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When Roger Met Patty

The Patterson-Gimlin Film, the Hominid seen in it, the remarkably intense debate it has provoked, and the solution to the mystery. This book offers a truly unique analysis of the famous Patterson-Gimlin Film (the “Bigfoot” film, as it...Show More Summary

Third Siberian Crater “Doesn’t Look Like Natural Formation”

OK, this hole definitely needs to be looked into. A third mysterious crater has been found in Siberia. This one was discovered in the Taymyr Peninsula by local reindeer herders who live in the northern village of Nosok. The area is east of Yamal, where the first...

Is There Life on Uranus?

Regular readers of Mysterious Universe are familiar with my “Is There Life on…?” pieces; to name a few examples, I’ve discussed the possibility of life on the planets Venus and Neptune, the moons of Enceladus and Callisto, and even—implausible as it may sound—the Sun. And every time I post...

Once Owned by Family

Summer Home: Located in a picturesque inlet on Mobjack Bay, sits the historic summer home of my friend and co-author, Sharon Day. She and her family spent many summers there in the 1960's and 1970's. Sharon wrote an amazing book accounting all the paranormal experiences she had while vacationing with her family. Show More Summary

How to Care for a Heroin-Addicted Elephant

The Chinese government has cracked down on the illegal slaughter of elephants (killing an elephant is now punishable by death), but it’s easier to get away with the crime in neighboring Burma. This creates a challenge for poachers who want to get rich off the ivory trade:...

White Skin's First Appearance In Homo Sapiens

A DNA change tens of thousands of years ago when man left Africa began the first traces of white skin in the human population and it started with one individual. How did this change happen? Well, let's look at one culprit. The gene for...Show More Summary

Resurrected ISEE-3 Probe to Listen for Gamma-Ray Bursts

So if you’ve been vaguely following the crowdsourced civilian effort to recontact the long-dormant ISEE-3/ICE probe and put it back into commission, I’ve got some very good news and some mildly bad news. The very good news is that they’ve made contact with the craft and learned...

The Ebola Virus and the Courage of Those Who Fight It

Dr. Sheik Umar Khan is dead. The 39-year-old head of Sierra Leone’s anti-Ebola program, he saved hundreds of patients but was ultimately unable to survive the virus himself—killed by the disease he risked, and ultimately gave, his life to fight. Dr. Khan no doubt knew when he...

Inject a Little Autumn Into Your Life For Summertime Relief!

Summers are brutal in Arizona and fall isn't much better, but my mind escapes this miserable hell on earth and I dream of places where pumpkins are ready for harvesting, noses are chilly, sweaters are buttoned firmly, wood smoke floats in the air, and leaves make crackling sounds as they blow in the wind. Show More Summary

Black Mail: The Secret Spot Where People’s ‘Alien Letters’ Arrive

There is often talk of what humankind’s discussions with alien beings might be like in the event that an extraterrestrial civilization were successfully contacted. And yet, despite this, there are those among us who have been sending their own personal messages to aliens for years. Whether extraterrestrials...

Cryptids of the Caribbean, Part 2: The Bahamas

In the first part of this series, we covered the mysterious hidden animals of Cuba. Our next stop on our cryptid journey is the beautiful islands of the Bahamas. The Bahamas is a sovereign island nation located east of the Florida Keys and is comprised of around...

The Sexy Side of the Supernatural

Sexuality, many would argue, forms the basis of our very being, and the continuation of virtually all complex biology on our planet. Hence, is it totally outrageous to ask whether there could be sex that occurs elsewhere… if not on other planets, then perhaps in the afterlife? The...

Israel-Palestine: Is This A Debate? Russell Brand – The Trews

The post Israel-Palestine: Is This A Debate? Russell Brand – The Trews appeared first on Astrology and Horoscopes by Eric Francis. This is content summary only. Please visit Planet Waves Daily Astrology Blog for full links, other content, and more!

Thursday Almanac

Luna ingresses Libra at 11:09 am EST (15:09 UTC), right after completing a sextile to Mercury in the last degree of Cancer. The Moon hops onto the cardinal cross and Mercury exits the cardinal cross... This is content summary only. Please visit Planet Waves Daily Astrology Blog for full links, other content, and more!

Can This Tiny Propeller Make a Fantastic Voyage Possible?

One of the most popular sci-fi films of the 60s was “Fantastic Voyage” – and not just because it co-starred Rachel Welch. It was a time of great scientific achievement, atomic power and space travel. A time when it seemed within the realm of possibility that someday...

Bigfoot Wars DVD Release

Bigfoot Wars will be released on DVD on September 23rd, 2014.

Sasquatch Ontario Update

We haven't posted any updates from Sasquatch Ontario here on Cryptomundo in 2014. Here is a video from January of 2014.

The Crowing Crested Cobra – A Cryptozoological Cockatrice?

The legendary basilisk was originally described in Western folklore as resembling a relatively small, unspectacular serpent in basic form. Down through subsequent ages, however, reports of it changed during the endless retellings ofShow More Summary

Woman’s Book On ‘Fairy Sightings’ Posthumously Published

  Three years after Marjorie Johnson’s death her large collection of fairy sightings that span more than four decades has finally been published. The Nottingham spinster (as they call her) lived to be 100 years of age and...

Tsunami of Compassion

By Carlos Cedillo We are in the middle of a truly spectacular shift towards heartfelt compassion that can finally propel humanity towards a different destiny; one that we collectively manifest from... This is content summary only. Please visit Planet Waves Daily Astrology Blog for full links, other content, and more!

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