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Experiencing Bearizona

Bearizona is a Williams, Arizona attraction located on Route 66. This North American wildlife park permits visitors to enjoy seeing feral animals in their natural environment all from the security of your vehicle. They say that “Bearizona...Show More Summary

Was Easter Island a Memorial for a Lost Continent?

Easter Island in the South Pacific is an ongoing mystery to many. What happened to the Rapa Nui people? Did they get visitors or were they visitors themselves? Why did they construct these enormous Moai statues or did they? What's with...Show More Summary

‘Secret Archive’ Alleges Freemasons Helped Fix Britiain’s Titanic Inquiry

During the early morning hours of 1912, the North Atlantic Sea became home to one of the greatest among modern maritime disasters, with the sinking of the RMS Titanic. In the wake of the tragedy, more than half of the passengers on board were lost, totaling more than 1500...

Life Imitating Art? Strange Cases Where Fiction has Foretold the Future

Between 1949 and 1950, American novelist Norman Mailer was hard at work crafting the follow up to his breakthrough novel, The Naked and the Dead. His home and base of operations at the time had been a boarding house in New York, and the subject of this...

Video Shows Cars Being Overturned by Alleged ‘Mysterious Force’

A video appearing online recently has begun receiving attention for an unusual traffic incident it depicts, in which three vehicles at an intersection appear to be lifted by some unseen force. The clip in question features several vehicles approaching and moving through an intersection without incident over a period...

Italians Try to Rid Themselves of a Royal Ghost

When there’s something strange in your neighborhood, you’re gonna call a ghostbuster. When the ghost belongs to a former king who was banished for life from your country, you may need a bigger buster. That’s the case in Asti, Italy, where the ghost of King Umberto II...

New Book Must Have - Outbreak: The Mutation

I have been watching Scott Shoyer's writing for six years now and I am so impressed by his creativity, grit, and natural talent. His second book in the Outbreak series is out - yahoo! The first book Outbreak: The Hunger had me riveted. Show More Summary

UFO Appears After UFO Clouds Cause Panic in South Africa

Just a few weeks after UFO-shaped clouds caused widespread panic across Cape Town, South Africa, a UFO appeared over Cape Town and Durban to stoke the fears of residents again. Are the events related? Is the UFO a possible portal? What about other UFO sightings in Cape...

Where Our Souls Go

The hardest part of human existence is both understanding our mortality and understanding our attachments to others and to our process of having a life. Spirituality is a natural result of that consciousness, as we need to make sense of something so utterly unfair as death. Show More Summary

Daily 2 Cents: Glowing Cube UFO / Ape-Like Being -- Missing Time...Possible Abduction -- Red-Eyed Beings Across the Street

Glowing Cube UFO / Ape-Like Being Earlham, Iowa - 2002-07-04 - 12:00AM: Me and my dad randy were sitting on the roof of our house watching fireworks, when the porch lights dimmed and a sort of whining noise came and the dog started barking. Show More Summary

Arcane Radio Presents: Joshua Cutchin - A Trojan Feast: The Food and Drink Offerings of Aliens, Faeries, and Sasquatch

This week we welcome fortean author Joshua Cutchin to Arcane Radio. Joshua Cutchin is a native of North Carolina with a long interest in forteana. He holds a Masters in Music Literature and a Masters in Journalism from the University of Georgia, and currently works as a public affairs specialist in the southeast. Show More Summary

Missing in Alaska Mini-Marathon

Set your alarms and/or DVRs - A four episode Missing in Alaska mini-marathon airs this Sunday morning on H2 Network.

UFO Sightings from Passenger Planes are Increasing

Besides volcanoes, mines, deserted farm roads, Area 51 and the International Space Station, the best place to see UFOs these days seems to be through the window of an airborne passenger plane. Why are the numbers of these sightings increasing? Are UFOs becoming more interested in planes...

California Road is Mysteriously Mangled in Minutes

One minute you’re driving along a beautiful, smooth California road … ignoring your text messages and instead enjoying the beautiful scenery. The next minute the road begins to heave, crack, buckle and bulge (no, that’s not a law firm to call for damages) for no apparent reason....

Wine Tasting in Williams

One of the reasons we picked Williams to take a weekend excursion to was because it had wine tasting rooms and vineyards. They have a few places, but we only went to two. Grand Canyon Winery This tiny winery creates some of best tasting wines found in the Verde Valley. Show More Summary

What Is This OOPART Relic???

OOPART: Out-of-place-artifact. Found high up on a mountain in Montana by two men bear hunting, this little rock carving was found partially buried in the ground. It is quite intriguing for many reasons, the main one being, it is not a style utilized by Northwestern Tribes. Show More Summary

Humanoid Encounters 1995-1999: The Others Amongst Us

Albert S. Rosales has recently released the 2nd book in his humanoid series, titled Humanoid Encounters 1995-1999: The Others Amongst UsDescription: The World's most amazing Humanoid encounter cases. The bizarre, real, global reports of; UFO occupants - Ultraterrestrials, Extraterrestrials, Cryptoterrestrials, Robots & more. Show More Summary

Daily 2 Cents: Is the DB Cooper Mystery Solved? -- Giant Cannibal Crocodile -- 'I Know That Man'

Is the DB Cooper Mystery Solved? The man who successfully hijacked an airliner in 1971 might have been a missing grocery store manager.The incident began when a mysterious man, who at the time went by the name Dan Cooper, boarded Northwest...Show More Summary

Birds are Mysteriously Committing Suicide by Drowning

Strange, unexplained deaths of animals in large numbers are always a cause for alarm. But what does it mean when entire flocks of birds commit mass suicide by drowning in ponds and birdbaths? That’s what appears to be happening in England and experts are struggling to find...

Man Caught Selling Stolen Human Brains on eBay

I had (again) watched Young Frankenstein a few days I had to chuckle when I saw this news clip: He may not be the smartest crook going around, but US man David Charles had plenty of brains.Police in Indianapolis arrested Charles,...Show More Summary

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