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Thoughts from a Sensitive: Lack of Support

We often blame ourselves when we are “failing.” But what is really happening is we don’t have enough support or knowledge to succeed in that situation. We simply need more help. 

Classes Start This Weekend! Registration All Weekend

Classes Starting this Weekend; Registration Open All Weekend: Fairy Beginner Healing online class Empath Skills Telepathy Clairvoyance Fairy Healing the Feminine class Special Subscriber Rate for Class Starting November 28th: Help! I’m Sensitive Support Course

12.20 – MU Podcast

This episode looks at the possibility that a new space race may be on with suggestions that Russia has launched a “satellite killer”. Also, neuroscientist and researcher, Dr. Diane Hennacy Powell join us to discuss her new Indigogo campaign “The Telepathy Project”. This episode is proudly sponsored...

Crossing Over Paranormal Society & P.I.E. Equipment

Crossing Over Paranormal Society (COPS) The C.O.P.S. Crew began in 2003 with a husband and wife duo, Jay and Marie Yates. They investigated any places notorious for having ghostly activities around the state of Arizona. The couple found themselves the subjects of a demonic haunting in their own house. Show More Summary

Confluences and the Ancient Giants

Confluences: Where waterways meet.One of the biggest ancient civilizations in our country was at Cahokia Mounds at the conflue nce of the Mississippi, Missouri and Illinois+ rivers. Cahokia was the the largest civilization of mound builders...Show More Summary

Roswell Researcher Claims To Have Alien Body Photos

    It’s been 67 years long years of conspiracies and the Roswell UFO incident still manages to capture headlines and our attention. Books, Internet headlines, and POP culture references have all been jaded by the weird...

Keep up with all the latest in Southern ghosts!

Please like us on Facebook!Click here for our Facebook page!We're also on Twitter!I post links there to all new blog entries plus news and other interesting articles on Southern ghosts.Thank you for reading my blog, I hope it's informative and entertaining.Lewis Powell IVCreator and Writer, Southern Spirit Guide

Giant Skull-Like Object on Mars Could be From 10-Foot Alien

The surface of Mars looks a lot like the desert areas in the western United States where the deer and the antelope play and then die and leave their skulls to be bleached in the sun until they look like rocks. That’s why anything spotted on the...

Hairy Man In My Woods

I recently received this short, but rather interesting, narrative:Hello, Sir. My name is Fred. I've got a story that may be hard to believe, but I avow to you that it is completely true.I have lived on the same property in Smyth Co., Virginia all my 68 years and I have seen a lot of strange things, though I believe all were natural. Show More Summary

Priest Confirms Exorcism Recorded Through Keyhole is Real

Have you ever wanted to see what a real exorcism looks like? Can you squint for two minutes? Now you can do both as a Catholic priest in the Czech Republic has confirmed that an Internet video of an exorcism shot through a keyhole is the real...

Strange Electromagnetic Dimensions: The Science of the Unexplainable

Listed in the Guinness World Records is a man by the name of Roy Cleveland Sullivan. Born in Greene County, Virginia, on February 7, 1912, he is recognized as having been struck by lightning more times than any other human being. Incredibly,...Show More Summary

The Logic of Constitutional Fascism

One of the leading mathematicians of the 20th century, Kurt Gödel is considered by many to have been the most sophisticated logical thinker the world has ever seen. His best known work, Gödel’s theorem, highlighted a fundamental inconsistency in the basic structure of mathematics. Of more interest...

Daily 2 Cents: Researcher Claims New Area 51 Alien Autopsy Image is ‘Smoking Gun’ -- Crazed Groundhog Attacks -- Kickstarter to Fund Lunar Project

Researcher Claims New Area 51 Alien Autopsy Image is ‘Smoking Gun’ One of the most enduring mysteries of the past few decades could be about to be solved, as a researcher claims to have uncovered a clear photograph of an alien from Area...Show More Summary

Behind The Scenes of Ufology’s “Secret College”, Reviewed

Many individuals in the community of UFO research have, and perhaps have had to acknowledge that change has been afoot for quite some time. My fellow Mysterious Universe blogger Nick Redfern has commented on the fact that, at some point, the majority of modern UFO reports seem to have become, at best,...

Mars Photos May Show Orbiting Orb and Levitating Rock

Some strange things seem to be happening on Mars and the Curiosity Rover is doing a good job of capturing them on film and sending them back for us Earthlings to argue about. First up is a levitating rock. Yes, you read that right – a rock...

Not a Tiger But French Big Cat Still Loose and Unidentified

It appears that the only thing the French fear more than the sight of an American tourist approaching with a camera is a mysterious big cat on the loose. A maneater-hunt began last Thursday morning when a woman in Montévrain, a village very close to Disneyland Paris,...

How Should We Talk to Extraterrestrials?

Seth Shostak, director of the Center for SETI Research, wants us to answer a very important question: assuming we can overcome the logistic and technological obstacles and get a message to extraterrestrials, how can we be sure that message will be comprehensible to them? He writes: [W]hat’s the best...

Cryptologic Radio: Adam Davies-Manbeasts: A Personal Investigation

This week our guest is British author and cryptozoological investigator/researcher Adam Davies. Adam has been all over the world investigating and researching a wide array of cryptids. From the Orang Pendek in Sumatra, the Almasty is...Show More Summary

Two Dogman Reports in 30 Days

In less than a month, there have been two reports of Dogman sightings, one in its traditional Michigan stomping grounds and one in East Texas. Is Dogman becoming more active? Is it moving to a warmer climate? Does it have a new publicist? Who or what exactly...

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