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Messin’ with Sasquatch: Fling It

A group of disc golf players decide to mess with Sasquatch, only to find out that Sasquatch plays the game by his own rules. And always wins.

Ancient Alien Gods: Huang-Di

Proponents of ancient astronaut theories often maintain that humans are either descendants or creations of beings who landed on Earth thousands of years ago. The most popular theory is that human knowledge, religion, and culture came from extraterrestrial visitors in ancient times. Show More Summary

The benefits of having a lake monster

The Tennessee Valley Authority could use a monster, or the inkling of a monster, right now in Boone Lake, to bring out boaters, explorers, scientists and recreational types. We could call him Booney. Oh, Booney? Yes, I saw Booney last weekend in the shallow channel of water that sits near the bottom of what is usually Boone Lake. Show More Summary

Urban Exploring: Framing

When I take photos of any abandoned place, I will use doors, windows and even shrubbery to frame my shot or add a bit on interest to the photo. These pictures were taken at an abandoned house we found along the Arizona highways.

Suspicions Confirmed in Charlie Charlie Challenge

Last week the Charlie Charlie Challenge (#CharlieCharlieChallenge) swept the Internet. The second I saw it on the Today Show, I knew it’d make a great Forum and Facebook post. (Á la the question: Have you tried summoning Charlie the Mexican demon?) On Saturday afternoon, rain forced us home from the pool. While Wayne slept I […]

11.21 – MU Plus+ Podcast

Psychic dreams and lucid healing effects are explored in detail on this episode along the cosmic blueprint that feeds precognition. We also try to enrol in an online university that promises to empower our sacred feminine goddess within. It doesn’t end well…. This episode is EXCLUSIVE to...

The Urban Sasquatch Journal: New Season Begins!

Links to previous installments:Episode 1 - 'What is Urban Sasquatch?"Episode 2 "The Original Experiments"Episode 3: "The Urban Study Begins"Episode 4: "Signatures and Signs"Episode 5: "Mixing It Up"Episode 6: "Neglected and Discouraged"Episode...Show More Summary

E.T. and the Brookings Institution

In the December 1960/January 1961 issue of the NICAP UFO Investigator journal, a small article was published under the heading of “Space-Life Report Could be Shock.” It read as follows: “The discovery of intelligent space beings could have a severe effect on the public, according to a...

UFOs and the Robertson Panel

This past weekend I spoke at the annual “Contact in the Desert” gig at Joshua Tree, California. The subject of my lecture: how and why the Contactees of the 1950s – such as George Adamski, Frank Stranges, George Hunt Williamson, and George Van Tassel – became the...

Charlie, Charlie a viral marketing stunt

Viral marketing is best when its not noticeable as viral marketing. That is what happened with the latest twitter trend, the #CharlieCharlieChallenge. It seems it was all a viral marketing plot to raise awareness of a new movie The Gallows from Warner Brothers. Show More Summary

Movie Monday: Crimson Peak

I forget how I stumbled across the trailer for Crimson Peak, but some description of it including the following words: haunted, Gothic, atmospheric, and Guillermo del Toro. That’s all it took to catch my eye. I of course clicked the link to watch. Oh wow. Crimson Peak looks chilling. Like The Woman in Black meets […]

Virgin Births May Save Sawfish From Extinction

Looking at the sawfish, you’ve got to wonder how males and females of the unusual species manage to have sex at all without bloodshed, amputations or at least some impressive contortions. Surprisingly they’ve been able to reproduce for eons but that alone has not been enough to...

Inception of a Flying Cryptid?

I received the following account today:I heard you on Coast to Coast with George Knapp on Sunday night and how people send you stories about things they have seen. I decided to share mine. I've only told a few people this, but it is 100% true.I'll keep this story brief. Show More Summary

Messin’ with Sasquatch: Heads Up

Outside a grocery store three guys trick Sasquatch with a classic coin prank. But Sasquatch turns their prank into payback.

Daily 2 Cents: Hooded Figure Spooks Drivers in Australia -- Odd Anomaly / UFO Photographed -- Fisherman Impaled to Death by Swordfish

Hooded Figure Spooks Drivers in Australia Dashcam footage shows a creepy figure walk out on to the road and lunge at a car as it passes by.The driver had been traveling along Lake Road near Kearsley at around 1:30am when he came across...Show More Summary

“Sasquatch Brigade” Giveaway: Bigfoot/Yeti/Sasquatch Embroidered Patches!

To promote his current “Sasquatch Brigade” embroidered patch Kickstarter campaign, artist and cryptid fanatic George Coghill is giving away a set of the hairy ape-man cryptid trilogy of embroidered patches to Cryptomundo readers.

Frankenstein Army

By Greg May - John Lear – son of the famous aviation pioneer William Lear – was shocked when he learned the United States government had made a secret pact with aliens.At first, Lear had no interest in UFO matters but as he began to check out various accounts relayed to him he discovered there were mountains of evidence proving UFOs are real. Show More Summary

Flaming Gorge Bigfoot Sighting

We visit the location of two Bigfoot sightings near the Flaming Gorge area of Utah.

Bigfoot: Cases of Missing Time in the Woods

There are those who have gone into the woods and had unusual things happen that they weren't sure whether to attribute to weird sleep, brain blip, or Bigfoot. What does happen in the woods that makes us wonder if Bigfoot has skills we...Show More Summary

Sasquatch Chronicles: Campsite Encounter With Sasquatch

Tonight I speak with Randy Harrington. Randy Harrington had one of the best, close up encounters you’ll ever hear. After setting up a fake camp site to attract Bigfoot, Harrington hid in his truck. When the creatures stepped out of the...Show More Summary

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