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Four young mothers who chose life stand with Trump at White House during address

The four women received help from pregnancy centers — and one was inspired to start a maternity home.

Betty Who Broke Free & Found Empowerment In Rejection

11 hours agoLGBT / Gay :

The indie pop darling talks her new single "Ignore Me" and why albums are over.

Daily 2 Cents: Tunnel to the Past -- Unknown Craft Seen During Flight -- Are We Safe?

Tunnel to the Past“Years ago when I was about 10 or 11 years old, myself and a few other friends were walking along a disused railway line in Scotland which we had done previously many times that summer. Through a short tunnel underShow More Summary

2017 temperature summary

This is a thread to discuss the surface temperature records that were all released yesterday (Jan 18). There is far too much data-vizualization on this to link to, but feel free to do so in the comments. Bottom line? It’s still getting warmer.

Does Size Matter Or Does One Size Fit All?

Does size matter, is… YES! However, why it matters, is not what you might be thinking. Let me explain The post Does Size Matter Or Does One Size Fit All? appeared first on The Good Men Project.

Brasilia closes Latin America's largest rubbish dump

BRASILIA (Reuters) - One thing the designers of Brazil's modernistic capital Brasilia forgot to map out in their intricate plans was where to put the rubbish.

Gaming Addiction Is Now Officially a Mental Health Disorder, But What Does That Mean for Gamers?

Gaming Addiction Is Now Officially a Mental Health Disorder, But What Does That Mean for Gamers? How is the slippery concept of gaming addiction defined, and how is it different from frequent gaming? Hornet Stories - Hornet Stories bring you the best news, pop-culture, and opinions on the web!

What Can You Expect from ParaMania Radio Shows in 2018?

Do you listen to many Internet radio shows? I have to admit, I didn’t before I got a show on ParaMania Radio. However, now I find myself tuning in to ParaMania’s live shows when I can, and seeking out the On Demands when I can’t. Talk about infotainment! The personification of it! It’s like chips for...

British Queer Band Shopping Are Embracing Defiant Optimism

11 hours agoLGBT / Gay :

“Imagine if all the stuff made by queer people and people of color was no longer here. The world would be rubbish.”

What You Won’t Do for Everlong

Multitalented musician Elise Trouw turns in an wonderful live-looped mashup of Foo Fighters’s 1997 hit Everlong by Bobby Caldwell’s 1978 jazz-soul classic What You Won’t Do for Love. There’s a lot of talk about the “it” factor in the music biz, and Elise has got “it” in spades.

This Week in Sex: 37 Pregnancies Among People Who Use Period Tracking App

Sounds like an innovative high-tech natural family planning tool may work about as well as the old rhythm method. Or is there another explanation? The post This Week in Sex: 37 Pregnancies Among People Who Use Period Tracking App appeared first on Rewire.

Final Exam Time: Free Will 101

Choices......always with the dang choices. Yes, this is a test. The post Final Exam Time: Free Will 101 appeared first on The Good Men Project.

Neighbor To Plead Guilty Of Assaulting Rand Paul

11 hours agoLGBT / Gay : Joe. My. God.

The Washington Post reports: A neighbor of Sen. Rand Paul, R-Kentucky, has agreed to plead guilty in federal court in a November attack that left the nation’s best known libertarian with six broken ribs and briefly sidelined him during debate over the tax overhaul, according to court documents. Show More Summary

19.02 – MU Podcast

This week we unravel the cosmic serpent to find the origins of life and the link between DNA and Ayahuasca visions. Could the building blocks of all life also be a conscious force that is capable of direct communication with our altered states of mind? We then investigate new sightings of flying creatures in Mexico,... Read more »

These Women Have Spent Years Cleaning Up After Senators Who Now Want To Deport Them

Salvadoran immigrants who have long filled D.C.'s service jobs will soon lose their protected status.

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