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Dublin: A Darker Shade of Green

Baile Átha Cliath, or Dublin, as it is more commonly known, is the capital and largest city in Ireland. The earliest habitation dates to prehistoric times, but Ptolemy wrote about a settlement at Dublin Bay as far back as 140 CE. A permanent...Show More Summary

The People of Tombstone

Walking around Tombstone, AZ, you see lots of interesting and quirky people. Most of which are reenactors, but others just wander around the town in their western clothes as if time has stopped in the Wild West. Johnny Bones

Book Review: Monsters of Massachusetts

Monsters of Massachusetts by Loren Coleman Massachusetts is probably not the first place people think of when they think about monsters. Well, aside from the big green variety if you’re a sports fan, maybe. Mention Bigfoot to anyone, and their first thought is probably the sprawling wilderness of the Pacific Northwest. The idea of a lake […]

Squatchachusetts with Cliff Barackman

Team Squatchachuestts presents a two-night lecture series with Bigfoot Researcher, Cliff Barackman and guests on March 30th – 31st

New Josh Gates Series Coming to Travel Channel: “Legendary Locations”

Josh Gates, everyone’s favorite explorer, adventurer and host of the hit series “Expedition Unknown,” will showcase the unexpected stories of unforgettable places around the world in Travel Channel’s new series “Legendary Locations.”  The new show plans to premier with back-to-back episodes on Wednesday, March 28 at 10 p.m. Show More Summary

UFOs, Unknown Entities & Bizarre Aerial Phenomena

“In 1988 I was 6 years old, my family and I lived in the country. Surrounded by Indiana cornfields our nearest neighbors were probably a quarter mile away with a field separating us. I remember waking up in the middle of the night by lights flashing in my room. Show More Summary

High Strangeness in the Desert

“When I was in 3rd grade in 1994 I lived in a small border town called Douglas, Arizona. My dad was in the National Guard and my mom was a stylist. We lived in a new housing development called Quail Run. If you see it now there are a lot of houses there, but when I was a kid we were one of maybe six that were newly built. Show More Summary

Daily 2 Cents: Unknown Entity Encounter -- Paul Sinclair...'The Existence of Strange Things' -- A Time Traveler in Tibet, Part II

Unknown Entity EncounterOmaha, Nebraska - 2018-03-03: This was probably about my hundredth search for UFOs. Since about 2001, i have gone out driving near my home every once in a while. I have never, before this, encountered anything more than a probably a misidentified ball of light. Show More Summary

'Tremendous Roaring Scream' in the Minnesota Wilderness

“The story I am going to relate to you goes back to the 1975. I’m like eight years old and my grandfather was a scoutmaster, that means he trained Eagle Scouts. So he and a junior scoutmaster would take between 8 to 10 kids out in the woods for survival camping skills. Show More Summary

Mysterious Hitchhiking Ghost Burns Holes in Truck’s Floor Mat

A motorist picking up a strange hitchhiker on a dark, deserted road is the classic beginning of many ghost stories, but the real dangers of giving and getting free rides have nearly ended the practice, and with it, the hitchhiker ghost stories. That’s why a new one from Argentina is interesting, and the burnt footprints... Read more »

Take That, Overlords! Humans Are Attacking Robot Cars

Self-driving cars are becoming a common sight in California in anticipation of a new regulation going into effect on April 2nd that will allow vehicles with special permits to be driven on public roads with no human driver on board. According to the mandatory accident reports required of self-driving car companies by the state, here’s... Read more »

Bizarre Theories on the Nature of Reality

One of the most fundamental questions we as a species have had since the first flickers of consciousness and self-awareness sparked awake and fluttered within our minds is that of what our reality is. What is the nature of our world, our universe, our consciousness? What is our place in this universe and why we... Read more »

1988: Two Movies and UFO Disclosure

As I have mentioned here at Mysterious Universe on a few occasions, I’m not a big fan of sci-fi. Violent horror is far more my thing. But, there are a few sci-fi-based TV shows I did like, such as The Invaders, The X-Files (for a while, until it got crap) and Dark Skies. In other... Read more »

DARPA Wants to Genetically Engineer Sea Creatures Into Spies

Lately, we’re just learning about all kinds of unique and interesting new government projects. After first learning about the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program back in December, a program which reportedly collects and studies information about UFOs, almost nothing would seem surprising. Show More Summary

First Contact: How Could We Possibly Talk With Aliens?

Ever since we as a species have become aware of other stars and planets beyond our own we have let our imaginations run wild with what might lie out there or if we really are alone in the universe upon this spinning rock we call Earth. Are there other creatures or beings inhabiting other stars,... Read more »

Time Traveler Says Part of Halley’s Comet Will Crash into Lake Erie

The next predicted perihelion of Halley’s Comet will occur on July 28, 2061. Those of us lucky enough to still be alive then will have a great view of the famous orb because it will be on the same side of the Sun as the Earth. Unfortunately, the number of us lucky enough to see... Read more »

Controversial UFO Movie Turns 25

March 12 this year marks the 25th anniversary of the release of Fire in the Sky, Hollywood’s controversial take on the famous Travis Walton UFO abduction case of 1975. Walton, a logger from Snowflake, Arizona, famously claimed to have been taken aboard a flying saucer and to have interacted with two different species of aliens—the... Read more »

17.09 – MU Plus+ Podcast

Spirit Phones and Craufurd’s fairy box gets us warmed up for an update on the multiple secret space programs from the world of Corey Goode and David Wilcock. Why have the Blue Avians left us? Who are the tall Triangle heads and the mysterious “Eel Boyes”? Are we on the ascension timeline or the Draco... Read more »

Japanese Government Officially Denies Existence of UFOs

Government denials and UFOs go hand-in-hand. In fact, that element of unexplained aerial phenomena being something “they” don’t want us to know could be one reason why UFOs continue to fascinate us. After last year’s revelations that the Pentagon has been studying UFO phenomenon for years, though, it’s becoming more and more difficult to deny... Read more »

The Mysterious Werewolves of Haiti

One type of monster that seems to be very pervasive in the human psyche across cultures is that of creatures with the power to transform from human to animal, and by far the most well-known of these entities is the werewolf of legend. Yet there have always been those who believe that these are not... Read more »

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