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10.19 – MU Plus+ Podcast

Starting with a rather morbid discussion about people waking up in mortuaries, we move on to new research that suggests that emotional disorders such as depression may actually be transmitted via contagious pathogens.  To lift our mood we then take a look at the possible extraterrestrials that live among us...

Why Isn’t Earth Overrun With Giant Monsters?

What’s your favourite movie monster?  There’s lots to choose from, obviously.  There’s your more traditional monsters coming out of our literary history, like vampires and werewolves.  There’s golems and the like.  Of course ghosts, ghouls, and demons are a hit these days.  The English language doesn’t really...

Daily 2 Cents: Anaheim Hills Gorilla -- Seal Gets Life Sentence in Zoo -- Boy Never Feels Hunger or Thirst

Anaheim Hills residents going ape over gorilla-like creature sighting Baby Bigfoot or just a guy in a gorilla suit?Whatever it is, folks over at the Anaheim Hills Buzz Facebook group are going ape trying to decipher the mysterious video shot in a quiet neighborhood shortly after 1 a.m. Show More Summary

Bigfoot Ground Zero Archive: Todd Neiss

...interview Todd Neiss. Todd is a well know Sasquatch researcher, who has had one of the most interesting experiences I've heard...two actually! A career military man, Todd brings a unique perspective to how he views, and approaches Sasquatch research. I am excited to bring you this interview!

UFO or Min Min? The 1855 King's Plains Blazing Light Mystery

By Jon Wyatt - In 1855 a 'blazing light' haunted a distant paddock at King's Plains, New South Wales; and witnesses claimed figures of “a black man” and “a dog” appeared near the light as well.What was happening at King's Plains in 1855?King's Plains is an historic district on the Mid Western Hwy between Blayney and Bathurst, on the Tablelands NSW. Show More Summary

Strange Spacecraft May Be Russian Satellite Killer

It sounds like the plot of a James Bond movie. If it’s true, can we convince Sean Connery to come out of retirement to save the world one more time? NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) is now tracking a Russian space vehicle launched in May that...

The First Operational Hoverboard Has Arrived

Watch out wheels – your days are numbered. The first operational hoverboard has hit the ramps and it’s only a matter of time before we’re all Marty McFlying to work, school and around town. Well, sort of. The Hendo Hoverboard was developed in Los Gatos, California, at...

The Urban Sasquatch Journal: Working It Vigorously

Links to previous installments:Episode 1 - 'What is Urban Sasquatch?"Episode 2 "The Original Experiments"Episode 3: "The Urban Study Begins"Episode 4: "Signatures and Signs"Episode 5: "Mixing It Up"Episode 6: "Neglected and Discouraged"...Show More Summary

Paranormal-Themed Christmas Ornaments

Bigfoot Ornament Zombie Housewife Ornament Paranormal Geek Ornament Steampunk ornament Ghost ornament Alien ornament Ouija ornament Naughty Santa ornament Horror ornaments Custom painted zombie ornaments Wizard of Oz ornament Witch yule ornament Alligator eye Slimer ornament Bigfoot wood ornament Mothman ornament Steampunk Victorian ornament

Strange Sounds of the Deep Dark Sea

The world’s oceans are vast, enigmatic places full of countless mysteries and strange sights. Yet the mysterious secrets of the seas are not confined solely to what we can see, but rather also what we can hear. Far from the stoic, silent underwater world many may imagine,...

Vlog Friday: Interacting With Alien Greys

Synesthesia - a confusion of senses, so that one might see numbers as colors and sounds as smells. In the spectrum of light and colors, there are correlations with frequencies. The orange-red spectrum would be perhaps 410 Hertz. In relation...Show More Summary

The Best Bigfootage: Texas Ain’t Just for Exes. It’s Also for Bigfoots!

Texas isn't the first place Keith thinks of for Bigfoots, but the environment is conducive to their survival. Check out this bit of Bigfootage that's pretty darn compelling.

Boogeymen: Mothman Full Episode

In Point Pleasant, West Virginia, there lurks a winged man, with eyes that glow a fierce red, known as the Mothman. The sheer number of sightings has even awed the skeptics. Watch the full episode of Destination America's Boogeymen: Mothman here on Cryptomundo!

Support Sasquatch Research with This One-Of-Kind Coast Salish Sasquatch TShirt

You can help contribute to the some of the best most productive Sasquatch research happening today.

An Indonesian Hairy Man-Beast?

Situated in South-East Asia, Indonesia is made up of a huge amount of islands; in fact, literally thousands. One of those islands is Flores, which has a square-mileage of more than 5,000 miles and a population of close to two million. Its wild animal population is notable...

The Creepy Masked Monkey Village of Jakarta

In a district in East Jakarta, there is a slum by the name of South Cipinang Besar. When walking through its streets, you may get the impression that it is just another squalid slum like any other. Trash and sewerage litter the ground, it seems like everything is...

Is Dark Matter a Vast Cosmic Ocean?

One of our very oldest ideas, a species, is that we’re living in a bubble surrounded on all sides by vast amounts of dark water. The idea dates back to second millennium BCE Sumerian cosmology and can most famously be found in the Bible, but you’ll find...

Old Bigfoot Tales

Winsted Wildman Craze of 1895 Made Things a Little HairyWinsted, Connecticut -- Remember the Bigfoot craze of the 1970s and ‘80s? You couldn't go anywhere without hearing about a new Bigfoot sighting or seeing a television documentary...Show More Summary

Daily 2 Cents: Conspiracy Theorists Calling Rosetta's Comet 'Alien Base' -- Levitating Rocks on Mars? -- 1/3 of Brits Believe Their House is Haunted

Conspiracy Theorists Calling Rosetta's Comet 'Alien Base' The fact that a strange ‘clicking’ radio transmission seems to be coming from inside the comet – sounding eerily like a Predator’s jaws opening and closing – has just stoked the...Show More Summary

Flashes of Light From Uranus Are No Joke

OK, get all of the “flames shooting out of Uranus” puns out of your system now. Finished? It’s no joke – astronomers have spotted bright lights on the surface of Uranus and no one seems to be able to pinpoint the cause. The lights were first seen...

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