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In the Line of Fire: People That Were Injured, or Killed, By Falling Space Debris

Up until now, death resulting from falling space debris was considered a fairly unlikely means of accidental death. However, a recent rocket launch in Kazakhstan resulted in a fire caused by falling debris, which reportedly led to injuries, and at least one death; the first of its kind due to such a cause. IFL Science... Read more »

Mysterious Dogman Sighting in South Africa May Explain Others

It’s not often that one witnesses a Dogman, especially outside of Michigan, which has had its share of sightings dating back to 1887. It’s even more rare that the witness gets a video of a Dogman (or any other cryptid, for that matter) that is not blurred like a pixelized X-rated scene on a reality... Read more »

Misfit Message 21 June 2017

Today we get a solstice message from the Antique Anatomy Tarot to guide us through the second half of 2017. Happy Litha!

Bizarre Cases of Mysterious Deaths and Human Mutilations

One of the most gruesome, sinister, and completely intriguing of phenomena connected to the phenomenon of UFOs is that of the dark world of cattle mutilations. By some accounts, for some reason, it seems that whatever is behind these strange lights in the sky also has a liking for targeting various livestock for some impromptu... Read more »

Earth Oddities, Hollow Earth and Burrowing Giants!

Our planet carries some pretty weird secrets and a lot of speculation revolving around the mysteries unsolved. Some of these wonders include spectacular lights, theories of a hollow earth, and a giant race underground. Let's look into...Show More Summary

Planet Waves Daily Oracle for Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Imagine you pulled down a wall in your house and discovered an entire suite of rooms that were exactly the way they were left two centuries ago. Imagine those rooms were the remnants of an ancestral... This is content summary only. Please visit Planet Waves for full links, other content, and more!

Four Winds Report for June 21, 2017

Today is the solstice: the longest day in the Northern Hemisphere, when the Sun enters the sign Cancer. This year, Mercury follows close on the Sun's heels, immediately making a conjunction in the... This is content summary only. Please visit Planet Waves for full links, other content, and more!

The Ghosts of Cargin Castle: Part II

We have now spent a week at Carrigain, sometimes called Cargin Castle. After our week at Carrigain Castle we discovered many haunting stories. I have already done one blog post on the castle and I promised a ghost story. The first ghost story comes from David Scully, the boatsman. Show More Summary

For Feminist Men, Damaged by Feminism

[audio src=""] Tonight, for solstice eve, I have a special edition of Planet Waves FM for you. Sometimes it seems like the most sensitive men, who... This is content summary only. Please visit Planet Waves for full links, other content, and more!

NASA Discovers Ten New Possibly Habitable Exoplanets

Researchers working with NASA’s Kepler Mission have been hard at work over the last several years searching for habitable exoplanets with the Kepler space telescope in hopes of someday discovering alien life outside our solar system. Earlier this year, NASA surprised the astronomy world with the discovery of seven new exoplanets orbiting the dwarf star... Read more »

Daily 2 Cents: Point Pleasant Mothman Rode / Burned Horse -- Abducted...Left in a Tree -- 'Bouncing' Upright Coyote

Point Pleasant Mothman Rode / Burned HorseMichael from West Virginia called in to tell of a strange story he heard while doing video production in high school in Point Pleasant, WV: “I just wanted to share a story that I heard second hand in Point Pleasant, West Virginia where I went to high school. Show More Summary

A Year for All Seasons

Every seasonal change this year is being accompanied by something more. It is almost as if the equinoxes and solstices of 2017 are being astrologically underlined for greater emphasis. On the eve of... This is content summary only. Please visit Planet Waves for full links, other content, and more!

Newly Discovered Viking Toilet Leaves Historians Flushed

This changes everything … including Viking underwear. Archaeologists digging in a Viking settlement in Stevns on the island of Zealand in Denmark found a two-meter hole unlike any they had ever seen in this area. At the bottom were feces and radiocarbon dating of them revealed that they were human waste from the Viking Age,... Read more »

Video Review of the Angels of Abundance Oracle by Doreen Virtue – All the Cards

A wee video showing all the cards in the Angels of Abundance Oracle by Doreen Virtue and Grant Virtue.

NASA to Explore Solar System’s Mysterious Ice Giants

The icy worlds at the end of our solar system still remain somewhat mysterious to astronomers due to the great distance between Earth and Uranus and Neptune, the seventh and eight planets from the Sun. The NASA spacecraft Voyager 2 conducted flybys of Neptune and Uranus in 1989, and we haven’t been back since. NASA... Read more »

Sex and the Single Ghost Hunter: Dating Ideas For Para Geeks

It's been a long time since I've done one in this series on GHT. I figured I'd give a shout out to all the single para geeks with a new installment concerning ideas for what to do on a date if you're dating another para-geek. Para geeks aren't just anxious to do spooky things together. Show More Summary

The New MJ12 Documents: Various Theories

Despite the fact that most ufologists have dismissed the new MJ12 documents as garbage (which they are), I’m still getting emails and messages from people who just won’t let things go and who insist they are the real thing. Look, they are not the real thing. But, try telling that to those who prefer conspiracy-filled... Read more »

Arundhati Roy on Returning to Fiction, Redefining Happiness & Writing about Worlds Ripped Apart

[audio src=""] It has been 20 years since acclaimed Indian writer Arundhati Roy's debut novel, "The God of Small Things," made her a literary... This is content summary only. Please visit Planet Waves for full links, other content, and more!

The Scarlet Lunch

Did you know that for decades, kids without lunch money have been given low-grade substitutes or put to work? Jen Sorensen asks how far American schools will go with the shaming. This is content summary only. Please visit Planet Waves for full links, other content, and more!

Search for Mysterious Fenn Treasure Claims Another Life

“I made it hard deliberately. If it was easy, anyone could do it.” Police in northern New Mexico found the body of a man believed to be Pastor Paris Wallace of Grand Junction, who went missing while searching for a mysterious horde of riches hidden by the equally mysterious Santa Fe art dealer Forrest Fenn.... Read more »

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