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Catholic Bishops Want to Deny Raped Migrant Girls Access to Health Care

ThinkProgress reports that the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops is demanding, in the name of religious freedom, the right to keep underage migrants who have been raped from accessing medical care to prevent them from becoming pregnant. Show More Summary

Putting Your Insomnia Problems to Rest

Insomnia, stress, and the havoc the two can wreak on one’s brain chemistry have long been mainstays of popular culture, perhaps no more memorably than in Chuck Palahnuik’s 1996 novel Fight Club, inspired by the author’s own struggles with sleeplessness. Show More Summary

This Campaign Wants a Woman On the $20 Bill and They Want You to Choose Who It Will Be

image via youtube screen capture Money, it seems, is something of a boys’ club. George, Abraham, Andrew, and (if we’re lucky) Benjamin stare out at us from our wallets without a single female counterpoint to offset the unanimously Y-chromosomal state of our paper currency. Show More Summary

Octopus Turns Camera On Filmaker and Research Students

Photo by Benjamin Savard, Middlebury College via Reddit (but really, photocred to the octopus) Middlebury College, located in Vermont, has a new campus celebrity— an octopus. The California two-spot octopus is known for its intelligence,...Show More Summary

Priest Who Takes Confession via Snapchat Pisses Off the Archbishop

Photo by Flickr user Maurizio Pesce. A super hip Catholic priest in San Antonio has been hearing confessions through a little-known phone app called SnapChat, which we hear is pretty popular with the youth these days. Father David, whose...Show More Summary

Science Explains Why Indian Food is Awesome

Photo by Jpatokal via Wikimedia Commons You probably think you know why you like Indian food. “It’s delicious, that’s why,” you might say. (And if you don’t like Indian food, well, then you have bad opinions and should feel badly about...Show More Summary

BREAKING: Eighth Circuit Court Issues Stay On Nebraska Marriage Ruling

7 hours agoLGBT / Gay : Joe. My. God.

From the order: "Appellants’ Emergency Motion for Stay Pending Appeal has been considered by the court, and the motion is granted. The District Court’s Injunction Order of March 2, 2015 will be stayed pending the disposition of this appeal. Show More Summary

Twitter To SCOTUS: Yes On Marriage

7 hours agoLGBT / Gay : Joe. My. God.

See the full list. Facebook is there too, of course.

Karl Lagerfeld: ‘I Prefer Not to Know’ Where Fur Comes From

While discussing his use of fur, Karl Lagerfeld sounds exactly how you'd imagine a designer who uses fur would sound. The post Karl Lagerfeld: ‘I Prefer Not to Know’ Where Fur Comes From appeared first on PETA.

‘Elephant’ to Confront Potential Circusgoers

Following Ringling Bros.’ announcement that the circus will phase out its elephant acts by 2018, a costumed “elephant” will lead members of PETA and Long Island Orchestrating for Nature... The post ‘Elephant’ to Confront Potential Circusgoers appeared first on PETA.

GEORGIA: State Senate Approves Bill To Legalize Anti-Gay Discrimination

7 hours agoLGBT / Gay : Joe. My. God.

Via Project Q Atlanta: The Georgia Senate easily approved a controversial "religious freedom" bill that LGBT critics and faith leaders have derided as an anti-gay effort to allow discrimination. State Sen. Josh McKoon's bill, S.B. 129, passed 37-15 after nearly 90 minutes of debate on Thursday. Show More Summary

Veg Voyages Vegan Adventure Tours

The post Veg Voyages Vegan Adventure Tours appeared first on PETA.

The Moda Center Slam-Dunks Into Fourth Place on List of Top 5 Vegetarian-Friendly NBA Arenas

With the NBA playoffs only a few short weeks away, fans have a new reason to celebrate: PETA’s ranking of the Top Five Vegetarian-Friendly NBA Arenas. And as NBA... The post The Moda Center Slam-Dunks Into Fourth Place on List of Top 5 Vegetarian-Friendly NBA Arenas appeared first on PETA.

King David

David Carr believed that, through the constant and forceful application of principle, a young knucklehead could bring the heavens to their knees.

Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet

A 12-year-old girl breaks down the gender gap in smartphone app characters. A Tennessee lawmaker wants to know: “Why don’t we have a men’s economic council?” On telling your kids about your abortion. Eleven percent of TV shows have no women writers on staff. Over one third of TV shows have no minority writers on staff. […]

NOAA Announces Arrival Of El Niño, 2015 Poised To Beat 2014 For Hottest Year

El Niños tend to set the record for the hottest years, since the regional warming adds to the underlying global warming trend. The post NOAA Announces Arrival Of El Niño, 2015 Poised To Beat 2014 For Hottest Year appeared first on ThinkProgress.

Lawmakers Howl for Problem Solving on Wolf Protection

While some members of Congress continue to demagogue the wolf issue, calling for the complete removal of federal protections and a return to overreaching and reckless state management plans that resulted in sport hunting, trapping, and...Show More Summary

Shady GOP Congressman Says President Obama Aims To Make All Black Criminals “Immune” From Prosecution

Republican Congressman Says President Obama Plans To Make All Black People Immune To Criminal Prosecution A Republican congressman from Kansas is stirring the political pot with his recent comments regarding the way President Obama is responding to the problem of

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