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Modern Atlantis May Be a Snow Globe on a Corkscrew

When I hear the words “city,” “underwater” and “screwed,” the first city I think of is Detroit, Michigan, and its economy or possibly Miami, Florida, and global warming. Those words don’t make me think of Atlantis, yet that’s exactly what a Japanese construction proposes as its design...

Mass Exorcisms Performed on Students in the Philippines

When a large group of students starts acting strangely, some collapsing and others convulsing, most school administrators would call a doctor or at least check to see if the students hadn’t studied for a surprise quiz. At a school in the Philippines last week, they took the...

The 'Miami Circle' Mystery

Here is a mysterious location that you may never have heard of. The Miami Circle was discovered in August/September, 1998, during routine archaeological investigations conducted at the site of six low-rise, 1950-era apartment buildings (Brickell Point Apartments), which were razed to make way for construction of two high-rise apartment towers. Show More Summary

Sasquatch Summit: Todd Standing Presentation Pt 3

Check out Todd Standing's presentation at the 2014 Sasquatch Summit here on Cryptomundo!

Daily 2 Cents: Mass Possession or Mass Hysteria? -- 'Black Seadevil'...1st Known Image -- 'Pregnant Man' Stalking Wife

Mass Possession or Mass Hysteria? CEBU, Philippines - At least 14 students of Toong Integrated School in the mountain barangay of Toong, Cebu City were allegedly possessed by evil spirits yesterday noon.Most of the affected students were brought to Msgr. Show More Summary

Mercy – A Feeling Which Everyone Must Adopt In Their Life

MERCY. I think most of the people are very much familiar about this word. Might be, there is a possibility that many people use this word while talking to others, giving various false examples that they have done many things relatedShow More Summary

Sasquatch Summit Synopsis

I received the following information in reference to the Sasquatch Summit presented this past weekend at the Quinault Beach Resort and Casino: Went to the Sasquatch Summit last night Lon,It was a good one, with Meldrum, Randles, Thom Powell, special guest Les Stroud and of course, Todd Standing. Show More Summary

Fairy Card for this Week: I is for Indian Gardens

This week’s theme is BELONGING. Holidays can be tough. We aren’t with loved ones who are far away, and we are with loved ones that may be emotionally far away or don’t understand us. I picked the I is for Indian Gardens card, which is all about belonging for this week. How do we know […]

Tek tek, the yeti of Cambodia

The tek tek, with its two legs and rough reddish fur. David Pinho

10.20 – MU Plus+ Podcast

In this episode we discuss bizarre new psychological studies reveal the sleazy side of humanity while a new terrifying encounter with Bigfoot comes to light. We also take a look at Soviet era extraterrestrial interactions and discover the disgusting consequences of getting a tapeworm in the brain....

Department of Zombie Defense

Their motto: “If it’s dead… we’ll kill it!” This exclusive group is devoted to the complete obliteration of the zombie infestation, and those undead who are a menace to all mankind. They make it their mission to protect every individual by eradicating every undead creature and their makers. Show More Summary

Karl Sup: Expert Sasquatch Witness Report #3

Sasquatch Sighting (Therm al) #3 Western Mogollon Rim, Arizona, 2011-10-22 1:25AM In April 2011, the BFRO scheduled an expedition in New Mexico. Even though I was invited, I sadly could not attend. I did, however, loan my FLIR HS-324 Command thermal to another BFRO member to help assist in planning for nighttime events. Show More Summary

The Mysterious Death of Edgar Allan Poe

There has long been thought a link, at least in popular culture, and now it seems in certain clinical circles, between creativity and mental illness.  It’s a spurious link, not exactly a fact at this point, but it does seem that a lot of people accept it...

The New Daughter (Reviewed and Spoilers!)

Made in 2009, The New Daughter is a movie that did not overly catch the attention of the general public upon its release, which is unfortunate, since it is skilfully made, is high on tension and atmosphere, and has a notable cast. The movie stars Kevin Costner,...

The Mystery of the Lost Amber Room

There have been various relics and treasures lost to us throughout history. Often irreplaceable and heavily imbued with both monetary and historical value, we are more often than not forced to merely speculate on where on earth these lost treasures have disappeared to. While it may seem...

CryptoCast Tonight: Eduardo Sanchez and

Join Craig, Monica, Howard and special guest co-host Shelly Covington tonight, November 23rd at 8:30 PM Central as we welcome Eduardo Sanchez, director of The Blair Witch Project and the Bigfoot horror thriller Exists as our guest.

Sasquatch Chronicles: A Hunter’s Encounter Reminder

Tonight, Nov 23rd at 5pm PST, we speak to a hunter from PA. While hunting he had a chance encounter with Sasquatch. He and the creature came face to face on a trail. This encounter changed his life. Listen as our guest describes what he saw, how he felt and how this has changed his life.

SasWhat: Bigfoot Sounds

This week Mark and Seth are joined by a guest host, Brandon Dalo, to talk about Bigfoot sounds. Do they scream, cry, yell, etc? Do we have recordings of it, if so? We play a hand full of purported Bigfoot sounds and then discuss. We also play other animal sounds that could conceivably be mistaken to be Bigfoot. Show More Summary

Book of Spells Deciphered for Lovers, Exorcists and Healers

Need something to get her to notice you when flowers don’t work? Want to drive out an evil spirit or domineering boss? Suffering from black jaundice? Then the “Handbook of Ritual Power” is the book for you. This 20-page, 1,300-year-old Egyptian book of spells has been translated...

Oregon Camper goes Missing at Bigfoot Sighting Hotspot

Bigfoot sightings along with a missing person in the same area. Are they related?

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