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13.25 – MU Plus+ Podcast

After discussing Russia’s quantum teleportation plans and future automated ships we enter the ‘Secret Garden of Sasquatch’ David Weatherly’s new Sasquatch research journal, with contributions from some of the best in the field, introduces new lines of questioning regarding the alleged ‘supernormal abilities’ of the hairy folk...

Reviewed: ‘Independence Day: Resurgence’

Roland Emmerich’s hotly-anticipated sequel to his iconic 1996 alien invasion movie arrives like a moon-sized mothership ploughing into our planet, and the result is exactly what you’d expect – one hell of a mess. The above scenario –moon-sized spaceship churning up planet Earth– actually features in Independence...

Strange Object Filmed Over Manchester Resembles Flying “Torpedo”

An unusual object spotted  in the skies over Manchester, England, was filmed recently (well, fairly recently, as we’ll see in a moment), in footage that depicts a flying object described by some as resembling a “torpedo.” The object, which can be seen in the video below, appears to change...

Big Friendly Giant is “Crop Circle Counsellor” to Prince Charles (and Other Royal Saucer Intrigue)

It’s no secret that the British Royal Family have a historical interest in UFOs. Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh and husband to the Queen, used to be a subscriber to Flying Saucer Review magazine, and it is well-documented that the Duke’s uncle, Lord Mountbatten, once investigated...

Reptilian Royalty

1988 – Steelville, MissouriThe following account is from a YouTube video from September 19, 2014 titled “Reptilian Abduction While Hitch Hiking”. Uploader's name is David Gowers. It appears to document a strange encounter he and a friend...Show More Summary

15.23 – MU Podcast

Aaron’s travel tales from Singapore feature on this episode with tales of floating heads, escaped Orang-utans, and metal mouthed Dog-men. We then re-investigate the 1896-7 Airship flap in the United States and its ties to alleged breakaway civilisations and 19th century anti-gravity. Sponsors Atlassian – Atlassian provides the...

Are Aliens Our Emotional Equals?

By Brandon Engel - There is something not quite right about the flatness and sterility displayed by the society in the new film Equals. Some critics are of the opinion that this unnerving sensation of the uncanny is a product of poor acting, shallow set-design and unambitious world-building. Show More Summary

Aliens on the Porch?

April 1968 - Cornville, MaineGingerAnne, an artist, decided to animate her mother's alien encounter that occurred in April of 1986. The video is narrated Jeanine D. and animated by GingerAnne:“We were living up in Cornville, Maine. I was exercising in my kitchen and then all of a sudden all the lights went out. Show More Summary

The Universe is Expanding Faster Than We Thought

Somewhere between 10 and 20 million years ago the Big Bang transformed a tiny particle of matter into a complex and curious astronomically-proportioned Universe, with galaxies expanding away from our own with tremendous energy and tremendous speed. And today our universe is still expanding–much to the distress...

UFO/USO Sighting - Detroit River

A newsletter reader forwarded the following sighting report:Location: Detroit, MichiganDate: 05/21/2016Time: 2330Witnesses: YesSummary: USO/UFO Sighting in Detroit, MichiganI have a sighting to report. This happened last weekend on 05/21/2016 in Detroit, Michigan at about 11:30 p.m. Show More Summary

Japan's 'Ghost Ship' Phenomenon

We've all heard the term 'ghost ship'...referencing a wayward vessel with no living soul on board. A similar phenomenon has been occurring on the coasts of western Japan for almost 5 years.When corpses or body parts (ex. human feet in...Show More Summary

Report of UFO Activity - South Central PA

I received the following report from Baltimore County, MD resident Bob Hubble, who originally submitted a report to MUFON:August 22, 2011My wife and I were vacationing at the Gettysburg Farms Campground located at 6200 Big Mount Road in the Dover Township of Pennsylvania – 17315. Show More Summary

13.21 – MU Plus+ Podcast

We discuss all the highlights from the weekend’s Paracon conference with tales of ambushing cryptozoologists, space berries, NDEs, alien abductions, and shrunken heads! You’ll also get to hear about the latest paranormal tracksuit fashion and the correct way to eat baked beans in Australia. Paracon 2016 Speakers...

Daily 2 Cents: Working Along Side Aliens In Area 51 -- NYC Black Eyed Person Encounter -- Songs of the Wolves

Hey folks...I had a bit of 'down time' today, so I thought I'd go ahead and post. Everything's on things should be back in order before next weekend. Enjoy your holiday...LonWorking Along Side Aliens In Area 51Bill Uhouse,...Show More Summary

15.20 – MU Podcast

Secret robot restaurants in Sydney and the future of automated Humans Zoos is discussed before we dig out the Ouija board for an encounter with the mysterious entity known as ‘Zozo’. Possessing spirits then feature in our Plus+ extension as we investigate war veterans who return home to...

Please Note: Last Blog Before Move

Hi's posts will be the last until we get squared away at our new residence. I expect to have things taken care of by June 3rd. Thanks for reading. Lon Click the 'Listen Live' link or go to Arcane Radio 'Listen & Chat'Follow...Show More Summary

Rendlesham Forest Incident: Back From The Future

The Clapway article titled 'UFOs Captured in UK Were Interested in Nuclear Weapons; Cops Claim…', which I reported on yesterday, seems to have rattled cages within the ufology community. I received a few interesting responses to the story, including some comments from anonymous sources. Show More Summary

Theory Suggests EgyptAir Plane May Have Been Hit by Meteor

Hot on the heels of the report that Turkish Airlines pilots saw a UFO near where EgyptAir Flight MS 804 crashed on May 19th comes various reports that it may have been downed by fragments from a surprise massive meteor which exploded in the Earth’s atmosphere less...

PCS: Bigfoot Encounter Reported - Clearfield County, PA

The following report was supplied by cryptid investigator Eric Altman:On Friday May 20, members of the Pennsylvania Cryptozoology Society and BAPS; investigated the case in Clearfield County of a family claiming to have multiple encounters with a family of Bigfoot creatures on the property. Show More Summary

13.20 – MU Plus+ Podcast

We start with cloud zapping and man-made meteor showers in our  “what could possibly go wrong” segment before moving on to more bizarre encounter tales from Preston Dennett. We then decode ancient Egyptian spells before finishing on yet another S.Rob masterpiece with the art of “Satanic Animal-balloonology”. Links Zapping...

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