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Self-Quickening: A Pisces Eclipse Travel Guide

Sunday's partial solar eclipse with the New Moon in Pisces is coming right up. As it happens, the Sabian symbol for the eclipse degree has "self-quickening" for its Sabian symbol keyword. And moving... This is content summary only. Please visit Planet Waves for full links, other content, and more!

Four Winds Report for Feb. 23, 2017

This is a good day for really knuckling down and getting on with things. Mercury's contact with Saturn, alongside the Moon in Aquarius, suggest that clarity, diligence and a certain earnestness may... This is content summary only. Please visit Planet Waves for full links, other content, and more!

Planet Waves Daily Oracle for Thursday, Feb. 23, 2017

Push your limits. Start with the one about how outrageous you're not supposed to be. Outrageous translates to outgoing, nervy, funny, talented, assertive or sexy. Move from your center, like a... This is content summary only. Please visit Planet Waves for full links, other content, and more!

Ghost Hunter Claims to Film Queen Elizabeth I Apparition

Compelling evidence of the paranormal is extremely hard to come by. Most evidence falls into one of two categories: way too good to ever be true, or so vague/faint/fuzzy that nobody can rally even identify it. The “too good to be true”variety is usually the work of clever (or sometimes not so clever) hoaxers. And […]

2017 Texas Bigfoot Conference

The Texas Bigfoot Research Center celebrates the Original Texas Bigfoot Conference held on September 15, 2001 with this year's event to be held the weekend of October 6-8, 2017. We will also be celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot Film captured on October 20, 1967 in Bluff Creek, California.

Five-Legged, Seven-Footed Calf Worth $3,000 to Cow Cult

A calf born with five legs and seven feet sounds like an animal that must be worth something, especially if it survives. But $3,000? That’s what farmer Abhinav Abrol has been offered (200,000 rupees) for a newborn and seemingly health calf … healthy except for the extra...

'Cloaked' Entity Encounter?

I recently received the following account:Hi Lon,I've been an avid follower of 'Phantoms and Monsters' for years, but have never bothered to submit any of the strange encounters that I've had during my life. However, the reports of "cloaked" entities reminded me of one of the strangest. Show More Summary

Daily 2 Cents: Ghostly Premonition? -- Another Orange Alligator Photographed -- Bigfoot...or Not?

Ghostly Premonition?Nevasoba wrote in to tell of a weird experience he had one night involving his wife:“Around 2005, not long after Katrina. I live in the south. My wife and I were in the bed sleeping. Well, I woke up to get something to drink and use the restroom. Show More Summary

NASA Announces Breakthrough in Search for Alien Life

It’s not a matter of if, but when. Those words were spoken by Thomas Zurbuchen, associate administrator of the Science Mission Directorate at NASA, at today’s highly-anticipated NASA press conference. NASA held the conference today to announce the discovery of a surprising set of exoplanets in a...

“A Deportation Force on Steroids”: Millions of Immigrants Could Face Removal Under New Trump Rules

[audio src=""] The White House is moving to greatly expand the Department of Homeland Security’s authority to deport millions of undocumented... This is content summary only. Please visit Planet Waves for full links, other content, and more!

NASA Scientists Want to Add 100 Planets to Our Solar System

When the International Astronomical Union revised their official working definition of what constitutes a planet in 2006, many astronomers were less than pleased. The vague new definition of a planet was far from precise and left quite a bit of gray area for what could and could...

The World’s First Hoverbike is Ready to Ride

Start saving your bitcoins (or whatever it is you do to accumulate a sizeable pile of them). If your bucket list includes being the first on your block to own an operational and really cool hoverbike, your wait is over. The Russian startup company Hoversurf announced it...

Mental Health and Tarot

The Tarot is a wonderful tool for exploring feelings but it's important to know where to draw the line. The Tarot cards are not the DSM-5.

Cemetery Patterns

I love to take close-up photos of headstones and old cemeteries. The interesting shapes and patterns appear and make for a wonderful picture.

Police in UK Respond to UFO Sightings and Alien Abductions

A recent Freedom of Information request featured in a UK newspaper states that British police officers responded to eight UFO reports in the last two years. While no evidence was found by the officers, police were dispatched to emergency calls in Pendle Hill, Burnley, Fleetwood, Lytham St...

Beached Oarfish and Fish Deaths Are Dire Warning to Pacific

The Earth is getting restless. At least that’s what recent seismic and geologic data seem to indicate. Volcano systems all around the world have been displaying increased activity, leading some to predict massive worldwide eruptions some time in our near future. Great. Just when I cancel my...

People Living in Caves!

In the earliest days of mankind, caves were a necessary protection and available no matter where man was trekking across the continents, but eventually man sat still to practice agriculture and built homes from the local resources. The missing element from living in caves is the temperate climate within. Show More Summary

Four Winds Report for Feb. 22, 2017

How would you describe yourself: as looking for creative ways to positively transform your life and the world around you; or as determined to get ahead, no matter how ruthless or underhanded you need... This is content summary only. Please visit Planet Waves for full links, other content, and more!

Planet Waves Daily Oracle for Wednesday, Feb. 22, 2017

This is an extraordinary season for you, and I am sure you've noticed the strange sense of something improbable in the air. The feeling of this season and this moment will carry into the next year of... This is content summary only. Please visit Planet Waves for full links, other content, and more!

Footprints in the Snow: The Curious Case of the Sunnyslope Sasquatch

A strange set of what appear to be footprints discovered in a snowy field near Sunnyslope, Washington, have stirred interest in the state’s most famous, reclusive cryptid. The Yakima Herald reports that the set of prints were found by Rock Island resident Roy Bianchi, who describes himself...

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