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Sunny D's Latest Ad Is A Blast From The 90s Past: WATCH

3 hours agoLGBT / Gay : Towleroad

The 90s were a magical time to be a kid. Acid washed denim overalls were en vogue, En Vogue topped the charts, and the advertising for kids’ snacks were on point. The original ad for Sunny Delight managed to capture...

The Friday Blogaround

This blogaround brought to you by blue ink.Recommended Reading:Socchan: On String Orchestra DragonsStephanie: Getting Started in Tech's Social Justice MovementAlona: [Content Note: Racism; colonialism; ciscentrism; heterocentrism] This...Show More Summary

Headline Of The Day

3 hours agoLGBT / Gay : Joe. My. God.

Whoa! Details. (Tipped by JMG reader Rafael)

America's Television Consumers Have Spoken: "Black" Is the New "Black"

The overwhelming success of 'Scandal', 'How to Get Away With Murder', 'Empire', 'Being Mary Jane' and 'Black-ish', makes it clear that black actors and actresses are finally (and rightfully) in demand. With the line-up for this fall's...Show More Summary

Pic of the Day: Lesbian Musical Fun Home Announces National Tour

3 hours agoLGBT / Lesbian :

Now we can all go to Alison Bechdel's house on Maple Avenue! Contributor: Rebekah Allen read more

A Call to Action: Transform the Way We Communicate Global Development

Simplifying a message has never been more important. Especially for those who advocate for better global health and development. We are at a turning point, the end of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and the adoption of a new agenda to end extreme poverty by 2030. Show More Summary

Drone over Nubian Pyramids

National Geographic engineer Alan Turchik captured amazing aerial footage of these 3,000 year-old Nubian royal burial chambers from a unique perspective as he flew his quadcopter over these relics of an ancient civilization.

You'll Have To See Tarik Cohen's One-Handed Backflip Catch To Believe It

Granted, Tarik Cohen of North Carolina A&T's football team is not wearing pads, nor are large men trying to hit him like they'd be doing in an actual football game. But the running back's one-handed catch while doing a backflip is still impressive. Show More Summary

The Cannibal in the Jungle

Animal Planet's dramatic story is an imaginative leap inspired by real science. In 2004, a study in the journal Nature announced the discovery of bones of an entirely new, remarkable species of humans. Fully grown adults stood only three feet tall, yet they were able to thrive in the chaotic and dangerous world that surrounded them. Show More Summary

The Stress Of Immigration Can Cause Psychosis, According To New Study

The stress and hardship faced by immigrants setting up in a new country could be contributing to an increased risk of psychosis among certain communities. And for those coming to a new country with refugee status -- which usually means...Show More Summary

Does Tinder Make You Feel as Much Like a Slab of Meat as This Slab of Meat? Links You Need to See

“All good things must come to an end” is a truism that, of late, the film and TV industries have been proving to be a false-ism. Until each and every granule of history and previously made art is plucked from its resting place and forced into contemporary “relevance,” we won’t have to face the fearful idea of…new ideas. Show More Summary

Oregon becomes third state to ban reparative therapy; Illinois considering a similar ban

The legislation is 'an unmitigated disaster for children and families,' a pro-family activist warns.

Black Soldier Killed in Iraq Gets Justice

A British court sentenced a London cab driver to life in prison today for the murder of a U.S. soldier in Iraq, from a roadside bombing in 2007. As NBC News reports, for the family of Sgt. Randy Johnson, this case is a rare opportunity to see a person involved in a service member’s death face justice in a civilian court.

5 Ways Technology Can Help Your Nonprofit Do More Good

The way people give is constantly changing. People may care about your cause, but it doesn't mean they will donate. So what drives them? According to "The Science Behind Why People Give Money to Charity," it takes multiple actions to drive someone to give. Show More Summary

Remembering a Generation Defined by Duty

Seventy years ago, we celebrated the end of World War II in Europe. That celebration is not the first memory of my childhood, but it is one of the clearest. I was a five-year-old boy in Cape Town, South Africa, proudly displaying a paper Union Jack, the familiar British flag, and watching the victory parade. Show More Summary

Suffering and Strength

They gave them Tang to drink. It was next to each hospital bed. The women and children were malnourished and non-communicative. They were sitting and lying on the floor, because for months-even years-they had neither beds nor mats to sleep on. Show More Summary

Veterans' Homelessness -- There is No Finish Line

On the 40th anniversary of the fall of Vietnam, Steve Peck addressed a forum of the Chicago School of Professional Psychology. It might have been four decades since American troops left Saigon, but the symposium was titled, "What Does...Show More Summary

Obamacare’s Birth Control Benefit Notches Another Legal Win

The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals refused to reconsider an earlier decision that ruled the process for accommodating religious objections to the birth control benefit of the Affordable Care Act did not burden the group's rights. Image: shutterstock The post Obamacare’s Birth Control Benefit Notches Another Legal Win appeared first on RH Reality Check.

To Me, 20 Years Ago

If James Rigdon could have told himself these things 20 years ago, his life might be different now. The post To Me, 20 Years Ago appeared first on The Good Men Project.

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