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Protests Erupt After Video Shows Off-Duty LAPD Cop Firing A Gun In Dispute With Teen

Hundreds of activists protested near the home of a police officer in Anaheim, California, Wednesday at video allegedly showing the plainclothes cop firing a gun in front of a group of minors. Many chanted, “don’t shoot the kids,” and...Show More Summary

The Identity of the “Tully Monster” Remains a Mystery

In 1955, fossil collector Francis Tully discovered a strange fossil lying in a creek bed in Grundy County, Illinois. The fossil appeared to be some sort of worm, mollusk, or arthropod but did not resemble any other known life forms closely enough to be classified in any...

#TheRemix: Dr. Sheena Howard Talks Education + Race + Her Film 'Remixing Colorblind'

'On this episode of #TheRemix, host James Braxton Peterson talks to Dr. Sheena Howard about her film, Remixing Colorblind. The documentary examines perceptions about race on college campuses through discussions with students and educators. The film looks at how the educational system shapes students' understanding of race and race relations.'

Large-scale experiment on the rural Olympic Peninsula to test innovations in forest management

Forest ecosystems are accustomed to change. Long before humans started intervening, disturbances such as fire, wind storms and diseases wracked segments of the landscape, killing off swathes of trees and providing spaces for regrowth of the forest.

Killer Mike talks Run The Jewels + Gentrification in Inner Cities and Protest Music of Our Times

'Killer Mike is one half of Hip Hop duo Run the Jewels. The Atlanta born activist and rapper made some time during the RTJ world tour to speak with Jesse Menendez and Jill Hopkins. Mike spoke about his association with Bernie Sanders, gentrification in our inner cities and the rise of protest music in turbulent times.' -- Vocalo

A Step-by-Step Plan for Grid Modernization in a Distributed Energy World

The last big burst in U.S. smart grid investment was federally funded, via the Obama administration’s stimulus plan. The next big burst may soon be coming. Both the Trump administration and Senate Democrats have proposed competing infrastructure...Show More Summary

5 Unicorn Skincare Products Designed to Keep Gay Men Looking Their Best

5 Unicorn Skincare Products Designed to Keep Gay Men Looking Their Best Taiwan's Unicorn Skincare has devoted itself to creating body and facial skincare products for men, and they're hugely supportive of LGBTQ causes, too! Unicorn Booty - Unicorn Booty brings you the best news, pop-culture, and opinions on the web!

The problem with the cost of college isn't the price but who's paying the bill

Over the next two months, high school seniors will find out which colleges on their wish lists came through with acceptances. But the tensions won't end when the admission letters arrive. As paying the bill for a four-year degree becomes a reality, families will struggle to understand why higher...

In the vast wasteland of the internet, your insignificant grievance is refreshing

Remember how Twitter felt before a TV loudmouth with no political experience ran for president? Before a thin-skinned narcissist assumed command of America’s nuclear arsenal? It was a place where people went to complain, sure, and to express their anxieties, just like now — but the complaints and...

SeaWorld was right to stop breeding orcas, but it should go further

Takara, a 25-year-old orca living at SeaWorld San Antonio, has already delivered four calves in four different cramped tanks across the country, and is about to deliver her fifth. Due any day now, the calf will be the last killer whale born at a SeaWorld. Last March, the park announced it would...

The Mask has Slipped: On the Possibility of Freedom Beyond Liberalism

'Artist Raoul Martinez examines the limits of freedom as personal ethos and economic ideology in a time of spiraling inequality and political instability, and calls for a fundamental shift in the way we think of ourselves, our values and each other if humans are to achieve liberation and equality for all. Show More Summary

How Men Must Change the Culture of Violence Towards Women

John D. Moore offers four powerful ways men can change the statistics. The post How Men Must Change the Culture of Violence Towards Women appeared first on The Good Men Project.

Italian Microgrid Includes Concentrating Thermal Solar and Concentrating PV

Microgrid Knowledge: Hybrid Microgrid in Italy to Include Concentrating Solar Power Development is underway on the Italian island of Sardinia of a 1.2 MW hybrid microgrid that incorporates concentrating solar power (CSP), a diversion...Show More Summary

Queer and Christian: Introducing Ipolani

Finding a balance between religion and authenticity.

Resisting the Christian Right in Orlando

The National Religious Broadcasters group has ambitious plans to roll back LGBT rights. Its annual convention is coming up, just miles from the Pulse nightclub.

3 Ways to Make Your Spouse Feel Like They Are Your Top Priority

Have you ever heard this from your spouse – “how is it that when I ask you to do something it takes forever?  But when your friends ask you to do something, you move right away.” Or, how about this one, “When your friend calls, you are on the phone talking and laughing. But when Keep Reading ?

9 Things You Do…But Would Have a Fit If Your Spouse Did Them Too

I am a firm believer in the golden rule of treating others the way you want to be treated. But oftentimes in relationships, we don’t put this rule into practice! Many times, we don’t step back to think about how we would feel if our spouse treated us the way that we treat them. So Keep Reading ?

Will the U.S. punish Mexico on trade? A Trump supporter has doubts

Al Zapanta, a Purple Heart and Silver Star-awarded Vietnam War veteran who is rumored to be in consideration for U.S. ambassador to Mexico, thinks that he can change President Trump’s mind on the value of doing business with our southern neighbor.  In his first month in office, Trump has sent clear...

Desert X aims to be the Coachella of the art world. Here's a sneak peek

This could be the moon. Or Mars, at dusk. Dozens of craters crowd this desert plot, four acres of scrub brush in Rancho Mirage rimmed by reddish-brown mountains. The holes form half-moon slivers, squares and elongated triangles, each several feet deep and lined with neon tubing. As the sun sinks,...

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