to not want kids?” has been discussed and studied more than ever before. Show More Summary

Birth Rates Fall as Childfreedom Becomes Acceptable (Daily Express)

[In the UK] “increasing numbers are choosing not to have children at all, according to the Office for National Statistics… Childlessness, either by circumstance or choice, is also becoming increasingly common with 17 per cent of theShow More Summary

Busting Myths: This Time – Thanksgiving Myths

Discussing pronatalism as well as the childfree choice involves the busting of myths. What else has myths that surround it? The upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. Check it out: Thanksgiving Myths Vs. Facts Thanksgiving Myth: In 1621, the pilgrims celebrated the first Thanksgiving, and and it was celebrated every year thereafter. Show More Summary

Grind Your Own Peanut Butter in Minutes!

This is just too cool... the Country Living Grain Mill Peanut Butter+ Accessory. What an awesome gift! Copyright 2007-2016 by Safecastle LLC

We stand with Standing Rock.

Friends, Geoff and I decided last week that we will spend our Thanksgiving holiday dropping off supplies at Standing Rock and helping in any way we can for a couple of days. Since announcing this last week, donations of supplies and money have poured in. Seeing friends and strangers come together to help the protestors of the […]

Now is a Great Time to Start Making Art

I’m currently reading the fantastic book Spain in Our Hearts: Americans in the Spanish Civil War by Adam Hochschild, and I can’t help but draw parallels to the Spanish Civil War and post-2016 election America. The Spanish Civil War, 1936–1939, was a battle between fascism (Nationalists) and progress (Republicans). On the left, communists, socialists, anarchists, […]

To friends and strangers who voted for Trump

I’m disappointed, but I will not berate you. Just please know that the results were upsetting not just for liberals, who you may or may not like, but it’s upsetting, and terrifying, for many women, people of color, immigrants, people with disabilities and individuals in the LGBTQ community–people you may know and love. Your support […]

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