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Cryptologic Radio:

Tonight, Wednesday January 21st-5pm PST/8pm EST Join us this week for a round table format discussion concerning Bigfoot research and evidence.

Underground Railroad: Episode 9-Wes Germer: Sasquatch Chronicles

Christopher Corry of Underground Railroad interviews Wes Germer of the Sasquatch Chronicles podcast.

The Highway to Hell

Driving alone along a desolate, remote desert highway can be a slightly unnerving experience that touches us on some deep level of our psyche. The endless, monotonous surroundings stretching as far as the eye can see can instil a distinct sense of time standing still and of...

Fishermen Catch Living Fossil With 25 Rows of 300 Teeth

If you’re looking for a scary sea serpent-like creature to star in your next “Monster That Ate New York” movie, you can’t go wrong with the prehistoric creature caught recently off the south-eastern coast of Victoria, Australia, that has a mouth full of 300 razor sharp teeth...

True Story: Dancing Ghost Cattle?

By Scott Harper - This is a firsthand account of something that occurred when I was a child. To this day I'm not 100% sure of what I saw. This was one of my earliest paranormal encounters, and still may well hold the record for the strangest. Show More Summary

U.S. Air Force Declassifies 130,000 Pages of UFO Reports

The best argument in favor of a massive government conspiracy centering on UFOs has always been the U.S. Air Force’s need to keep information on the Roswell incident, UFO sightings, and other topics top-secret long after there was any legitimate national security reason to do so. Keeping...

A Devilish Beast in England…

"In a somewhat strange and roundabout way, the following story has a connection to both me and to a particular, mysterious beast that I have spent many hours and days pursuing: the macabre Man-Monkey (also, occasionally, referred to as the Monkey-Man) of England’s Shropshire Union Canal..."

Daily 2 Cents: 'X-Files' Reboot Possible -- Looking For Scottish Bigfoot -- Rare, Terrifying Frilled Shark Caught

Fox confirms 'X-Files' reboot talks Fox’s new agenda is looking a lot like their old one. Confirming some prior reports, the network’s leadership says they are seriously chasing a reboot of The X-Files and are possibly interested inShow More Summary

Cat Statue on Mars May Be Warning for Stowaway Rodents

Good news for future planet-traveling cat lovers. A photograph taken by the Mars Curiosity Rover shows what looks like a broken statue of a cat on the planet’s surface. Before you say you’re going to wash your hands of this story, Curiosity also took a photo of...

Say It's Not True...Biscardi's At It Again!

I almost killed my laptop with spilled coffee when I read this article this morning. Is Tom Biscardi setting people up for another version of a Bigfoot hoax? away!:Startups are famous for setting big, hairy goals. Carmine “Tom” Biscardi wants to catch Sasquatch—and is planning an initial public offering to fund the hunt.Mr. Show More Summary

This week’s Healing Fairy Alphabet Deck cards

This week’s cards are O is for Outside In, and V is for Voice. Learning to set boundaries by speaking up is not always easy to do when you are sensitive and lost your voice along the way. Healing Fairy Alphabet Deck

Yowie Sighting at Coonabarabran, New South Wales

69 year old Carl has a great Yowie sighting early one morning on a property at Coonabarabran, New South Wales. He said he used to laugh at such stories, but not any longer.

America Unearthed: Tracking Bigfoot Full Episode

Scott Wolter does not believe in Bigfoot--but he sure hears about it a lot. That's because the earliest Bigfoot sightings were supposedly recorded in--guess what? Rocks. Bigfoot sightings are pervasive along the West coast, but lately, reports of the big beast have started popping up in Minnesota--his home state--and he heads to investigate.

Giants Who Eat the Locals

Paiute tale of red-haired giants A Lakota tale of "Iya the Camp Eater" describes the tribe finding a screaming baby in the wild and bringing in it to be raised by one of the tribal women. The elder, however, notices something strange...Show More Summary

Alchemy and the Men in Black

The dark night of Saturday, September 11, 1976 was the decidedly ill-fated evening upon which the Orchard Beach, Maine, USA home of a certain Dr. Herbert Hopkins was darkened by a nightmarish MIB. Vampire-like scarcely begins to describe the terrible thing that descended on Hopkins’ home. When Hopkins...

Hypnosis and Warfare – Mind-Bending!

My previous article here at Mysterious Universe, A Mind-Altering Mysterious Woman, was focused on the deeply strange 1971 saga of a woman in the employ of the Nixon-era White House who was hypnotized and controlled under very weird circumstances. With that in mind, I thought it would...

Monster X Radio Archive: William Allen Barnes: The Falcon Project Prepares to Take Flight

The Falcon Project is preparing to launch (both figuratively and literally). William Allen Barnes is the project founder and manager, with over 25 years experience operating his own businesses, including gold dredging and marketing.Show More Summary

Grandpa Parker and the 'Hairy Man'

A reader, John Parker, submitted the following narrative for publication:I've been reading so many theories about Bigfoot, to me, it's somewhat comical. I believe that certain people are allowed to witness these creatures, in particular those people who have traditionally lived among them. Show More Summary

A Fortune in Gold is Down in Our Sewers

If Sir Walter Raleigh was around today, he might forget about looking in the jungles of South America for the gold of El Dorado and instead look in the sewers of major cities for El Doo-doo-rado … especially if he read the results of a new study that...

E. TREE: Hotel Owner Finds E.T. In Stump

When Billy Harley went out to cut up some wood, he had no idea he "wood" see an E.T. Harley owns the Uig Hotel on Scotland's Isle of Skye, and was... Read more: Weird UK, Extraterrestrials, e.t.: the Extra-Terrestrial, E.T. Tree Stump, Weird Photos & Videos, UFO News, Weird for Aol, Billy Harley, Billy Harley E.T. Show More Summary

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