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Working on Book 2

  Working on book 2 in the Help! I’m Sensitive series, Your Turtle Shell. This one is all about setting boundaries and includes Thoughts of a Sensitive. What topics and concerns as a sensitive would you like to see? Feel free to fill in the comment section below or email me if you prefer. I’d love […]

Masks, Down the Rabbit Hole and Butterflies

Wild Worlds Within Doodle and Writing Online Class is perfect for summer playing and for hearing your intuition. For details and to sign up for the class that starts tomorrow go here.

Date Clarification for Students and Future Students

Many students have been asking for clarity around the school. The School is open until the end of August, and then it will be morphed and changed into something else. There are two sessions left: June, which starts this weekend, and you can sign up here, and the July session which will span across July […]

Fairy & Empath Online School Classes Start Friday June Session

A little reminder… June 19th THIS WEEKEND June Session Starts Fairy Fabulous Learning Magic Learning how to control your magic SIGN UP! Courses: click link below to get to class info Animal Mediumship Empathic Skills  Fairy Nature Beginner Healing  Clairvoyance Telepathy Wild Worlds Within Doodle  Rocks and Trees Talking to Angels and Ghosts

The Right Help and Avoiding Confusion for the Sensitive

I am seriously confused. It’s partly from the allergens that are flying around in my house. My cooler–it’s an Arizona thing that wets the dry air while cooling the environment–hasn’t been cleaned in at least five years I’ve been here so it’s making my head really foggy every time it spits out air with gunk. […]

Camp or No Camp? Take the Poll

I would like to design a July summer course and would love your input. Please take the POLL.

This Week’s Healing Fairy Alphabet Cards: Moving Forward and Mini Readings

This week’s cards are shared on my Instagram with the message over here. Don’t know  Instagram? It’s also on the Healing Fairy Alphabet site here. ——————————————————————————————————— Mini Readings Want to have some fun? Like the reading and messages each week? Mini Celtic Cross reading for you with these magic cards and my Empathic Spidey sense. […]

FOS Friday Fun: Find the fairies

It’s Summer! And it’s sunny and relaxing, so let’s have some fun. I’ve been playing around in the studio and with my camera. Here’s a little tour around Sedona, AZ.  Find the fairy. And find the shoe. Find the fallen branch. How many step rocks do you count? She landed here in the pretty flower.

This Week’s Cards are a Movie!

This week’s Healing Fairy Alphabet cards and message is in a movie! Oooooh. Let me know how you feel about this format. I made the video in my Designing Fairy Cinema studio. It’s over here.

When you have to get it “right” in animal communication

For over ten years I had a busy animal communication practice before switching my focus to teaching and writing. I met wonderful people and animals, but the biggest problem I had with being an animal communicator, was the pressure to be “right.” When I teach budding animal communicators their biggest complaint is the same. But what if […]

Animal Communication Book

Cobi is reflecting after taking in a few chapters of SPEAK WOOF AND MEOW, my Animal Communication Class in a BOOK. Available in my STORE, and on AMAZON. Need assistance while completing the exercises? Taking students for July Mentorships now over here. Would love to study with you.

Mandatory Weekly Check-in for the Sensitive

I can’t be on Facebook all day. I’m definitely a leader, not a follower. I have had many part-time jobs in my lifetime that I “failed” at because I was asked to be a  follower, and I just wanted to break out of that box and design a new one. (One of my first jobs […]

Reminder: May Session Starts Friday

Just a little reminder that the May session for Fairy and Empath Online School starts today. Choose from a number of classes HERE.

Fairy and Empath School Update and New Look

  So, what’s happening?! Thanks to a bunch of loyal students the school will stay open until August. There will be 3 start dates for classes to choose from: 3 START DATES: MAY 29, JUNE 19, JULY 10TH The May session starts this Friday so you better hurry over to begin and sign up for […]

This Week’s Fairy Card: Shoulds vs. Wants as Direction

It’s over here. And it’s all about Doing Enough and how your Shoulds actually give you direction.

So if you are interested in classes…better hurry

My domain name here is expiring the end of May and depending on interest, I will need to decide what changes to make here at The Designing Fairy. If you are interested in the many Fairy and Empath Online School classes, now would be the time to sign up before the school is retired. Whether […]

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