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The Healthy Self-Expression Tarot Spread

Part Three of the Top Five Regrets of the Dying Tarot Spreads Series The third regret mentioned by Bronnie Ware in the Top Five Regrets of the Dying is ‘I wish I’d had the courage to express my feelings.’ She talks about how people often don’t say how they feel to ‘keep the peace,’ but I suspect that many people... Read More

Retiring this blog, sort of

I have pretty much retired this blog and have switched to posting shorter notes to Facebook and Twitter.Writing a blog was occasionally fun but ultimately not worth the time or effort given the limited number of followers. While this...Show More Summary

I’m over here…

I’m hanging out over here on my new website. Be sure to check out my blog series for Sensitive Artists over there, posted on most Tuesdays. And my blog there is called Diary of a Sensitive Artist. And if you are a Part Fairy, you can take the quiz and pick a card for the…Read more I’m over here…

Help! I’m a Sensitive Artist series: Bad Moods

My new series and a message about the purpose of bad moods over here.

Cool posts you will like…

Over at my Healing Fairy Alphabet site, there are few posts you will like and may have missed. For the creative folk there is a fun activity on Dr. Seuss trees over here. A little humor for you with Creative Reframing here. And, then there’s Tolerance and the Sensitive artist here. There are some things…Read more Cool posts you will like…

So I wrote about Invisible Nurses…

Most of the readers over here on this blog are interested in seeing ghosts, sensitive tips, and fairy sightings, but I have some crossover audience. I blogged about my experience with alien babies, invisible nurses and what I have learned when I lost a month over on my new site if you are interested, over…Read more So I wrote about Invisible Nurses…

Turtle Shell excerpt #1

I am working diligently on getting the Your Turtle Shell book (2 in the Help! I’m Sensitive series) finished for an April launch and availability. What makes this book special is that it will include Thoughts of a Sensitive throughout it, thoughts you can definitely relate to. My books’ intentions are always for more support, tools,…Read more Turtle Shell excerpt #1

I am learning from fear…

For a post on fear and the Spooky Intuitive class, head on over to here.

A virtual move for the fairy…

What a year 2015 has been. I got a divorce and found new love and family. I moved from Warm World to Forest World. I closed my online school of ten years and created creative classes over at my new site instead (love making the Spooky Intuitive class). I began focusing on books and creating…Read more A virtual move for the fairy…

Can you take the poll and Cyber Sale

Doing a little research and consolidating. Where do you follow my work? Can you take the poll? It’s over here. And hey, big Cybersale on Intuition and Creativity classes over there too.

Thoughts of a Sensitive #15

included in the upcoming Turtle Shell. I am learning…

Obsessing on FB ads and thinking about drinking

I am learning about marketing and how to use Facebook ads. The procedure on running and creating an ad looks a little like this. Your mission: Pick an image and figure out how all this nonsense works for a creative person who doesn’t have a detached, analytical mind. Decide on your target market and what…Read more Obsessing on FB ads and thinking about drinking

Working on TWIGS book infused with fairy energy

Wrote a blog over at my Land of Whimsy and Learning blog on making my upcoming TWIGS book that you can now pre-order. To read it, head on over to here.

I am learning…A little reminder on help

I am learning…no one can help you unless you ASK for help. And be clear on what kind of help you need and careful who you ask. I watch the kids struggle with problems and focus first on how they WON’T get help, how it WON’T work out. I look at them and think, I…Read more I am learning…A little reminder on help

Last chance to sign up for Spooky Intuitive class!

Last chance to sign up for this BRAND NEW class! Class needs to make a minimum to go. Let’s have fun with the whimsical SPOOKY and play why we tackle fear. Join the fun and sign up over HERE.

Thoughts of a Sensitive: wrong way

I can’t believe that I’ve had this blog/website since 2007. I was looking through the posts and I could see where the first Healing Fairy Alphabet Deck card was born and the first class from a tiny idea that grew into a school. Honestly, it’s been a long climb with so many changes, and this…Read more Thoughts of a Sensitive: wrong way

Working on next Sensitive book and I want to hear from you!

Which book are you more interested in seeing published? Take the poll.

It’s ready to go…Spooky Intuitive class taking students

It’s ready and details are up. Registration open for BRAND NEW CLASS. Go here.

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