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“A Hideous Being With Disheveled Hair”

In October of last year, I wrote an article here at Mysterious Universe titled “The Glowing Winged Woman of Vietnam.” I stated in the article: “It was in August 1969 that a man named Earl Morrison, along with several comrades, had the shock of his life. It...

The Specter at the Cross

I recently had an opportunity to talk to a man, who I'll refer to as 'CB,' who once lived on a farm in Washington County, PA. He had issued a report with the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society on a possible habituation he experienced when he was younger while living on his Grandfather's farm. Show More Summary

Mystery of the Blonde Egyptian Mummies Has Been Solved

It’s hard to tell by looking at mummies, but many people believe that Egyptians living at the time when mummification was commonly practiced were dark-haired and dark-skinned. So how do they explain the rare blonde-haired mummies, not to mention the even more rare redheads? The general public...

New Woolly Wolf Species Discovered In Nepal

The world of wolves just got a little bigger thanks to some new research in Nepal. Based on historical anecdotes of large, “woolly” wolves inhabiting the Himalayan region, a study of wolf species and subspecies was conducted to determine if these sightings represented a novel species or...

15th Anniversary Original Texas Bigfoot Conference

The Texas Bigfoot Research Center celebrates the 15th anniversary of the Original Texas Bigfoot Conference held on September 15, 2001 with this year's event to be held the weekend of October 14-16, 2016.

Daily 2 Cents: Tall Ram-Horned Humanoid -- Close Encounter...Large Triangular Craft -- PA Upright Canine Witness Report Map

Tall Ram-Horned HumanoidDakota in Ventura, California called in to tell of a bizarre creature she observed with her brother:“I want to tell you about the time I saw a shadow figure and it was really scary. It was probably about about...Show More Summary

Neanderthal and Modern Humans Survival Was Based on Diet

Researchers may have uncovered the secret to the demise of the Neanderthals and it may have been diet-based. Though Neanderthals lived thousands of years throughout western Eurasia, they mysteriously went extinct 40,000 years ago. Yet, modern humans, Homo sapiens, who coexisted toward the end of that time...

This Day in History: Loch Ness Monster Sighted

Although accounts of an aquatic beast living in Scotland’s Loch Ness date back 1,500 years, the modern legend of the Loch Ness Monster is born when a sighting makes local news on May 2, 1933. The newspaper Inverness Courier related an...Show More Summary

Arcane Radio Presents: Mike Feltner & Mike Miller - 'Ohio Night Stalkers'

This week we welcome Bigfoot investigators Mike Feltner & Mike Miller of the 'Ohio Night Stalkers' to Arcane Radio.Mike Feltner (41) lives in Batavia, Ohio and an employee of the local school district. He has been interested in the Bigfoot phenomenon since he was 7 years of age. Show More Summary

Underwater Volcano Throws Two Giant Oarfish Onto Land

In Japanese folklore, the deep sea giant oarfish is a messenger of Ry?jin, the dragon god of the sea. The appearance of a dead oarfish on the surface or the shore is considered by many to be a sign of an impending and possibly severe earthquake. What...

Huge Titanosaurs Had Small Brains but Smart Senses

Researchers have completed a study on one of the few complete skulls of Sarmientosaurus muscacchioi, a titanosaurian sauropod dinosaur from the Upper Cretaceous period (about 95 million years ago). The study’s lead author, Ruben Martinez, director of the paleovertebrates lab at the National University of Patagonia San...

US General Tells Troops To Be Ready For Little Green Men

 … you’ll be dealing with little green men … That’s Army Chief of Staff General Mark Milley speaking to young military officers at the recent 100th anniversary of the ROTC program at Norwich University in Vermont. That’s right, he’s warning his future troops they will be facing...

Virginia: Apple House, Front Royal and Hot Dogs

DAY EIGHT Apple House, Front Royal and Hot Dogs We packed our bags and headed out to our next destination, Front Royal. I wanted the “Doug” for breakfast once more before leaving Gloucester so we stopped at the Courthouse Restaurant again. Show More Summary

Most Haunted Places: We Have It All Backwards

I get asked a lot - what is the most haunted place you know? Answer: Everywhere is haunted. Sure the building above looks pretty spooky, so it must be haunted. It looks old, so it must be haunted. Right? Nope. Some places have hauntings that in baseline conditions can be perceived, i.e. Show More Summary

UFOs: How Do We Study An Ever-Changing Phenomenon?

Are UFOs real, and do they represent any form of tangible phenomenon? Or are UFOs merely an idea, representative of some vestige within our collective memories of a social movement, built around paranoia and international concerns following the Second World War? To the UFO advocate, the notion that unidentified flying...

Fictional Monsters of the London Underground

Britain’s famous London Underground serves commuters traveling throughout Greater London, as well as select parts of Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, and Essex. It can also claim the title of the world’s oldest underground system of its type, given that it opened up for business in 1863. Today, the London...

Paranormal Day - May 3rd at 'Haunt Jaunts'

Hey folks...check it out! May 3rd is 'Paranormal Day 2016' - Join my friend Courtney and others at 'Haunt Jaunts' - click the button above THE 'PHANTOMS & MONSTERS' NEWSLETTER DEPENDS ON YOUR SUPPORT!

May 2016 Caption This Contest

Easy Plugin for AdSense by Unreal This month’s Caption This photo comes to us courtesy of one of HJ’s FB followers, James Maxwell. (Thanks again, James, for letting us borrow this fun pic!) How to Play Look at the photo below. (Did you know May is Mystery Month? We thought this photo was a fun...

New Study Warns of Apocalypse Within Five Years

A team of researchers at Oxford University, the Global Challenges Foundation and the Global Priorities Project recently issued a report, “Global Catastrophic Risks.” In it, they discuss and issue rankings for events than can eliminate ten-percent or more of the human population within the next five years....

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