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Yeti or Not, Here We Come!

In Yeti or Not, Dr. Mark Evans, a veterinarian and explorer, is on a mission to sift fact from folklore and distil the plausible from the possible as he searches for a rational explanation for the mysterious Himalayan biped known as the Yeti.

Monster Week on Animal Planet Channel : Meh

Dr. Mark Evans is going to help launch Monster Week on Animal Planet with a special called "Yeti or Not." He will look at DNA from many samples. It will be on at 9 pm on Animal Planet tonight! The week will include deadly animals, river monsters, Weird, True and Freaky, Grizzlies, Tasmanian tigers, and crocs and dragons. Show More Summary

The Key to New Unbreakable Passwords is in Photons

Eight characters, one capital letter, one non-letter, must not be your pet’s name unless your dog answers to X7&fqPv%. Even with a password like that, which would blow the little ‘password strength’ bar clear into the next screen, you can still get hacked. That’s why there’s so...

Mass Extinction That Killed Dinosaurs Also Rocked Antarctica

66 million years ago a mass extinction event, believed to be caused by a massive asteroid impact or volcanic explosions, wiped dinosaurs from the face of the planet. For years scientists have believed that as the animals at the poles were far enough from harm and hardy...

My Take on Ghosts, Aliens and Bigfoot

I am a person who likes to gather a lot of evidence and let that evidence show me what the obvious belief should be, rather than to enter a situation with a belief and conform the evidence to support it. With no expectations of what Bigfoot, aliens and ghosts are, I let my studies over time begin to unfold a conclusion. Show More Summary

Yeti or Not

Mark Evans and Reinhold Messner taking a sample from a claimed 'yeti' specimen. (Discovery Communications)

Daily 2 Cents: Working Along Side Aliens In Area 51 -- NYC Black Eyed Person Encounter -- Songs of the Wolves

Hey folks...I had a bit of 'down time' today, so I thought I'd go ahead and post. Everything's on things should be back in order before next weekend. Enjoy your holiday...LonWorking Along Side Aliens In Area 51Bill Uhouse,...Show More Summary

Abandoned Sites

URBEX is the term for urban exploration, or exploring and photographing abandoned sites. There has been an increased interest in this passtime and i's something that I have been doing for years. My son tells me it's because his generation inherited the broken infrastructure of the baby boomer generation. Show More Summary

Animal Planet Monster Week

MONSTER WEEK, Animal Planet’s most anticipated week of the year, returns for its fifth year Thursday, May 26 at 9 PM with jaw-dropping stories of some of the most menacing and merciless animals roaming the planet. From dangerous reptiles...Show More Summary

Mystery of the Mongol Hordes’ Retreat Finally Solved

It’s one of the greatest unexplained mysteries in military history. In 1241, the mighty Mongol army, which forced the word ‘horde’ upon the world, stormed into Hungary, defeated the Hungarian and Polish armies, dethroned the King of Hungary and set their sights on conquering the rest of...

Earth’s Magnetic Field Is Weakening And We Don’t Know Why

New data released by the European Space Agency reveals that Earth’s magnetic poles are weakening much faster than was previously thought. The data was collected by the ESA’s Swarm satellites, a set of three orbital satellites designed to track the strength, direction and variations of the Earth’s...

Dinosaurs May Have Had Lips

When you think of Tyrannosaurus Rex, you think of a mean dinosaur baring his teeth at his predators. However, this may not be the case, according to paleontologist Robert Reisz from the University of Toronto. His research was presented at the University of Toronto Mississauga. According to...

Crater Range: Honeymooners' Ghosts

Crater Range is the section of Route 85 which lies ten miles north of Ajo, AZ. Many take this path from Phoenix to Lake Tahoe. Sometime in the 1950’s a happy couple, full of wedded bliss, took this thoroughfare on their way to Lake Tahoe for their honeymoon. Show More Summary

More Evidence that RNA is Behind the Origin of Life

Everyone knows about DNA and the genome as origins of life. In addition, another likely candidate and close companion to DNA is RNA (ribonucleic acid). DNA carries the genetic code that determines physical characteristics. RNA is a messenger for DNA by spreading the proteins throughout the body....

Psychoacoustics - How Sound Affects Our Minds

Ancients seemed to like constructions and caves that harnessed 110 Hertz when chanting. Why? What did it do for them? Sound can create levitation (above). That's a pretty heady thing to realize that if we understood the effects of sounds on objects, what we might learn about their effects on our bodies. Show More Summary

Climber Scales Skyscraper Using Battery-Powered Vacuum Cleaners

Let’s say you left your phone on the viewing platform at the top of a 33-story skyscraper. Let’s say the platform is closed for the day and the security guard refuses to take bribes. Let’s say you just happen to have purchased a pair of vacuum cleaners...

Giant Sea Sponges and Monster Squids Are Getting Bigger

Just in time for the summer swimming season, new reports emerge on the discovery of the world’s largest sea sponge and evidence that suggests giant squids are bigger – much bigger – than previously thought. Is there still time to change your beach trip to a mountain...

15.20 – MU Podcast

Secret robot restaurants in Sydney and the future of automated Humans Zoos is discussed before we dig out the Ouija board for an encounter with the mysterious entity known as ‘Zozo’. Possessing spirits then feature in our Plus+ extension as we investigate war veterans who return home to...

Archaeologists Baffled By Mysterious Neanderthal Structure

An international team of archaeologists in France have recently dated a Neanderthal-built structure that has been isolated deep within a cave for over 175,000 years. The team’s findings, published in the journal Nature, describe a mysterious ringed structure created from over 400 broken stalagmites. The article states...

Wildman: My Search For Sasquatch

Wildman: My Search For Sasquatch chronicles the search for the legendary creature.

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