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Saucer, Orbs and Volcano Visitor in Latest UFO Sightings

It was a week with interesting UFO sightings and reports of recent UFO activities with some decent photos and videos, not to mention a variety of shapes. Saucers, volcanos and orbs … oh my! Let’s start with the volcano, which frequently seem to attract UFOs. This video...

Update: Pennsylvania Upright Canine Investigation

I just wanted to offer a brief update of the ongoing (Central) Pennsylvania upright canine investigation.There have been a few reports, recently received by us, of possible particular encounters in Franklin (Michaux State Forest) and York (near Jacobus) Counties. Show More Summary

Daily 2 Cents: The Alien Grabbed My Dog -- 'Nike Phenomenon' Resurfaces -- The Tall 'Grey' Was Brown

The Alien Grabbed My DogPaula Bradley from the Blue Mountains in Australia wrote to tell of a strange encounter she had with what she believed to be an alien grey:“I want to share an experience I had a few years ago. I woke up late one...Show More Summary

Bigfoot of Blair County: Thunder Brothers

After discovering a carved stone the last time they were in Blair County, PA, the AIMS team returns looking for answers. While meeting with a Bigfoot expert the team realizes that they uncovered somethign that was not meant to be unearthed.

Killing Grounds: How Bigfoot Hunts!

My Grandmother Marta Eng-Thorvaldsen from Swedish Lapland was born in the 1800s. Her family herded reindeer. They used a practice called kulning. This (video above) is a sound I have heard about, but my father lacked a name for it when he told of grandmother's life in the arctic. Show More Summary

iNTO THE FRAY 21 Shadows in the Woods: A Chronicle of Bigfoot in Maine archive

I speak to Daniel S. Green, author of Shadows in the Woods: A Chronicle of Bigfoot in Maine. Maine has a very long history of Sasquatch sightings in the state, from mountain tops to people’s property near towns. Shadows in the WoodsShow More Summary

World’s First Domed City Coming Soon to Dubai

Stephen King isn’t designing it but the world’s first domed city will be under construction soon in Dubai. The 18-million square-foot hyper-purified, climate-controlled bubble will be comprised of residential, office, hospitality and entertainment. You can live, work and play without ever leaving the dome! There will be...

Believe: Growing Your Own Food

Today's Believe installment is about growing your own food. It's the first step to independence, time with nature, exercise, healthy mind and body therapy, nutrients, and peace. My garden is on a patio and it is awesome! I grow from October to May here in the desert climate. Show More Summary

Brainprints May Someday Replace Fingerprints and Passwords

While you’re still typing “11111111” for your password and waiting for reliable fingerprint scanners, the government and paranoid businesses are already using iris scanners and facial recognition systems for security. But the truly next-generation and potentially foolproof security systems may be based on brainprints. What are they,...

Seth Shostak: Gravity Waves and ET

The gravitational disturbance that produced this history-making detection was apparently the result of two colliding black holes. That's not something you see every day. Yes, gravity waves are ubiquitous, but even the extremely sensitive instrumentation of LIGO is thoroughly unable to pick up these very local disturbances. Show More Summary

THORPE PARK Gets New Psychological Attraction

Easy Plugin for AdSense by Unreal Okay, I don’t know what a “psychological them park attraction” is, but that’s what  THORPE PARK says it will unveil in Spring 2016. I do know if it has creepy mascots running around like the pair of life-sized Victorian dolls it had strolling around London, I’m not sure I could...

Humanoid Encounter Terrified Witness

I received an inquiry on Wednesday from an elderly woman in the Phoenix suburb of Surprise, Arizona. She witnessed 2 humanoid beings standing outside her bedroom window a few days before Christmas 2015. The following report includes most of the information from the incident...though there are a few personal notes that I have redacted. Show More Summary

Daily 2 Cents: 'Dead' Truck Driver Turns Up Alive 30 Hours Later -- 'Reptilian is trying to destroy my life...' -- Rabid Bats Killing Children in Peruvian Amazon

'Dead' Truck Driver Turns Up Alive 30 Hours LaterPolice remain baffled how a truck driver they thought had been killed in a fiery crash showed up alive more than 30 hours later, 16 kilometres away from the scene of the accident.Investigators...Show More Summary

How to Spot a Sasquatch

If your Bigfoot hunting skills aren't quite up to snuff, this guide will have you tracking the elusive creature like an expert.

Two UFOs and Mysterious Alien Eggs Explained

A common complaint about UFO sightings and appearances of strange objects attributed to aliens is that, while they aren’t necessarily proven to be from extraterrestrials, their real causes are seldom explained either. That’s not the case today as we close two UFO sightings and one unusual appearance...

Human Foot Washes Up On Vancouver Island

The following story, about a human foot washing up on the beach of Vancouver Island, is weird, but also has a personal element of weirdness for me. More about that in a bit. But stories like this always catch my attention. So apparently, including this most recent foot, 13 feet have washed up on the […]

Blame Your Depression and Addictions on Neanderthal DNA

You may blame your depression and addictions on your parents but the actual cause might be ancestors dating back a few more generations (actually, a LOT more). New research suggests that modern afflictions such as depression, nicotine addiction, urinary tract disorders and others may be due to...

Arcane Radio Presents: David Weatherly - Paranormal & Cryptid Investigator / Author

Join Sean & Lon as we welcome our friend and colleague...paranormal & cryptid investigator / author David Weatherly to Arcane Radio. David Weatherly is a paranormal investigator and author. For over 35 years he has explored the world of the strange, investigating cases around the country and abroad. Show More Summary

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