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Holy Crap, This Odd Viking “Treasure” May Rival the Crown Jewels

Paleoscatology, a branch of research that involves precisely what you think it does — ancient excrement — would rank high among areas one would least hope to find revelations about humanity and its prehistoric activities. However, before you accuse us of being “full of crap” (placing all puns...

UFOs Versus Ships

Art by Artrising As long as man has taken to the seas by ship, there have been reported encounters with sky vessels or UFOs. Vietnam 1968 During Vietnam War in a strip of water in the demilitarized zone between North and South Vietnam, Allied spotters reported seeing 30 strange slow-moving lights in the sky at night. Show More Summary

The Physicist Who Vanished: The Strange Fate of Ettore Majorana

During the middle 1930s, as the Great Depression loomed in the West, the rest of the world had begun to feel the gales of an oncoming economic storm. International trade had fallen by nearly 30 percent, and tariffs on importation were raised as countries scrambled to protect...

11.20 – MU Plus+ Podcast

On this week’s Plus+ exclusive we investigate the effects of virtual reality on empathy, the dope mixtapes of artificial intelligence, and the complex conspiracy surrounding the Ascensionism cult. We also feature the question of animal consciousness with tales of Octopus intelligence and more native American legends of...

Seth Shostak: Roswell Aliens Not So Alien

Nearly 70 years after extraterrestrials supposedly pushed the wrong button in their spacecraft and nose-dived into scrubby ranchland near Roswell, New... Read more: Aliens, Roswell, Ufo, Science News

Creature Feature: The Crater Lake Monster

In this episode, the boys battle some technical difficulties to carry on with their exploration of "The Crater Lake Monster" (1977). Meanwhile, Dr. Grimm has a lake monster sighting of his own!

'The Cannibal in the Jungle'...Does Ebu Gogo Exist?

I had the opportunity to watch the two-hour scripted fictional feature The Cannibal in the Jungle on Animal Planet this past Sunday. The promotional description of the presentation follows the story of an American scientist...Show More Summary

Daily 2 Cents: Fukushima = Wasteland -- Humans Will Become Cyborgs Within 200 Years -- 'Coast to Coast AM' on May 31st

Fukushima = Wasteland A foreign correspondent whose career consists of traveling to dangerous regions around the world has called the area around Fukushima, Japan, one of the most hopeless places he has ever visited, likening it to a...Show More Summary

Bigfoot Nosing Around the Neighborhood

The following account came from a reader in south central New Mexico:Something is knocking on my door around 11:30 to about 2AM - maybe once in a week. Oh, I thought about your BEK posts, and give it enough credence not to go outside. Show More Summary

Sasquatch Chronicles: Terrorized By Aggressive Giants

Le Flore County is a county located along the eastern border of the U.S. state of Oklahoma. The name honors a Choctaw family named LeFlore. Reports dating from the 1850´s say that Southeast Oklahoma has been a hunting ground for Bigfoot. According to stories, the area was terrorized by aggressive giants who not only stole locals vegetables to eat, but also stole their children.

Ghost Mirage Ships

Fata Morgana Fata Morgana is a complex superior mirage. In this instance, in the horizon a narrow band seen can separate an image, casting what looks like another image superior to the original object. In the image above it appears as if the ship is in the air. Show More Summary

River Monsters: Unhooked – Legend of Loch Ness

Jeremy remembers the search for the world's most famous water monster deep within Scotland's Loch Ness to find the legendary creature.

Coast to Coast AM: Nick Redfern Tonight!

I'll be on Coast to Coast AM tomorrow morning, 2AM to 4AM central time, speaking about my new book, "Secret History." Then sleeping until I wake!

Monster X Radio with Summer Lowry (aka Summer Akasha Snape) Reminder

Tonight! Summer Lowry (Summer Akasha Snape) is a CryptoZoologist, Tracker, Field Researcher and Paranormal Investigator. When she isn't at home working on her debut book on obscure cryptids, due out this Christmas, she volunteers her tracking skills to Washington State Search and Rescue. Show More Summary

The Cannibal in the Jungle: Animal Planet

Tonight at 9 pm on Animal Planet Channel, they are showing a special premiere movie - "The Cannibal In the Jungle." This is a chilling scripted movie about what would happen if there were hobbit people in Indonesia and some men in the jungle are under attack by them. This looks good! I hope they do more like this with other cryptids.

Reminder: The Cannibal in the Jungle Tonight

Animal Planet's dramatic story is an imaginative leap inspired by real science. In 2004, a study in the journal Nature announced the discovery of bones of an entirely new, remarkable species of humans. Fully grown adults stood only three feet tall, yet they were able to thrive in the chaotic and dangerous world that surrounded them. Show More Summary

Russian Villagers Find Strange Crater and See Stranger UFO

A strange UFO was recorded by witnesses in a village in the Perm region of Russia. Within a few days, a huge crater was found in the same area. Are they related? In Russia, you never know. The video of the UFO was posted to the Internet...

Hobbits Were Real. Are They Still Out There?

Part 3 The real “hobbits” were tiny human creatures that lived in the jungles of Indonesia. They supposedly went extinct 12,000 years ago. But there have been recent sightings of them. Are they still out there?

Paranormal Geeks Book: Refreshed and Updated

Sharon went into our Paranormal Geeks book and updated lots of the information. She removed things that did not apply anymore and added interesting knowledge about paranormal geeks. Check out the new and improved copy of Paranormal Geeks book. Show More Summary

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