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The Urban Sasquatch Journal: Restless pillaging

This is the reporting by a Bigfoot researcher of an ongoing study in the Southern part of the United States in a very large park area near homes and urban setting. Prior Installments#1 What is Urban Sasquatch?#2 "The Original Experiment"#...Show More Summary

UFOs: Close Encounters and Credible Witnesses

Just a few days ago, I had to deal with a certain, tedious UFO skeptic in the field of journalism who asked a question I often get asked when the matter of UFOs surface: “Why don’t credible people see UFOs?” Well, my answer to him was this:...

Creepiness on Chartres Street

Beauregard-Keyes House 1113 Chartres Street New Orleans, Louisiana The sunny, yellow façade of the Beauregard-Keyes House on a relatively quiet section of Chartres Street, does not belie the sometimes tragic history that has taken place within its walls. Show More Summary

GoatMan Writes a Tell-All Book About Life as a GoatMan

What is it like to be a GoatMan? Some people in Louisville, Kentucky, attempted to find out recently about a Goatman known as the Pope Lick Monster and one of them ended up dead. It’s too bad they didn’t wait a few weeks until another GoatMan wrote...

Haunted Trails in New York and West Virginia

History and the paranormal have always been intertwined. Or at least they should be. Ghosts, after all, are thought to be the spirits or residual energy of people who have passed in the, well, past. So, history! Unfortunately, not every ghost hunter out there approaches history with the reverence it deserves. And that’s why stories […]

Rattlesnakes Adjust Venom For Different Types of Squirrels

Did you know that some squirrels have evolved to develop anti-venom proteins that protect them from rattlesnake bites? Did you know that some rattlesnakes have evolved specific venom chemistries depending on which squirrels are predominant in their area? Which are you more afraid of now – rattlesnakes...

Phantoms in the Field

40-something year old Peter in Lakewood, Colorado called in to tell of a bizarre sighting he had seen many years earlier:“This is a true story. It happened to me. Many many years ago I was in the ministry. I had taken my grandfather out for an evening sporting event. Show More Summary

Daily 2 Cents: 'I Shook Hands With An Alien' -- What? EgyptAir Flight 804 Struck by Meteorite? -- Tarantula Creates Chaos on Airliner

'I Shook Hands With An Alien'Tampa, FL - 1997-08-01: I was working in Tampa FL at an International Trucking Company. A gentleman was brought into the office and was introduced as the new V.P. of the Southeast Division. I can only remember his first name as "Joe". Show More Summary

UFO Spotted by Pilots Near Area of EgyptAir MS804 Crash

Turkish media is reporting that two Turkish Airlines pilots claimed to have seen a UFO with green lights pass over their plane while flying near the area where EgyptAir MS804 mysteriously crashed. The incident occurred on the same day as the tragic crash, with some reports putting...

Stranger Than Fiction: Colossal Birds Attacked Sailors Off Chile

By Jon Wyatt - In 1963 Alfred Hitchcock's masterpiece 'The Birds' premiered on the silver screen and it has a cult following to this day. The story about flocks of birds taking revenge on humanity is fictional but terrifying attacksShow More Summary

For Fish, Size Doesn’t Matter After All

While studying the mating behaviors of several species of fish, researchers at the Australian National University have found that when it comes to fish, it’s not the size of the boat that matters, but the motion of the ocean. Biologists at the ANU Research School of Biology...

UFOs Over Wales: A 1909 Wave

In 1909, the U.K. was hit by a strange wave of largely night-time encounters with what many might term UFOs. Particularly hard hit by the mysterious, aerial intruders was Wales. Brett Holman, who has extensively studied this issue, says in an excellent article: “On the night of...

Deviant Ways: Blood Ingestion

Vampires and Dracula aside, is it possible to die by suicide when one purposely ingests large quantities of their own blood? Ioana the Bloodthirster In 1909 in Romania, a woman known as "Ioana the Bloodthirster" (Ioana Constantinescu) was photographed in the usual post mortem repose of the Victorian Era's morbid photography. Show More Summary

Man-Eating Nile Crocodiles Have Made a Home in Florida

The Nile crocodile, a native of sub-saharan Africa, is a fearsome creature. Fully grown males can reach up to 21-feet-long and weigh up to 2,400 lb and will feast on anything and everything from zebras to small hippos–and yes, occasionally–humans. But a small subsect of the Nile...

Life Forms from a Billion Years Ago Discovered

Scientists from China and the United States have discovered macroscopic life forms that were organizing over a billion years ago. The find in the Gaoyuzhuang rock formation in the Yanshan area in Northern China reveals centimeter-scale life forms over 1.5 billion years old. The published study states,...

Bisbee Copper Queen Mine

The mine was discovered by Lt. Dunn in the late 1870’s while he was out looking around for Apache Indians. He and his men camped near a spring located somewhere in the Mule Mountains on a flat piece of land. This locale is where Old Bisbee now stands which is near the mine. Show More Summary

CRISPR Cuts HIV Genes Out of Live Animals

This is possibly the biggest news about CRISPR so far. For the first time, researchers at Temple University have used CRISPR-Cas9 genome editing technology to cut HIV genes out of live animals infected with the virus. Is this the magic bullet that will lead to an effective...

My new book is out on Amazon! My new book is a coloring book for Adults and Children focusing on Cryptid Monsters. Each drawing has an accompanying short article describing the creature. Show More Summary

Bigfoot and Spooklights

Spooklights in Bigfoot Woods - they go hand-in-hand. I have been studying this phenomena for years and it's an interesting one.Those in the woods looking for Bigfoot or investigating cases, are running into small orbs of light that appear as if a distant porch light or lantern/flashlight in the woods. Show More Summary

The Reality of an Abduction Event

The following account eerily describes the reality of an alien abduction. An anonymous person wrote into Darkness Radio about her event in 2015:“It started a year ago on Halloween. I was out on the beach with my friends and we were having a grand old time having fun by the fire. Show More Summary

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