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Bigfoot Turf Wars

Audio file of a suspected male group of sasquatch on the perimeter of the Brown property, in Grays Harbor, Washington. Tree knocking and crazy vocals are apparent.

Scandinavian Horror

I might be biased, as I am Norwegian/Swedish Lapp, but the first Scandinavian horror movie I saw, "Let the Right One In" hit a chord with me and I felt like I understood this horror! I went on to see a slew more of them and found that overwhelmingly they satisfied something I missed in American horror. Show More Summary

Frozen Mysteries at the Bottom of the World

In the furthest, most frigid region of our planet’s southern hemisphere, sprawls the highest, coldest, driest, and most isolated place on earth. Antarctica is a vast land of mountains, ice, tundra, and extreme, inhospitable cold that has kept it relatively unexplored and uninhabited even nearly 200 years...

Angel Hair Over Arizona

Greetings, forteans. I come bearing creepy videos. Here’s something very interesting for you from Arizona, captured at the D.S.W. Observatory on 23rd December. Have a look, and let me know what you think. Angel hair is...

Second Chances and Irony Afoot in Doctor Who ‘Last Christmas’ Special

It is often said, in the tradition of quips on life and livelihood dating back to ancient Rome, that we must strive to live every day as though there were no tomorrow. This might especially be the case this time of year, as glasses are raised and...

Finding Bigfoot: Squatchers Take New Jersey

Premieres Sunday, December 28, 9:02 PM ET/PT on Animal Planet Compelling evidence brings the team back to the most surprisingly squatchy state, New Jersey. After a night investigation and town hall meeting, Cliff breaks from the team tosquatch with his friend, comedian Bobcat Goldthwait.

Finding Bigfoot 2-Hour Special Tonight: Animal Planet!

Tonight is a 2-hour special of F'ing Bigfoot. You know I'm gonna have to check this out and see what forest they are terrorizing, ahem, I mean researching next... Mannequins (check) Crying baby doll (check) Monkey (check) Bunny rabbit...Show More Summary

Confessions of a Sometimes Psychic

There are many people who have on and off experiences with the paranormal. Untapped skills and abilities that rise once and awhile to leave a lot of unanswered questions in their passing. This is one such story. "It was a cold day, just before my birthday in January of 1975, and the news brought a story of bodies found at an old abandoned farm. Show More Summary

Steller’s Secret Fauna – Gargantuan Sea-Cows, Inaccessible Sea-Ravens, and Bewhiskered Sea-Monkeys

Dr Georg Wilhelm Steller was a German physician and naturalist participating during the early 1740s in the last of Danish explorer Vitus Bering's Russian expeditions to the Arctic waters (now called the Bering Sea) separating Siberia's Kamchatka Peninsula from Alaska. Show More Summary

Ripplebrook Bigfoot Sighting Oregon

Another Bigfoot sighting in an Oregon Bigfoot sighting hot spot.

Silent Prayers

Beautiful statues, words, headstones sit quietly watching over those who have left us and are forever resting under the earth.

Unknown Man E: Unexplained Mummy!

Discovered in 1881, "Unknown Man E" this mummy baffled. He was very unusual because he appears to have been embalmed quickly, without removing the brain and viscera, sewn into goatskin (sign of disgrace/unclean), hands and feet bound,...Show More Summary

Plausible UFO Observation

In the history of ufology, there are a number of reports that make the existence of non-terrestrial visitations seem plausible. Some of them are so well-documented and inexplicable that they might just have been genuine UFO sightings. Show More Summary

The Mystery of Bigfoot

Find out why so many millions of Americans are obsessed with this mysterious man-ape.

Daily 2 Cents: Is Mount St. Helens a Supervolcano? -- Elven-Like Aliens -- Burned in Bed, Other Anomalies

Is Mount St. Helens a Supervolcano? Is Mount St. Helens a Supervolcano? According to findings from New Zealand scientists, Mt. St. Helens could be exactly that. Mt. St. Helens has been known for years as one of many volcanoes that litter...Show More Summary

Does Bigfoot Hibernate?

Join Michael (Merchant) for a brief walk in the forest and discuss the timeless question. Does Bigfoot hibernate in the winter?

Do We Live in a Mirror Universe?

The end of time in our universe might be the beginning of time in another universe, and vice versa. This is the hypothesis put forth by an international team of astrophysicists in the current issue of Physical Review Letters: that fundamental questions of time, structure, and entropy...

Upping Your Chances Of Ghostly Encounters

As I've been studying the qualities that come together to make an ideal spirit vessel, I have come to some conclusions (and a lifetime of encounters) to say how these things can come to be more readily. If you want to up your chances...Show More Summary

The Falcon Project Is Looking For 10 People

William Allen Barnes of the Falcon Project tells us they needs 10 people for a 6 month research study program out in the back country. This will require the researchers to "stay out there".

Undead Terror

Ghost stories have for centuries crossed boundaries of language and culture, transcending the barriers of the paranormal world and ours. It has fascinated, intrigued and even cast intense fear in the minds of some as people continue to debate and ponder whether these paranormal entities do in fact exist. Show More Summary

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