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Habituating Bigfoot

Discussion of a touchy subject in the realm of Sasquatch research.

Kartchner Caverns State Park

The Big Room Kartchner Caverns State Park is located 55 miles southeast of Tucson and adjacent to the town of Benson. These caverns are known for having “the world’s longest stalactite formation”. The caverns were unearthed in 1974 and have an amazing array of minerals and creations found inside the gigantic cave. Show More Summary

EVPs: Sarah Estep

Vintage Para Month - let's go back in time to someone who made early great strides in the field of EVPs (electronic voice phenomenon). Sarah Estep, a paranormal researcher, passed on to the other side in 2008. She now has the answers,...Show More Summary

The Dark Quest to Reanimate the Dead

Death, it seems is an immutable fact of life. We are tethered to it, destined for it, and indeed fearful of it. Throughout history mankind has sought to cheat this inevitable end. It seems we have a very strong urge to stave of death’s grip or at...

Whitley Strieber’s Alien Hunter: A Review

Alien Hunter and its sequel Alien Hunter: Underworld are the first two novels in an exciting new series by idiosyncratic Texas-born author Whitley Strieber. Although originally a writer of horror fiction, Strieber is best remembered for his 1987 book Communion, a powerful and deeply personal account of...

The Best Places to Ride Out the Zombie Apocalypse, According to Science

When asked by a colleague from another country why Americans like zombies so much, my initial thought was probably the most accurate. We like to shoot things. The end. Game, bottles on an old fence, road signs. Anything we can put our sights on, click, boom. For...

CryptoCast Tonight: Katy Elizabeth & Champ Search

Join Craig, Monica and Shelly Sunday night, March 1st at 8:30 PM Central as we welcome author and cryptozoological investigator/researcher Katy Elizabeth to discuss her research of the lake monster of Lake Champlain, Champ.

Monster X Radio interviews Monster X cohost, Shane Corson Reminder

Today, Saturday, March 1st at 4pm PST: Join Monster X Radio host and Sasquatch Coffee founder, Gunnar Monson as he interviews his Monster X cohost, Shane Corson. It took a little arm twisting, because Shane does not generally do interviews.

In Search Of… The Abominable Snowman

In honor of Leonard Nimoy... The Abominable Snowman: Leonard Nimoy examines the experiences of the explorers who say they have actually sighted the legendary creature. Original broadcast: 22 November 1979.

White Lady Lane

The White Lady legend has stories sprinkled in various countries. They supposedly died or suffered trauma in life and are associated with losing or being betrayed by a husband or fiancé. They have... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]

In Search Of… Monster Hunters

In honor of Leonard Nimoy... Monster Hunters: Leonard Nimoy investigates what compels scientists and teachers to pursue a man-like beast in Northern California.

Pop Culture Paranormal Icons From Our Youth

I'm beginning the Vintage Para Month (covering all things paranormal from the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s) with a posting about the Paranormal Icons of our youth. And, one thing we know is that we were born and raised in a paranormal milieuShow More Summary

Frank Drake on SETI: Let’s Shut Up and Listen

Harvard-educated astrophysicist Frank Drake is the father of the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, so he isn’t exactly a skeptic on the question. He speculates that as many as 10,000 extraterrestrial civilizations may thrive in the Milky Way galaxy alone, and his famous equation has helped move of the...

In Search Of… The Swamp Monster

In honor of Leonard Nimoy... An investigation of reports that a huge man-like beast is living in the swamps of Louisiana's bayou. Narrated by Leonard Nimoy.

Sasquatch Chronicles: Into the Abyss with Will Jevning Episode 2 Reminder

Tonight, Saturday, February 28th at 6pm PST: Tonight Will Jevning will be taking your calls.

In Search Of… The Ogopogo Monster

In honor of Leonard Nimoy... This large beast, similar to Scotland's Loch Ness Monster, is claimed to have been seen by thousands of people in western Canada. Narrated by Leonard Nimoy.

Saurian Humanoids & Demons...Is There A Connection?

Not long ago, a reader asked me if it is possible that Reptilian humanoids could be shapeshifting demons. I suppose anything is possible...but, for the most part, I use the anecdotal evidence provided by experiencers and abductees. Many...Show More Summary

In Search Of… The Loch Ness Monster

In honor of Leonard Nimoy... Loch Ness Monster: A hunt for leviathan who has so far eluded all expeditions to prove that it truly exists.

In Search Of… Bigfoot

In honor of Leonard Nimoy... Bigfoot: An evaluation of giant footprints and other evidence that some believe prove that the half-man, half-animal creature really exists.

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