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Mysterious Cursed and Haunted Paintings of the World

There can be no doubt that paintings can have a powerful influence over us. They are truly remarkable things. When an artist puts brush to canvas, they are in a sense channeling their soul and imagination into the images that we see, and these images can have...

12.09 – MU Plus+ Podcast

After revealing our weekend’s Zoological antics and local Neal deGrasse Tyson events we look at the future of 3D printed drugs, advances in teledidonics, and how your workplace will measure your heartbeat. We then reveal more wild OBE tales from one of Robert Munroe’s proteges and the watchful...

Ghost Rockets Over Long Island Sound?

During a recent broadcast of veteran talk host Art Bell’s newly relaunched late night program, now called Midnight in the Desert, one of the most popular conspiracy theories of the last several decades became the focus of the discussion: alternate theories as to the cause of the TWA Flight 800...

Bigfoot, Us, And The Food-Chain

In 1965, a journalist named George Draper – who worked for the San Francisco Chronicle newspaper – interviewed one O.R. Edwards about a startling and highly disturbing Bigfoot sighting that Edwards had back in 1942. You will soon come to appreciate why the saga was so disturbing....

A Gathering Of Ghosts

The story centers around this 1868courthouse, which was demolishedin 1927 and replaced by the County'snewer Art Deco structure. A story that ran in the mid-January papers of 1896 tells the weird tale of phantom footprints at a courthouse in Kokomo, IN. Show More Summary

Death of a Socialite

On June 19, 1908, the New York Times reported the death of 29-year-old socialite Miriam Frances Bloomer of Cincinnati. One year previous, under mysterious conditions, Miss Bloomer had been burned on the face by acid. She traveled to Saranac Lake, NY in order to recover from her burns. Show More Summary

Daily 2 Cents: Australian Man Warned by MIB -- My Alien Interactions -- Mystery Cloaked Figure 'Dropping Raw Meat in Playgrounds'

Australian Man Warned by MIB Father-of-two Liam Freaney received unexpected visits after witnessing a number of UFOs near his home.Freaney, who was a builder by trade, had little interest in the subject of UFOs until one day in March...Show More Summary

Two Strange Nights in Galena

I received the following correspondence in June 2011 from a St.Louis, Missouri woman who was in Galena, Illinois on business:Sir - I traveled to Galena, Illinois on business in early May 2011. My employer booked me into the DeSoto House...Show More Summary

Mystery Creature Carcass Identified?

Has the creature in these two photos from Arlene Gaal's book In Search of Ogopogo ever been conclusively identified and, if so, what was it and does anyone have any published sources for the identification?

The Beast of Gévaudan – Wolf, Man…or Wolf-Man?

Between June 1764 and June 1767, a hideous series of killings, as grisly as they were plentiful (somewhere around 80 to 113 human victims, plus many injured survivors), occurred in a village-speckled district of Lozère, southeastern France, called Gévaudan. Show More Summary

Whispering Creek Bed & Breakfast

After the ladies and I spent the day wine tasting in Cottonwood, we ended our day in Sedona at the Whispering Creek Bed & Breakfast. We were greeted by the owner, Cheryl Barron, and she showed us around. Since there were five of us, we had to take two rooms. Show More Summary

Alien Encounters And Odd Animals

At his UFO Conjecture(s) blog, Rich Reynolds has a very interesting recent article titled: “UFO sightings with creatures having octopus-like appendages.” The title is, of course, self-explanatory. But it got me thinking about something similar: the significant number of UFO reports I have on file in which...

The Pineal Gland Ghost Experiment

There is a lesser known experiment in the field of science that had a most unusual outcome - the paranormal. Not many people speak of it and yet it has highly intriguing implications. Dr. Walter Rawls, an expert on monopolar magnetic...Show More Summary

New Bigfoot Video at Old Site and Yeti Hunt Ended by Taliban

Just as a new video emerges of what looks like Bigfoot at a famous former site, the Taliban stops an exhibition to search for Yeti in northern Pakistan. Will the new video end doubts about its famous predecessor taken at the same location? Have the terrorists already...

Paranormal Vacation Packages and Cruises

There's nothing easier than having someone else plan your itinerary and just show up to enjoy a para vacay. I'm going to share some possibilities with you: What are you doing in February 2016? How about a SpiriCruise with paranormalShow More Summary

Sasquatch found an unlikely man-beast mentor: Clay Matthews

Sasquatch may not have much in the way of skills, but he's definitely good at one thing: hitting offensive players. Hard.

10 Best "The X-Files Monster" Episodes

With talk of "The X-Files" being picked up again as a limited-episode possibility, many of who lived for new episodes are beginning to revisit the series again. In fact, Netflix has it on instant streaming. I personally liked the occasional...Show More Summary

I'm on ECBRO Discovery News Show Tonight!

I'm on tonight if y'all want to find out what I'm thinking about the para realm and all its magical mysteries. 9 pm EST/8 pm Central/6 pm Pacific (link below) - Live streaming -

Spirits Attack at the Huckleberry Strip

Here's a strange account clipped from the Savannah Morning News - August 30, 1873:All Cumru Township, over in Berks County, is agitated from the fact that a spirit settlement has taken up its abode in a narrow strip of wood about five...Show More Summary

Profiling the Russian Goat-Sucker

My new book, Chupacabra Road Trip, focuses primarily on my expeditions to seek out the legendary chupacabra across Puerto Rico, the United States, and Mexico, and from 2004 to the present day. As I also note in the book, however, there...Show More Summary

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