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Plausible UFO Observation

In the history of ufology, there are a number of reports that make the existence of non-terrestrial visitations seem plausible. Some of them are so well-documented and inexplicable that they might just have been genuine UFO sightings. Show More Summary

The Mystery of Bigfoot

Find out why so many millions of Americans are obsessed with this mysterious man-ape.

Daily 2 Cents: Is Mount St. Helens a Supervolcano? -- Elven-Like Aliens -- Burned in Bed, Other Anomalies

Is Mount St. Helens a Supervolcano? Is Mount St. Helens a Supervolcano? According to findings from New Zealand scientists, Mt. St. Helens could be exactly that. Mt. St. Helens has been known for years as one of many volcanoes that litter...Show More Summary

Does Bigfoot Hibernate?

Join Michael (Merchant) for a brief walk in the forest and discuss the timeless question. Does Bigfoot hibernate in the winter?

Do We Live in a Mirror Universe?

The end of time in our universe might be the beginning of time in another universe, and vice versa. This is the hypothesis put forth by an international team of astrophysicists in the current issue of Physical Review Letters: that fundamental questions of time, structure, and entropy...

Upping Your Chances Of Ghostly Encounters

As I've been studying the qualities that come together to make an ideal spirit vessel, I have come to some conclusions (and a lifetime of encounters) to say how these things can come to be more readily. If you want to up your chances...Show More Summary

The Falcon Project Is Looking For 10 People

William Allen Barnes of the Falcon Project tells us they needs 10 people for a 6 month research study program out in the back country. This will require the researchers to "stay out there".

Undead Terror

Ghost stories have for centuries crossed boundaries of language and culture, transcending the barriers of the paranormal world and ours. It has fascinated, intrigued and even cast intense fear in the minds of some as people continue to debate and ponder whether these paranormal entities do in fact exist. Show More Summary

Sasquatch Chronicles Archive: The “Insider” Part 1

This week we have a two part show. We have an "insider" who will be coming on to share his encounter and knowledge of some government emails he came across between the U.S. Department of the Interior and The Bureau of Land Management. Show More Summary

Medicine Wheels and Labyrinths: Designs Upon the Earth

(Medicine Wheel in Adamsville Cemetery, Arizona) In Arizona, you run into medicine wheels from time to time and especially at the vortexes in Sedona. They are beautiful, but they are also symbolic. Two things I've always dreamed of having in a garden are a labyrinth and a medicine wheel. Show More Summary

Daily 2 Cents: What Was Seen Over Chicago? -- Energy Collecting Jewelry -- Baranski's Ghost Boy

What Was Seen Over Chicago? 12/24/2014 - The Wrigley building is north of the river on Michigan ave SE of the Intercontinental Hotel. I was walking south,I took pictures of the Wrigley Building, did not see the object until I saw the photos. Show More Summary

Holiday Break for FOS

This week is Holiday Break for Fairy and Empath Online School. Enjoy, students! And, Happy Holidays!

Sasquatch Chronicles

In this segment of Sasquatch Chronicles, we visit the land of the Chehalis in southwest Washington State. Features Chehalis Tribal members, Mel Youckton and Bruce Klatush Sr. on the sacred teaching of respecting the ancient peoples of the forest.

Sea of Trees

“The thought of suicide is a powerful solace: by means of it one gets through many a bad night” - Friedrich NietzscheIt’s perhaps the most obvious setting for a horror movie imaginable — and it’s real. And incredibly grim. There is a thick, in places nearly impenetrable forest around Mt. Show More Summary

Pigs and People May Get Stoned on Black Truffles

Why do pigs dig for black truffles even though someone takes the tasty treats away before they can eat them? Why do people pay over $300 for three ounces of the rare black mushrooms? Could both be doing it because truffles give them a high that’s a...

Clackamas River Bigfoot Expedition & Sighting Reports

Missing Person in Rock Lakes/Clackamas River, Oregon. After years of Bigfoot activity in the area, was Robert Bissell taken by a Bigfoot?

Joe's Real BBQ

If you are ever in Gilbert, AZ, you must have a meal at Joe's Real BBQ. The meat is barbecued slowly and cooked over pecan wood for an amazing unique taste. All the side dishes and desserts are freshly made with that homemade flavor....Show More Summary

Abandoned Islands

Hashima Island, Japan Hashima Island, Japan From 1887 until 1974, the island of Hashima (Battleship) Island in Japan was used for mining coal. Eventually in the 1970s, the island emptied out and remained that way until recently when they began some limited tours of the site. Show More Summary

SasWhat: The Bigfoot Year-in-Review Special

Just in time for Christmas, Mark and Seth adopt a pro-truth stance and start dropping BOMBS on their listening audience. Or maybe they're just sharing some opinions. It's entirely up to you to perceive how you take this one. They talk about Bigfoot movies, the Ohio Bigfoot Conference (yes, again),... Todd Standing and Jeff Meldrum, and the various DNA studies.

Santa Claus, Last of the Wild Men

The Origins and Evolution of Saint Nicholas, Spanning 50,000 Years

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