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Review of the Golden Tarot Visconti Sforza

The Visconti Sforza is the oldest known, nearly complete Tarot deck that has survived until today. Here is my review of Race Point's version of it.

Week Ahead Tarot & Bibliomancy Forecast

What's in store for the week ahead and how can we grow in grace? Tarot forecast with the Frideborg Tarot and wisdom from Ecclesiastes for spiritual guidance.

The Shift Tarot Spread

How to use the Tarot to reframe your existence after a shift of consciousness.

Working with Subtle Energies

The New Age movement has pretty much monopolised working with subtle energies. While it is understandable since people lost touch with their tribal roots and most branches of Christianity disowned this side of mysticism, it is also highly regrettable because the lack of context could actually be the very thing that is making people ill.

What Do You SEE?

My first ever Tarot reading was done without any sort of preconceived ideas of what the cards meant. I was 15 and a friend of mine had popped around to hang out at the start of summer holidays. Just before she arrived, I had finished cutting out the 22 Major Arcana cards that came with a magazine. I asked her... Read More

Intuition, Divination and Casting of Lots

The Tarot is a tool for tuning into the still small voice of God within.

Tarot for the Cancer Full Moon

Find out how to work with the Cancer energy Tarot cards for tomorrow's Full Moon and/or try a Cancer Full Moon Tarot Spread.

Our Spiritual Journey through the Lens of the Tarot

A way of looking at our spiritual journey with Christ here on Earth through the lens of the Tarot.


An 'impossible' dialogue. Answering questions about what coming full circle and fully embracing my faith in Christ means to my life and my work with the Tarot.

Week Ahead Reading 9-15 January

Welcome to the ChristoPagan twilight zone where the Christian faith meets with divinatory practices. If you are returning for your weekly fairy forecast, you may be disappointed because this year, I have decided to try something a little different for a heads up on the week ahead: bibliomancy combined with Tarot. I’m using a free resource on Facade... Read More

Angels – What Are They REALLY?

If all you know about angels is what you have read in a New Age book, chances are you do not know angels at all.

Removing Blocks to Love Tarot Spread

A Tarot Spread to help you release blocks to love and open up to receive God's grace.

Tarot of Faith, Hope and Love

New Year, New Tarot Journey. Will you follow me in 2017, as I begin sharing about Tarot from the perspective of being a follower of the Way?

Tarot Year Card Review Spread

A Tarot spread to help you review the lessons brought by your Tarot Year Card, how they affected your life, as well as divine what you will carry forward.

Top 20 Angelorum Posts in 2016

Catch up on 20 of the top Angelorum Tarot and healing posts of 2016 during the winter blog hiatus. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year... See you on the flip side!

Energy Healing vs Faith Healing

Healing miracles are real... but how and why do they happen?

Week Ahead Faery Forecast 19-25 December

Find out what the Fae want us to know and focus on in the last Faery Tarot Forecast of 2016!

2016 The Death Year

The many deaths I had to live through in 2016 and why I'm still filled with hope for the future...

7 Tips to Take the Stress out of the Season

Do you feel you're being taken for a ride every single xmas? Is the stress building already? Are you afraid of not making everybody happy? Chill and read this!

The Post-truth Tarot Spread

There is no denying that we live in a post-truth society, but do we have to accept this sorry state of affairs? Fight back with the Tarot Mirror of Truth!

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