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Legalize Marijuana Now: The Chemical Zombie Craze!

There is a lot of debate about legalizing marijuana, but anyone from the 60s would probably say that today's street pot is nothing like what they toked on their heyday. It's sort of the equivalent of synthetic blueberries in muffins versus real blueberries. Show More Summary

In Search of Earth Lights: Hunting Nature’s Mysterious Illuminations

“We really had a great show,” Bob told me as the three of us walked up the gravel path toward the Parkview Lodge in Linville Falls, North Carolina. Before he took his first engineering job with Bell Laboratories decades ago, Bob had worked mostly on weekends as...

Meteorite Crashes Through Roof in Thailand

It must have come from outer space. That’s what a grandmother in Phitsanulok, Thailand, told local police (and probably her insurance agent) after what appeared to be a meteorite crashed through the roof of her house and hit a picture of a monk. The incident occurred on...

'I have no explanation for this...was it an alien abduction?'

I received the following account by email on Tuesday: Hello,Last week on June 23rd, my son and I visited Silver Dollar City amusement park in Branson, Missouri. We were having a great time, despite that I had occasional pain in my upper left arm. Show More Summary

Dogman Symposium 2016

Every dog has its day, including the mysterious, upright canine known as Dogman whose official day will be August 6, 2016, as a group of nationally known investigators, authors and television personalities gathers in Defiance, Ohio, for the first ever Dogman Symposium.

Daily 2 Cents: The 'Hat Man' Emerged From the Light -- New Crop Formation -- Anomaly Above Sedona, AZ

The 'Hat Man' Emerged From the LightMilena in Belgrade, Serbia emailed Heidi Hollis on her show regarding something strange she observed as a child:“For a long time I didn't admit it happened but then a year ago I spoke to my brother and we recollected an occurrence. Show More Summary

Who Were These 'Men in Black?'

The following account was forwarded to me in 2010. I can't say what these beings were, especially under the strange circumstances:Hello, I had an extremely frightening experience five years ago that I had no idea what was going on, but...Show More Summary

Minimum Wage in This Mesopotamian City Was Beer

Beer – today it’s a cool, refreshing after-work beverage. About 5,000 years ago, it was a cool, refreshing beverage to work for. What appears to be the oldest pay stub ever shows a picture of a worker getting compensated with beer. Was overtime paid in pretzels? Camel...

Ancient Native American Observatory Revealed in Minnesota

The Jeffers Petroglyphs in Minnesota are an extraordinary collection of over 5,000 stone carvings that range from 10,000 to 150 years in age. But nearby stands what might be an even more exceptional site; a collection of boulders all carefully placed to form a highly mathematically accurate...

Photos of Strange Clouds Over CERN Causing Concern

Anything unusual that happens or is rumored to have happened at, around or in the general vicinity of Geneva is often blamed on the Large Hadron Collider and its maker, CERN. That was the case once again this week when photos and a video appeared on the...

Scientists Create Home-Made Lava for Explosive Volcano Tests

This experiment will put your Diet-Coke-and-Mentos science fair volcano to shame. Geologists at the University of Buffalo are heating rocks for 4 hours at 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit to see what happens when volcanic lava meets water. What do they expect? Big explosions, of course. The eruption at...

Renovations and Hauntings: The Startling Truths!

One of the most reported times for homeowners to have outbursts of ghostly activity occurs when they are renovating. Why is that? Most people assume that renovations in a house must upset the ghosts and get them angry about changes being made. Show More Summary

URBEX: Abandoned Churches

There are so many types of abandoned buildings in America, but there is something so vulnerable and sad about an abandoned church. In perhaps one of the most "divine" interventions, Julie Ferguson and I were working on our book Abandoned Places: Abandoned Memories (Appalachian Edition) and we wanted to include a church. Show More Summary

Being Naughty or Nice is in Your DNA

Scientists have discovered that our attitude and altruism is genetic. They designed a mathematical model examining social behavior and the role of genetics (genetic polymorphism). By using colonies of microbes as inspiration, they showed how some individuals are more generous than others in social interactions. It was...

New NASA Tech to Bring Internet to the Whole Solar System

NASA has just deployed the first test of a long-in-the-works technology that will provide solar system-wide internet. The technology–called Delay/Disrupt Tolerant Networking (DTN)–behaves somewhat like a terrestrial wifi system, and will enable better data transmission between the ISS and ground stations on Earth, with robotic spacecraft in...

Balloon Lovers Rejoice – Huge Helium Reserve Found

Helium … it’s the gas that puts the lift in birthday balloons and keeps the memory Donald Duck’s voice alive. Unfortunately, it’s also a “for a limited time only” gas that has previously been found only accidentally during oil and gas drilling and whose supplies have been...

Chameleon Spit Is 400 Times Stickier Than Human Saliva

The extraordinary natural feats of chameleons are not just limited to their color-changing capacities– it turns out that they have seriously sticky saliva that enables them to catch prey up to a third of their body weight with just their tongue. We’re all largely familiar with the...

Man in Ukraine Claims He Killed a Chupacabra With His Pitchfork

The first rule of Chupacabra Club is: you don’t talk about killing a Chupacabra, especially if you’re not in Central or South America, unless you’re holding a pitchfork. The second rule of Chupacabra Club is: if you don’t live in Central or South America, you can forget...

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