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Hacktivists Design Untraceable Anti-Surveillance Phone Case

Whistleblower Edward Snowden is back in the headlines this week thanks to a new high-tech phone case he designed with famed hacker and free-speech activist Andrew “bunnie” Huang. The phone case will notify users whenever their phone is transmitting data, and features a “kill-switch” than can disable the...

Ceres’ Large Impact Craters Have Mysteriously Disappeared

Since NASA’s Dawn spacecraft began orbiting Ceres, the dwarf planet’s craters have raised a lot of questions–notably over why the bottom of some contain bright spots. But scientists have uncovered another puzzle where Ceres’ craters are concerned: the planet has almost certainly been struck by a number...

The Sugar Creek Giants

In December 1892, the press across the nation reported on discoveries made by archaeologists digging near Sugar Creek, Indiana. Twenty-five gigantic skeletons were unearthed by archaeologists and students from Wabash College. The following...Show More Summary

Daily 2 Cents: The Abduction That Changed Me Forever -- He Thinks He's Jesus -- Mysterious Purple Orb on Ocean Floor

The Abduction That Changed Me ForeverFayetteville, NC - January 6, 2016 Wednesday: I could not sleep. It was 1:41am. I turned over to try to sleep. The next thing my body went dead, no movement, nothing, there was no life in my body....Show More Summary

Robots in Space

Artificial intelligence has entered the realm of space exploration. Robots may be replacing humans on space missions deemed too dangerous or remote and some may even assist humans. The world of science fiction is coming closer to real life. Scientists at the University of Surrey in the...

UFO Sighting Followed By Possible MIB Surveillance

The following report was made on 7/24/2016 with the MUFON CMS:St. Augustine, FL - 2014-02-01 - 7:00PM: My son's girlfriend went to Publix. When she returned home she came in yelling "What are those orange lights in the sky?!!" So my son, the girl and myself went outside to see what she was talking about. Show More Summary

Lake Irmia Rapidly Changes From Green to Blood Red

Green isn’t exactly a good color for a lake to be, but it’s better than blood red. Satellite images show that Iran’s Lake Irmia was bright green on April 23rd and blood red on July 18th. What’s happening? Lake Irmia (also called Orumiyeh, Orumieh or Urmia) is...

Easter Island Bacteria May Contain Fountain of Youth Drug

Those famous giant heads on Easter Island are there for some reason, but that reason has baffled researchers since they were first found. A new discovery may lead to a new possibility: they‘re guarding a Fountain of Youth. Scientists studying a soil bacteria found on Easter Island...

Sunrise Ski Resort

Sunrise may be a ski resort, but it also has lots of activities in the summer as well. I have been to Sunrise a couple of times with friends to try my hand at skiing. It didn't go as well as I hoped. Apparently, I am not built for skiing, but did enjoy the lodge and brewskies. Show More Summary

This Single-Cell Organism is the Ancestor of All Living Things

An evolutionary biologist in Germany claims to have pinpointed, with astonishing accuracy, the last universal common ancestor of all living things on Earth. Affectionately known as LUCA, the single-cell, bacteria-like organism lived around 3.8 billion years ago–when the Earth was just 560 million years old–and could shed...

Men In Black: They’re watching you

  Who are the Men In Black? What are the Men In Black? Weeks before Kenneth Arnold described seeing strange crafts flying ‘…like saucers skipping on water.’, there was another incredible claim of a UFO sighting coming from the dark, frigid waters of Puget Sound. It was in June of 1947 when Fred Crisman and Harold Dahl […]

Is This Lake Cursed?

A gorgeous idyllic-looking lake in the urban setting of Dallas, Texas harbors a dark history of taking lives and hiding the dead. Locals believe White Rock Lake is haunted, and with good reason. A man was doing his regular run around White Lake and was randomly killed with a machete. Show More Summary

The Flying Monsters of Africa

The continent of Africa is the reported home of numerous unknown creatures and wild monsters. They range from Goliath-sized ape-men to lake-monsters and from dinosaur-like lizards to massive spiders. Africa is also the domain of more than a few large, winged, flying monsters. A wealth of such...

Edgar Allan Poe: Time Traveler? The Story Behind This Meme is Legitimately Eerie

Meme culture online today is a complex, bizarre, and often furiously hilarious blend of interwoven mythologies. Borrowing everything from classic movies and songs from the last few decades, to unfortunate snapshots of celebrities portraying them at their least flattering angles, the world of the meme is a collective...

Second Generation Clones Are In Excellent Health

Remember Dolly the sheep? The female Finn-Dorset sheep made headlines around the world when she became the first mammal to be cloned from adult cells in 1996. Dolly was cloned by removing the nucleus of a sheep mammary gland cell, which was then inserted into an undeveloped...

Miss Cleo, TV Hotline Psychic, Dead at 53

For anyone who watched television in the late 1990s, there are probably only a handful of commercials that are as memorable and quotable as the Psychic Friends Network ads featuring “Miss Cleo.” Adding to the absurdity of calling a late-night telephone hotline to have your fortune read was her fake Jamaican accent and her shouted […]

The Haunting Beauty of Russia’s Mysterious Underwater Cave

Our planet is full of spectacular natural beauty in a mind boggling array of forms, and which have long awed and inspired mankind. Yet what of the breathtaking places of the world that lie not above ground, but below it, under our efforts to try and tame...

Bizarre Circus Tragedies

I was perusing the internet and across a few examples of bizarre circus deaths. So I decided to look further in order to find the oddest of the odd:SUICIDE OF A CLOWNCharles Rench was a beloved clown with W.W. Cole, P.T. Barnum, and the Irwin Bros. Show More Summary

Water Tunnels Found Under Mayan Pyramid But No Spaceship

The pyramid at Mexico’s Mayan ruin site of Palenque, known as the Temple of Inscriptions, is famous for the carved stone sarcophagus in which the Mayan ruler Pakal was buried. The image of Pakal on the tomb looks to many like he’s at the controls of a...

Daily 2 Cents: The Nebraska 'Roswell' -- Vicious Croc Attack -- Islamists Storm French Church, Butcher Priest

The Nebraska 'Roswell'I recently received the following information:Hi Lon, I live in SW Nebraska very close to where the "Heavenly Body" incident happened in 1884. I just heard about it 3 weeks ago. My mother was given a large piece of green glass about 25 years ago by one of the kids on her school bus route. Show More Summary

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