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UFOs at Reunion Island Where Possible MH370 Wreckage Found

The media this week trumpeted the discovery of debris from a Boeing 777 that is possibly the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. The place where the debris was found is the remote Indian Ocean island of Reunion, which is also the location of Piton de la Fournaise...

The Beast-Man of Bowman’s Woods

On March 27, 1907, the Nevada-based Reno Evening Gazette newspaper ran a story with the very eye-catching title of “Wild Man Startles People of Kentucky.” The sub-title added even more to the eye-opening and jaw-dropping nature of the story: “Hairy Creature Seen by Farmhand, and Both Are...

Firefighters Bigfoot Encounter

Based on a true story, a group of fire fighters witnessed something they'll never forget.

More Profiling the Gloucester Sea Serpent

Some excellent comments from the Cryptomundians regarding Nick's post: Profiling the Gloucester Sea Serpent

Sustained UFO Activity Over Fort Detrick, MD

I received the following account last evening. Is Fort Detrick, a United States Army Medical Command installation and an integral part of the United States biological defense program, being monitored by otherworldly factions?:I work at a government facility so I'd like to remain anonymous. Show More Summary

Daily 2 Cents: An Astral Perception Perspective -- Giant Land Snail Invasion! -- Live Television Exorcism

An Astral Perception Perspective "The body is our general medium for having a world." - Maurice Merleau-PontyLet's get a bit 'metaphysical' for a minute. Frequently, someone will inquire about astral perception and the procedure used...Show More Summary

Scare LA Coming August 8th and 9th!

I am a huge fan of home haunters, the unsung heroes who make our favorite holiday ROCK! There is an event in LA on August 8th and 9th just for home haunters! OMG! This is a dream! It's called Scare LA (click name link). It will be having lots of presentations and workshops to learn, special appearances, and much more. Show More Summary

London HOHOs: Jack the Ripper and Ghost Tours Included

I know some travelers are not fans of HOHOs (Hop-on Hop-off tours). I used to be one of them…until our jaunt to New York a few years back for our Canada/New England cruise. I was suffering from a pretty bad case of plantar fasciitis. (Side effect of my tennis addiction.) My husband couldn’t bear watching […]

Cuba Humanoid Reports

If you listened to the most recent Arcane Radio presentation, our guest Albert Rosales and I were discussing sightings in Cuba and the possibility that new reports will surface when more political restrictions are lifted. You can listen...Show More Summary

Scary Abandoned Restaurants, Stores and Schools

Abandoned buildings are spooky as it is, but abandoned restaurants and schools carry a very odd vibe. They were once very noisy, offered sensory overload, and had moments of celebration and noise; now down to empty abandoned shells. The result can sometimes be quite chilling.... Show More Summary

Zombie Ants, Bulletproof Armadillo and Smart Land Snails

It’s Weird Creature Day and this week’s news has some good ones. A Japanese caterpillar creates drugged zombie ants to use as bodyguards. An armadillo in Texas may be bulletproof. And invasive giant land snails in Florida are developing new tricks. Until recently, experts thought the caterpillars...

Scranton Man Attacked by McDade Park Bigfoot?

An update to the original story, Scranton Police Officer Claims Encounter with Big Foot in McDade Park "Exclusive Picture", posted here on Cryptomundo two days ago.

Missing in Alaska: Hunted by the Hairy Man

Tales of Bigfoot sightings are reported globally but the Alaskan version is the most extreme, standing over 14 feet. Is this massive, aggressive creature targeting people in the Alaska Triangle? Cryptozoologist Ken Gerhard and team try to track down the beast, hoping to learn how this monster remains so elusive.

Daily 2 Cents: Strange Night at Home -- Huge Disc Lands / Abducts Two Boys -- Update...Scranton Bigfoot Encounter / Newly Reported Attack

Strange Night at Home I received the following account from a reader who lives near me:I don't remember the exact day but in May 1995 my husband and were awakened at the exact same time from beeping coming from the kitchen downstairs. Show More Summary

The Phantom Ploughman of Lower Merion, Pa

I received the following information from Jon Wyatt, who is a blog contributor and reader from Melbourne, Australia. I don't believe I had been aware of this account previously:Hi Lon,I noticed this story in an 1889 Australian digitalised newspaper and thought you may be interested. Show More Summary

Debunking Ghost Photographs: How To Photograph Properly

Genuine unexplained (above) more later on this - We want to capture the paranormal on cameras, but honestly it is so unbelievably rare that it can be disheartening. Before you get too excited about some of your oddities on your photographs, let's talk a wee bit about the explainable and how to discern it. Show More Summary

14.05 – MU Podcast

David and Ben Paulides join us to discuss their upcoming documentary on David’s Missing 411 research. The work chronicles children, adults and the elderly who have disappeared, sometimes in the presence of friends and relatives. As Search and Rescue personnel exhaust leads and places to search, relatives start...

Has UFO Disclosure Already Happened?

Disclosure. It’s the word which entered the vocabulary of UFOlogy’s discourse in the late 90’s, and like an insidious Trojan Horse it completely hijacked the field’s policies and public strategies ever since. To be fair, the concept is almost as old as the study of UFOs itself,...

Historic Downtown Glendale

One of the places you might want to visit while in Arizona is the historic district of Glendale. It is located in the heart of Glendale and has a variety of things to do. If you love antique shopping, they have a few shops to choose from as well as other one-of-a-kind shops. Show More Summary

Anomalous Holes and Craters: Natural or Otherwise?

In mid-July 2014, a mysterious hole in permafrost, spotted by helicopter pilots in the Yamal region of northern Russia, captured the world’s attention. Reindeer herders reported a second hole some days later, and still later a third Siberian crater was found. Show More Summary

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