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WATCH: Kim Davis as Heroic as Abolitionists, Says Bryan Fischer

Yep, opposing marriage equality is just like opposing slavery. Or the Nazis, says the antigay commentator. read more

It’s Time You Know You Are Enough

A simple act of kindness reminds Cabot O'Callaghan that our inherent value is not to be questioned. The post It’s Time You Know You Are Enough appeared first on The Good Men Project.

HJ’s New Look and Video

For some, the end of the year or the start of a new one signifies a time of renewal, a time to make changes. For others, spring is the time to clean up and put a fresh face on things. For me, it’s Fall. I’ve been wanting to freshen up HJ’s theme for a while...

Pension fund CalSTRS weighs shift to safety

NEW YORK - The California State Teachers' Retirement System, the nation's second-largest public pension system, is considering a new strategy that would shift up to 12% of its $191-billion portfolio into safer investments, such as long-term Treasury bonds.

Catholics must ‘resist all attempts to normalize homosexual behavior’: Filipino bishops

Catholic politicians especially must 'oppose the legal recognition of homosexual unions in a particularly vigorous way.'

Questions To Ask On A First Date

We’ve all been there: the girl is hot, you think there’s some sort of chemistry, but the conversation is dragging. You’ve gone through all of your usual first-date questions that are basically adult version of ASL from middle school and you’re drawing a blank. Show More Summary

Bye Bye Big Brother: Airplane Mode House Severs Signals

The curtain of the future might filter out not just light and prying eyes but also electronic signals to give us peace and privacy of another kind. The RAM...

Political Memo: Obama Takes Climate Message to Alaska, Where Change Is Rapid

On the third day of his visit to Alaska, President Obama delivered promises of new aid for Arctic communities whose shorelines and infrastructure are crumbling because of rising temperatures.

UFC's Conor McGregor expects a big belt to fit his expanding brand

Conor McGregor spent Wednesday doing what he's best at -- driving up his value.

Body Talk

Am I glorifying thin-ness; the hot bod I had in my teens and twenties? I tell myself that this five and half decades old body has absorbed love and adoration that the itsy bitsy one could only dream of. It has survived injuries and illness for which I am grateful. Show More Summary

Missouri Trans Student's Bathroom Struggle Is History Repeating Itself

Lila Perry's fight for her right to use the girls’ bathroom at her Missouri high school echoes similar battles for equal access that marked the broader American civil rights movement. read more

It May Be Time To Stop Giving

How to know when you are in danger of giving too much or giving for the wrong reasons. The post It May Be Time To Stop Giving appeared first on The Good Men Project.

Why This Dude Rescues Dogs and Wears High Heels

It was almost two in the morning when the phone rang. My mom was frantic and scared, and her voice was shaking the moment I sleepily mumbled hello. I shot right out of bed because unfortunately, I knew that voice all too well. I could...Show More Summary

What It's Like on the Front Lines of the War in Ukraine

DONETSK -- "Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to our concert!" It was 6:34 p.m. when the staccato of mortar fire rounds began, and Alexandr, a 33-year-old Ukrainian soldier who goes by the nom de guerre "Grom" (Thunder), and his joke invited everyone inside. Show More Summary

Drowned Syrian toddler embodies heartbreak of migrant crisis

Heartbreaking images that surfaced Wednesday of a drowned Syrian toddler's tiny body on a Turkish beach went viral, shared by thousands of social media users around the world. The 3-year-old boy and his 5-year-old brother were reported by Turkish media to have been among 12 refugees who drowned...

10 Everyday Household Objects You Can Totally Use In Bed (and 8 you should never ever try)

12 hours agoLGBT / Lesbian :

Inventive sex is great, and we're all for creativity - so here are some good ideas, and some others to avoid like the plague... Contributor: Sasha Garwood read more

The Mysterious Twin Towns: A Genetic Anomaly?

For quite some time, there had been something unusual about the small town of Candido Godoi, Brazil. Year after year, a strange sort of magic had seemed to transpire here, and throughout the surrounding region, the place became known for this oddity, after which the town garnered a...

Olympia Cop Who Shot Unarmed Black Men Was Justified, Court Finds

OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) -- A police officer who shot and injured two men he says repeatedly threatened him during a late night encounter on a dark street was justified in the shooting, and the men have been charged with assault, a prosecutor said Wednesday. Show More Summary

WATCH: Kim Davis Stars in ‘Clerks and Recreation’ thanks to Funny or Die

12 hours agoLGBT / Lesbian :

Antigay Kentucky clerk Kim Davis got the Funny or Die treatment — and the results are too funny to ignore. read more

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