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Pluto: A Visual Timeline

“Why did we do that to Pluto? We had it good with Pluto.” — Dave Eggers It was the ninth planet until it wasn’t, the furthest tangible object in our periphery until it wasn’t, the outer margin of the solar system until it wasn’t. It was, and is,...

12.24 – MU Podcast

For our penultimate show of the year we ditch the usual “Top 5 stories of 2014? format for our first annual MU AWARDS SHOW! Well there isn’t actually any awards… and there’s no celebrities, but we do have lots of champagne and cake. Don’t forget to catch...

Does Good Music Make Us Better People?

A recent Japanese study suggests that listening to good music might make us more altruistic, while bad music makes us more selfish. From the abstract: Participants were 22 undergraduate and postgraduate students who were divided into two groups, the in-group and the out-group, and they acted as dictators....

Take Me Down to Paradigm City! (Part 2)

Greetings, fellow Coppertops! This is the 2nd installment of my Paradigm symposium’s personal review. If you missed the 1st part, you can find it here. October 3rd After having breakfast with Stuart and Graham at the French Corner Bistro –the French crepes are highly recommendable– we walked...

Vlog Friday: Ancient Giants and Man's Spirituality

How spiritual was ancient man?Archaeologists, in a desire to understand symbols, drawings, and practices, have made huge assumptions that ancient man was highly spiritual, that he was gifting gods and nearly every form of "creative expression" he displayed had to do with the spiritual realm. Show More Summary

Two Dogman Reports in 30 Days

In less than a month, there have been two reports of Dogman sightings, one in its traditional Michigan stomping grounds and one in East Texas. Is Dogman becoming more active? Is it moving to a warmer climate? Does it have a new publicist? Who or what exactly...

Unexplained Flash Over the Ural Mountains

Emergency services refuse to comment cause of extraordinary blast in the dark sky.A huge flash lit up the early evening darkness, as shown by images taken from a dashcam on a road close to Yekaterinburg. The sky suddenly turns orange-red at 17.39 local time (though the dashcam records it as 18.39). Show More Summary

....when the skies of November turn gloomy.

The legend lives on from the Chippewa on downof the big lake they called "Gitche Gumee."The lake, it is said, never gives up her deadwhen the skies of November turn gloomy....Gordon Lightfoot, "Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald"Among the...Show More Summary

Movies That Take Place In Abandoned Towns

Disappearance: A family stops at a Nevada ghost town and are terrorized. Abandoned towns - a delicious subject for curiosity and fear. There were lots of movies based on abandoned towns and scenarios, as well as actual towns in realShow More Summary

Vlog Friday: Interacting With Alien Greys

Synesthesia - a confusion of senses, so that one might see numbers as colors and sounds as smells. In the spectrum of light and colors, there are correlations with frequencies. The orange-red spectrum would be perhaps 410 Hertz. In relation...Show More Summary

10.18 – MU Plus+ Podcast

Flying cryptid reports from Pennsylvania, Danish troll research, and Bigfoot hobos bring us back to some classic MU topics on this episode. We then look at the advantages of Emotional Comfort Animals and how to get yourself and your pet pig a table at that exclusive restaurant...

Daily 2 Cents: Denmark Funds Research on Underground Trolls -- Car Abduction in Cavalier, ND? -- 'Nessie' Appears Through Wave

Denmark Funds Research on Underground Trolls The state-funded Danish Council for Independent Research has earmarked 2.5 million kroner to a PhD project that will look into the 'under-earthlings' rumoured to inhabit the island of BornholmThe...Show More Summary

Friday Vlog: The Mind and Beliefs

If you found this content helpful, you might want to listen to this radio show interview with me where I explain in great detail how the mind works and how I deal with it in the para-realm.

Adamski's Venusians

George Adamski was a Polish-born American citizen who became widely known in ufology circles, and to some degree in popular culture, after he claimed to have photographed ships from other planets, met with friendly Nordic alien "Space Brothers", and to have taken flights with them. Show More Summary

Jonathan Whitcomb's Ropen / Pterosaur Research

I have admired Jonathan Whitcomb's Ropen / Pterosaur research for many years. I have posted a few of Jonathan's offerings from recent years, which includes an article he wrote for Phantoms & Monsters:Ohio Pterosaur SightingsA living pterosaur in Ohio, not millions of years ago but in the twentieth century—that should be in the news. Show More Summary

Sasquatch: Beware the Crow's Caw

It is interesting to note that Sasquatch utilize everything in the forest as masters of their domicile. They also imitate with great efficiency, many of the creatures within the woods to either incite them, get early warning of our comings and goings, or to pass messages without us catching on. Show More Summary

I Believe Boyd Bushman

Last week, I posted a brief narrative in reference to several disclosures made by a former Lockheed Martin employee. Retired Senior Scientist Boyd Bushman, who passed away in the summer of 2014, recorded a video shortly before his death...Show More Summary

MU Casual Fridays #17 – Drunken Puzzle Fence

We witness the profound futility of our very existence on this Casual Fridays episode and, as always, top it off with a fire extinguisher to the face. Be sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel and watch below. Full video list: The futility of existence Woman fails...

Halloween Memorial: John Wolfe

I have been very blessed to know some amazing bloggers, but one who was very dear to my heart was my good friend, John Wolfe. He ran the blog Season of Shadows and embodied all things vintage and true Halloween. He would begin early in the year designing elaborate home haunts and sharing on video how he went about designing them. Show More Summary

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