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River of Human Blood Seen Flowing from the Earth in Louisiana

In our current dystopian present of hydraulic fracking, underground nuclear testing, and Elon Musk digging out what will surely be the future homes of mutated Morlocks fleeing the irradiated surface, it’s natural that all of our poking around below ground would eventually unearth some subterranean mysteries sooner or later. Show More Summary

Daily 2 Cents: Large Winged 'Shadow' Snatches Doberman -- Saskatchewan Bigfoot -- Mystery Sea Creature Washes Ashore During Hurricane

Large Winged 'Shadow' Snatches DobermanBronx, New York on Andrews Ave: "I had recently come back from a motorcycle ride at night when I heard a loud dog yelp. I was walking from the driveway from locking up my Suzuki. I saw a dark shadow with large wings human in the air and a Doberman Pinscher running from it. Show More Summary

Katy Perry, The Illuminati, and the Death of JonBenet Ramsey

Celebrities are just weird. Can we all agree on that? The pressures and pleasures that come with living in the public eye can do a number on anyone’s psyche. Just look at Michael Jackson. Pepsi over Coke? Yuck. For whatever reason, more and more celebrities have been coming out in recent months with stories of... Read more »

18.10 – MU Podcast

Veteran UFO researcher Grant Cameron joins us this week to discuss one of history’s greatest UFO flaps and the life changing sightings that propelled him into the field. Charlie Red Star was the name given to glowing red disc-shaped objects that seemed to buzz the town of Carmen in Manitoba Canada with a regularity that... Read more »

New Photos Shed New Light on Area 51

What going on these days at Area 51, the ‘top secret’ Air Force base in Nevada protected by agents authorized to use “deadly force” to protect the property and the secrets it holds? If you’re tired of the same old satellite photos and don’t want to risk your own life peering through the fence with... Read more »

Daily 2 Cents: Possible Child Abduction by Bigfoot -- Return of the 'Creepy Clowns' -- Is ET Calling?

Possible Child Abduction by Bigfoot1998 - Colorado: "I was camping and hiking through Colorado in Spring 1998. This morning, I was woke up by smashing sounds that got closer to my camp. I thought it was mad bear and got my hiking stick out. Show More Summary

Daily 2 Cents: Pennsylvania Police Officer Encounters 'Glowing Head' Humanoid -- 'Chicago Phantom'...Currently 40 Sightings in 2017 -- This is How Mankind Ends

Sketch Used With Permission of the Witness Police Officer Encounters Strange Creature with Glowing Head in Pennsylvania- Late August, 2017I received the following account from Pennsylvania UFO & anomaly researcher Stan Gordon:On an evening...Show More Summary

Daily 2 Cents: 'Shadow Man' Coming Through Portal? -- NASA's Plan to Stop Yellowstone 'Supervolcano' Eruption -- Ginger Rogers Haunts Childhood Home

'Shadow Man' Coming Through Portal?Nathan in Ohio called in to tell of shadow man encounter:"I had a story I wanted to share with you. Well this happened to me Sunday the 30th, the 30th of January. I had just gotten off the phone with a friend and I went to sleep. Show More Summary

Tests are Being Conducted on 3-Fingered Alien Mummy Baby

If you were thinking, “Gee, we haven’t heard anything about those three-fingered alien Peruvian mummies lately,” today is your lucky day. Pull up chair, put on your alpaca chullo, pour a cup of fair trade Peruvian java and get ready for the latest news on the alleged tres-digited aliens and their alleged discoverers and researchers.... Read more »

The Eerie World of Bigfoot Sound Recordings

In the world of Bigfoot research there are many forms of supposed evidence that have been put forward over the years. One is photographic evidence, which includes various videos and countless photographs allegedly taken of the mysterious creatures. While some of these have turned out to be compelling, they are generally famous for their blurry... Read more »

18.08 – MU Podcast

This week author Sam Kean returns to discuss his latest book ‘Caesar’s Last Breath‘ and how the alchemy of air reshaped our continents, steered human progress, powered revolutions, and continues to influence everything we do. We then feature “The Boy Who Loved Too Much” and the challenges of William’s syndrome, the disorder that robs its sufferers... Read more »

Daily 2 Cents: Back Home on Mars -- Unknown Winged Creature in the Backyard -- Unearthly Howl / Large Shadow Behind the Tree

Back Home on MarsGrafton, MA on 2017-08-23: I was in my bed. I was struggling to sleep so I decided to listen to theta wave binaural beats mediation music. After what felt like a few minutes I saw a silver rope hanging above my bed. I reached up and touched it. Show More Summary

16.08 – MU Plus+ Podcast

For this special episode we phone in live with our award winning roaming reporter giving us the scoop on the solar eclipse. We then decode the latest eclipse Biblical prophecy, reveal the latest date for the rapture, and discover the impending 3rd wave of alien contactees. This episode is EXCLUSIVE to Plus+ members. To join,... Read more »

18.07 – MU Podcast

Parasitic ESP twins are featured this week as we share dark tales of synchronicity and extreme chance. We then investigate the studies of Taiwanese children with “Finger Reading” abilities before breaking the seal once again on the hidden cave of Tayos and its Metal Library of knowledge. Links Dark Synchronicity and Strange Deaths Twins and... Read more »

The Ottawa Angel Incident

September 17th, 2013: Just south of Ottawa, Canada - The star depicted on the event location map below is the approximate landing site of the winged being spoken to in the following account. The approximate initial sighting point is marked with an arrow denoting my direction of travel on the Ontario 416 highway at the time of my encounter as well. Show More Summary

Giant Orb Hovers Over Sacred Mountain in British Columbia

“At first we thought it was an airplane. There was absolutely no sound… then we absolutely knew it was no airplane.” “It” was a giant glowing orb floating rapidly over a sacred mountain in British Columbia while a documentary research crew studying atmospheric anomalies recorded it with night-vision cameras. What did they see and is... Read more »

The Inside Story of Disney’s Mythic UFO Documentary and Conference: Part Two

In Part One of this article, I presented the inside story of Disney’s 1995 UFO documentary, Alien Encounters from New Tomorrowland, which supposedly was produced with the sole purpose of promoting Disneyworld’s then-new “ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter” attraction in Orlando, Florida. Show More Summary

The Inside Story of Disney’s Mythic UFO Documentary and Conference: Part One

In 1995, an intriguing documentary was broadcast on TV stations across the United States. It was titled Alien Encounters from New Tomorrowland and supposedly was produced with the sole purpose of promoting Disneyworld’s then-new “ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter” attraction in Orlando, Florida. Show More Summary

18.05 – MU Podcast

Consciousness researcher and author Nanci Trivellato joins us to discuss her work with the International Academy of Consciousness (IAC), OBEs, and her latest findings on supernormal experiences in children. Trivellato is a co-founder...Show More Summary

16.05 – MU Plus+ Podcast

We begin with a brain damaging karmic tale of deception and retribution before revealing strange cases of fiction novels manifesting as real events. This ultimately leads us to the ever evolving Barron Trump time travel conspiracy involving Nikola Tesla, John Titor, and th 4D Kek powered fidget spinner. This episode is EXCLUSIVE to Plus+ members.... Read more »

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