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ATX Safer Streets: How You Can Help a Movement to Make Austin Safer for Pedestrians

Following the news of the tragic death of Kelly (a.k.a. ATX Hipsters) this weekend, Zack Teibloom made me aware of ATX Safer Streets, a coalition of concerned citizens advocating for safer streets in Austin for pedestrians and cyclists. You’ve probably heard a lot about ATX Safer Streets recently, and maybe you even liked their Facebook page [...]

Austin is Not a Pedestrian or Cyclist-Friendly City, and That Needs to Change

Austin is a progressive city in so many ways, but being pedestrian and cyclist-friendly are not two features the city can boast. On Saturday, I read yet another article about a pedestrian killed by a drunk driver in Downtown Austin. I shared on Twitter that this is becoming an epidemic in our city, and that [...]

Austin’s Moontower Comedy Festival Has So Many Boinkable Comedians This Year

Guys, I’m stoked. The Moontower Comedy Festival just started and I got a press badge. For this blog. How the hell that happened, I’m not sure. All I know is that that means I can stalk write about the Kids in the Hall. Man, I love the Kids in the Hall. I’ve written about them a disgusting [...]

You Need to Counteract the Huge Food Price Increases Out There! 20% off, Gift Certificate, Free shipping

You've seen the news... virtually all food prices are rising fast now. Food inflation is becoming a major issue. There's really only way to take immediate productive action to protect your household, and that is to lock-in today's prices by purchasing foods that store indefinitely. Show More Summary

The Latest in Happiness Studies: Go to the Library!

With all the happiness studies out there (for example, recall the all the hubbub about who’s happier, parents or the childfree?), here’s a new one related to book lovers – more specifically library goers. Check this out. NPR Books News by Annalisa Quinn has an interesting blurb today titled, “Happiness Study Says Library Trips Are […]

Everything you need to know to rebuild civilization from scratch

Great Article..the book is titled "The Knowledge: How to Rebuild Our World from Scratch". Copyright 2007-2011 by Safecastle LLC

Why We Should All Care More About Cultural Appropriation in Fashion

via Pinterest Have you heard of StitchFix? It’s an ingenious start-up that lets fashionistas utilize the help of “personal stylists” while shopping for clothing online. After you sign up and fill out your size and personal style details, stylists will help you select five items of clothing. This clothing, which averages around $65 a piece, [...]

Why I Haven’t Written on my Blog in Awhile

Hi. My blog is sad. I barely write on her anymore. You see, something happened. I got a completely unexpected and wonderful writing job, and my blog has taken a back seat. I’m sorry, blog. I love you and I miss you. I will try to play with you again. The job I mentioned is [...]

Review of Stuffocation: How We’ve Had Enough of Stuff and Why You Need Experience More than Ever

By Kendall Hanson Some book titles just call out to your current situation. You can’t help but pick them up and read. Stuffocation by James Wallman is such a book. If you’ve recently cleaned out your closet, or jammed a hundred toys into a chest, or could no longer fit your car in the garage, […]

Review of Believe It, You Know an Atheist

By Adam Pober J. David Core sets out to write a book to fill a specific niche: a guide for the religious to understand the atheist in their lives. His book, Believe It, You Know an Atheist, does an admirable job with a difficult subject. Most current positive books on atheism aim to offer personal […]

Our 25% sale on Katadyn filters is ending soon grab yours before it ends..

Katadyn water filters are the ultimate, premier portable water filters, relied upon by the military, relief agencies, adventurers, campers, hikers, and scout groups around the globe for years. There are many product options to fit your...Show More Summary

Life lessons from Cosmo

I'll admit Cosmopolitan is an unlikely source for witty retorts the time that person at a party corners you and reals off the litany of hackneyed 'OMG you don't have kids! You don't know what you're missing' utterances.ARE YOU MY UNBORN...Show More Summary

25%-off Katadyn Water Filters (Survival, Outdoors, Hiking) ; New Knife Blowout Offer!

Katadyn water filters are the ultimate, premier portable water filters, relied upon by the military, relief agencies, adventurers, campers, hikers, and scout groups around the globe for years. There are many product options to fit your...Show More Summary

Delving into Overpopulation Issues

As many of you may know, I am currently working on a book about overpopulation. Boy, am I learning a lot. Check out this graphic above on population growth in the United States. Fast growth, right? You got it. But the birth rates are low in our country, so there is nothing really to worry […]

Modern Marvels: Farming Technology

The post Modern Marvels: Farming Technology appeared first on Survival Blog | Survival Spot.

May 1 Loyalty Drawing Prize Announced.. sign up for a chance to win

Loyalty Drawing Prize for May 1st: Katadyn Hiker Pro. We will announce the winner on May 1st. This year's Loyalty Royalty program is a slam-dunk in terms of getting something for nothing. In fact, for some, it will be a lot for nothing. Show More Summary

The Different Faces of Editing

Editing means going through a document and catching and correcting errors, right? Wrong. Editor extraordinaire Renni Brown (she has been editing for 50 years) does a great breakdown of the three different kinds of editing:  Developmental Editing This is “big picture” editing. In nonfiction it means getting editorial feedback regarding “the impact of its content, its […]

Hey, Rick Moranis! Will You Come to Our Party?

Dear Rick Moranis, We are throwing a party in your honor on April 27th at Wright Bros. Brew & Brew in Austin, Texas, and you are cordially invited. I can’t afford your airfare or a hotel room, but you’re welcome to crash at our place. We have a spare bedroom with a weight machine! I [...]

Freeze Dried Chicken Breasts, OUT OF STOCK !!

These Freeze Dried/Uncooked Boneless Chicken breasts come approximately 4 to a can. All are hand-trimmed. All cans were sealed in an oxygen/moisture free environment. Checkout our High-Calorie Storage-Food Value Bundle !! $434.99 (30%...Show More Summary

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