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UFO Researcher Found Dead After Vomiting Black Liquid

I have been hard-pressed lately to find truly compelling paranormal stories to write about. Nobody knows where Ghost Hunters will end up (but “Stay tuned! Big things are coming!”), Halloween is right around the corner so there’s a myriad of obviously faked ghost photos floating around, and there’s an Indonesian blobsquatch who looks like he’s […]

T. Rex, Meet B. Rex, The Prehistoric Armored Monster Fish

While oceans on other planets and moons keep getting the attention of scientists and astronomers, the depths of the Earth’s oceans represent some of the most mysterious places on Earth. Some current estimates claim that up to 99% of the world’s oceans remain unexplored. While exploring some of those...

Planet Waves Daily Oracle for Wednesday, Oct. 19, 2016

If you look at what you have in your own spiritual bank account you won't need to think that others have so much to offer you -- and they will have less power over your life. All relationships are an... This is content summary only. Please visit Planet Waves for full links, other content, and more!

Chickosaurus Revisted! Need Ornithology Input From University or Museum!

This is a guest post by researcher, David Claerr. David has posted on here several times some very interesting posts! Be sure and check them out in the search bar on the right. His links are below In a remote region of the Lava Badlands...Show More Summary

Three Halloween Parties in Real Haunted Houses for 2016

Easy Plugin for AdSense by Unreal Can you think of anywhere better for having a Halloween party than in a real haunted house? Me either. As I’ve been updating our Ghost Hunting and Other Spirited Events page, I noticed there were some real haunted places hosting Halloween parties that were open to the public. I...

New Alien Abduction Comedy Inspired By Real Accounts

Hollywood is once again looking to alien abduction as a source of comedic inspiration. A new TBS series, People of Earth, centers around a support group for abductees. The group is being observed by Ozzie Graham (Wyatt Cenac), a journalist on the hunt for a good story....

Jared Leto: I Was Lured Into Hollywood Illuminati Cult

Jared Leto: I Was Lured Into Hollywood Illuminati Cult – Jared Leto went “extra crazy” in his method acting to play the Joker role in the new Batman movie, but according to a friend it’s not his acting technique that made him rich and famous, it’s his membership of the Illuminati. Show More Summary

Werewolf Demons: The Bizarre Case of the Southend Werewolf

In the annals of the world of the strange, there are some cases that are really hard to classify. Some just seem to transcend borders and attempts to put them into any one file of the weird. For instance, there have long been the classic unexplained phenomena...

Forget Astrology: Bob Dylan Won the Nobel Prize for Literature

[audio src=""] In this edition, I focus the astrology on the conjunction of Mars and Pluto that takes place Wednesday, the day of the third presidential... This is content summary only. Please visit Planet Waves for full links, other content, and more!

Egyptian Coin With Alien Head May Not Be Egyptian or Alien

A number of websites are touting the discovery of what appear to be one or more ancient Egyptian coins with what looks like the head of an extraterrestrial on one side. Is this proof – as some are screaming – that aliens visited ancient Egypt or do...

Think You Can

You are not a machine. Even so, Len Wallick illustrates how a well-known children's story about an imaginary train is tracking with the astrology to help you get up and over any uphill tasks you are... This is content summary only. Please visit Planet Waves for full links, other content, and more!

Rise Above the Challenge

Venus is now in Sagittarius. This may be a welcome relief after spending these recent weeks in Scorpio, though this seems to be about preparation for a meeting. Whoever Venus represents might find... This is content summary only. Please visit Planet Waves for full links, other content, and more!

Happy 85th Birthday Bob Gimlin!

Bob Gimlin was born in Missouri, on October 18, 1931. Today is his 85th birthday.

Patent For “Impossible” EM Drive Made Public

The EM Drive hasn’t even been fully tested in actual space conditions, yet the physics-defying engine is already making waves throughout the aerospace and science news worlds. When the news first broke that NASA engineers might have invented a kind of “warp drive,” some social media sites...

Largest Group of Ancient Footprints Found in Tanzania

Footprints seem so inconsequential, unless they are 19,000 years old and discovered en masse. In 2006, a local villager, Kongo Sakkae in Engare Sero, Tanzania found ancient footprints. While in the area in 2008, conservationist Jim Brett learned of the site and photographed it. He shared...

The Baltimore Phantom

The witness describes an anomaly that has been reported before, which I'll explain later:“I was in Baltimore in the hood so I was paying attention to my mirrors and I was looking behind me stood a crowd of people in the corner. I saw...Show More Summary

Tokoloshe Or Poltergeist?

Tokoloshe Or Poltergeist? – As I mentioned in my last submission, I visited my brother, Rob, in New Zealand last year and cajoled a few paranormal experiences of his from him. Here is his second one, this also took place while he was still living in South Africa. Back in late 1987, he was transferred […] The post Tokoloshe Or Poltergeist? appeared first on

Kiss and Yell

Cartoonist Jen Sorensen relays Trump's unbelievable, self-answering question. This is content summary only. Please visit Planet Waves for full links, other content, and more!

Daily 2 Cents: 'Highway of Tears' Killers May Never Be Caught -- Saying 'Goodbye' -- Exorcism 'too scary' For Young Priests

'Highway of Tears' Killers May Never Be CaughtA decade after the launch of the RCMP's high profile Highway of Tears investigation into missing and murdered women in northern B.C., police admit they may never find the killers or make more arrests."I've been honest with our [victims'] families and I say perhaps they'll never be solved," RCMP Staff Sgt. Show More Summary

Skunk Ape Caught on Thermal Camera?

What started off as a slow weekend ended with a blast. David Lauer caught what we believe to be a skunk ape on thermal. We did a recreation and whatever it may have been was overwhelmingly larger than the person we used for the recreation. Show More Summary

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