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Bigfoot North: New DNA Evidence and Footage

To date I have not been specially more impressed with Todd Standing than say Rick Dyer, Okay, I will give him Melba Ketchum. He is taking another stab at selling his evidence with release of...

Creationist Space Agency Blocks Evidence of ETs

I am going to give up reading sci fi and start subscribing to news papers from India. From The Daily Mirror Speaking at a religious event at a temple in Hanwella on Thursday, Mr. Weerawansa charged that...

Skeptical but Open-Minded, Texan Ken Gerhard Hunts for Bigfoot and Other Monsters

A well-researched article that discusses the field of cryptozoology... particularly as it relates to south Texas. A big thanks to my friends at the Houston Press!

Photo: Flying Cryptid - Six Mile Creek Park, PA

I received a telephone call this morning (10/30) from a witness named Rich, who lives near Ripley, NY. He stated that he has had an interest in the Hinsdale House (Hinsdale, NY) and was reading my recent post. He also read the post about the North Georgia Mothman incident. Show More Summary

Proof Dolls Are Evil

Royal De Luxe (my favorite of the performance arts troups) Brothers Quay (my favorite creepy stop-motion films) (Marionettes are always creepy) Ventriloquist dolls are perhaps the most disturbing. Regular dolls are not much better.

Da Vinci Drawing Hidden From Hitler Due To Its Magic Power

It’s just a simple red chalk drawing of a bearded old man. Yet the curators of the Royal Library in Turin believed so strongly that it had magical powers, they hid it during World War II to keep it from falling into the hands of Adolf Hitler...

Daily 2 Cents: Amelia Earhart Plane Fragment Identified -- Time Travel Possible by 2100 -- Sasquatch Watching a Passing Train?

Amelia Earhart Plane Fragment Identified A fragment of Amelia Earhart's lost aircraft has been identified to a high degree of certainty for the first time ever since her plane vanished over the Pacific Ocean on July 2, 1937, in a record...Show More Summary

12.17 – MU Podcast

After discussing Google’s new plan to cure your illnesses with nanotechnology (and turn everyone into Magneto), we organise an impromptu purification session with a Tibetan Lama and investigate the dark age of Buddhist history in Tibet. Also featured is intelligence in self organising systems and the secret...

Subtly Spooky: Paranormal Paintings

This post will be part personal disclosure, and part shameless self-promotion, so I hope you will indulge me… I have always been an artistic person, and my interest in painting and drawing goes back as far as my interest in the paranormal. From the time that I could read, I was finding evrey book I […]

Adding to the List

I recently received the following narrative from a longtime reader:Lon - Since the Hinsdale House mentioned in your blog is about a 1/2 hour ride from me, I thought I'd share my ghostly experiences with you.For most of my life I lived in my father's home in Lancaster NY (Buffalo area). Show More Summary

See Exists While it Still Exists in Theaters!

Well, it looks like the theatrical run for Exists ends today... I suggest you take advantage of the fact that it's still in theaters today and go see it!

Something in the Woods Movie

There's been a horde of bigfoot films lately, of which I've seen many (and reviewed in Rue Morgue magazine). Most are terrible and a few are good. Many of the terrible ones try to exploit the fame/name of The Legend of Boggy Creek or...Show More Summary

Sasquatch Chronicles: Missing People and Bigfoot Encounters

Tonight we bring you the odd and strange bigfoot encounters. We talk to a gentleman who had an encounter with a Sasquatch back in the 1940s that appeared to be carrying a person who came up missing. Its a strange tale that happened in Oregon. Show More Summary

Was Roswell UFO Crash A Secret Nazi Aircraft?

The Roswell, New Mexico, UFO crash of 1947 was the result of -- here it comes, wait for it -- top secret Nazi technology. No alien spacecraft, no alie... Read more: UFO News, Video, Ufos, Unidentified Flying Objects, Flying Saucers,Show More Summary

Events at FearCon Movie screenings Celebrities Workshops Book signings Merchandise Food and beverages Paranormal Investigations with COPS Zombie fashion runway show Circus of the Dead Various panels with various subjects and many more...

New Evidence Suggests Amelia Earhart May Have Landed Safely

Nobody really knows what happened to Amelia Earhart and her co-pilot Fred Noonan in 1937, when they attempted to circumnavigate the world by plane. We have a pretty good sense that Earhart’s plane disappeared somewhere southwest of Hawaii, but outside of that we don’t know much. The...

How Much Sex Does It Take To Burn Off Halloween Candy Calories?

I was casually wondering about the calories in Halloween candy and then, since I'm strictly dieting, I wondered how is the best way to work it off. Then, I thought about how chocolate is the love medicine for women. So, how much sexShow More Summary

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