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CHATTER AWAY: Overnight Open Thread

12 hours agoLGBT / Gay : Joe. My. God.

Some Stormy news on a stormy day to start you off: CBS News said Wednesday evening that “60 Minutes” will indeed air the segment this Sunday, March 25, ensuring the American public will hear directly from the actress about her allegations...Show More Summary

Roma Downey's 'Box of Butterflies' alights at a star-studded Beverly Hills book party

Kelly Noonan Gores and private equity investor Alec Gores opened their Beverly Hills home to celebrate Roma Downey's new spiritual memoir "Box of Butterflies."

Absolutely no drop in Sam Darnold's game as he throws in rain at USC's pro day

The NFL scouts, coaches and team executives were there, but that’s true for any high-profile pro day. There was someone else standing on the sideline at USC’s Cromwell Field on Wednesday, however, studying Sam Darnold’s every spiral. Hall of Fame quarterback and Fox commentator Troy Aikman watched...

Zuckerberg reconoce que Facebook debe proteger los datos de los usuarios o 'no merecen atenderlos'

El presidente ejecutivo de Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, reconoció el miércoles que su compañía no protegió los datos de los usuarios en la creciente controversia de Cambridge Analytica, pero dijo que los pasos ya adoptados y las políticas recientemente reveladas, evitarían que los desarrolladores...

The Guardians get Captured by the Collector on ‘Mission Breakout’

The Guardians are in real trouble on ‘Mission Breakout’I have really enjoyed the Guardians of the Galaxy cartoon so far. They have fought all kinds of threats together, and saved the galaxy many times. This show goes places the films haven’t yet, and may never honestly. Show More Summary

Surviving Days at Home With Sick Kids

We just don’t stop! Having a sick kid home from school means we’re forced to stop. The post Surviving Days at Home With Sick Kids appeared first on The Good Men Project.

What’s Up With All The Consumerism In ‘Queer Eye’?

Their self-improvement journeys are aided by a good haircut and a loaded credit card.

Objections Raised After Controversial HIV Researcher With Ties To Abstinence Group Tapped To Head CDC

13 hours agoLGBT / Gay : Joe. My. God.

The New York Times reports: A leading AIDS researcher and proponent of medication-assisted therapy for addiction was appointed Wednesday to oversee the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Alex M. Azar II, secretary of the Health and Human Services Department, announced that the agency’s new director would be Dr. Show More Summary

Question of the Day

Suggested by Shaker IrishUp: "What's a word or phrase that is archaic or outdated, that you use now or wish were in common use?"I can't even remember what it was now, but Deeks and I were watching something last weekend in which someone...Show More Summary

Following Trump's lead, Sessions urges federal prosecutors to seek death penalty against major drug dealers

Following President Trump’s public calls to execute drug pushers, Atty. Gen. Jeff Sessions instructed federal prosecutors Wednesday to seek the death penalty against major drug dealers in response to the nation’s opioid crisis. Federal executions are extremely rare — only three inmates have been...

Ten Things I’ve Learned From Moving On After a Breakup

Image by quotesviral.netI’m married now, but I’ve had my fair share of heartbreak. Here are ten things I’ve learned about moving on from a broken heart – especially for you young dudes:Look ahead: whenever you are dealing with the emotional or financial impact of a breakup, you have to look ahead and not back. Show More Summary

Ask Dr. NerdLove: How Do I Live As An Introvert Surrounded by Extroverts?

We’re planning on moving to another country on a year or two due to the boyfriend’s job, but in the meantime, I’m spiraling hard. The post Ask Dr. NerdLove: How Do I Live As An Introvert Surrounded by Extroverts? appeared first on The Good Men Project.

Proposition Targets Trans People in Alaska's Largest City

Conservatives are stirring up transphobia to pass an ugly, useless proposition.

Company Will Kill You By Freezing Your Brain So Someday You Can be Brought Back to Life in a Computer Program

What an era. One one hand, we have materialist transhumanists — terrified of death — promising a corporeal immortality via uploading our minds into computers. At the same time, we have the assisted-suicide movement terrifying people at the prospect of agonizing deaths, pitching an earlier death by hemlock to avoid suffering. And now, the two […]

New York Could Become the Latest State to Solidify ‘Roe’ Protections as Trump Looms

From California to Vermont, state lawmakers have introduced a flurry of bills and amendments to cement the protections ensured by the landmark Roe decision. The post New York Could Become the Latest State to Solidify ‘Roe’ Protections as Trump Looms appeared first on Rewire.News.

Wednesday Links!

This list o' links brought to you by snow. So much snow.Recommended Reading:Lauren Gambino at the Guardian: Carmen Yulín Cruz, Six Months After Hurricane Maria: 'I Did What Had to Be Done'Sung Yeon Choimorrow at Reappropriate: Why NIFLA v. Show More Summary

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