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Road Warrior Bounty Sale!

Freakin' Freeze-Dried Freedom! HUGE Mountain House Discounts... and CRAZY Freebies too! The fury, the madness... post-apocalyptic visions are nightmarish in the hands of modern filmmakers. We say, "Don't get MAD, Max... get PREPPED." There's peace of mind in the right gear and supplies when you lay it all in before it's needed. Show More Summary

Love The Moth? Check out The Tellers at LIVESTRONG HQ

Austinites! Are you a fan of storytelling? Do you love The Moth? Tomorrow night I’m hosting a storytelling event at LIVESTRONG HQ, and I’m super stoked about it. I had been wanting to put together a night where cancer survivors and non-cancer survivors alike felt empowered to share their stories in front of a receptive audience. […]

How to Start a Fire Without Matches

There is a primal link between man and fire. Every man should know how to start one. A manly man knows how to start one without matches. It’s an essential survival skill. You never know when you’ll find yourself in a situation where you’ll need a fire, but you don’t have matches. Show More Summary

Book Recommendations for Smart Ladies Who Like Smart Ladies

Lately I’ve been on a kick of reading non-fiction by female authors. I share this unextraordinary observation because for most of my life I’ve been a lousy lady supporter. I grew up idolizing male rock stars (I mean, who doesn’t want to be David Bowie?), I had more interest in male-driven cinema (like I had a […]

Canned Butter, Cheese & Ghee On Sale Now!

Nothing is better in your pantry than Bega Cheese, Red Feather Butter, and World Grocer Ghee (clarified butter), whether for everyday use or for long-term storage. For a short time only, we are cutting our margins to be able to provide you with nice discounts. Show More Summary

Where Are We, After 40+ Years of Talking About the Childfree Choice?

The release of Meghan Daum’s new book, Selfish, Shallow and Self-Absorbed, has spurred another swell of online media, posts and threads on not having children by choice. In the last 15 years, we have seen a good number of media waves on this topic.… Read more The post Where Are We, After 40+ Years of Talking About the Childfree Choice? appeared first on Laura Carroll.

ISIS Hackers Threaten US Attack Today at 2pm EST Hackers Plan "Message to America" Attack Today By Gilad Shiloach May 11, 2015 A group of hackers affiliated with ISIS are threatening to carry out a cyber attack—dubbed “Message to America”—against a number of targets 2 p.m. Show More Summary

Final Day: Steed, Feed & Seed Spring Prepping Sale

Final Day--Sunday May 10, 2015 Steed: On a folding, wheeled steed you'll ride! World-famous Montague folding bikes are going fast at these low spring prices. BIG discounts PLUS a FREE Montague Accessories package (value $160) with any bike purchase... Show More Summary

Why you should have a blog

LinkedIn recently notified me that I was celebrating a work anniversary: Hipstercrite is six years old. In truth, this blog is seven years of age; it was conceived from a volatile relationship between me and Los Angeles. Eight people read the site then. It was called PlasticLA, and I mostly wrote passive profiles on the men […]

Childfree Thoughts on Mother’s Day

My grandmother and my mom As Mother’s Day rolls around each year, I find myself of mixed minds. Don’t get me wrong; I love my mother (to your left) and would celebrate her and how she raised my brother and me any day of the week.… Read more The post Childfree Thoughts on Mother’s Day appeared first on Laura Carroll.

Steed, Feed, & Seed Spring Prepping Sale: 4 Days Only

Huge discounts PLUS freebies with qualifying purchases! Check it out right here. Copyright 2007-2011 by Safecastle LLC

Katadyn Pockets are On Sale with BIG Discounts

The Katadyn Pocket is the ultimate portable water filter, and it is on sale big-time right now at Safecastle. Great prices and free shipping for all... and even better prices for buyers club members! Copyright 2007-2011 by Safecastle LLC

"So, We MEAT Again!"

Wit h the return of JC Refuge to Safecastle, we are celebrating with special new discounts on his favorite long-term meats--Yoders!... These extra-sweet discounts are good only through May 10 on the delicious wet-pack meats that are good right out of the can over the next decade and beyond. Show More Summary

Safecastle Founder Returns to the Helm

Global crises bring JC Refuge out of retirement I'm baaack! Effective May 1, I am back at Safecastle to run the business I founded in 2002. Mom calls me Victor, and friends call me Vic, but most folks out in the prepping universe know me as JC Refuge. Show More Summary

Finding Hope & Inspiration in the Book, This is Not the Life I Ordered

The main title of the book, This is Not the Life I Ordered, expresses an exasperation that most of us have likely exclaimed at one time or another. With such a stunning title, I was eager to see how well the book addresses this emotion,...Show More Summary

A Comprehensive List of Austin’s Best Blogs

(Update: I wrote this blog post in 2012 and just updated as of April 28, 2015) There are an ass-load of awesome blogs in Austin, Texas. (I think) I read a statistic somewhere that Austin has more bloggers per capita than any place in the country. Since I have zero proof that Austin has the most […]

Once in a lifetime discounts on Lindon Farms 43% off, 5 days only

Lindon Farms Sale Limited Time Only...... Discounts of 35-43% are Live! From April 28th, all the dealer pricing restraints have been removed by the manufacturer of Lindon Farms foods! This sale has only been offered once in their 15+ years in business- we don't expect it to happen again. Show More Summary

“PrepperCon” Emergency Preparedness Convention Coming to Utah

We’ve all heard about ComicCon, DragonCon and all the other “Cons” or conventions for enthusiasts of all types.  Now we finally have our very own emergency preparedness convention aimed at Survivalists and I must say – it’s about time! ...Show More Summary

Could you give up a shopping for 30 days?

Recently I “met,” in the wonderful way that the Internet allows us to virtually meet, some of the folks behind the San Francisco-based startup Yerdle. Yerdle is a free market-style app where users can easily upload photos of stuff they no longer want, “sell it” for Yerdle dollars, and then use those Yerdle dollars to […]

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