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Daily 2 Cents: Aliens Removed My Ovum -- Remember Ollie? -- 3 Beings Walk Out of Glowing Craft

Aliens Removed My Ovum Manasquan, NJ - 1964-12-18 - 2:00AM: Our family had at least five contacts over a four year period.First my daughter Martha described her experience. Then Connie told me what happened to her. John described anShow More Summary

The Black Knight Satellite, Pepsi and UFOs

Does PepsiCo know something we don’t know about the Black Knight satellite – that mysterious space object rumored to have been secretly orbiting Earth for 13,000 before its signals were heard by Nikola Tesla in 1899? There may be hints in this new six-minute video released by...

Ghostly Activity: Figuring It Out

Here's a list of things often associated with hauntings mists/odorless smoke footfalls doors opening and closing electrical turning on and off faucets turning on and off disembodied voices oddities on photos oddities on video feeling...Show More Summary

Flying Ray-Shaped UFO - Ingleside, Illinois

I received the following report Friday:Hi - I witnessed something I can't explain. Maybe you can help. It was Nov. 2nd about 6:30am I was driving to work eastbound on E. Grand Ave in Ingleside, Illinois. I had just passed the Gavin Elementary School and saw what looked like a sting ray or manta ray flying across the road, not far from Fox Lake. Show More Summary

Elongated Skulls Could Have Been a Survival Aid

They look strange, they look painful and most of all, they look alien. They’re elongated skulls and a new discovery in Patagonia may shed light on why parents subjected their children to this gruesome practice. Not only that, researchers may have hinted at who taught them the...

Daily 2 Cents: Mysterious Predators Slaughter Goats in Namibia -- Violated by Unknown Beings -- Two Figures in Silver Suits

Mysterious Predators Slaughter Goats in Namibia Unknown predators that reportedly devour and suck blood from livestock have haunted villagers at Onheleiwa, Oidiva and Oikango of Ongwediva constituency in Namibia.Over the years, untold...Show More Summary

Flying Bigfoot Over Walla Walla

Thanks to Brenton Sawin, I was made aware of this story. A Bigfoot hunter named David had posted a series of videos about his encounters with the creature on his channel 'Something Hairy In The Shadows.' The strangest of the lot was his sighting in 2005 of a Bigfoot flying over Walla Walla, Washington. Show More Summary

Russians are Skeptical that Siberian UFO was a Missile

Do you believe everything your government tells you? Russian don’t (duh), which is why there’s so much mystery and controversy surrounding a recent UFO sighting over the city of Omsk in southwestern Siberia. Was it a meteor? A missile? An alien spacecraft? A secret weapon? A response...

14.21 – MU Podcast

This week we experience sensory deprivation at the Sydney Float Centre and compare notes with the legendary John C. Lilly and his Ketamine dreams. We then move to secret societies and lost Sumerian technologies in our Plus+ extension before scouting the latest talent in Light Language Activations....

Walnut Canyon: The Cliff Dwelling Ruins

More than 800 years ago, the Sinagua people built their dwellings sheltered by overhanging cliffs in Walnut Canyon. The Sinagua, Spanish for “without water”, survived by farming, hunting deer and small game, along with gathering plants grown in the area and trading. Show More Summary

"Spectre" and Mexico's Day of the Dead

CARDS This is a guest post by writer/researcher, Jared Hill.The 24th James Bond film to hit theaters, Spectre, features everyone's favorite genteel spy fighting the Spectre global crime syndicate. Along with the thrill, explosive action, and suspense that are standard fare for the James Bond franchise, this film contains some spooky elements. Show More Summary

Bizarre Cases of People Who Spontaneously Ceased to Exist

Mysterious disappearances aren’t new. For whatever reasons, some people just seem to vanish without a trace, never to be seen again. Yet, as bizarre as these cases may be, there seems to be an even stranger type of disappearance out there; people who vanish in full view...

The Hoodoo Cat

This bizarre story appeared in several newspapers early in 1912. This particular account is from the Washington Post on January 12, 1912:Fifteen men on a dead man's chest,Yo-ho! and a bottle of rum.Drink and the devil had done for the...Show More Summary

Newsweek: Bigfoot

Newsweek special edition on our favorite cryptid: Bigfoot!

Lightsabers and Freeze Rays are Now Available

Just in time for Christmas, operational lightsabers and freeze rays are available for that hard-to-shop-for Jedi or super villain in your family. While they won’t match the performance of their movie counterparts, these inventions definitely work and show it’s only a matter of time before we’re all...

Daily 2 Cents: Woman's Alien Craft 'Visit' -- Man Chases 'Future Self' -- Amazing 1,111 Carat Diamond Unearthed

Woman's Alien Craft 'Visit' Yates City, IL - 2012-09-15: Around 12:04 am alone in the house, me and the Kitty cat Marcy heard the doorknob move. I decided not to go by the door it was locked anyway.I started to get tired and went to the couch. Show More Summary

Skeleton of Burnt Medieval 'Witch' Discovered

The following article from Discovery News caught my attention today...not because of the sensationalism of the headline, but because it is another example of how early societies reacted to certain illness. It's a rather sad commentary...Show More Summary

Phoenix SciFi Con 2016!

Phoenix SciFiCon 2016 will be taking place in Mesa, Arizona in July 2016! Are you into electronic gaming? Like Magic the Gathering tournaments? Other gaming? Masquerades? Art shows? Dancing? SciFi authors? Panels for all kinds of subjects from publishing, gaming and costuming? Phoenix SciFiCon 2016 is going to be a blast. Show More Summary

UFOs May Be Monitoring Bombings in Syria

A video released of bombs being dropped and exploding on targets in Syria shows something unexpected – fast-moving UFOs flying over the scene as the smoke rises from the attack. Are aliens monitoring what’s going on Syria? If so, which side would they support? The video was...

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