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Halloween Nostalgia: 1970s Halloween

Were you born in the late 1950s to mid 1960s? Then, 1970s Halloweens might be some of your best memories. It was the peak of Halloween antics, popularity and back when kids could still trick or treat without the adults, rushing through neighborhoods with pillowcases until midnight! There were some wonderful Halloween specials in the 1970s. Show More Summary

48 Hours in 'Lycan Land'

The following information is an update that references the ongoing northern Minnesota investigation conducted by JC Johnson and the Crypto Four Corners International team:By Jane Maya Rodriguez - "Hey...wanna learn a spell about gravity?...Show More Summary

16.15 – MU Podcast

Cryptozoologist Ken Gerhard joins us this week to discuss his new compendium of bizarre entity sightings ‘A Menagerie of Mysterious Beasts: Encounters with Cryptid Creatures‘. Gerhard shares his childhood experience with the infamous Minnesota Iceman exhibit that had two legendary zoologists convinced of its flesh and blood reality. We...

New Alien Abduction Comedy Inspired By Real Accounts

Hollywood is once again looking to alien abduction as a source of comedic inspiration. A new TBS series, People of Earth, centers around a support group for abductees. The group is being observed by Ozzie Graham (Wyatt Cenac), a journalist on the hunt for a good story....

Sinister Skies: Strange Cases of UFO Attacks

Stories of alien invasion have been a staple of science fiction for years, and the idea that advanced civilizations would come across the sea of stars to our world to wage war with advanced weaponry beyond our imagination has enthralled generations. Yet could this ever happen for...

Daily 2 Cents: 'We were all violated...' -- Wikileaks Reveals Where Roswell UFO Wreckage Stored -- 'Ghost Ship' on Lake Superior

'We were all violated...'Cave Creek, AZ - 2003-07-20 - 10:18AM: We were on a camping trip in the Black Mountains about 45 miles north of downtown Phoenix. We first felt an abundance of static electricity in the calm night air. We stepped out of our tent to get some air when we saw numerous swirling lights. Show More Summary

Daily 2 Cents: Looking Back at 'The Face in the Orb' -- MUFON's Most Outrageous Report Ever -- Doppleganger Phantom

© P&M Network Images Looking Back at 'The Face in the Orb'In May 2009, I received an email from Paul Cochrane of Perth, Western Australia in reference to persistent paranormal activity in his home. The content of the letter exhibited frustration and a plea to help find an individual or group in his general area to investigate. Show More Summary

16.13 – MU Podcast

Veteran field researcher Chuck Zukowski joins us this week to provide more insight into his continuing 37th Parallel research. With over 30 years experience in UFO investigations, cattle mutilations, and other related fields, Zukowski has a unique, hands-on perspective that reveals a keen understanding of the true depth of...

Red Sprites and More Being Blamed for Hurricane’s Intensity

As Hurricane Matthew, now being called the biggest and worst Caribbean hurricane in nearly a decade, makes its way towards the U.S. east coast after devastating Haiti and Cuba, some people are wondering if its intensity may have been manipulated by outside forces. Photographs taken in Puerto...

14.12 – MU Plus+ Podcast

After a glorious Sydney long weekend we return with tales of mysterious river murders, reverse engineered alien technology, and orbital space platforms. We then look at bizarre research into “lunar influence” and Moonwalking sexsomniacs. This episode is EXCLUSIVE to Plus+ members. To join, click HERE. Links Who...

October Halloween Horror TV/Cable Lineup

It's that magical month when you can turn the channel and find all the horror delights you want. But, what nights? What channels? What types of movies? I've done the work for you - Syfy Channel's 31 Days of Halloween is always a delight. Show More Summary

16.12 – MU Podcast

After unpacking Space X’s incredible new Mars strategy we look at ‘Animal Dreaming’ and one man’s unique cross-species communication technique. We then feature classic work from Ian Stevenson on telepathic impressions and crisis apparitions before finishing on the Male “moon cycle”. Sponsor Falling Water –  Premieres Thursday, October 13th...

Looking back at ‘Explorers’

I was four years old when Joe Dante’s Explorers landed in cinemas in the summer of 1985. It was maybe a year or so later when I first had chance to see it—a VHS rental from the convenience store at the bottom of my street. Its cover...

14.11 – MU Plus+ Podcast

After updates on the latest in AI advancements we look at two tales of miraculous survival, followed by the decoding of ASCII messages in recent crop circles. We then learn of remote viewing cybernetic dog-men and discover an ancient form of fortune telling. This episode is EXCLUSIVE...

Corpse of St. Innocence Opens Her Eyes

Bizarre anomaly was recorded in the Cathedral of Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico:Click for video - SANTA INOCENCIA ABRE LOS OJOS ANTE LA CAMARA "This holy beatified is known for miracles and this is just one of many "says Cardinal JuanShow More Summary

Is Donald Trump Under 'Satanic Attack?'

Is Donald Trump under the control of Satan? According to a preacher attending the recent event in Cleveland, Donald Trump was under a “concentrated satanic attack.” I watched the event on television and found it odd that a group evangelicals...Show More Summary

'Ghost Girl' Video Causes Sensation in Mexico

Footage of a 'ghost girl' crossing the street and being hit by a car has gone viral in Mexico, sparking terror and speculation in equal measure.The footage, filmed on September 18, shows the cloudy silhouette of what looks like a girl crossing the street in the district of Cuauhtemoc, Mexico City. Show More Summary

Weekend 2 Cents: New Thylacine Video Surfaces -- Arcane Radio...Paranormal/UFO /Anomalies Investigators Dave & Kira Williams

New Thylacine Video SurfacesClick for videoUnseen footage of what appears to be a live Tasmanian tiger in Victoria has appeared on social media.The second video of an alleged thylacine to have been posted online this month by the Thylacine...Show More Summary

Talk of New Documentary on Billy Meier’s UFOs and Prophesies

Articles and a video popped up on the Internet this week about a former NASA engineer confirming the validity of a UFO seen by Billy Meier, along with the possibility that a well-known documentary filmmaker may be considering a movie about him, his UFO sightings and his...

16.09 – MU Podcast

Following on from our recent parallel 37 theme we look at insect-like UFOs seen near ley lines, Italian humanoid waves, and M.I.B psychotherapy. We then return to the Dreamscape with life saving precognitive dreams and the power of the ‘Astral Void’ before closing on Amazonian Sapo medicine...

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