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How to Be Less Terrible at Predicting the Future

Experts and pundits are notoriously bad at forecasting, in part because they aren’t punished for bad predictions. Also, they tend to be deeply unscientific. The psychologist Philip Tetlock is finally turning prediction into a science — and now even you could become a superforecaster. The post How to Be Less Terrible at Predicting the Future appeared first on Freakonomics.

Abortionist Botches 18-Week Abortion, Appears to Leave Part of Baby Inside Mother’s Womb

Operation Rescue just received the 911 recording and Computer Aided Dispatch transcript from February 4, 2016, in Bellevue, Nebraska, that shows LeRoy Carhart (pictured above) indeed botched an abortion on a late-term patient, which caused serious bleeding that required emergency hospitalization. Show More Summary

The True Story of the Gender Pay Gap

Discrimination can’t explain why women earn so much less than men. If only it were that easy. The post The True Story of the Gender Pay Gap appeared first on Freakonomics.

3 Secrets to Fixing Your Marriage that Have Nothing to Do with Fixing Your Spouse

By: Teri Bethel Do you want changes made in certain areas of your spouse’s life and believe with all your heart that those changes will bring harmony in your marriage? This is perhaps a common thought and you are in no way alone in it. But does it make your thought accurate? It really doesn’t. Have you Keep Reading ?

Let Us Sleep on the Subways!

“Don’t sleep in the subway, darling,” Petula Clark crooned, back in the sixties, leading the wonderful standup comedian Carol Leifer to ask, a couple of decades later, just what kind of men Petula might be dating. “What kind of guys is she going out with that she’s gotta tell them these things? You know, ‘Don’t wash your face with Clorox. Show More Summary

If you can’t convince an atheist abortion is wrong…you’re doing it wrong

To be pro-life is to be pro-science. To be pro-choice is to give sway to imprecise, subjective gobbledy gook.

WATCH: Johnny Depp as Donald Trump in Lost ‘80s Movie

2 hours agoLGBT / Gay :

Funny or Die has you covered for your lunch break today.

Wednesday Morning News: Bernie Sanders, HIV, St. Patrick’s Day, Madonna, Woof Wednesday

2 hours agoLGBT / Gay : Towleroad

PRIMARY POLITICS. Bernie Sanders met with Al Sharpton after his victory in New Hampshire on Tuesday: “The meeting didn’t appear to take long. Around 10:30 a.m, Sharpton posted another photo on Twitter showing the two walking out of the restaura… Read The post Wednesday Morning News: Bernie Sanders, HIV, St. Patrick’s Day, Madonna, Woof Wednesday appeared first on Towleroad.

Artist to Watch: Woodpigeon

2 hours agoLGBT / Gay :

Folksy LGBT singer Woodpigeon is back with an album full of heartbreak.

Daily Crush: Versace's Emoji App

2 hours agoLGBT / Gay :

Add some designer bling to your selfies

The Ice Ball Cocktail

While serving fancy ice spheres and cubes in cocktails is a pretty popular trend these days, this is the first time we’ve seen a cocktail served from inside an ice sphere. Cocktail Chemistry shows us how to prepare this very special drink.

Deal: Beyond Ink Pen

A pen that combines several useful functions in one pocket-sized device. In addition to working as a ballpoint pen, it’s got a 16GB flash drive, a phone charging cable (Lightning or MicroUSB), a 1000mAh battery, and a capacitive stylus built in. Save 30% in The Awesomer Shop.

The Media's Favorite Game

[Content Note: Misogyny.]Virtually every day, I document some example of misogyny used against Hillary Clinton. And virtually every day, I encounter numerous people who assert that there is no misogyny used against Hillary Clinton.That...Show More Summary

Pro-Beyoncé and Anti-Beyoncé Protesters Will Face Off in a Rally at the NFL Headquarters in NYC

Look at what sweet Beyoncé done went and started. She thrust herself right smack dab in the middle of the Black Lives Matter movement with her Super Bowl halftime performance.

Quick Hit: 20 Young Writers Of Color Share Their Favorite Poems

You’re missing out if you haven’t yet checked out this wonderful poet curating favorite poems of other young, wonderful, and talented friends and hopefully soon-to-be friends of color. The Huffington Post writes: “[Tabia] Alexine’s diversified anthology speaks to the importance of poetry to voices too often marginalized or silenced. Show More Summary

Why We Fear Transpersons

What is it about some becoming who "they" were truly meant to be that frightens society? The post Why We Fear Transpersons appeared first on The Good Men Project.

Final Hours: HUGE Mountain House Sale, up to 46% off plus Reward Gift Certificates!

We've got 24 varieties of canned 30-year Mountain House food--ready for prompt, FREE shipping. And it's all on sale only till midnite, Wed., Feb. 10. Last August a sudden onslaught of customer orders fully depleted the stock of Mountain House canned food at the factory warehouses. Show More Summary

Show the World That #FurIsDead With the #FurChallenge

Calling all activists: Take the #FurChallenge and help end the barbaric killing of animals on fur farms and in fur traps for cruel fashion products. The post Show the World That #FurIsDead With the #FurChallenge appeared first on PE...

WATCH: Dallas Judge Defends Refusal to Marry Gay Couples

A Dallas judge who said he would refuse to marry same-sex couples is defending his stance in the face of controversy.

U.S. court move to block emission plan fails to sustain coal shares' boost

NEW YORK (Reuters) - The U.S. Supreme Court's decision to block federal regulations to curb carbon dioxide emissions failed to give a sustained boost to shares of the long-battered coal sector on Wednesday.

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