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Now Here’s A Real UFO

    ‘Now here’s a real UFO’ is the original title of this video which was uploaded to YouTube in May, 2012. YouTube user Thisthingisrecord managed to save the video before it was taken down by the original uploader. It’s a very interesting video in the sense that the camera handling is adequate enough for […]

Daily 2 Cents: 3 Humanoids Enter Bedroom Through Closed Doors -- Strange Lights on Ceres -- Safest Place to Hide From Zombies

3 Humanoids Enter Bedroom Through Closed Doors Surf City, NJ - February 2015: We live on an outlet to Barnegat Bay about 2 blocks from the ocean and about a mile from a Coast Guard station. Helicopters, including black ones, are frequent sights. Show More Summary

For Sale: Ed Gein's Ghastly Cauldron

A gruesome artifact, that once belonged to notorious murderer and body snatcher Ed Gein, is being sold at auction: Amongst the various mundane antiques, the Pientka Auction website contains a photo of a rusted, insignificant-lookingShow More Summary

Strange Pink Cloud Over Arizona Has Many Seeing Red

Can you imagine waking up early, looking out the window to see a giant pink cloud glowing overhead? Is it a UFO designed by stylish aliens? Hallucinations from the cotton candy ice cream you ate before bed? A chemtrail colored to keep the public from panicking? Something...

Man-Eating Catfish and Pig-Eating Snake on the Loose

It’s Enormous Creature Friday and we’ve got two big ones that appeared this week to scare anyone who goes fishing or forgets to feed their snake for a few days. First up is a giant catfish caught by a sports fisherman in the Po River in northern...

Reviewed: Valley Of The Sasquatch

A fractured family battles against a tribe of angry Sasquatch. The thing that makes Valley of the Sasquatch stand out is how it focuses on the characters as they bond or bicker throughout the tale. Their conflicts add a lot to the monster encounters later in the film. This goes a long way in preventing the film from becoming another low budget waste of time.

Bisbee Breakfast Club

The original restaurant in Bisbee, opened its doors in 2005. The establishment is situated inside the historic Rexall Drug building on Erie Street in Lowell. The environment inside is comfy just like home with amazing breakfast meals, mouthwatering lunches, and homemade pies and desserts. Show More Summary

Extremely Ancient Civilization Finds in Oklahoma?

In 1928, a man named Atlas Almon Mathis was a miner working in Oklahoma looking for coal. Here's his story of his find -“In the year 1928, I, Atlas Almon Mathis, was working in coal mine No. 5., located two miles north of Heavener, Oklahoma. Show More Summary

13.08 – MU Podcast

Entomophagist and creator Camren Brantley-Rios joins to speak about the future of food and how to make Cricket pizza. We also discuss the latest developments in MH370 conspiracy, mind controlled bionic advancements, and mysterious cave masters from the Himalayas. Cam Brantley-Rios 30 Days of Bugs Blog...

The Kecksburg UFO – 50th Anniversary

There’s no doubt that when it comes to accounts of crashed UFOs, the Roswell affair is the one that springs to mind for pretty much everyone, regardless of whether they are a true-believer, an open-minded skeptic, or a closed-minded debunker. It’s a case that has been championed,...

Purple UFO Interrupts Peru TV Show

A television production crew in Lima, Peru, videotaped a purple-colored disc-shaped UFO hovering in the distant sky near a construction site. So far,... Read more: Video, Weird Peru, Ufo, Unidentified Flying Object, Ufo Over Lima Peru, Purple Peru Ufo, UFO News, Weird News News

The Lost City of Z

Many hundreds of people have died trying to find the fabled Lost City of Z in the Amazon Region. When Spanish Conquistadors first came to the Amazon, they came back from deep jungle investigations bearing amazing stories of unknown Indians and huge gold treasures. Show More Summary

Ghosts, Cryptids, and Afterlife: Proof We Are Living in a Matrix?

In the movie "The Matrix," the popular SciFi movie asked the question; what if what we thought was reality was orchestrated so we didn't realize what the real-reality was? This concept is moving from science fiction to science with lots of new theories about the nature of our universe. Show More Summary

Tonight on Face Off: Syfy Channel

Tonight on Syfy's "Face Off" show the theme is "queen bugs." I just love this show!

Horror Movies That Changed the Genre

There are so many horror movies in the genre and so many decades they span, but every now and then one emerges that forever changes a genre and starts copycats and similar themes. Here are some of my favs that influenced the genre- "Halloween"...Show More Summary

Dangers From the Sea!

Between Bermuda Triangle, horrifying deep sea creatures, cryptid monsters, mermaids, haunted lighthouses, shipwrecks, ghost ships and more - the sea is the location of a great deal of horror! I think the sea is the most amazing mystery. Show More Summary

Australian Yowie Photo Released

In October 2014, two men observed this 'being' from long range walking towards them. They thought it was workman in overalls and decided to wait for him to get closer. It wasn't until it got closer that they realized what they saw and...Show More Summary

Special Report: Bigfoot Sighted In FOX16 News Report?

It's a creature with many names, Bigfoot, Sasquatch, and most notably known to people in Fouke, Arkansas, the Fouke Monster. For years, many of you have questioned the ape-like humanoid's existence. Is Bigfoot really out there? FOX16's Susanne Brunner explores just that following a report she covered in November. Show More Summary

Monsters and Mysteries in America: Mill Race Monster, Toxic Rain, Devil Dogs

In Columbus, Indiana a swampy beast's terrifying attacks lead to the largest monster hunt in U.S. history. Bizarre gel-like rain sickens residents in one town; could the military be to blame? And hungry Devil Dogs guard a cursed Wisconsin island.

Momo Cryptofiction

In the wake of his father’s death, Mark Taylor thinks he and his son, Evan need some quality time together. He is certain that a weekend at the family cabin in the Missouri woodland presents the perfect opportunity and will strengthen their bond. Show More Summary

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