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Are you ready for the Purge? Watch and discern

Confession: this is the most alarmed I've been in 40 years. I've debated whether to even address this here, but the bottom line is we are all at major risk right now and you need to know. Our American institutions are under attack. All three branches of the government are in turmoil. Show More Summary

EverSafe MREs: 12-meals Case, Save $32! While supplies last... pack date of Sept. 201629% off, FREE shipping... save $32Six different menus per case$79.99More: Copyright 2007-2016 by Safecastle LLC

Roses are Overrated ... get your Valentine Practical Preps that Say You Care! Down the road, they'll appreciate your foresight and wisdom. When you care enough to send the very best. Copyright 2007-2016 by Safecastle LLC

Help Us Decide What to Buy Next We still have a few cases of 25-year Freeze Dried Pork Chops and Cod Fillets left, but we are now considering what our next selection will be. Please email Vic and let him know what you would like to see next in our...Show More Summary

Last Day of January Sale Prices on Key Preps We always aim to have the lowest prices on the most popular preps, but we outdid ourselves this month on several items. The additional January discounts expire tonight on these products. Copyright 2007-2016 by Safecastle LLC

Last 2 Days: Lowest Price Ever, Freeze-Dried Cod Fillets Don't delay... fresh-canned freeze-dried Cod Fillets are discounted to the max only thru Sunday, January 29. These delicious Atlantic Cod were freeze dried and canned just last month and they will be good for 25 years...Show More Summary

It's a Feel-Good Weekend, So Extra Discounts to Celebrate!

Woke up feeling pretty darn good this morning. When feeling like this, I like to try to be a blessing to others as best I can. So I pulled a few things together for you, valid till Jan. 30... -- The Freeze Dried Cod Fillets we've been promoting the last couple of weeks... Show More Summary

Inauguration Day Optimism: Don't let that get you off your game!

Lots of enthusiasm. Lots of rage. What really needs to be said that you aren't cognizant of? By now, it's clear to all that the world remains a very dangerous place. Names, faces, policies, and strategies shift, but for those of us reading about it all and not making it happen... Show More Summary

25-year Freeze-dried Pork Chops are Back! Up to 15% off FRESH: January 2017 Production! - Up to 15% off! By the can or case... 25-year shelf life! Delicious? -- oh man, yes indeed. The availability of freeze-dried pork chops is ALWAYS a gate-busting, barn-burning event!If you don't have these yet in your larder, then don't delay any longer. Show More Summary

Freeze-dried Cod Fillets! 25-year shelf life! These sell quickly when available--act now By the can or case... December 2016 production, 25-year shelf life. These cod fillets are amazing: tender, flaky, light and very tasty, and as fresh as the day they were flash...Show More Summary

NukAlerts under $120! ... MH 14-day kits less than $220! ... + MORE SAVINGS! Best price on NukAlert keychain radiation detectors... under $120 today!Big discount today on the hottest 30-year Mountain House product of the year--the 14-Day Emergency Food Supply... under $220!For these and more outstanding prepper deals on such things as Red Feather canned butter and Bega canned cheese, click here. Show More Summary

HUGE MOUNTAIN HOUSE SALE Ends Tonite - Price Hikes Tomorrow Last call... prices on the best emergency storage food in the world will never again be this low. They are raising prices 5-10% effective January 1. Our current sale discounts on 30-year Mountain House freeze-dried food of up to 48% expire at midnite Eastern time tonite, 12/31.Be ready--the future is risky business. Show More Summary

Beat the Jan. 1 Price Hike: Mountain House Freeze Dried Food, UP TO 50% OFF! Yep--Mountain House freeze-dried food prices are going up January 1. We are marking them down as low as we can go before then to give you the best shot you'll have going forward--as much as 50% off (and no less than 35% off) with FREE shipping to the lower 48. Show More Summary

Fresh Freeze-Dried Sirloins & Chicken Patties - Act Fast Freeze Dried Sirloins and Chicken Patties!Only a few cans and cases in--act fast!We've managed to get our hands on some fresh surplus freeze-dried sirloins and chicken patties in time for our end-of-the-year Customer Favorites Sale. Show More Summary

2016 Customer Favorites Sale--only till 12/31 It's been a crazy kind of year that serves to remind us how important it is to be ready for any circumstances. So we're closing out 2016 with some memorably low prices on a few of our customers' favorite storage foods. Buy the best: 2016 FAVORITES SALE Copyright 2007-2016 by Safecastle LLC

Carbon Fiber Bow/Arrows in a Walking Stick! Our coolest new product in years. We finally have more of these in stock after quickly selling out previously. These are not kids toys. They are very powerful tools/weapons. The bow is said to have the best power to weight ratio in the world. Show More Summary

LAST 2 DAYS: Up to 50% off Lindon Farms Freeze Dried Food! 25-year shelf-life... Sale Ends Dec. 15 Drop-shipped fresh to you from the factory... Lindon Farms is the best economy-priced, top-quality, long-term storage food on the market, offering some fantastic, unique varieties unavailable anywhere else. Show More Summary

Paratrooper Jumps with a Folding Bike Strapped On

Far and away, the most popular prepper bikes out there are the famous Montague folding bikes. Originally designed in cooperation with DARPA for the purpose of enabling US Forces to easily jump out of perfectly good airplanes and land...Show More Summary

6 Essential Winter Survival Books Every Survivalist Needs

We’ve all probably heard the phrase “A penny in your pocket is worth 5 in the bank”. That’s exactly how I feel about my survival library; “A book on the shelf is worth 10 at the store”. Even though it’s impossible to know everythingShow More Summary

Is the Safecastle Coupon Bunker for Real?

Some say I am not real. They say the same thing about the Safecastle Coupon Bunker! But the big, secret savings on quality preps to be had in the Bunker are undeniable! Copyright 2007-2016 by Safecastle LLC

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