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Pushing Back the Date of Arrival to Americas - Significantly

Monte Verde, Chile. Archaeologists in the 1970s and 1980s uncover some interesting finds. It appears that along the creek, there was a camp of almost two dozen people. It wouldn't seem too extraordinary a find, but it was 12,500 years ago, much longer than we were thought have humans on the continent. Show More Summary

Top 10 Bigfoot Videos

Been awhile aye, if anybodies still out there. This video is not mine, it does show some of the more famous Sas footage, though it seems to be geared more towards the anticipation of a new piece of footage. Onto some blog news, at the moment I’ve just worked out a way to speed up [...]

Paranormal Activities may be no more in a couple weeks

It’s been a long time since I’ve regularly posted here on Paranormal Activities, the main reasons for this is I lost the passion and action to keep blogging about the paranormal. I had no shortage of vision for where I wanted to go, but without the passion and action nothing was going to ever get [...]

All About Dowsing

Dowsing is the art of finding hidden things. Usually, this is accomplished with the aid of a dowsing stick, rods or a pendulum. Also known as divining, water witching, doodlebugging and other names, dowsing is an ancient practice whose origins are lost in long-forgotten history. Show More Summary

A Word About the Paranormal Activity Movie

I’ve still been keeping track of stats for this site in my absence and awhile back there was quite a huge jump in traffic, this was due to increased interest in a movie known as Paranormal Activity, this site and the movie are not related in any way apart from the similarities in title. Was [...]

Weird, Weird Rain

Heads up! There's all kinds of strange stuff falling from the sky: frogs, sardines, jellyfish, alligators and maybe - just maybe - cows! You think the weather is weird where you live? Here are some documented cases of really weird precipitation. ? Also read: When Nature Goes Nuts

The Ghosts of Christmas Yet to Come

Christmas is one of the most ironic holidays. Although it has been embraced by Christians around the world as the celebration of the birth of Christ, its antecedents are murky and deeply embedded in pagan tradition. Christmas isn't the day Christ was actually born. Show More Summary

Sooo… Where have I been?

So it’s been about several months since my last post here on Paranormal Activities, worst part is I didn’t even give an explanation as to why. I’d like to say I’ve been out busting ghosts, searching for the elusive Moa and swimming with a fearsome Taniwha, truth is procrastination got the better of me. Before [...]

Triangular UFO Video From Russia

From All News Web “…All agree that it is too large to be a kite and the consensus leans towards a military craft.” Well I’m finding it hard to gauge how big the object is in this video, looks like a kite to me, if you watch carefully you’ll see a bird fly by. The [...]

UFO Video from Russia

I’d say this is remarkable UFO footage, but it looks just a little to good, looks like someone trying out their editing techniques. Translated youtube Title and description using Babel Fish. ??? ??? ?? ????????? ???? [NLO] above TTs the Kashira court 6 ??????, ????? 9 ??????, ??? ?? ????????? ????, ?????? ???????. On April [...]

Ghost Hunters Investigate Mold as Cause Of Paranormal Activity

Every now and then, I come across a story about paranormal research that gives me some hope that a few people out there are still taking things seriously and are conducting themselves in a scientific manner. These days, most people equate “fancy gadgets” with “scientific,” and that’s just not the case. Just because spirit boxes have all […]

Survivorman Les Stroud: Military & Corporations Shrouding Bigfoot

  Les Stroud, better known as Survivorman, has always been vocal about the Sasquatch phenomena. Mr. Stroud has been  spending weeks, sometimes months, alone in the wilderness for his shows and has had several unexplained and creepy things happen to him while alone in the woods. Recently Stroud went OFF TRACK to talk his experiences […]

Josie's Lingering Nightmare

The following is an uncommon alien abduction report:I live on the ground floor of a condominium building in an Atlanta, GA suburb. I've only lived here about 4 months, but have felt uneasy with my home since I moved in. I live alone and rarely socialize, but I do enjoy having an occasional night out with friends. Show More Summary

Daily 2 Cents: Downed WWII Airmen Were Dissected Alive By Japanese Doctors -- Nun Stabs Boy In Hand -- Rare Black Flamingo Spotted In Cyprus

Downed WWII Airmen Were Dissected Alive By Japanese Doctors -Parts of brain and livers of soldiers were dissected while they were alive-Prisoners of war also injected with seawater at university's medical school-Soldiers were still alive...Show More Summary

Thin Gray Humanoid

I recently received an interesting report from a new reader:Hello, I recently discovered your site and have been following it for the past couple weeks. I just read your post of April 2 "The Men In Black Mystery" and I'm completely jarred by the similarity of one eyewitness account to something I saw a few years ago. Show More Summary

6th Anniversary Celebration Book Giveaway

In honor of HJ’s 6th Anniversary, and to honor the release of my book, The Ghost of Laurie Floyd, I’m hosting a book giveaway. I chose a smattering of books, some fiction, some non-fiction. Some having to do with ghosts and hauntings, some having to do with zombies and other monsters. Most are from people […]

This Bigfoot Leaves a Grizzly, Horrifying Warning To Stay Away

The boys find the decapitated head of a deer on a stick as a warning from a Bigfoot to stay away.

Mountain Monsters: Bigfoot of Washington County

The AIMS team travels to Washington County, PA to investigate the "Dustman", thought to be the fastest and most agile Bigfoot in the region. They must build a quicksand pit trap, and repel down a cliff at night to its cave lair.

Four Gold Miners Killed by Sasquatch!

That headline never appeared when it happened! Truth is that this story was hushed up until uncovered by noted author Zane Grey!

24th Annual Bigfoot Conference

The worlds longest running Bigfoot Conference is set to resume on April 18, 2015 2 to 8 pm at the Salt Fork State Park Lodge. Your Host and Master of Ceremonies Don Keating brings back a tradition to Ohio.

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