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Outlier Clean Way Shorts

Outlier’s new board shorts have a clever drawstring arrangement that lets you adjust it with one hand and is hidden to create a clean and preppy look. The shorts are also water-repellent and have a hidden zippered rear pocket.

Geologist for Shell says company hid Nigeria spill dangers

Royal Dutch Shell's Nigeria subsidiary "fiercely opposed" environmental testing and is concealing data showing thousands of Nigerians are exposed to health hazards from a stalled cleanup of the worst oil spills in the West African nation's history, according to a German geologist contracted by the Dutch-British multinational.

Trump Calls Out Freedom Caucus On Trumpcare

2 hours agoLGBT / Gay : Joe. My. God.

The Hill reports: President Trump on Friday morning directly challenged the House Freedom Caucus to support his ObamaCare repeal plan, warning that they would be inadvertently supporting Planned Parenthood if they opposed his bill. “The irony is that the Freedom Caucus, which is very pro-life and against Planned Parenthood, allows P.P. Show More Summary

Seth Meyers Unboggles Yesterday’s ‘Truly Mind-Boggling’ 24 Hours in Trumpland: WATCH

2 hours agoLGBT / Gay : Towleroad

“The last 24 hours in politics have been truly mind-boggling,” said Seth Meyers in last night’s A Closer Look. “You’ve got the president doubling down on his false wiretapping claim, Republicans scrambling to cobble toge… Read The post Seth Meyers Unboggles Yesterday’s ‘Truly Mind-Boggling’ 24 Hours in Trumpland: WATCH appeared first on Towleroad.

Left of Black S7:E19: Black Feminist Fugitivity -- Hortense Spillers & Alexis Pauline Gumbs in Conversation

Left of Black S7:E19: Black Feminist Fugitivity -- Hortense Spillers & Alexis Pauline Gumbs in Conversation On this episode of special episode Left of Black, guest host Alexis Pauline Gumbs is in conversation with foundational Black Feminist Theorist Hortense Spillers. Show More Summary

British Reality Show Contestants Spend a Year Surviving the Wilderness with No One Watching

Imagine signing up for a survival-themed reality show in a remote part of the Scottish Highlands, only to emerge a year later to discover the show hasn’t even been on the air. That’s the reality facing the contestants of the British series Eden, the Guardian reports, which premiered in July 2016 on Channel 4 but aired just four episodes […]

‘Staying Together for the Kids’ is Not Always the Best for Them!

As loving and logical as it may seem to maintain a marriage to protect kids, is it actually a valid point? The post ‘Staying Together for the Kids’ is Not Always the Best for Them! appeared first on The Good Men Project.

Pushing Things Forward in Choral Music

Many choral ensembles are firmly centered on performing the music of the past: either the early-music repertory prized by such groups as New York’s Tenet or Boston’s Blue Heron, or else the big masterworks that come from what might be...Show More Summary

Dax Shepard Wants To Be 'Progressive' While Writing Comedy In This Day And Age

Critics have said “CHIPS” the movie, written and directed by star Dax Shepard, is a buddy-cop comedy featuring “frat-house goofiness,” “exhibitionism” and “homosexual panic.” But Shepard, along with his wife and co-star, Kristen Bell,...Show More Summary

Image: Rome captured by the Copernicus Sentinel-2A satellite

Rome and its surroundings are pictured in this image from the Copernicus Sentinel-2A satellite, captured on 17 January 2016.

Novel oil spill cleanup technology successfully tested

Tests conducted last week of a novel technology that can greatly accelerate the combustion of crude oil floating on water demonstrated its potential to become an effective tool for minimizing the environmental impact of future oil spills. Show More Summary

Chance find has big implications for water treatment's costs and carbon footprint

A type of bacteria accidentally discovered during research supported by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) could fundamentally re-shape efforts to cut the huge amount of electricity consumed during wastewater clean-up.

Supa Hot Fire vs. You

(PG-13: Language) “You a victim. Yesterday I put ketchup on my fries. Today? Today I dipped ’em.” OOOOHHHH He Who Is Not A Rapper is back. And this time he’s comin’ for you. Don’t bother practicing your bars and flows. You lose as soon as you press play.

Steep rise of the Bernese Alps

The striking north face of the Bernese Alps is the result of a steep rise of rocks from the depths following a collision of two tectonic plates. This steep rise gives new insight into the final stage of mountain building and provides important knowledge with regard to active natural hazards and geothermal energy. Show More Summary

Trudeau’s daycare budget ‘is about getting parents of young children into the paid labor force’

The government's projected allocation for childcare 'doesn’t help women who decide to stay home.'

Frightful Photo Friday: Cameras and Other Neon Gadgets Necessary For a Ghost Rave

I thought we might have a little fun this week, since my previous Photo Fridays seem to mostly be morbid and gruesome (and mildly upsetting, when faced with the truth that the internet is full of lies.) So instead, I want to spend some time on the colorful side of ghost photography– namely, focusing on...

The "Healthcare" Vote Is Today

After calling off the scheduled vote last night, House Republicans will, at Donald Trump's urging, have the vote today. If your rep is Dem voting against bill, call to thank them. If a GOP voting for, call to make your opposition heard. Show More Summary

62 Million Reasons I’m Not the Same Anymore

We’re both just going to have to get used to it. The post 62 Million Reasons I’m Not the Same Anymore appeared first on The Good Men Project.

Trump attacks House Freedom Caucus for opposing his healthcare bill

Vote on Obamacare repeal bill is delayed amid Republican revolt March 24, 2017, 4:49 a.m. Here's our look at the Trump administration and the rest of Washington: House GOP leaders postponed a vote on their health plan until FridayWhite House acknowledges it doesn't yet have the votes to pass healthcare...

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