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Yshoot Sling-Bow kit and Walking Stick/Bow kit--order now before they're gone We're in the process now of processing and shipping out the Sling-Bows and Walking Stick/Bows to those who pre-ordered. We have additional Sling Bow kits in stock available for new orders while supplies last. Additional Walking Stick/Bow kits will be in as early as next week. Show More Summary

Register Now for TONITE's Free "Cooking w the Sun" Webinar ... Get a Free Prepper eBook!

Learning to cook with the sun has helped us to be better prepared, and baking outdoors has reduced our utility bills. Sun Ovens are the most commonly used solar cooker to activate the sun's power to bake, boil, steam, and dehydrate food. Show More Summary

Research on the Childfree in Australia

Zoë Krupka’s piece, “Childfree: why women who choose not to have kids are given such a hard time” on speaks to some interesting research on the childfree in Australia. Social Exclusion One study titled “Social Exclusion...Show More Summary

Thanksgiving Sale: Future Essentials & Yoders to 34% off

We're launching our Thanksgiving Sale on Veteran's Day... Thank you to all serving and to all who have served.-- We all have something to be thankful for... rejoice and be glad in it! --Our supplier has graciously provided us some great discounts on our prices for this sale. Show More Summary

Lead with Your Heart: Lessons from a Life with Horses

The adage, “You can’t judge a book by its cover,” is not always accurate, which I discovered when the mail arrived and I opened the package containing Lead with Your Heart: Lessons from a Life with Horses. Immediately impressed withShow More Summary

Harry Dean Stanton: Celebrating 90 Years of Awesomeness

Paris, Texas Harry Dean Stanton: Celebrating 90 Years of Awesomeness On October 23, Santa Monica video rental store-turned-nonprofit Vidiots bestowed the Harry Dean Stanton Award to Harry Dean Stanton. It was an unforgettable night for an unforgettable actor. Harry Dean Stanton. He may be one of your favorite actors, or you may be wondering who […]

Four-can Chocolate Variety Sampler, Limited 18-off Deal

WWW.SAFECASTLE.COM At the request of our customers, we have arranged with our supplier a new Chocolate Sampler package.The sampler includes one #10 can each of four different chocolate varieties that are vacuum sealed for long-term storage...Show More Summary

An Atypical Chick, by Rhonny Dam

Review by Melanie Holmes When it comes to having children, An Atypical Chick: A Gay Man in a Woman’s Body Coming Out to Change Life As We Know It throws facts into the face of emotion and religion. Author Rhonny Dam has a lot to say, and her quick-witted flair relays pain in way that […] The post An Atypical Chick, by Rhonny Dam appeared first on Laura Carroll.

Back in stock: Chocolate Variety Case & Chicken Patties!

These favorites need little introduction...- With the warm weather behind us, it's time to again start shipping the MUST-HAVE Chocolate Variety Cases from Future Essentials... 10% off, FREE shipping. Chicken Patties, by the can or case... Show More Summary

ENDS MONDAY - Up to 50% off Mountain House 30-year Food!

WWW.SAFECASTLE.COM THIS Mountain House sale is as good as it gets. We've applied maximum discounts to most of our MH listings, passing on all October discounts we are getting from Mountain House to you. - All our specially reconstructed OCT. Show More Summary

Childfree: Treats to Trick-or-Treaters?

I sure remember loving Halloween when I was a kid. I loved figuring out my costume and carving a scary pumpkin. I had no clue of the roots of this holiday, and I bet that’s the case for most kids today. Of course I loved being able to run around the neighborhood with friends, stopping at […] The post Childfree: Treats to Trick-or-Treaters? appeared first on Laura Carroll.

21 Incredible Articles from Survival Spot Blog

Wow has it already been that long? Today marks the 8 year anniversary that our survival blog has been online and delivering quality, unique content to our readers on every survival and preparedness related topic you can think of. WeShow More Summary

Chewing on Myths Single People Face

Reading the recent article, “The New Science of Single People” published on’s Science of Us got me thinking about what lifelong single people have in common with the childfree: it revolves around being subject to myths. In her informative piece, Jesse Singal discusses “common cultural scripts” about marriage versus staying single. Show More Summary

How to Roast Pumpkin Seeds Like a Boss

Updated: 10/24/16 Halloween pumpkin carvers – don’t toss out the guts! Make use of those leftover pumpkin seeds with this delicious recipe. Roasted pumpkin seeds are a healthy and delicious snack that often gets tossed out with the garbage. Show More Summary

Punctuation Mistakes You’re Making and NEED TO STOP DOING RIGHT NOW

THE COMMA GOES INSIDE THE QUOTATION MARKS. Friends, I used to be really bad at punctuation. Sometimes I look back at old work and want to chuck my coffee mug at the screen. “How could you have been so dumb, you assclown?” I ask myself. But I was a complete novice then; I couldn’t recall […]

Your Mother, Wife or Daughter Has Experienced Harassment or Assault

Inspired by Kelly Oxford’s tweet, I asked my friends and family to share their stories of assault. I was not prepared for the answers I received. In order to protect the identity of those who were brave enough to share their stories on my Facebook status, I will not share their comments, but I will […]

Coolest new product in our store in years: Carbon Fiber Bow and Arrow in a Walking Stick!

We just took delivery of a very small quantity of these kits from France as a test to see how fast they go and whether we should commit and stock up on them for the long term.Since we only have a few, we are limiting these initial sales...Show More Summary

Order NOW -- Get your preps shipment by election day!

Prepare today for the election results Who will win the election? Who knows. I suspect we all may lose in the long run. Be ready--order now and we'll get your shipments to you before you put that "I Voted" sticker on. WWW.SAFECASTLE.COM Copyright 2007-2016 by Safecastle LLC

FREE Safecastle Lifetime Buyers Club Membership Offer Expires 10/20

Every once in a while we try to reach out to the folks who need a little extra help in their efforts to get the best prepping deals out there. Meaning, today and tomorrow only we are offering the coupon code below for a free lifetime buyers club membership ($49 value) at Safecastle... Show More Summary

The Childfree, Cultural Identity and Intracultural Diversity

A Guest Post by Kimya Dennis, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Salem College A recent “What Would a Feminist Do?” podcast featured Meghan Daum and Danielle Henderson. They shared their perspectives, experiences and writings regarding the childfree—people who choose not to have biological and adopted children. Show More Summary

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