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Do Bullies Have Better Self-Esteem? Evolutionary Psychologists Say Yes (But Their Study Says No)

Categories: Science Support more videos like this at Sorta transcript: A new study claims to show that bullying is not a learned behavior. Evolutionary psychologists from Simon Frasier University say they’ve... (Read more...)

Do Anti-abortion Activists Even Know How Babies Are Made?

Categories: Feminism Apparently my video about how Planned Parenthood is obviously not selling baby parts has gone viral amongst horrified anti-abortion proponents, which has led them to flood my inbox and my... (Read more...)

Release The Scotsman: Responsible Use of Fallacies

Categories: Skepticism There’s a trend when it comes to talking to people about the negative elements of communities they’re involved in. When people don’t double down and simply deny that there are... (Read more...)

Let’s Talk About Gender Baby

Categories: Feminism Skepticism Tags: biological reductionismessentialismessentialism vs. constructionismgender theorygenetic essentialismJudith Butlerperformance vs. performativityperformativity vs. performancesocial construction There’s...Show More Summary

Quickies: Why can’t the FBI identify serial rapists, Alabama abortion rights, museum decides to celebrate Jack the Ripper instead of women

Categories: Quickies Why can’t the FBI identify serial rapists? – “A nationwide clearinghouse of the unique behaviors, methods, or marks of rapists could help solve those cases lacking genetic evidence, criminal experts... (Read more...)

Ex-wife Said Donald Trump Raped Her, but Not “in a Criminal Sense”

Categories: Feminism Support more videos like this at Sorta transcript: Donald Trump, the GOP front-runner for president... I’m sorry, that should be the only part of this video... (Read more...)

Quickies: False beauty claims, chronic pain patients, and marital rape laws

Categories: Skepticism Four out of five beauty claims cannot be substantiated – “A new study found that fewer than one in five upmarket cosmetic adverts stands up to scrutiny, with companies criticised... (Read more...)

Look Out, Charlatans: Google Considers Ranking Sites by Truth, not Popularity

Categories: Skepticism Support more videos like this at Sorta transcript: Google currently ranks websites based on their popularity, but they’re toying with the idea of ranking them based on something slightly... (Read more...)

Quickies: Black American Motherhood, Brain Perception Disorders, and Sarcasm is Awesome

Categories: Quickies Between the World and Me: Black American Motherhood – “There was a time when some of us believed our daughters were safe. ‘At least you have girls,’ a white colleague... (Read more...)

Planned Parenthood is Not Selling Baby Parts, You Fucking Idiots

Categories: Feminism Skepticism Support more videos like this at Sorta transcript: Planned Parenthood is in the news a lot these days thanks to a maliciously edited video making it look like they... (Read more......

Can your dreams predict death? New evidence, surprising result.

Dreaming of someone death is scary enough, but finding […] The post Can your dreams predict death? New evidence, surprising result. appeared first on Skeptiko - Science at the Tipping Point.

Quickies: 4Channers fail to scam feminists, avoiding social science fraud, and Scientology’s personality test

Categories: Quickies 4Channers attempt to scam feminists with “FemCon2015,” fail miserably – “After screenshots of 4chan’s /b/ message board and a related chat room began circulating, FemCon’s day-old Twitter account and Sellfy... (Read more...)

Men Who Harass Female Gamers Are Losers (But Maybe Not Literally)

Categories: Feminism Skepticism Support more videos like this at! Sorta transcript: As a woman on the Internet with opinions who has been the target of harassment online for the past 5 years... (Read more...)

Quickies: Bad Scientific Transparency, Flu Vaccine Developments, and Body Shapes

Categories: Quickies ‘I’m No Longer Afraid’: 35 Women Tell Their Stories About Being Assaulted by Bill Cosby, and the Culture That Wouldn’t Listen – “Perhaps the most shocking thing wasn’t that Buress... (Read more...)

It’s the Sundaylies, with Ashley Madison, A Guide to Menstruation, and Chipotle’s GMOs

Categories: Meta Stuff Tags: anti-GMOargumentsAshley MadisonChipotlecorporal punishmentEscepticagmogrounded parentsIndre ViskontasLGBTMad Art CastMad Art LabmenstruationmusicneuroscienceQueerekareporting trans issuesschool of doubtspankingteachingTeen SkepchickThe L Word Sunday Funny: Exoplanet names. Show More Summary

More Women Regret Having Kids Than Aborting Them

Categories: Feminism Support more videos like this at! Sorta transcript: A new study published in PLOS ONE has found that 99% of women who have had abortions report that in retrospect,... (Read more...)

Summer Jam: ‘Fat Girls’ by Briki fa President ft. Ninene

Categories: Feminism Tags: black womenbody positivefatfatnessrap   ‘Fat Girls’ by Briki fa President ft. Ninene has a sick beat, an inclusive message (“100 lbs, 200 lbs, 300 lbs, 400lbs… if you a fat girl, then hold it down…”), body positivity… Will... (Read more...)

Quickies: Academia needs emotional women, father sues to keep adult daughters from getting birth control, and a fossil four legged snake

Categories: Skepticism Why academia needs emotional, passionate women – “There is the beginning of a passionate, emotional rebellion in the academic world. Researchers are starting to realise that allowing your emotions and... (Read more...)

Bad Chart Thursday: US Drug Overdose Deaths

Categories: Random Asides Skepticism Tags: bad chart thursdaydrug overdosepharmaceutical drugspopularizing sciencestigma We can always count on Twitter to revive old bad charts that should have been left to obscurity, and it’s particularly painful when both the tweeter and the original source... (Read more...)

Hello Buck: Using Facebook’s Handy Auto Reply

Categories: Random Asides Here are a few things I learned today: 1. Some guy has been spamming the Skepchick Facebook page with messages about some spat between Biblical historians, which I couldn’t care... (Read more...)

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