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So you are in a transition

I write this as I adjust to stronger glasses I usually wear for driving only. My other glasses had “scratch guard” that rubbed right off. There are no coincidences. I was fighting change, but my soul was pushing me into bigger vision. You might feel stuck in the middle of things that are dying and […]

If you like my art…

  Many of my students have seen the crazy art and illustrated videos that grace their lessons. They know I am a teacher and that I’ve been teaching the woo-woo intuitive stuff for years, helping my fellow sensitive, but I am also a professional artist with degrees in design with many years experience. If you […]

Selling a Fairy in a Bottle: Classes Start Friday

  Selling fairies in bottles! Okay, maybe more like liberating the fairies from bottles by offering fun fairy classes. The more folks know about healing with Nature and other cool fairy stuff, the more they feel freer and funner (is that a word?) The Flower Essences class starts Friday, where you learn how to heal […]

This Week’s Healing Fairy Alphabet Deck Cards: Go With the Love

  My Healing Fairy Alphabet Deck has birthed its own site. Pretty sure the Fairies have created it with the help of magic seeds and leaves. This week’s fairy cards are over here.

Flower Essence Class Starts April 17th

    Flowers are healing bringing back emotional balance gently, easily, and without chemicals and great for the Sensitive. Fun detective, exploring on-line play class starts April 17th. Reserve your space in class HERE.

Choosing the Right Direction — The Empath Way

You’re empathic and yes, it’s a freaking curse sometimes, but it also gives you built-in super-spidey sense that can guide your next steps and put you on the right path. A couple of months back, I wrote down specifically how I felt when I was going in the wrong direction, or in an environment or […]

Why don’t you do this for free?

I’ve had the flu thing that has been going around in Arizona. It starts out strong and then hangs on for a long time. This virus is interesting. It reaches for your sensitive area, so if you have weak lungs, it latches on with a chronic cough. If you are like me and have wimpy […]

The Spiritual Healing of the Native American Flute

The Native American flute is one of the most mystical instruments available to people. Its wonderful, spiritual voice carries the power of spiritual healing to everyone who is willing to benefit from it. And you don’t have to be a Native...Show More Summary

2 Day Deck Sale

In honor of Somerset Studio printing my essay, I am having a 2 Day Deck Sale. Woot! Yay! So cool! Decks are only $25 with shipping but only for today and tomorrow, so act fast. Head on over to my Deck site to buy HERE.

Last chance for March classes

Classes start Friday. That’s tomorrow! Sign ups all weekend long. Go to the catalog to sign up.

New Student Discount!

Enter the world of dancing, joyful fairies, talking dogs, and wonderland Possibilities. It’s the fun online classes from The Designing Fairy. Minimal homework, lots of insights and discoveries, and tools to grab for in jam-packed lessons. Join the fun this Friday. March Classes start on Friday. New student? Save BIG on these 3 classes by […]

Horence’s Adventure

Stories. Animation. Pure silliness. It’s over here at my art projects site.

Five Ways to Make Better Boundaries So You Don’t Get Pissy

Yesterday I weeded. My entire yard is a giant weed from all the rain and early Spring. My allergies aren’t that bad so I sat down and began pulling, even though it seemed a daunting task when I began. Surveying around me I realized I might have made a small dent. I was fine for […]

Sign up for March Fantabulous Classes

Hard to believe that time is going so fast! Next week starts the March session classes (Friday, March 20th). If you are interesting in healing with nature and dig the fairy realm and animals, there’s the Fairy Healing the Animals class. Need help with your sensitivity and boundaries? There’s the popular Empath Skills class. For […]

This Week’s Healing Fairy Alphabet Cards: Confidence

This week’s cards are over on my new HEALING FAIRY ALPHABET site, dedicated to the deck and my creative learning products. Go check out the post here, and follow it while you are at it.

This Week’s Poll: Preference?

I’ve been noticing I have a very varied audience here at The Designing Fairy, and I would love your input so I can better help my reading audience. Please take the poll.

Oops, the Healing Fairy Alphabet card of the week

Oops! So busy this week that I forgot to post the card of the week. Beat me with a wet noodle! Here is the card for the weekend! And if you could take the poll in the next post, I would truly dig it. Lots of change or transitions happening for everyone right now. Some […]

Faces of Nature

  Over at my newsletter, we are talking the faces of Nature, bringing in fairy energy to the cold winter, and birthing heart projects. Have you subscribed yet? You can here.

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