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Drought drives greater household use of gray water

Strands of silver hair fell into Annie Costanzo's face as she wielded a sledgehammer against the brick walkway in her backyard. Plumes of dust and debris filled the air, and reddish-pink shards scattered in the wake of the 64-year-old sculptor's latest water conservation project.

Mysterious Crater Opens in Beach and Snails Fly Out of It

In North Carolina this summer, beachgoers fear the sharks. In California, they fear the strange blobs washing ashore. In Devon, England, they fear the flying snails. Wait, what? Orcombe Point on Exmouth Beach in Devon, England, was closed this week after a huge mysterious crater opened up...

Amber Heard: 'I Don’t Want to Have to Deny My Sexuality in Order to Be Me'

The bisexual actress says roles have been harder to come by since coming out. read more

Sports Explained: Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest

A True American doesn't wake up and put on his stars and stripes underwear and waltz around the house without consequences. A real patriot puts it all on the line for America. Joey Chestnut is that American as we dive into another edition...Show More Summary

5 Lessons I Learned After My Divorce to Truly Love My Daughter

After wrecking his car and body, this man learned how to forgive and be there for his daughter. — Several beers later, I felt like things were getting out of hand.. That night was the worst of my life. I had an accident in which I totaled...Show More Summary

5 Secrets Your GPS Can Teach You About Communication

Communication goes far beyond the words you say. Mastering this skill can benefit your relationships and life.  — Men often get a bad wrap when it comes to how and how often they communicate. It’s not a secret men use fewer words and speak far less often than women. Show More Summary

The Mayor of Columbia, SC Demands; Take Down That Flag

I was just a boy in school the first time I read Dr. King’s Letter from Birmingham Jail trying to imagine what it must have been like to live through those events and be a part of a movement that fundamentally redefined who we are as a nation and as a people.

Bonfires: Campfire Tales, Treats, and Atmosphere

Bonfires and scary tales - what autumn should be made of Here's some good bonfire recipes: Banana dessert (I make this on every camping trip) Take a banana, slice it down the middle lengthwise. Spread peanut butter, put in miniature chocolate chips. Show More Summary

Playing Your Trump Card to Win

Three men discover the key to sustained weight loss and improved health. — The first time we met Tony, a successful entrepreneur, he looked fearful, sad and desperate. Tony, a handsome Italian in his early fifties, had recently buried his wife. Show More Summary

A Birthday Gift for the Dalai Lama - Global Compassion Education

The Dalai Lama's 80th Birthday Wish Is That We All Live #WithCompassion. While I love his wish, I say let's take it a step further: let's give His Holiness the Dalai Lama the gift of global compassion education by mainstreaming compassion training in schools, communities and businesses around the world. Show More Summary

Male and Female Serial Killers

How evolutionary psychology may explain the difference. The post Male and Female Serial Killers appeared first on The Good Men Project.

Bishop's pending sale of O.C. church leaves congregation locked out

Though St. James the Great Episcopal Church parishioners won't be meeting in their longtime house of worship Sunday, it doesn't mean they won't be having a service.

How Bringing Back The Great Whale Can Limit Climate Change (VIDEO)

The oceans are huge carbon sinks for the world. Fish and whales comprise only a tiny part of their overall biomass. Nevertheless, studies have shown that fishing and whaling by humans have altered the ocean’s carbon storage and sequestration capabilities by causing a change in the food chain, or a trophic cascade. Show More Summary

Fourth of July Manvotional: The Coming American

“The Coming American” From Whiffs from Wild Meadows By Sam Walter Foss [Read at Mr. Henry C. Bowen’s Annual Fourth of July Celebration, at Roseland Park, Woodstock, Conn., July 4, 1894.] On the Fourth of July we all love to dilate With the thought that we are inexpressibly great; That we’re all legatees of fate’s […]

State auditor cites failure to protect foster youth from sex offenders

California's auditor has issued a stark assessment of the state Social Services Department's safeguards for foster youth, highlighting breakdowns that may have put children at risk and led to millions of wasted dollars.

Opponents vow to overturn vaccination law at Santa Monica rally

Three days after Gov. Jerry Brown signed one of the nation's strictest mandatory vaccination bills, several hundred opponents rallied in Santa Monica on Friday and vowed to repeal it.

Christie Rampone has big U.S. finish in mind at Women's World Cup

Christie Rampone was a fresh-faced 24-year-old when she played in her first Women's World Cup in 1999. And the U.S. won.

BLAX NEWS: "The Atlanta Voice" News Paper Warns The "White Racists In Gwinnett County": "While Yes It Is True That In Both Shooting Incidents That Took Place In The County Today The Assailant Was Black BUT In One Case The Murder Victim Was Black While T

I am sorry for the family of the woman who was murdered by her love interest after they began fighting and he shot into her car. This message in no way attempts to mock this situation.THE LARGER TRUTH is that the corrupt "Black Racial...Show More Summary

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