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Fairy and Empath School Update and New Look

  So, what’s happening?! Thanks to a bunch of loyal students the school will stay open until August. There will be 3 start dates for classes to choose from: 3 START DATES: MAY 29, JUNE 19, JULY 10TH The May session starts this Friday so you better hurry over to begin and sign up for […]

This Week’s Fairy Card: Shoulds vs. Wants as Direction

It’s over here. And it’s all about Doing Enough and how your Shoulds actually give you direction.

So if you are interested in classes…better hurry

My domain name here is expiring the end of May and depending on interest, I will need to decide what changes to make here at The Designing Fairy. If you are interested in the many Fairy and Empath Online School classes, now would be the time to sign up before the school is retired. Whether […]

The Full Sail Shift and New Store!

I’ve been learning a great deal about valuing what I do and offer. I’m involved in a big shift. Years ago, when I went to Grad School I experienced a new way of looking at things. When I was there I saw myself in a different light. I expanded. (Well, I did gain five pounds […]

Honoring the Students and Animal Mediumship

In honor of the students of the school, a big thank you through the years!! Sending you sunflowers and light! I peek at the Animal Mediumship class and those who adore our animals and hurt when we lose them. This has been a very popular class through the years and it has been very satisfying […]

Previews Continue: Fairy Healing the Feminine

    I love honoring the school this way and the many students that have come through the virtual door. What a creative and sweet group of students from far and wide. I know I am not supposed to be biased on my classes but I really love the Fairy Healing the Feminine class. It […]

Day 2 of Previews: A Name It Tool

If you name it, you can detach from it. Let’s go to the Movies!   from the EMPATH SKILLS class on sale for $70.00 in May. Sign up here.

Five Days of Previews and Fairy Healer Homework!!

In honor of Fairy and Empath Online School and its final year, I am offering a week of fun excerpts and sales on classes. Today’s excerpt is from the Fairy Beginner Healing Class on Sale for $70.00. In the beginner class you can make a repertory book. This is a featured flower sheet that you […]

Two Creative Classes Offered in May Only Sixty dollar Sale

Tell Your Story! artwork: Pamela J. Smith Session offered in May. Tell Your Stories in different visual formats each week. Learn storytelling techniques while exploring collage, photography, doodling and more. You don’t have to be a professional artist to tell your story and it’s fun and filled with inspiration! Week One: Your Hero’s Journey We’re […]

This Week’s Healing Fairy Alphabet Card: FEAR

This week’s card is over here. And there’s a fun activity too.

Big Announcement!

I’ve been going through some big changes and transitions lately. Stretching, squeezing and morphing. So, my big announcement is at the end of this year (may be as earlier as August) I will be closing the Fairy and Empath School and this will be its final year. It’s been TEN fabulous years working with students (I […]

So you are in a transition

I write this as I adjust to stronger glasses I usually wear for driving only. My other glasses had “scratch guard” that rubbed right off. There are no coincidences. I was fighting change, but my soul was pushing me into bigger vision. You might feel stuck in the middle of things that are dying and […]

If you like my art…

  Many of my students have seen the crazy art and illustrated videos that grace their lessons. They know I am a teacher and that I’ve been teaching the woo-woo intuitive stuff for years, helping my fellow sensitive, but I am also a professional artist with degrees in design with many years experience. If you […]

Selling a Fairy in a Bottle: Classes Start Friday

  Selling fairies in bottles! Okay, maybe more like liberating the fairies from bottles by offering fun fairy classes. The more folks know about healing with Nature and other cool fairy stuff, the more they feel freer and funner (is that a word?) The Flower Essences class starts Friday, where you learn how to heal […]

This Week’s Healing Fairy Alphabet Deck Cards: Go With the Love

  My Healing Fairy Alphabet Deck has birthed its own site. Pretty sure the Fairies have created it with the help of magic seeds and leaves. This week’s fairy cards are over here.

Flower Essence Class Starts April 17th

    Flowers are healing bringing back emotional balance gently, easily, and without chemicals and great for the Sensitive. Fun detective, exploring on-line play class starts April 17th. Reserve your space in class HERE.

Choosing the Right Direction — The Empath Way

You’re empathic and yes, it’s a freaking curse sometimes, but it also gives you built-in super-spidey sense that can guide your next steps and put you on the right path. A couple of months back, I wrote down specifically how I felt when I was going in the wrong direction, or in an environment or […]

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