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Daily 2 Cents: Massive Kangaroo Roaming Brisbane Suburbs -- Possible Big Cat Stalking Richmond, Virginia -- Unknown Hairy Creature Encounter

Massive Kangaroo Roaming Brisbane Suburbs Residents in North Lakes, Brisbane, Australia, are being kept on the hop by a massive kangaroo. Smaller kangaroos are often seen in the area but the big buck stands out from the troop due to a distinctive tear in his left ear. Show More Summary

Daily 2 Cents: Spielberg May Have Sabotaged E.T. Sequel -- What Did I Encounter? -- 'Haunted House'...Really Haunted

Spielberg May Have Sabotaged E.T. Sequel E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial was the 1982 feel-good film about an unlikely friendship between a boy and an alien. It touched almost everyone who saw it. Not only that, but it also held the position of highest-grossing film of all time for a decade. Show More Summary

Lake in India Spontaneously Bursts Into Flames

Having grown up in Cleveland, Ohio, I’m familiar with bodies of water catching fire like the Cuyahoga River did in 1969. And, as a current resident of the state, I’ve seen videos of people living near fracking wells whose tap water can be ignited with a lighter....

Daily 2 Cents: Yikes! Duppy Attends Funeral -- 92-Year-Old Woman Eats Sand Daily -- Roswell's UFO Museum Founder Passes Away

Yikes! Duppy Attends Funeral Click for video - Duppy Attends Funeral"Bwoy, mi neva believe inna duppy but when mi see dis mi convince. The devil nuh ave nuh manners," said Jenine Scott, one of the persons who attended the funeral ofShow More Summary

13.18 – MU Podcast

Researcher Gerard Aartsen joins us to present his research on Contactees and their message of benevolent alien contact. We then trace the connections of famous 1950s contactees to the mysterious Mahatmas, the black lodge, and the secret occult societies that emerged at the turn of the 20th...

11.18 – MU Plus+ Podcast

We dish up an esoteric mix on this episode with tales of doppelgängers, vardøgers, bi-location, and psychic communication with animals. The concept of parallel universes also makes its way into the mix along with WWII “Dog Radar”. This episode is EXCLUSIVE to Plus+ members. To join, click...

Daily 2 Cents: 'I witnessed aliens abducting two young girls' -- Manned Mission to Mars -- 'It couldn't be human'

'I witnessed aliens abducting two young girls' I have kept this inside of me for 44 years, and I think it's time that I disclose a UFO event, which took place in 1965. My Brother (who I will refer to as Colorado) and I witnessed aliens abducting two young girls, who lived in the trailer next door. Show More Summary

The Roswell Slides Finally Solved?

Given the controversial events that went down in Mexico just a few days ago, an important question needs to be asked: are we getting any closer to the truth of the Roswell Slides and what they show or don’t show? Well…maybe. Consider the following points, and consider...

Paranormal Event Planner Scams Town

So I saw this story posted today on the Facebook page of our friends at the Antietam Paranormal Society. I’m not sure how true this story is (it’s from the Examiner), but considering recent events in the paranormal community, as well as comments on this planner’s Facebook page, it’s hard to dismiss it. There seems to be […]

Daily 2 Cents: Mystery Object Filmed Passing Space Station -- Siberia's Resurgent Shamanism -- Man's Amputated Leg Found in Garbage

Mystery Object Filmed Passing Space Station The unidentified object appeared on live footage streamed from the International Space Station.The clip has since been posted on YouTube by user Streetcap1 and shows what appears to be a small...Show More Summary

11.17 – MU Plus+ Podcast

On this week’s Plus+ exclusive we cover Naomi Jacobs’ extreme case of amnesia that thrust her 15 year old self 17 years into the future.  We also feature abduction cases from the late John Mack, Lemurian Crystal bo staffs, and the future of digital tattoos. This episode...

Nessie: A Giant Salamander?

Reports of lake monsters absolutely abound across the entire planet. Amongst the most famous ones are Scotland’s Loch Ness Monster, Ogopogo of Lake Okanagan, and Champ of Lake Champlain. The big question is: if the “things” are real, then what, exactly, are they? On the matter of...

Human Commodity

For the past few days, I've been going back over my notes that referenced abduction incidents and descriptions of alien activity by experiencers. The agenda of these non-terrestrials has concerned me for many years...even before I became involved with abductee accounts. Show More Summary

13.14 – MU Podcast

Your automated robot chef of the future is discussed, along with delicious synthetic biology before we look at the latest on psychedelic consciousness from Graham Hancock. We then investigate the strange life (and afterlife) of William Stead and one man’s claims that honey will protect you from...

A Word About the Paranormal Activity Movie

I’ve still been keeping track of stats for this site in my absence and awhile back there was quite a huge jump in traffic, this was due to increased interest in a movie known as Paranormal Activity, this site and the movie are not related in any way apart from the similarities in title. Was [...]

Triangular UFO Video From Russia

From All News Web “…All agree that it is too large to be a kite and the consensus leans towards a military craft.” Well I’m finding it hard to gauge how big the object is in this video, looks like a kite to me, if you watch carefully you’ll see a bird fly by. The [...]

UFO Video from Russia

I’d say this is remarkable UFO footage, but it looks just a little to good, looks like someone trying out their editing techniques. Translated youtube Title and description using Babel Fish. ??? ??? ?? ????????? ???? [NLO] above TTs the Kashira court 6 ??????, ????? 9 ??????, ??? ?? ????????? ????, ?????? ???????. On April [...]

Skull Maggots Are a Miracle Cure and a Great Band Name

If you’re just sitting down to a meal, you may want to postpone it until later. If you need a reason to feel grateful about your country’s health care system or are looking for a new name for your band, you’ve come to the right place. Doctor’s...

Black Smoke Ring Anomaly

The 'black ring phenomenon' has once again been seen, this time above the village of Shorthandy village, near Astana, Kazakhstan:Is it a "portal to hell," or witchcraft, or just a puff from a smoke machine? A black smoke ring that was...Show More Summary

The Face of Bigfoot

"Adahy" painted by me 2014 What do we know of the face of Bigfoot? There have been some impressive glimpses, such as the miraculously sharp vision elucidated from the PG Film by MK Davis - There are reports varying widely about the face of Bigfoot. Show More Summary

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