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Virginia: Jellystone Park, Little England and Gloucester Beach

DAY SIX Jellystone Park, Little England and Gloucester Beach We decided to try Hardee’s for breakfast before heading out this day. The first thing we wanted to do was to go back to the suicide/ghost/witch house to see if Bigfoot is still there. Show More Summary

Back Road Scary Legends

Along the back roads of America, there are lots of odd, quirky spots. If you're planning a road trip based on creepy things, there's nothing better than unexplained legends. Hitchhiking Ghosts Legends go back to the 1930s that Resurrection...Show More Summary

The Pitfalls of the UFO Disclosure Movement

Some time ago, I found myself in an unusual discussion with a noted UFO skeptic. The long and the short of the talk we were having dealt with whether some rather unconventional-looking secret government aircraft might account for a number of UFO reports since the end of...

Profiling “Britain’s Most Famous Witch”

A prestigious author of books on numerous aspects of the world of magic and sorcery – including How to be Your Own Astrologer, Diary of a Witch, and Cast Your Own Spell – Sybil Leek was a woman who moved almost effortlessly in the worlds of secret,...

William Shatner Says Kirk’s Technology is Getting Close

It’s not that far-fetched. That doesn’t sound like rousing encouragement that we’re on the brink of major breakthroughs in science fiction technologies become realities, but it is if the speaker is Captain James Tiberius Kirk in the form of William Shatner. In his presentation at Smithsonian magazine’s...

Ohio Woman Dies Searching for Goatman

It’s always sad to read stories like this, where someone dies as a result of investigating the paranormal. But it also makes me angry. Of course these people do not deserve to die, but it does upset me when people trespass or just engage in ill-advised behaviors in their search for the unknown. Because in […]

Voice From The Cornfield

Kate in Illinois called in to Darkness Radio to tell of something strange that happened to her brother and his friends:“This is something that happened to my brother when he was in high school, but it's a pretty cool story. I live in a real small town about 80 miles southwest of Chicago. Show More Summary

Debate About New Human Species Found in South African Cave

Scientists from the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa have differing theories on fossilized bones found in Rising Star Cave. Rising Star Cave, part of the Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site, is 30 miles from Johannesburg in the Gauteng province. The area features 123,550 acres...

City Installs Sidewalk Traffic Lights For Smartphone “Zombies”

The city of Augsburg, Germany this week took a small but transformative step towards enabling crippling smartphone addiction. Augsburg has become one of the first cities in the world to create public infrastructure for the sole purpose of enabling and protecting smartphone users. Specialize traffic lights are being...

Plan an Escape to a New Eco-Resort in a Desert Oasis

It’s time to dial up your private pilot, get the Gulfstream prepped and grab your AmEx black credit card for an escape to the world’s “greenest” resort in the middle of Abu Dhabi’s Liwa Desert. The emirate of Abu Dhabi is crawling out of the shadow of...

Pope Lick Monster Death

Woman Killed While Searching For Mysterious ‘Goatman’ Creature In Louisville, Kentucky

Daily 2 Cents: Dog / Cat Combo Cryptid Reported -- Alien Body? -- Farmer Finds Goat That Looks Like a Human Baby

Dog / Cat Combo Cryptid ReportedRobert in Fortuna, California called in to tell of his cat-dog creature he sighted:“I saw this creature she mentioned that had this dog and cat combination creatures (Linda Godfrey was the guest and earlier she had mentioned a type of new dog-cat cryptid she was getting reports on). Show More Summary

Supposed 'Maryland Goatman' Observed by Two Witnesses

Is the 'Maryland Goatman' once again roaming the woods of Prince Georges County? Well...apparently there have been at least 2 witnesses lately:LAUREL, Md. — People send weird and inexplicable things to WBAL-TV all the time, but an item...Show More Summary

French Satellite to Challenge Einstein’s Theory of Relativity

French Space Agency CNES has just launched a satellite with the specific aim of conducting an experiment that could poke a hole in Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. If the experiment aboard Microscope confirms Einstein’s theory then we can all continue about our business, but any slight deviation...

The Bacteria That Makes Its Own Ice

The next time you’re at a picnic or backyard barbecue and the host reveals that there’s no more ice to keep the beer cold, you can be a hero by handing over a Petri dish filled with a bacteria that makes its own ice. OK, it has...

Dawn Spacecraft May Look For Alien Life on Another Asteroid

The little spacecraft that could may be moving its search for alien life on asteroids to yet another space rock. NASA’s Dawn spacecraft, currently orbiting Ceres where it has been sending back fabulous photos of huge craters and mysterious (well, not mysterious any more) lights but no...

1950s SciFi Heroines: Women's Changing Roles

On the tail end of atomic knowledge and talk of future space travel following World War II, the 1950s ushered in a scientific era. Science Fiction movies were the rage and they churned out the formula fast and furious, trying to keep...Show More Summary

Bigfoot, “Government Agents,” and “Giants”

Back in the mid-1950s, a highly unusual and brief account of a cryptozoological nature surfaced. It came from one C.S. Lambert. The subject matter? The world’s most famous man-beast. We’re talking about Bigfoot, of course. In 1954, Lambert commented on his knowledge of very strange activity not...

Mystery Sound in Staten Island

Well, it didn’t take long for me to be a resident of Staten Island before weird things started happening. We were awoken at about 3:30am this morning by a spectacular thunderstorm, but also an odd, eerie and (at first) unexplained noise. I was woken up by the noise, but also the extremely bright lightning. I […]

Mind-Controlled Drones Are Coming to Airspace Near You

The University of Florida recently hosted a drone flying competition made unique by the method pilots are using to control their drones: telekinesis. Yes, you read that correctly. Drone pilots from all over the world have gathered in Gainesville, Florida in order to race drones piloted exclusively...

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