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Live... Die... and Live Again - Part 1

By Stephen Ellis - What really happens when our bodies give out to disease, catastrophe or old age? Is that the end of everything? Is that the end of consciousness? Do we go to Heaven or Hell? Does our “Eternal Soul” somehow carry on?...Show More Summary

Monster Trek: The Obsessive Search for Bigfoot

Bigfoot sightings have been reported in every state except Hawaii. Interest in this creature, which many believe to be as mythical as a leprechaun, is as strong today as ever, with the wildly popular show Finding Bigfoot persisting on the Animal Planet network and references to bigfoot appearing throughout popular culture. Show More Summary

Are You A Superhero and Don't Know It?

If you were a superhero, what would your talent be? I think I might go for a healer. Be able to touch people or think about them and create a healthy balance and healing process. Movies like "Unbreakable" make us wonder how we, as just regular Joe's and Jane's might handle finding out we have a life and death power. Show More Summary

The Old Lifeguard Tower

I saw this lifeguard tower in Mission Bay Beach in San Diego. I found it fascinating and had to take pictures of it.

NASA Cuts Live Feed Again as More UFOs Seen by ISS Camera

While a SpaceX rocket explodes on takeoff and becomes the third International Space Station re-supply mission to fail in recent months, UFOs seem to have no trouble visiting the ISS and being observed by its cameras which send a live video feed to Earth. Perhaps this frustrating...

Finding Bigfoot: A Squatch in the Ozarks

The team delves into the Ozark hollows in search of sasquatch, colloquially known as the Blue Man. A packed town hall verifies that bigfoots have been here for generations and an eventful final night has them convinced the Ozarks are the real deal.

A New Waterfall Discovered on Mars

Hot on the wet heels of the recent discovery of blue pools on Mars comes images via Google Mars of what looks like a blue waterfall cascading over the edge of a Martian crater and down its sides. Before you say “it’s no Niagara,” it’s also not...

It's a New Age: Faith, Hope, Belief and Creating Your Reality

Dreams versus reality.When I was a kid, we had a wrecked 1940s car in the pasture near our barn. It was beat to hell, all the parts removed and strewn around the field by my brother who was a grease-monkey-wannabe.I spent an entire summer...Show More Summary

Possible Bi-Pedal Canine - Georgia 1941

I received the following account earlier today:Hi Lon - enjoy reading your newsletter and thought I would send a story my Grandfather John told me.In 1940 he volunteered for active duty and was later shipped off to Camp Stewart, Georgia. Show More Summary

Daily 2 Cents: Venomous Tarantulas Invade Aussie Town -- UFO and Lost Time -- Why So Many Sharks?

Venomous Tarantulas Invade Town, Newly Discovered Spiders Baffle Researchers Scientists have been left perplexed after hordes of large spiders descended on the town of Maningrida.Australia is not the best place for arachnophobes at the...Show More Summary

Ground Zero UFO Campout July 18th!

July 18th there will be a UFO watch/campout at Mt. Adams this summer. Now if any event sounds like a must-go one, this is a win/win - camping and UFO watching! Ground Zero seriously knows how to run a para geek's dream event! Check into it HERE. Show More Summary

Town Terrorized by Tens of Thousands of Toxic Tarantulas

A newly discovered species of tarantula is poisonous, can swim underwater and has overrun the Australian town of Maningrida. Time for another killer spider movie? In 2006, schoolchildren on a field trip in Maningrida, a town 310 miles (500 km) east of Darwin in Australia’s Northern Territory,...

Wood Knocks & Tossed Rocks: Searching for Sasquatch

Wood Knocks & Tossed Rocks: Searching for Sasquatch with the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization places the reader in the passenger seat of the author's truck to ride shotgun on a series of expeditions with the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, as seen on Animal Planet's hit show "Finding Bigfoot". Show More Summary $25 Gift Card Giveaway

Our affiliate,, has generously agreed to give one of our readers a $25 gift card and free shipping. You know what that means, right? Contest time! I have the perfect contest idea for us too. It’s a game I like to play with myself every summer called “Guess Which Costumes Will Be Most Popular […]

Top 5 Destination Truth Episodes Ever!

"Ghosts of Antarctica" Episode 13, Season 4. This was my favorite and I think it was a combination of things. It was filmed to feel a lot like the movie "The Thing" and was one location for an entire episode which I really appreciate to get into the mood, it's a place rarely filmed, and surely haunted. Show More Summary

European Bigfoot? Neanderthal legends?

Artist's depiction of a basajaun and its female companion, a basandere. In Basque mythology, Basajaun (plural: basajaunak) is a huge, hairy hominid dwelling in the woods. They were thought to build megaliths, protect flocks of livestock, and teach skills such as agriculture and ironworking to humans. ---- Wikipedia

Hangar 1 Tonight!

Tonight on The History Channel, enjoy a new "Ancient Aliens" (9 pm) about aliens and the lost ark and one of my favorite shows, "Hangar 1" (10 pm) with a new episode about UFO superpowers! Y'all know that I adore Hangar 1. It is a very well done UFO show. Show More Summary

Flying Saucer and Flying Humanoids Reported in India

A young boy in Kanpur, India, hoping to takes some pictures of clouds instead photographed what appears to be a classic flying saucer. Meanwhile, Indian sews programs are showing videos of what look like flying humanoids over Nellore that some say look vaguely familiar. On June 24,...

Bobo: Monterey Bay's Sea Monster

Mr. E.J. Lear gave an account about an unknown sea creature to the Santa Cruz Sentinel in 1925:"I was driving a team toward Capitola, when suddenly I was attracted by some young sea lions not far out. They were lined up and several large lions were swimming back and forth in front of them. Show More Summary

Bigfoot Has A Big Problem … In Bed

We just might finally know why Bigfoot is always hiding: He's embarrassed.

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