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The Creepiest Cat of All?

The phenomenon of were-cats – people who are said to have the ability to transform themselves into cat-like creatures, and cats that have the ability to change their forms – is widespread. Tales of the creatures can be found in such diverse locations as Europe, Asia, Latin...

1/21 :: Women’s Voices Heard Around the World

[audio src=""] The buck stops now. We do have that opportunity now. You might say that Nessus includes all that stuff about misogyny and boundary issues... This is content summary only. Please visit Planet Waves for full links, other content, and more!

The Team is Fooled by Beavers

Matt thought he was getting a response, but Ranae just spots a beaver on the thermal cam.

Four Winds Report for Jan. 22, 2017

Venus is involved today in an intriguing aspect pattern. It seems to highlight the potential for growth in examining our standards for truth and general believability. It's true the importance of... This is content summary only. Please visit Planet Waves for full links, other content, and more!

The Team Gets A Response

The team spots something on the thermal and gets a response to throwing rocks in a river.

Democracy Now! Special Broadcast on the Women’s March

On Saturday, January 21, Democracy Now! provided special live coverage of the Women’s March on Washington. In this historic event huge crowds converged on the capital to deliver messages of... This is content summary only. Please visit Planet Waves for full links, other content, and more!

Finding Bigfoot: Return to Four Corners

The team returns to the Four Corners of America to find all their previous witnesses have been plagued by recent activity. A wide search of all four states, leads to their most intricate strategy yet in hopes of capturing footage of a bigfoot.

UFOs Seen Near Donald Trump’s Plane Before Inauguration

It happened in Iowa early in the campaign for the Republican presidential nomination and now it’s happened again, this time on the day before the winner of that nomination and the election was inaugurated as president. A video of then president-elect Donald Trump’s “official government plane” (not...

Reptoids Underground!

Normally, I would chuckle, but the repeated theme of underground reptilian people (seen in caves around the world supposedly) and a legend of Lenni Lenape that 5000 years ago in the west there was a giant volcano eruption that droveShow More Summary

Planet Waves Daily Oracle for Sunday, Jan. 22, 2017

Recent events not only firmed up your commitment to a new life, but has also proven that you have the strength to make real changes. The most important of these have involved your mental environment:... This is content summary only. Please visit Planet Waves for full links, other content, and more!

At the Women’s March on Washington, Jan. 21

Amy Jacobs brings you first-hand coverage from the Women's March on Washington, which took place Saturday, Jan. 21 and was accompanied by sister demonstrations all over the world. This is content summary only. Please visit Planet Waves for full links, other content, and more!

Weekend 2 Cents: The 'Nightcrawler' Sightings & Mystery -- Arcane Radio...'Investigation Updates'

The 'Nightcrawler' Sightings & MysteryDavid Weatherly recently posted an account about Nightcrawlers in Indiana. In 2008, a CCTV video of a 'stick person-like' creature walking through a San Diego, CA residential yard was recorded and went viral on YouTube. Show More Summary

Bigfoot at Post 134

Cliff Barackman talking Squatch today in Portland.

Ötzi the Iceman Ate Bacon Over 5,000 Years Ago

Get ready for the practitioners of Paleo diets to rub your nose in their plates of hot, crispy, cured meats – they now have proof that cavemen – well, at least the famous caveman Ötzi the Iceman – ate everyone’s favorite breakfast meat … bacon. We’ve analyzed...

Scores of Flight Attendants Contracting Mystery Illnesses

Report after report of flight attendants coming down with mysterious mid-air illnesses have been pouring in over the last month. Some of these sudden, unexplained illnesses caused flights to be grounded or even hazmat teams to be called to the scenes of the quarantined airliners. Some initial...

Roswell UFO Thief Gets Severe Punishment

What put Roswell, New Mexico, on the map? If you said, “The UFO that crashed there in 1947,” you’d be wrong … because the UFO crashed (allegedly, of course) many miles away. However, the debris was brought to the Roswell Army Air Field, linking its name to...

Pleasant Valley Range War

John D. Tewksbury Sr. lived here with his two wives and children. The cabin has notched gun ports. I know you heard of the Hatfields and McCoys, but what about the Grahams and Tewksburys? Between the years 1882 and 1892, a heated battle was waged between two families who lived in Pleasant Valley, Arizona. Show More Summary

New Anti-Vampire Soap Claims to Keep Bloodsuckers at Bay

Vampires probably think they’re pretty clever. They used to have to slink around in the dark of night, transfiguring into icky bats and flying through windows in order to drink the lifeblood of their human prey. Now, they’ve convinced people to line up and voluntarily give their...

Horned Giants!

(NOTE: not the actual skull) The "Sayre Skull" was a type discovered in the 1880s in a small borough of Pennsylvania. It was found, interestingly, in a burial mound. When uncovered, there were found to be 68 skeletons of giant people around 7 feet tall and over and horned skulls, the horns being about 2 inches above the eyebrows. Show More Summary

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