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Delegates Meet Destiny in Cleveland

After Brexit, we know that current voter outrage can produce shocking results. Here's hoping then, that RNC delegates vote their conscience in Cleveland, and dump Trump. The post Delegates Meet Destiny in Cleveland appeared first on The Good Men Project.

Father of Orlando Victim Refuses to Claim Son's Body

16 minutes agoLGBT / Gay :

The story highlights how much hate the LGBTQ+ community faces, not only from armed killers, but from family members as well.

Chelsea Handler: I Had Two Abortions at Age 16, Aborting My Babies Was a “Thoughtful” Decision

Pro-abortion comedian Chelsea Handler opened up about her two teen abortions in a new column for Playboy recently. Handler, a vocal abortion activist, revealed for the first time that she had two abortions when she was just 16 years old, according to People. She described that time in her life “irresponsible” – not because of […]

She Has Cancer

From watching the battle, to being a part of it. Cancer. A black hole. A time bomb. A nightmare. Some of us can begin to comprehend the meaning of cancer: its internal destructiveness that infuses into every component of daily life, its ability to stop time yet accelerate it, its surrealness. Show More Summary

Dear United (for the time being) Kingdom

Secession, trying to make a go of it as an independent country after decades of union with your neighbors,---these things really don't turn out all that well in the end. Trust us, we know. The post Dear United (for the time being) Kingdom appeared first on The Good Men Project.

How To Find Love By Being Open To Being Hated

Aaron Tang shares his lessons on the path to love. The post How To Find Love By Being Open To Being Hated appeared first on The Good Men Project.

Supreme Court Allows State to Force Pro-Life Pharmacists to Sell Abortion Pills

Just one day after issuing a major ruling striking down a portion of a pro-life law in Texas saving thousands of babies from abortion and closing unscrupulous abortion clinics, the Supreme Court has made a second ant-life decision. Today, the nation’s highest court refused to hear an appeal from pro-life pharmacists in Washington state who […]

Single and Still Sniffing…

If something (or someone) doesn't smell right there's a good reason --one that is ignored at your own peril... The post Single and Still Sniffing… appeared first on The Good Men Project.

I Screwed Up. Will She Ever Forget?

"It’s starting to feel like I have a rap sheet where my mistakes can be brought up any time I make a mistake." The post I Screwed Up. Will She Ever Forget? appeared first on The Good Men Project.

Co-Parenting: When It Works and When it Doesn’t

Former spouses need to put aside their difference and work together for the benefit of the kids. The post Co-Parenting: When It Works and When it Doesn’t appeared first on The Good Men Project.

Money Talks: What LGBT Spending Means for Our Future

17 minutes agoLGBT / Gay :

The pink dollar has won our community some powerful corporate allies. But now we might need to start investing in something else—ourselves.

Donald Trump’s Evangelical Advisory Board Slams Supreme Court Abortion Ruling as a “Tragedy”

As LifeNews reported yesterday, the Supreme Court issued its biggest ruling on abortion since upholding the federal ban on partial-birth abortions in the Gonzalez decision. The Supreme Court reversed part of a pro-life Texas law that protects women’s health and has also saved the lives of thousands of unborn children and closed abortion clinics that […]

The Importance Of Being Creative In Everyday Life

When I was about to graduate from art school in the U.S., I had a conversation with one of my instructors about art, creativity, job and life in general. He was asking me if I had any plans for the future and what I was going to do upon returning to my home country, Ukraine. Show More Summary

Ending The Culture Of Shaming In HIV Disclosure To Educate And Affect Change

You are not alone. It will be okay. You will get through this, and you have nothing to be ashamed of. HIV has come a long way from being a death sentence largely due to effective drug treatment, but it continues to be a stigmatized ailment...Show More Summary

New 'Looking' Book Will Reveal Exclusive Insights Into the Series

18 minutes agoLGBT / Gay :

"When I came out I never imagined I would be doing this," says Jonathan Groff, "to pour my heart and soul into a piece of art that was about being gay.”

Abortionist Complains More Women are Not Able to Abort Their Babies

Erin King lives in Missouri, but she travels across the border to Illinois every day to work as an abortionist. King wrote a column for the Riverfront Times this week criticizing the Missouri legislature for passing laws to protect women and babies from abuses in the abortion industry. She laments how Missouri is not like […]

Here’s the Real Reason Black Women Are Upset About Kyrie Irving’s ‘All White Girls’ Yacht Party

Last week Kylie Irving’s team, the Cleveland Cavaliers (maybe you’ve heard of them?), won their first NBA championship, the city’s first title in more than 50 years. Teammate LeBron James garnered most of the credit and coverage after the team’s astounding bounce-back to win the series after being down 3-1. But Irving, 24, was a […]

The Science of Lightning

SciShow offers up a brief, yet informative look at nature’s electric fury. Learn what conditions make lightning occur, and the differences between some of the various types of lightning that we experience here on our planet, some of which most of us have never seen.

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