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14.02 – MU Plus+ Podcast

This week we uncover a 19th century spiritual medium’s quest to create a sentient AI machine that will save the human race. By the time we discover his schematics was channeled by a committee of spirits chaired by Benjamin Franklin it is too late to turn back. We...

Beast of Bodmin Moor Mystery May Finally Be Solved

Break out the champagne and put away the anti-beast spray, Brits … the mystery of the Beast of Bodmin Moor may have finally been solved. On second thought, maybe you should keep the anti-beast spray around for a while yet. The Beast of Bodmin Moor is a...

The Urban Sasquatch Journal: Considering Overnight Stay

This is the reporting by a Bigfoot researcher of an ongoing study in the Southern part of the United States in a very large park area near homes and urban setting. - Other Installments - #1 What Is Urban Sasquatch?#2 "The Original Experiment"#3...Show More Summary

Mystery Human Ancestor Found in Australasia

Scientists have long understood that when early human ancestors migrated from Africa to the Asia-Pacific region, they bred with two other hominins upon their arrival; the Neanderthals and the Denisovians. But a new genomic analysis has uncovered that in South and Southeast Asia, early humans arriving from...

The Long, Strange Search For Dark Matter Just Got Stranger

Physicists have long suspected that there might be a mysterious type of matter in the universe unlike that of our own physical world. Dark matter, as it’s known, is estimated to make up somewhere between twenty-five and eighty percent of all the matter and energy in the...

Mysteries, Myths and Death at New York’s Cursed Lake

Is myth always just fanciful lore? Is there ever any sinister force that anchors legend to reality and brings tales of creepy death and vanishings from fantasy into reality? By all accounts there may just be such a place. Located on New York’s Long Island there is...

Changes to HJ Part 1: Hiring (and Paying!) Writers

Easy Plugin for AdSense by Unreal You may notice some new changes around here. We’ve added a couple of new sections. (Which we’ll address in another post.) We’ve tinkered around with the sidebar too. We’ve also slimmed down our main menu a bit by removing some things from it and adding them to a couple...

Laws of Friction Found Hidden in Da Vinci’s Doodles

He’s been dead for nearly 500 years, yet Leonardo da Vinci continues to amaze us. Scientists looking at da Vinci drawings that were once considered to be insignificant doodles and scribbles in margins of a notebook were shocked to discover that they are actually da Vinci’s explanation...

Another Dragon Over New Jersey

Last week, I reported on a sighting of a dragon flying over south New Jersey. Since then, I received the following account:Hi,I just read your post about the dragon sighted over southern New Jersey. It took me by surprise because I had...Show More Summary

Ancient Poop Shows Spread of Infectious Disease on Silk Road

2,000 years ago the Silk Road opened up the first long-distance trade of goods between East Asia and the Middle East and Mediterranean; and with it, languages, philosophies, cultural practices and technologies also crossed the globe. And these tradesmen and explorers also brought with them other gifts...

Daily 2 Cents: Faceless Man on I-80 -- Minerva Monster Day -- Floating Head Looking at Me

Faceless Man on I-80Nate in Indianapolis, Indiana called in to tell of something strange he saw while driving truck on night:“I'm a truck driver and I was heading east on I-80 up through to Illinois. I had stayed the night, well, the afternoon in Des Moines to get some sleep and I got a fresh eight hours of sleep and I had just got on the road. Show More Summary

The Curious Evolutionary Basis For Thumb-Sucking

Children from all over the world innately put their hands in their mouths as babies toddlers, whether it be thumb-sucking or nail-biting. Pediatric researchers have long assumed that this was some sort of evolutionary mechanism for building the immune system, called the “hygiene hypothesis.” Now, a thirty-eight...

British Forest 'Goblins'?

I received the following information and images this past weekend:Hi there, my name is Claire and I am 33 years old. I live in the UK and as hard as it is to believe I have various creatures I take pictures of because they show themselves to me.One day this year I was on a walk with my husband, we were actually looking for signs of Bigfoot. Show More Summary

Those Old Campus Spirits—University of North Alabama

On a cold day in January of 1830, a small Methodist school was carved out of the North Alabama wilderness and named LaGrange College. The college was built in the community of LaGrange near what is now Leighton in Colbert County, south of Lauderdale County where it is now located. Show More Summary

Mysterious Green Foam Rises From Sewers in Utah

Kind of bubbling a little bit, and then you got closer and you could see it start rising, I don’t want that stuff on me, I don’t know what it is. Bluffdale, Utah resident Tara Dahl describes a mysterious green foam she saw rising from a sewer...

Minerva Monster Day Returns to Ohio Town September 24th

Minerva Monster Day is a cryptid-themed, small town festival that centers around the subject of a famous Bigfoot-type creature said to live near the town. While last years’ event acted as the official premiere for the Small Town Monsters'...Show More Summary

Latest Advances in Generating Power From Seawater

The world’s major energy companies seem to live in constant fear that their business of providing carbon-based or nuclear power will be replaced by free and clean sources of energy such as solar and wind. Should they now be concerned about saltwater becoming the next free non-fossil...

Butterfly Lodge Museum

The lodge was built in 1914 and got its name "Apuni Oyis" (in Blackfoot) for all the butterflies in the nearby meadow. The building was the home of James Willard Schultz (1859-1947) and his son, Hart Merriam Schultz, known as Lone Wolf (1882-1970). Show More Summary

Star Trek’s Photon Torpedo Close to Reality

Star Trek has been known to introduce futuristic technology that has become reality. For instance, hand held computers called PADDs are eerily similar to modern I-Pads. Transponders are like modern flip phones. Laser weapons, androids and handheld ultrasound were science fiction brought to reality. Maybe photon torpedoes...

The Wookie Whisperer: Living With Wookies

(This is a series about a real-life Bigfoot habituation situation in the Midwest and the man who has learned to coexist in a most playful and remarkable way). Prior installments - #1 Home (Not) Alone#2 Tootsie Pops and Bacon#3 Little...Show More Summary

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