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Democratic Political Infighting Over Education Harms Black Families

The Democrats’ political machine is in full gear this summer as special interest groups drive toward a common goal: getting the party elected to the highest office in the land. But the political action group Democrats for Education Reform, which favors charter schools, has veered off the road, blasting negotiators who altered part of the […]

American Witch Hunts: Hillary, Megyn, Debbie

Homophobia, transphobia, and racism are on the tip of everyone's tongue lately. Too bad misogyny gets so little lip service.

This Single-Cell Organism is the Ancestor of All Living Things

An evolutionary biologist in Germany claims to have pinpointed, with astonishing accuracy, the last universal common ancestor of all living things on Earth. Affectionately known as LUCA, the single-cell, bacteria-like organism lived around 3.8 billion years ago–when the Earth was just 560 million years old–and could shed...

365 Days Of Social Justice For Travon Williams: The Public Defender's Job Is to Ensure That The Killer Has His Constitutional Right To An Aggressive Defense - Even Though He Did Not Respect The "Right To Live" Of His Victims

WHO IS ANTHONY KIMBRIK? He will NOT BE "The White Best Friend" Coming To The Defense Of The MAN WHO MURDERED A BLACK Man - Because In The World Of "Dark Matter Analysis" - THE REVERSE INDICTMENTS Do Not Hold Sway (ie: The Black Man Who...Show More Summary

This Man Built the Personal Flying Chair of Your Dreams

Unlike this guy who obviously knows what he's doing, the rest of us should probably have some patience and wait for a more advanced model. The post This Man Built the Personal Flying Chair of Your Dreams appeared first on The Good Men Project.

Do The Most Good

Hey, Berners. I get it. I really do. Back in 2008, I was a Hillary Clinton supporter in the primaries. (Spoiler alert: I am still a Hillary Clinton supporter now.) Those of us with long enough voting records to remember, that year was a highly contested and incredibly heated primary. Show More Summary

Why Spiritual Leadership is Key to Solve Climate Change

I have never really considered myself a spiritual being or given it much thought. To be honest I've always thought spirituality had a weird vibe to it - or even an annoying form of arrogance: An exclusive club for the enlightened few that we 'normal people' could never fully understand. Show More Summary

Relaxing With Purpose: The Fundamentals of Strategic Self-Care

Because just turning your brain off isn't the same as relaxing. Check out Relaxing With Purpose: The Fundamentals of Strategic Self-Care on Primer.

Kent Forbes, Does the Simulation Hypothesis Defeat Materialism |323|

This academic turned filmmaker believes science’s growing openness to the simulation hypothesis may overturn materialism. photo by: Kent Forbes Today on Skeptiko we’re joined by Kent Forbes, whose movie, The Simulation Hypothesis, explores the possibility that reality is in fact a simulation in which we are unaware avatars. Show More Summary

Be Wary Of Studies That Deny Racial Bias In Police Shootings

Charles Kinsey. Philando Castile. Alton Sterling. Delrawn Small. Michael Brown. Conflicting narratives emerged in the aftermath of these cases of unarmed black men brutalized or killed by police. Black Lives Matter alleges that police unfairly target black people with sometimes lethal force, even when they’re unarmed. Show More Summary

Men In Black: They’re watching you

  Who are the Men In Black? What are the Men In Black? Weeks before Kenneth Arnold described seeing strange crafts flying ‘…like saucers skipping on water.’, there was another incredible claim of a UFO sighting coming from the dark, frigid waters of Puget Sound. It was in June of 1947 when Fred Crisman and Harold Dahl […]

Is This Lake Cursed?

A gorgeous idyllic-looking lake in the urban setting of Dallas, Texas harbors a dark history of taking lives and hiding the dead. Locals believe White Rock Lake is haunted, and with good reason. A man was doing his regular run around White Lake and was randomly killed with a machete. Show More Summary

How Three New studies Unravel South Africa’s Patterns of HIV Transmission

New targeted interventions can have a significant impact on reducing the spread HIV and reducing the risk young women face of becoming HIV positive in South Africa. The post How Three New studies Unravel South Africa’s Patterns of HIV Transmission appeared first on The Good Men Project.

Constructive Feedback University: DECOLONIZATION 101: Jonathan Capehart: Stealing The Americanized So-Called Negro's Valuables Using Constructs That Are Ephemeral, Not Subject To Absolute Measure


Hillary Clinton Appears at DNC in Dramatic Glass-Shattering Presidential Montage: WATCH

9 hours agoLGBT / Gay : Towleroad

Hillary Clinton made a stunning video entrance at tonight’s Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, appearing live from New York via video at the end of a montage of past presidents. It was Clinton’s first appearance since being n… Read The post Hillary Clinton Appears at DNC in Dramatic Glass-Shattering Presidential Montage: WATCH appeared first on Towleroad.

4 people arrested after trying to enter Secret Service-protected area outside the DNC

Democratic National Convention live updates: Bill Clinton tells the story of 'the real' Hillary Clinton July 26, 2016, 10:21 p.m. What happened on the second day of the Democratic National Convention:• Former president Bill Clinton sought to humanize his wife with a personal, folksy account of...

Dems Make History While Running Gamut of Emotions

Serious moments alternated with humorous ones as the Democrats officially nominated Hillary Clinton and her husband touted her change-making abilities.

How is Looking for a Mate Like Shopping for a Home?

You can't just look from the outside, you have to explore inside as well. The post How is Looking for a Mate Like Shopping for a Home? appeared first on The Good Men Project.

Meryl Streep, Alicia Keys Bring Down The House At The DNC

10 hours agoLGBT / Gay : NewNowNext

Meryl Streep and Alicia Keys closed night two of the DNC.

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