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Trump names H.R. McMaster, an Army strategist, as his new national security advisor

Defense Secretary Mattis: We're not in Iraq to take oil Feb. 20, 2017, noon A look at President Trump's administration and the rest of Washington: Mattis clarifies that he doesn't share Trump's advocation for taking Iraq's oil Pence's first public reaction to Flynn lying to him: I'm 'disappointed'...

After picking up California support, Rep. Keith Ellison gets more Western Democrats to back him for party chair

Essential Politics: Democrats in Congress hear from ICE, California lawmakers consider making election day a paid state holiday Feb. 20, 2017, 11:44 a.m. This is Essential Politics, our daily look at California political and government news. Here's what we're watching right now: Democrats in Congress...

Celibate Anglican pastor with same-sex attraction stands up for natural marriage at synod

A committee report upheld long-held church teaching but stated homosexual relationships had positive qualities and suggested special liturgies.

Milo Yiannopoulos Disinvited from CPAC

1 hour agoLGBT / Gay : Towleroad

Homocon white supremacist man-boy love enthusiast Milo Yiannopoulos has been disinvited from the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) after video clips surfaced of the alt-right troll defending sexual abuse of minors. The announcement was… Read The post Milo Yiannopoulos Disinvited from CPAC appeared first on Towleroad.

Planned Parenthood Kills 323,999 Babies in Abortions, Provides Only 17,419 Moms Prenatal Care

If you turned on one of the cable TV news shows today, you may have seen it. It has been running for several weeks now. Spoiler alert: Never in your wildest imagination did you anticipate seeing this. The commercial begins with pensive music playing and an attractive young woman looking up at the camera. A […]

How to Attract Goodness Into a Busy Life

Instead of chasing the good stuff, let it come to you. The post How to Attract Goodness Into a Busy Life appeared first on The Good Men Project.

Mother Sees Ghost of Dead Child in Photograph

As a parent, I can easily imagine the heartbreak of losing a child. And I can completely understand people wanting and needing to see “signs” that their child or other departed loved one is still around, in some form. But the skeptical, scientific-leaning side of me makes me question everything, especially when certain “evidence” is […]

Rick and Morty Season 3 Sneak Peek

Adult Swim Australia posted a video they claim is an “Exclusive! Season 3 Opening Scene,” from Rick and Morty, but it becomes pretty obvious, pretty quickly, that they’re messing with us.

Mykki Blanco Made a Delta Passenger ‘Uncomfortable,’ So the Cops Were Called

Mykki Blanco Made a Delta Passenger ‘Uncomfortable,’ So the Cops Were Called Musician, artist and queer activist Mykki Blanco says a fellow passenger on a Delta airlines flight called the police for making him feel uncomfortable Unicorn Booty - Unicorn Booty brings you the best news, pop-culture, and opinions on the web!

Gavel Drop: Muslim Ban Takes a Hit in Virginia, But Texas Leaps to Defend It

Despite the fact that the Trump administration has yet to score a legal victory in defending its Muslim ban, attorneys from the state of Texas want in on the case. The post Gavel Drop: Muslim Ban Takes a Hit in Virginia, But Texas Leaps to Defend It appeared first on Rewire.

Marriage Equality Linked To Decrease In Teen Suicide

1 hour agoLGBT / Gay : Joe. My. God.

PBS reports: State legalization of same-sex marriage appears to be linked to a decrease in adolescent suicide, based on a new analysis published today in JAMA Pediatrics. The results give more context to the potential effects of social policy on mental health. Show More Summary

Macabre Museums: Vile Vacations Guest Post is doing something I wished I’d thought up: a Vile Vacations series. They’re even accepting guest posts. The multi-talented Emerian Rich, a Horror Hostess at, was the one who gave me a heads up about submitting a Vile Vacations guest post. (If her name rings a bell and you think you’ve heard it...

U.S. advisors are now fighting alongside Iraqi forces in the battle for Mosul

U.S. military advisors are now fighting alongside Iraqi forces near the front lines against Islamic State, a sign of President Trump's willingness to grant more latitude to American commanders than they've had since Iraq’s ground war against the militants was launched more than two years ago. The...

You Can’t Return to Eden

Though one of the first Europeans to explore Tahiti, Louis-Antoine de Bougainville, only stayed on the island for about ten days, he was thoroughly impressed with what appeared to be a true paradise on earth. The natives, he observed, were graceful in movement, gentle in disposition, generous in spirit, and peaceful at heart. Show More Summary

How Abraham Lincoln’s Bromance Altered The Course Of American History

The true story of one of the most important friendships in American history

Nursing Home Resident Euthanized Against Her Will

Once you create a situation at law where killing of another person is allowed in certain circumstances, not only will the circumstances in which such killing is endorsed or allowed change over time, but the boundaries, however originally drawn, will be entirely ineffective in providing moral, legal and ethical guidance and restraint. In Belgium and […]

Claims of Demonic Possession From Ouija App in Colombia

This is the kind of thing that happens when the study hall monitor has to go to the bathroom and there’s no responsible adult to watch the door and stop demons from entering the classroom and possessing the students. A school in Colombia had to call in...

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