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Magical Fairy Field Guide online class starts this weekend!

Grab a pen and a journal or composition book and let’s have fun with the Forest and the Fairies! Time to art journal and ponder…Class starts this weekend. Sign up and join us here.

This Week’s Healing Fairy Alphabet Deck card: Fairy Path

This week’s card is the P is for Fairy Path and we are talking about the Magical Fairy Field Guide online class that starts this weekend. See it over HERE.

New Fairy Class…Art Journaling and Pondering

I’m still making classes! Yay! I have two creative classes in the works and this one is the featured one for September. Both classes are over HERE at my Fairy Deck and Studio website. Would love to have you join for this one which starts this weekend and involves making magic, pondering and playing (crayons, […]

This Week’s Healing Fairy Alphabet Deck Card: F is For Fairy Door

I picked a card for the week and it’s a time of reflection and sorting. For info go HERE on my new site to read the post. I’ve been blogging over there in my new space about creative mentors and the whimsical weird, go head on over there and follow the blog as I spend […]

This Week’s Healing Fairy Alphabet Deck Cards are Back

The Cards are back! This week’s reading is over here on its own site. Take a look around while you are there and check out the Monthly creative classes.

The Top 10 Things That Happen to a Sensitive When She Moves

I just finished a HUGE move from quiet to noisy, to alone to full, to hot to cold. As a sensitive, I keep adjusting and trying to remind myself to take it slow and have awareness my sensitive system is different then most. It is frustrating because I want to just zoom ahead, but my […]

This Week’s Healing Fairy Alphabet Deck Cards

Healing Fairy Alphabet Deck cards weekly reading resumes after Labor Day and it will be over HERE.

A lovely review

“I am on my last class TAG101 to achieving my certification for Animal Communication!! I have loved all of the classes I have taken with Ronni and will continue to learn whatever she is teaching in the future!! The classes associated with Animal Communication ROCK! I have always thought I was empathic enough but now […]

Final Days: Tomorrow and this weekend is last days to sign up

It’s the last day for Fairy Healing here… Last day for Empath Skills class… Last day for Rocks and Trees and Fairy Healing the Feminine… For Animal Mediumship… Clairvoyance… Ten years of so much hard work and sweat and tears, and insights and shifts from students. Did you sign up yet? Join the memories. The catalog is here.

When You Come Last or How to Not Become a Resentful Jerk

I am exploring an old pattern. When I was a little fairy, my loving Mom instilled in me to not be “selfish.” These lessons included putting others’ needs first, thinking about others’ feelings (hard not to when you are a raging empath), and watch to make sure you weren’t totally self-involved. We are raised by religion […]

Last Call for Classes — Start on Friday

Student work The final session of Fairy and Empath Online School classes start this Friday! Thinking about taking a class for awhile? Now is the time to take the plunge until they go away. (Yes, sorry, end of summer). Want to heal with fairies? Talk to pets that have passed? Need help for your sensitivity? Head […]

I need creative class testers!

I am playing around with a new book and I need students to test drive it! Like designing? Free-writing and using your awesome imagination? Have fun doodling or making up stories? Need a little joy and feel like a kid again this summer to push away the heaviness? I’ve structured a four-week class to play […]

I’m participating in the annual Mad Tea Party!

Over at my Healing Fairy Alphabet page, I am participating in the Mad Tea Party given each year by A Fanciful Twist. Her blogs are gorgeous and feasts for the eyes. You can see my new FAIRY movie over here. (Free worksheet too, and I added two new creative classes over there.)

NEW! Help! I’m Sensitive Course for Sensitives

This class, based on my book, Help! I’m Sensitive, offers the Five Main Tools as a Sensitive I’ve learned I desperately needed. Why didn’t we come in with a manual? I had hoped my book would be one for fellow sensitives floating around out there, sharing my journey on what I’ve learned the hard way. So many […]

LAST CHANCE July Session Starts in Two Weeks!!

Only two more weeks to the last session happening in July! Head on over to the CATALOG to sign up for your class. A few sales going on too. The Catalog is over here!

New Series for the Sensitive Artist and Creatives

Creative person but also super sensitive? I started a new blog series over on my Healing Fairy Alphabet site. Check it out over here and be sure to follow the blog there!

Working on Book 2

  Working on book 2 in the Help! I’m Sensitive series, Your Turtle Shell. This one is all about setting boundaries and includes Thoughts of a Sensitive. What topics and concerns as a sensitive would you like to see? Feel free to fill in the comment section below or email me if you prefer. I’d love […]

Masks, Down the Rabbit Hole and Butterflies

Wild Worlds Within Doodle and Writing Online Class is perfect for summer playing and for hearing your intuition. For details and to sign up for the class that starts tomorrow go here.

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