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Help Us Track Down The Owners Of These Mysterious Photos

A picture is worth a thousand words... but, sometimes, you need a few more than that. Writer and photographer Pearl Gabel stumbled across a series of photographs with no home and posted an assortment of them on her Instagram. Found family photos - found overflowing from a garbage bag Lenox Av. Show More Summary

The Journey Of Two Journalists Into Darfur's Forgotten War

The images that photojournalists Adriane Ohanesian and Klaas van Dijken brought back with them from war-ravaged Darfur, in western Sudan, are moving, eye-opening – and exceptionally rare. Darfur, once a household name globally, has fallen out of the international spotlight in recent years – and not because peace has come to the people there. Show More Summary

Test Driving the 'Positive No'

Last year, a colleague asked me to help lead the development of a proposal for a particular project and then lead the project if we were successful. I instinctively knew I didn't want to take this project on; I wasn't convinced it would lead to positive change, nor that it would advance Bridgespan's practice and knowledge. Show More Summary

Sons of Sawdust: Finding Heritage, History, and the Future in Reclaimed Wood

You’ve heard of a phoenix rising from the ashes. But brothers Matt and Ben Hobbs, with Matt’s wife Shayna, rose from dust and wood shavings to launch Sons of Sawdust. After personal loss, injury, and distress, the three started a small, handmade furniture company in Athens, Georgia, using only salvaged, 100+ year-old wood. What they’re […]

Directors Guild of America Chooses 80 Best-Directed Films, Ever

Any reason for a list, right? Well, even in 2016 an 80th anniversary is pretty significant, so hats off to the Directors Guild of America for deciding to vote on and choose the 80 best-directed films of all-time as a way to mark the occasion, even if it is a little bit of a lackluster way […]

Adele Worships At The Altar Of Beyoncé Just Like The Rest Of Us

Adele is a proud member of the Beyhive. The "Hello" singer took to Instagram on Tuesday to express her love for Beyoncé, writing that she's been late to react to the "Lemonade" singer's stunning visual album because she's been "speechless."...Show More Summary

Virginia KKK Leader Calls Donald Trump 'Best For The Job'

Former KKK leader David Duke isn't the only high-profile white nationalist who has declared himself to be on team Trump. In an interview with Richmond, Virginia, NBC affiliate WWBT, a man identified only as the "imperial wizard for the...Show More Summary

Stop Selling Your Body For Clicks

I want all of the perks of being rich, without having any money. I want all of the benefits of exercise, without lifting a knee. I deserve a gift registry, even though I am not getting married. I should be allowed to take time off, despite the fact that I am neither ill nor bereaved. I should be treated fairly, even […]

Authentic Music From The Era Of "The Americans"

If you have not yet come across Fluxblog’s survey of the 1980s I highly recommend that you check it out. It’s currently down to 1983, and as an Actual Old Person who was There At The Time I can personally guarantee that it was almost exactly like this, only more poignant because of the very […]

Julien Mier, "Hum Of The Hummingbirds"

“[W]hen they rest they come close to death: on frigid nights, or when they are starving, they retreat into torpor, their metabolic rate slowing to a fifteenth of their normal sleep rate, their hearts sludging nearly to a halt, barely beating, and if they are not soon warmed, if they do not soon find that […]

Constructive Feedback University's "Who Is That Woman In The Picture" - Akin To "National Geographic: The Story Of How Diamond Trusty Was Not Invited On Stage To Indoctrinate The Colonized Negroes At A Political Rally

In their search for the actual woman in this iconic picture......... National Geographic returned to the Afghanistan-Pakistan border and found the woman in the picture years later. In as much as it is true that this "Black Woman Seen...Show More Summary

Here We Go

[Content Note: Disablist language; bigotry.]For a very long time, as Donald Trump was emerging as the Republican frontrunner, prominent members of the GOP were wringing their hands about it and pretending that Trump's policies (such as they are) were outside the mainstream of their platform. Show More Summary

The Media Must Change Their Approach on Trump; Our Nation's Future Depends on It

[Content Note: Bigotry; privilege.]The media has positioned itself as Hillary Clinton's second opponent by running more negative stories about her than any other presidential candidate. Not only are they running against her with disproportionate...Show More Summary

Judge Gives Family Two Weeks Before This Boy’s Life Support is Yanked Without Their Consent

The name Israel means he who prevails with God.  Right now, there is an emergency calling for the performance of God’s love and work here on earth.  In no uncertain terms, prevailing in this instance means life and losing results in death. Israel Stinson is a beautiful two-year-old boy with baby soft caramel skin and […]

Stepfather Cuts Out Mentally Disabled Teen’s Uterus to Hide Pregnancy After He Raped Her

A brutal case out of Texas has pro-life advocates up in arms after a slain mentally disabled teenager was found with her uterus cut out after accusing her stepfather of raping her on multiple occasions. 18-year-old Holli Jeffcoat and a sibling reportedly suffered years of abuse at the hands of her mother and stepfather.  Court […]

Man Murders His Pregnant Girlfriend and Unborn Baby Because He Didn’t Want to be a Father

Last Wednesday, police in Tacoma Park, Maryland were called about a man in the lobby of an apartment building said to be bleeding from a stab wound in the stomach. When they arrived, it appeared that Thierry Kinshala Nkusu had been the victim of an assailant, according to police affidavits, as reported by the Washington […]

Rockwall Mayor’s Proposed Anti-Trans Ordinance Unanimously Defeated

A Texas Mayor’s attempt to push an anti-transgender ordinance drew a sizeable crowd Monday -- making clear their resounding opposition to his efforts. Rockwall Republican Mayor Jim Pruitt proposed an ordinance that would have mandated...Show More Summary

U.S. Education Secretary Condemns Harmful Anti-Trans Laws in Mississippi and North Carolina

Yesterday, U.S. Education Secretary John B. King Jr. spoke out against the discriminatory legislation signed into law in North Carolina and Mississippi, urging state legislatures to repeal these laws. "My hope is legislators will realize they've made a terrible mistake," he said. Show More Summary

The Unexpected Upside to That Anti-Trans School Board Meeting in South Carolina

If you want to pass a law that singles out a specific class of people based on their identity and disadvantages them under the law, you have to be smart about it. Don’t go shouting down your opponents, ranting about your religion, or parading in the streets with splenetic signs that might be illegal in Europe. Show More Summary

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