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2017 Feast Day of Mary Magdalene

A post in honour of Miriam of Magdala and Her teachings. Includes a Tarot spread inspired by the Gospel of Mary Magdalene.

FREE Fairy Reading Friday!

New Moon in Leo special offer. Ask a question and get a free mini taster reading in the blog comments - today only!

Leo New Moon Shakti Empowerment

The eclipse season starts with the Leo New Moon on 23 July. Make the most of this lunation, download a Shakti empowerment and do a Leo New Moon Tarot reading.

Shakti Rising

Some more pieces of the divine jigsaw are falling into place and the veil of the sacred feminine is starting to slip...

The Heat is On!

The Magdalene message for the 18 July is inspired by the Fairy Tarot cards and lets us know that the time for slowing down is now.

Reading from the Gospel of Mary Magdalene

A reading from the Gospel of Mary Magdalene in honour of her feast day on the 22 of July.

Time to Say Goodbye!

The Magdalene message for 17 July is inspired by the Archangel Power Tarot. What do you need to detach fully from now? Who or what is holding you back?

Free Reading Friday with the Fairies!

It's time for the free week ahead forecast. This week we are working with the lovely Magical Messages from the Fairies Oracle by Doreen Virtue.

Reflecting on My Projections

The Magdalene message for the 14 of July is inspired by Gabrielle Bernstein's 'The Universe Has Your Back' and the Archangel Power Tarot.

Three ‘Ultra Spiritual’ Practices for the Bin

It's time to call BS for some of the attitudes/practices that are passing as 'spiritual.' It is within our power to create the Shift NOW and bring harmony back.

If you are interested in creativity and imagination…

Check out my posts over on my Idea Emporium book website. I just wrote about blocks to being creative. Go here.

Breaking Free

Magdalene message for 13 July, inspired by some pretty freaky stuff and the Breaking Free card from the Healing with the Oracles oracle.

Deck Interview with the Everyday Witch Tarot

My favourite deck purchase so far this year... Review and deck interview with the Everyday Witch Tarot.

The Ancient

The Magdalene message for the 12 July is inspired by a card from the Faery Forest oracle and my own grandmother.

Wild Oat Bach Flower Remedy (with Tarot Spread)

Learn about the Wild Oat Bach Flower Remedy and try a Wild Oat inspired Tarot spread.

Be Kind #magdalenemessage

A reminder that kindness is always the appropriate response. A Magdalene message inspired by the Fairy Tarot Cards and the Healing with the Fairies Oracle.

The Four Queens Tarot Spread

The Four Queens Tarot spread is aimed at helping you fully embody the positive qualities of the Divine Feminine.

10 July – Peace of Mind #magdalenemessage

The Magdalene message for 10 July is inspired by cards from the Angels of Light Oracle and the Fairy Tarot Cards.

Embodying the Divine Feminine Through the Queen of Swords

Learn how to completely embody the positive Divine Feminine qualities of the Queen of Swords.

Free Full Moon Pink Rose Readings

Are you ready to put on your rose-tinted glasses and place your feet firmly on your path of divine service?

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