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European Bigfoot? Neanderthal legends?

Artist's depiction of a basajaun and its female companion, a basandere. In Basque mythology, Basajaun (plural: basajaunak) is a huge, hairy hominid dwelling in the woods. They were thought to build megaliths, protect flocks of livestock, and teach skills such as agriculture and ironworking to humans. ---- Wikipedia

Hangar 1 Tonight!

Tonight on The History Channel, enjoy a new "Ancient Aliens" (9 pm) about aliens and the lost ark and one of my favorite shows, "Hangar 1" (10 pm) with a new episode about UFO superpowers! Y'all know that I adore Hangar 1. It is a very well done UFO show. Show More Summary

Flying Saucer and Flying Humanoids Reported in India

A young boy in Kanpur, India, hoping to takes some pictures of clouds instead photographed what appears to be a classic flying saucer. Meanwhile, Indian sews programs are showing videos of what look like flying humanoids over Nellore that some say look vaguely familiar. On June 24,...

Bobo: Monterey Bay's Sea Monster

Mr. E.J. Lear gave an account about an unknown sea creature to the Santa Cruz Sentinel in 1925:"I was driving a team toward Capitola, when suddenly I was attracted by some young sea lions not far out. They were lined up and several large lions were swimming back and forth in front of them. Show More Summary

Bigfoot Has A Big Problem … In Bed

We just might finally know why Bigfoot is always hiding: He's embarrassed.

Daily 2 Cents: Giant Goldfish Swarm in Toronto Waters -- 'Your Elder is well pleased...' -- Arcane Radio Returns LIVE!

Giant goldfish swarm in Toronto waters Lurking beneath the calm surface of Toronto’s ponds and waterways lies an unexpected monster of the deep — giant goldfish.It's no urban fish tale. Rick Portiss, a fish expert with the Toronto and...Show More Summary

Fear of Possible Serial Killer in Ohio Town

I first heard of the missing women and the possible serial killer theory back in May 2015. It seems 3 of the missing women knew each other, and there are apparently other connections...prostitution and drugs are in the mix:For years,...Show More Summary

Baby Sasquatch Sighted!

While Ranae is solo camping, the boys investigate a witness report of a baby sasquatch. Because of the reported size of the squatch, Bobo lets Cliff attempt the reenactment.

Dean Regas: Brightest Planets Meet on Tuesday

You've probably seen them in the evening: two suspiciously bright lights in the western sky. What are they? Planes? UFOs? No, they're the two brightest planets and they're heading for a dramatic conjunction Tuesday night. Read more: Astronomy, Space, Venus, Jupiter, Stars, Ufos, Planetary Conjunction, Science News

SasWhat: Squatchy Skepticism

In this episode Mark and Seth dive, head-first into the skeptical end of the pool. They talk about some "infamous" books that are somewhat skeptical toward the existence of Bigfoot and discuss some well-known Bigfoot skeptics. All while approaching the subject from both sides of the fence.

China's Ghost Cities

Zhengzhou It is estimated that there are 64 million empty apartments in China. It has built entire cities of high rises and no one has come. They closed down mining towns, as well. Their desire to move from rural to powerhouse cities that could run the empire has fallen on deaf ears. Show More Summary

Reboot Illinois: Crazy UFO Sightings In Illinois

Illinois might just be one of the most UFO-crazy states in the nation. Using data from the National UFO Reporting Center and the Mutual UFO Network,... Read more: Illinois, Reboot Illinois, Ufos, Ufo, Aliens, UFO News, Chicago News

Bigfoot Special – MU Podcast

We are in between seasons here so we thought we’d throw together a special collection of some of our favourite Bigfoot moments from previous episodes. We are back for Season 12 of Plus+ on Tuesday the 30th of June and Season 14 of the regular show begins...

Birth Month Influences Diseases You’re at Most Risk For, Research Study Finds

Carl Sagan, one of the patron saints of the Skeptical/Atheist movement (pun intended) felt a personal responsibility to attack what he called ‘pseudosciences’. Being an astronomer, the field he had probably more contempt for was Astrology, and in his seminal TV series Cosmos he’s shown complaining –and...

Australia’s Unknown Ape-Men

There is no doubt that Australia’s most famous cryptid ape is the Yowie. It resembles Bigfoot in both size and appearance to an incredibly close degree. It stands around seven to ten feet tall and is covered in a thick coat of hair. Far less famous, though...

FATE Magazine – Still Going Strong

A couple of days ago I received in the mail (thanks to editor Phyllis Galde) copies of the two most recent issues of Fate magazine. Like many print-based publications on the world of the paranormal, Fate has felt the brunt of the electronic age. It’s very good,...

John Lennon’s UFO Drawing Creates Controversy Again

Forty-one years after John Lennon walked out onto his New York apartment balcony and witnessed a UFO, a drawing of the event made by the late Beatle is again creating controversy. I can’t believe it… I can’t believe it… I’ve seen a flying saucer! That’s what John...

Masks, Down the Rabbit Hole and Butterflies

Wild Worlds Within Doodle and Writing Online Class is perfect for summer playing and for hearing your intuition. For details and to sign up for the class that starts tomorrow go here.

Strange Noises from Vegetables, Insects Appear on Radar

The loud booms, weird hums and other odd noises being reported around the world are often attributed to supersonic jets, meteors, secret experiments or weather. Now they can be blamed by cauliflowers too. Meanwhile, that huge blob on the nightly weather forecast’s Doppler radar may be something...

Surrounded by Coyotes and Stalked by Something Big

On the team's first night investagition in the Ozark mountains of Missouri, they hear numerous sounds and calls in the wilderness. They clearly hear coyote's, but is there something else out there?

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