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Paranormal Geeks Published!!!

Julie Ferguson and I are proud to let everyone know that Paranormal Geeks has been updated with more info and released in publication again. It is in paperback, as well as Kindle and Nook. We took over a dozen Paranormal Geeks and sat them down for interviews to learn more about what makes us tick and where we fit into the scheme of things. Show More Summary

Hobbits Were Real. Are They Still Out There?

Part 2 The real “hobbits” were tiny human creatures that lived in the jungles of Indonesia. They supposedly went extinct 12,000 years ago. But there have been recent sightings of them. Are they still out there?

Dead Crew Found At Sea

In 1947, a ghost ship adrift in Indonesian waters surprised the two American ships that rushed to a distress signal from the Ourang Medan off the Marshall Islands. What happened to the dead crew began decades of speculation. In fact,...Show More Summary

Off the Rictor – Episode 4

On this week's Off the Rictor, some big Bigfoot media personalities get shaken up. The Bigfoot Field Reporter Sharon Lee, The Squatcher's Lounge Podcast Jeffrey Kelley, and Team Tazer's Zen Yeti himself, Snowwalker Prime Michael Merchant.

I Was Bitten: The Walker County Incident

Premieres tonight, May 22nd at 6 PM Central as part of Monster Week on Animal Planet Airs again May 23rd at 12:04 AM Central The townsfolk try to uncover unexplained daily phenomena plaguing their small southern town of Jasper, Alabama. Show More Summary

Escape Game Locations

In my post about our adventure to the Escape Game Nashville, I mentioned online escape games you can play. But I’d heard tell of other live-action versions in other cities and wondered about them. Where were they? Were they similar to the one in Nashville? I searched them out and found several companies offering escape […]

Appeasing the Spirits

In June 2014, I received an email from a property owner in Cullman County, Alabama concerning odd activity in the woods behind their house. I soon contacted an investigator (Blaine Grant - Huntsville, AL) who was able to interview the witness and explore the location. Show More Summary

Friday Fun: The Escape Game Nashville

My husband and two friends of ours went to the Escape Game Nashville a couple months back. I decided it would make a great Friday Fun post, even though it doesn’t exactly have to do with anything paranormal. Still, it was a little creepy being “locked” in a room with only your wits to get […]

The Cannibal in the Jungle

Animal Planet's dramatic story is an imaginative leap inspired by real science. In 2004, a study in the journal Nature announced the discovery of bones of an entirely new, remarkable species of humans. Fully grown adults stood only three feet tall, yet they were able to thrive in the chaotic and dangerous world that surrounded them. Show More Summary

Ecuadorian Hairy Hominid Photographed by British Hikers

He is called Wawa Grande by the indigenous people living in the Cajas Mountains west of Cuenca. He was called the Monstruo de las Cajas in a 1997 German magazine article. He can also be called the monster that won’t go away, despiteShow More Summary

Daily 2 Cents: Top 10 New Species -- Kim Jong-un Rant Scares Staff -- Dentist From Hell

Top 10 New Species: Cartwheeling Spider, Psychedelic Sea Slug For 20 years, divers off the Japanese coast had wondered what was making mysterious "crop circles" on the ocean floor. In 2014, scientists discovered the culprit behind the...Show More Summary

Cold Case Cryptids

What's more frightening? The monster... or the history behind it?

Green Jellyfish UFO Seen Over the Netherlands

A nature lover taking photographs of clouds during a storm in the province of Groningen in the Netherlands noticed a flash while taking a picture. He knew it wasn’t the flash of his camera so assumed it was lightning. When he developed the shot, the flash appeared...

Various Strange Encounters - Part III

I recently received a few interesting and lengthy accounts from a witness in Australia. I've decided to present the incidents in 3 separate posts. The previous post - Various Strange Encounters - Part II:Dear 'Phantoms and Monsters'I...Show More Summary

Beyond the Edge Radio: Creature Features Welcomes Lyle Blackburn

I'll be a guest on Beyond the Edge Radio Sunday May 24, 8-10pm EST with hosts Eric Altman and Marie Samuels.

Hobbits Were Real. Are They Still Out There?

Part 1 The real “hobbits” were tiny human creatures that lived in the jungles of Indonesia. They supposedly went extinct 12,000 years ago. But there have been recent sightings of them. Are they still out there?

Arizona Bigfoot Sightings

Like many of the states, Arizona has had its share of Bigfoot sightings. A couple years ago, Sharon and I went to a taping of the show Finding Bigfoot in Payson, AZ. It was interesting to see behind the scenes, but the Bigfoot stories were incredible. Show More Summary

Haunted Ships

If buildings and battlefields can be haunted, so can ships. In fact, most ships that are reportedly haunted are ones involved in maritime wars. Queen Mary Info Some believe that the Queen Mary, docked in Long Beach, California after a long and illustrious career, is the most haunted ship in the world. Show More Summary

13.19 – MU Podcast

This week we look at the implications of the coming automated industrial revolution before venturing into the classrooms of Remote Viewing trainers and their students. On our Plus+ extension we return to the world of ‘black ops cryptozoology’ with absurd revelations on the militarisation of Sasquatch. This episode...

What Would Happen If a Methor Hit the Earth?

An asteroid is passing by our planet. It will be very near. This will happen on Friday. Have you ever thought what would happen if it would hit the Earth?

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