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The Cash-Landrum Incident: Was a Nuclear Aircraft Involved?

Of all the best-known and often reviewed UFO cases of the last few decades, many would contend that one of the most puzzling had been the Cash-Landrum incident, which occurred near Dayton, Texas on 29 December, 1980. The story, well known in UFO circles, involved two women: Betty Cash and...

The Mountain of Blue Fire

Nature has a way of continually surprising us and inspiring awe within us, and it seems there are just as many fantastical wonders to be found in the natural world as there are in that of the supernatural. Here among nature’s great mysteries and incredible spectacles are...

What Throws Rocks in the Woods?

Weird happenings on a night hike during a Bigfoot expedition...

The Fly That Wants to Be a Bee

A bee or not a bee – that is the question when you get buzzed by a newly-discovered species of fly that looks very much like a bee. To add a little more sting to this new fly, it’s the first insect species to be classified using...

Phoenix Sci-Fi Con 2016

Phoenix Sci-Fi Con 2016 needs our help (LINK) to be sure the event is booked and ready to go with tons of fun! Julie Ferguson and I will be there attending the event and masquerade ball, as well as I will be talking about ghosts and Bigfoot and signing books. I cannot wait until Summer 2016!

Daily 2 Cents: A Trip to The Point...Lost in Space and Time -- Large Bi-Ped Chases Child From Woods -- Psychic Healer at Bombay Hospital

A Trip to The Point...Lost in Space and Time by Ken StilgebouerThis article was offered by my friend & colleague paranormal researcher / author Rosemary Ellen Guiley in her recent newsletter. I was given permission to reproduce it here. Show More Summary

Number of UFOs Seen Orbiting the Sun is Rising

While we humans argue about the benefits and costs of solar power on Earth, UFOs seem to be spending a lot of time orbiting the Sun doing … something. The number of UFO sightings large and small around our favorite star is on the rise. Are they...

Yuma Territorial Prison: Infamous Men Once Imprisioned There

They were the bad boys of the Wild West and found themselves in prison in Yuma after getting caught for their crimes. Here are just some of those naughty men: Pete Spence He was born Elliot Larkin Ferguson in 1851 in the state of Louisiana. Show More Summary

How-To Use Dolls For Halloween

Dolls! Like clowns, dolls are universally unsettling. The first how-to use dolls has to include taking advantage of Doll Island as an example of how to make people freaked out to come up your path. Hang them from strings, tie them to a tree, tack them to a wooden fence. Show More Summary

Peculiar Projects of the Pigeon Kind

Just one year before the dawning of the 21st Century, Britain’s domestic intelligence agency, MI5, released an extraordinary batch of documents. They told an equally extraordinary story. It was a story that dated back to the Second World War. As the British equivalent of the United States’...

The Kelly-Hopkinsville Aliens…and the CIA

In a new article at his UFO Conjecture(s) blog, titled “The August 21st, 1955 Hopkinsville UFO event (and then some),” Rich Reynolds says the following: “My Facebook pal Greg Newkirk is obsessed with the Sutton family’s 1955 alleged encounter in Hopkinsville, Kentucky with creatures ostensibly from a...

A Southern Feast of All Souls—‘A genteel visit’

In recent years, the sightings of the supernatural have spread by word of mouth among those seeking a genteel visit with those who have crossed over. -- Steve Wong The Oaks Bed & Breakfast 339 Greenville Street Saluda, North Carolina...Show More Summary

John Bindernagel Sasquatch Talk in Nanaimo

On the Trail of North America's Great Ape: The Sasquatch Thursday, October 8th, 2015

Archive: Beware the Kushtaka!

Much of the recent paranormal and cryptid related television programming as been geared towards unexplained phenomena in Alaska. I received an account a few years ago that demonstrates some of the odd activity that occurs in America's last frontier:It all starts on a winter night in Juneau, Alaska. Show More Summary

New NASA Moon Mission Photos Show UFOs

A private citizen named Kipp Teague has been archiving for NASA all of the photographs taken by the crews of the Apollo moon missions. This week, he created an online account called the Project Apollo Archive and made over 11,660 of these photographs available to the general...

Daily 2 Cents: Girl Possessed Using Ouija Phone App -- Ghost...or Something Else? -- Tiny People w/ Black Eyes in a Bar

Girl Possessed by the Devil Through Ouija Phone App This is the shocking footage of a young girl who apparently became possessed by the devil after playing with a Ouija board using a mobile phone app.Young girl believed to be possessed...Show More Summary

Expedition Unknown - New Season Tonight on Travel Channel!

Travel Channel's "Expedition Unknown" starts Season 2 tonight! I have to say that I really enjoy this show, especially as a researcher. It was fun to see Josh Gates yucking it up with the team on the old "Destination Truth" show, but...Show More Summary

Humanoid over Bratislava, Home of Nuke Plants and UFO Cafe

UFOs and flying humanoids have been seen frequently near nuclear plants – possibly to observe or protect humans from nuclear disaster. One was seen at a nuclear plant in Slovakia in 1992. This week, what appeared to be a flying humanoid was spotted and recorded over Bratislava,...

Visited by the 'Little Children'

On the September 3, 2015 episode of Darkness Radio, host Dave Schrader read a letter from a fan named Raldo. It was a disturbing story of what sounds like an encounter with alien entities.1992 - New Mexico - Navajo ReservationQuoting Raldo:“I live in the northwest part of New Mexico and during the summer of 1992, I heard the weirdest story ever. Show More Summary

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