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What is Ashtanga Yoga?

This system of Yoga, which translates into the Yoga of eight limbs, was propounded by Patanjali in around 400 CE. Modern gurus include K. Pattabhi Jois who trained celebrities like Madonna, Sting, and Gwyneth Paltrow in the system.

The Loch Ness Monster: Hoax Anniversary and Google Street View

So if you’ve used Google today (and if you haven’t, how do you manage?), you’ve no doubt seen the little animation commemorating the 81st anniversary of the publication of the most well known photo of the Loch Ness Monster, the so-called Surgeon’s Photo. Taken by Dr. Robert Kenneth Wilson and published in 1934 , the photo seems […]

Red-Orange Orb UFOs

We hear a lot about saucer-shaped UFOs, cigar-shaped ones, even triangular and pentagonal, but we don't talk publicly about another oddity in the sky, the red-orange lights. May 22, 2012, I was out in the desert between Maricopa and Mobile, Arizona with a friend. Show More Summary

Mysterious Universe Android App Now Available

At long last we are ready to release the final build of the Mysterious Universe Android app to the Google Play store! Download the App here We took our time with this one to ensure that we got to include as many of the feature requests from you as...

The Strange ‘Singing’ Glaciers of Greenland

In the natural history of our world, mysterious sounds have been reported for as long as there have been those to document the oddities that break the normalcy of the everyday. From virtually every continent, sounds ranging from subtle “hums” or rumbling occurring off in the distance, to sudden,...

Teggie, the Terror of the Lake

Deep in the heart of North Wales there exists a large expanse of water called Lake Bala. You may say, well, there’s nothing particularly strange about that. You would be correct. Lake Bala is not out of the ordinary, in the slightest. But what is rumored to...

Native People's Hairy Hominid Traditions

Here are a few accounts referencing cryptid hominids from the native people's point of view:Apache Tribe Reveals Encounters With BigfootFootprints in the mud. Tufts of hair on a fence. Ear-piercing screeches in the night. These are only...Show More Summary

Google Weighs in on Decades-Old Loch Ness Monster Controversy

On April 21st, Google went gaga for Nessie, the fabled beast said to swim the waters of Loch Ness in the Scottish Highlands. The featured animation on the search engine giant’s front page depicted the monster’s iconic humps and long neck as they emerged from the water, making play of...

Siberian Town Gets Mysterious Crater and Slow Landslide

The last place most people in the world want to live is Siberia. After the events of this month, the last place most Siberians want to live is Novokuznetsk. In a span of just a couple of weeks, the town was hit by a massive slow-moving earthflow...

Daily 2 Cents: I Don't Know How Long I Have! -- Chile Claims UFO 'Was Not Made By Man' -- Roaring Wisconsin Sky

I Don't Know How Long I Have! Wallingford, CT - 3/14/2015: Viewed many human like people and numerous craft of many different sizes. Some of the occupants came into our house but they were more curious than anything. I kept hearing people in our cellar and went to investigate. Show More Summary

British MoD: Deadly Encounter

A reader directed me to a BUFORA report that was part of a British MoD UFO document. This report referenced an incident...somewhat eerie if compared to the Todd J. Sees death investigation:....I decided to join B.U.F.O.R.A. as an Area investigator, London. Show More Summary

Nessie Google Doodle

Google is celebrating the 81st anniversary of the publishing of the surgeon's photogragh, the iconic image of the Loch Ness Monster.

Video of Strange Creature Sparks Fears of Chinese Water Ghost

The strange creature was reportedly captured recently as it swam in the Shenzhen Reservoir in China’s Sand Bay. It was not a fish but a hairless fierce-looking being that was able to bend the bars of the steel cage it was kept in. Its strange appearance and...

2015 Arkansas Bigfoot Conference

Postponed last year, due to a deadly tornado, the 2015 Arkansas Bigfoot Conference will be held April 24 and 25 in Vilonia, AR.

ThinkerThunker – Bigfoot Filmed Knocking Down a Tree …?

Do you believe in eye-witness testimony? The American Legal-system and the Bible both depend on it. So based on what Youtuber Unseenseven X said to be true; he filmed one of the most powerful displays ever recorded - a Bigfoot knocking down a massive tree. But before the tree falls, we see large chunks of wood flying out from the tree - explain that.

Tubac Presidio State Historic Park

Between the years 1687 to 1711, the Jesuit, Eusebio Francisco Kino, founded missions in and around the Tubac area in Arizona. His thought was to manipulate the local Native Americans into becoming Christians. Tumacacori, which it 4 miles south of Tubac, was constructed in 1691, and the tiny settlement of Piman was used as a mission hacienda. Show More Summary

Mind F$#k Tuesday: Slipping Into Parallel Worlds

Quantum physics has made it okay and even sexy to talk about alternate universes, parallel worlds, other dimensional places. In fact, we might have all at some time or other run into these other realms in the form of deja vu, premonition, glimpses of something out of place, encounters with UFOs or ghosts.... Show More Summary

11.15 – MU Plus+

Are the secrets to health and longevity held within the microbiome of Venezuelan natives, or is modern science’s cryogenic approach our best bet on life extension? We tackle this question along with the mystery of multiple consciousnesses held within the same brain, one woman’s claim to reading the Akashic...

Roswell Slides and the “Ant People”

Last week, I revealed here at Mysterious Universe that back in 2012, I was given the extensive files, notes, correspondence and archives of the late UFO researcher Kathy Kasten. I also noted that, as Kathy’s files show, much of her research was focused upon studying claims that...

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