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Ghost Towns: Tales of ‘Hidden’ Towns and Cities That Never Were

With the advent of modern satellite and GPS technologies, navigating the globe with minute precision has become as simple as reaching into a pocket, and asking our smartphones how to get wherever it is we wish to go. This works most of the time, although on occasion I’ve...

Mysterious Cases of Pyromaniac Poltergeists

Hauntings are frightening enough as it is. Forces beyond our control or understanding invade homes and stir up terror and mysteries for which no one has answers. In some cases, these accounts can be decidedly even more ominous, going so far as to lead to violence and...

King Kong: The Shapeshifting Sasquatch of Skull Island

King Kong is one of the most iconic movie monsters of modern cinema. Dating back to his conception in the 1930s, the creature was envisioned by creator Merian C. Cooper as a massive, prehistoric ape, although the protagonist of the original King Kong film in 1933, adventurer and promoter Carl...

Writers Wanted – Paranormal. Supernatural & Unexplained

We have some very talented writers here at The Occult Section, but we’re always looking to add a few more regular writers to our staff. We cover such topics as ghosts, paranormal investigations, UFOs, cryptozoology, myths & legends, and any other unexplained phenomena. We have a good sense of humor and are not afraid to […]

Living Algae Buildings are a Growing Concept

Algae, aquatic plants that capture carbon dioxide from the air and use photosynthesis to generate oxygen and energy, are a versatile plant. A natural solution to food, energy and climate issues, it can also be used in the building industry by taking sustainability to a new level....

House Sitter Visited by Yowies

A lady who was house sitting for an elderly couple was told by the residents to keep the doors locked so the “Gorilla People” couldn’t get in. It wasn’t long until she had 3 sightings of the visitors.

IMAX Bigfoot – Interview with Cameraman!

IMAX crew accidentally films a bigfoot. Skeptics claim it's only a crew member wearing a backpack, but we see where this CAN'T be a crew member, unless he's a giant, an Olympic sprinter and travels with his pet monkey (you'll see :) So you thought it was a bear, a crew-member in the shot or just some spectator that got caught on camera? Hear firsthand from the man who filmed it.

Mysterious Origin of the Devils Hole Pupfish Has Been Found

Devils Hole is a hot, oxygen-starved, limestone cavern with an underground pool containing what may be the world’s most isolated species: a small group of tiny pupfish whose every member has mysteriously lived in this desolate part of Death Valley National Park undisturbed for tens of thousands...

Improving Your Psychic Skills

My best advice to psychics is to avoid the three major pitfalls.1. Ego. Ego dictates you want to make people happy, you want to score, you want to provoke a positive reaction. Too many psychics bait with questions, look for expressions and reactions and follow those paths that could be dead ends. Show More Summary

Fireworks Celebrations From Prior Times

Margaret in Omaha, Nebraska called in to Coast to Coast AM to tell of her bizarre time slip event:This happened in about the year 2007. It was the second week in September, on a Sunday. I had been visiting a friend of mine who lived on a farm outside of Manwin, Nebraska. Show More Summary

Daily 2 Cents: Bizarre Circle of Light -- Upright Bear in NJ Seen Again -- Was Bigfoot Story Fake?

Bizarre Circle of LightRusty in Oklahoma told his second paranormal experience. It involved noise and lights:“At about the same time in my life I lived out in the country about 7 miles outside Little Rock, Arkansas's western limit. So I was like way out in the country about 7 miles outside the city limits. Show More Summary

Arconsanti: Sky Tower Suite

Sharon and I stayed in the Sky Tower Suite when we spent the night at Arcosanti. The place had the most amazing view, but was three stories up with no elevator. My calves were sore by the time we got home. It was an interesting place and had a couple of different levels to it. Show More Summary

Chinese Scientist May Have an Explanation for Ball Lightning

Ball lightning has been blamed for more UFO sightings than weather balloons and for more ghost sightings than reflections. Part of the problem is that, like UFOs and ghosts, no one can really explain ball lightning either. That may change with a new theory from a Chinese...

Believe: The Female Goddess Aspects

As I'm working on my book The Goddess Workbook: Owning Your Space in the World, I am reminded of how far I've come in the past six years. Those who have been reading the blog have seen the evolution, but it is more than just what I am doing, it is what I am owning about myself. Show More Summary

Reviewed: ‘Independence Day: Resurgence’

Roland Emmerich’s hotly-anticipated sequel to his iconic 1996 alien invasion movie arrives like a moon-sized mothership ploughing into our planet, and the result is exactly what you’d expect – one hell of a mess. The above scenario –moon-sized spaceship churning up planet Earth– actually features in Independence...

A Quiet Volcano is a Sign it May Be Ready to Erupt

Did you hear that? No? Did you hear anything? No? If you’re currently standing on or near a volcano, you have thirty minutes or less to run like heck because it’s about to blow. That’s the conclusion of scientists studying a volcano in Nicaragua. They found that...

No Blog Today

Hi folks...I have a few errands that will take up the entire day. Next Tuesday and Thursday may also be blog-free...just a matter of getting settled in after the move to another state. I will keep you updated. Lon THE 'PHANTOMS & MONSTERS' NEWSLETTER DEPENDS ON YOUR SUPPORT!

15.24 – MU Podcast

Crop Circle researcher Megan Heazlewood joins us in the studio this week to share her insights on the beauty and science of the worldwide circle phenomenon.  Our review of David Paulides’ latest research and recent presentation in Sydney follows for Plus+ members which includes details on the...

Dormant Black Hole Wakes Up and Eats a Passing Star

Do you ever wake up grumpy? No, I usually just let him sleep. That classic joke is good advice for humans and now it looks like it’s a good policy for stars as well. For the first time ever, astronomers report seeing a dormant black hole wake...

Massive Ancient Greek Naval Base Discovered Off Athens Coast

The ancient Greek navy were involved in some epic battles, utilizing large triremes–warships named for their three rows of oars. And key to their success was the safe storage of the triremes when not at war to protect them from warping, worms and the like. In order...

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