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Corpse of St. Innocence Opens Her Eyes

Bizarre anomaly was recorded in the Cathedral of Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico:Click for video - SANTA INOCENCIA ABRE LOS OJOS ANTE LA CAMARA "This holy beatified is known for miracles and this is just one of many "says Cardinal JuanShow More Summary

Is Donald Trump Under 'Satanic Attack?'

Is Donald Trump under the control of Satan? According to a preacher attending the recent event in Cleveland, Donald Trump was under a “concentrated satanic attack.” I watched the event on television and found it odd that a group evangelicals...Show More Summary

'Ghost Girl' Video Causes Sensation in Mexico

Footage of a 'ghost girl' crossing the street and being hit by a car has gone viral in Mexico, sparking terror and speculation in equal measure.The footage, filmed on September 18, shows the cloudy silhouette of what looks like a girl crossing the street in the district of Cuauhtemoc, Mexico City. Show More Summary

Weekend 2 Cents: New Thylacine Video Surfaces -- Arcane Radio...Paranormal/UFO /Anomalies Investigators Dave & Kira Williams

New Thylacine Video SurfacesClick for videoUnseen footage of what appears to be a live Tasmanian tiger in Victoria has appeared on social media.The second video of an alleged thylacine to have been posted online this month by the Thylacine...Show More Summary

Talk of New Documentary on Billy Meier’s UFOs and Prophesies

Articles and a video popped up on the Internet this week about a former NASA engineer confirming the validity of a UFO seen by Billy Meier, along with the possibility that a well-known documentary filmmaker may be considering a movie about him, his UFO sightings and his...

16.09 – MU Podcast

Following on from our recent parallel 37 theme we look at insect-like UFOs seen near ley lines, Italian humanoid waves, and M.I.B psychotherapy. We then return to the Dreamscape with life saving precognitive dreams and the power of the ‘Astral Void’ before closing on Amazonian Sapo medicine...

'Yowie' Activity Seems to be Increasing

There have been a number of recent 'yowie' sightings in Queensland lately...especially in and around the Toowoomba area:The Himalayan Yeti, the North American Sasquatch, the Yowie or simply 'Bigfoot'.We’ve all heard of them, but whether...Show More Summary

Crypto Four Corners International: Northwood Lycans

By Jane Rodriguez - Crypto Four Corners International correspondent - This is going to be about upright walking canids, AKA “dog people”/ “dog men”. I'm just going to jump right into it because there is such a long history with continuing present day developments into this ongoing saga involving generations of dogmen (and dog women). Show More Summary

14.08 – MU Plus+ Podcast

After an update on the bizarre escapades of the Tromp family we look at bad mushroom trips, psilocybin ESP, and 5-MeO-DMT mediumship. We then feature the ‘Ghost Stations’ of Germany and the UK with tales of phantom WWII bombers, time slips, and tea parties. This episode is...

Strange Airwaves: Mysterious and Spooky Unexplained Radio Broadcasts

Some of the strangest and puzzling mysteries are all around us right now, buzzing through the air right past us without us even being aware of them. For years the airwaves have been the haunt of bizarre signals, transmissions, and broadcasts that have called out into the...

16.08 – MU Podcast

New York Times best selling author Ben Mezrich joins us this week to discuss his upcoming book ‘The 37th Parallel: The Secret Truth Behind America’s UFO Highway‘. Mezrich’s work follows veteran researcher Chuck Zukowski and his obsessive quest to find the truth behind the UFO phenomenon, cattle mutilations,...

14.07 – MU Plus+ Podcast

After we discuss the latest in Cyberpsychology we uncover a WWII veteran’s secret diary that details the mystery of the ‘Moon Shaft’ monolith. Also featured is an update on Lance the Bow and his ex-wife who married the Eiffel tower but is secretly in love with a...

16.07 – MU Podcast

Investigative film maker Jeremy Corbell returns to the show to give us the latest on ‘Nano-man’, new energy devices, John Lear and his new upcoming projects. We also cover the latest in job-stealing AI advances, the Oppenheimer UFO conspiracy, and the future industry of tear wiping. Sponsors Blue...

Amazing Dogman and Other Encounters: Cryptid Witness and Archivist: Kirk Stokes

Repeated themes in history through legends and popular drama, writings and movies, has to make one wonder about a kernel of truth. Cynocephaly (dog-shaped heads) have been reported for thousands of years, whole tribes of these people. Show More Summary

14.06 – MU Plus+ Podcast

This week we focus on Lucid Dreaming and the future potential of conscious exploration in the dream realm. We include the new world of Lucid Dream technology, REM science, and the bizarre entities encountered on the other side. This episode is EXCLUSIVE to Plus+ members. To join, click...

Did George Adamski’s ‘Flying Saucer’ Make an Appearance Over Poland?

Throughout the 1950s, as a sort of “flying saucer craze” erupted throughout the United States and other parts of the world, one man claimed not only to have seen the craft, but to have met and spoken with their occupants. George Adamski was an odd character in the early...

16.06 – MU Podcast

Dr. Rajiv Parti joins us this week to share his unique Near Death Experience and the spiritual awakening it provided him. Parti, a wealthy man of science with a successful career as the Chief of Anaesthesiology at the Bakersfield Heart Hospital in California, was the last man to believe in...

Daily 2 Cents: 'City of the Dead' Being Built in Texas -- Gettysburg Battlefield Ghost -- Humanoid Creature Spotted in Tennessee

'City of the Dead' Being Built in TexasThe idea of cryonic preservation is not new. We have seen it in numerous sci-fi movies, but the question is –is it practically possible to freeze a human being and then bring them back to life after...Show More Summary

14.05 – MU Plus+ Podcast

Following the recent ‘Dogman Symposium’ in Ohio, we cover the latest in eyewitness reports of humanoid looking canine-like creatures along with a coverup conspiracy of the Bigfoot kind. We then travel around the world in a quest to track down the secret fighting arts behind the mythical...

Daily 2 Cents: What if 'WE' are the Aliens? -- Implants & Mind Manipulation -- Scottish Police Baffled by Paranormal Events

What if 'WE' are the Aliens?Space is “vastly, hugely, mind-bogglingly big,” as the author Douglas Adams put it, and those gargantuan dimensions present a colossal roadblock in the search for alien life beyond Earth. Even if our own Milky...Show More Summary

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