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Quack Accuses Dr. Oz of Ripping Him Off

Categories: Skepticism Support more videos like this at! Transcript: If you know me at all, you know I like Dr. Oz about as much as I like Oprah, the woman who... (Read more...)

Global Quickies: Hate-Bus Arrives in Chile, Hijab While Driving, and Sexism in Airlines

Categories: Quickies AFGHANISTAN / USA “Six Afghan teenage girls are to compete in person in a global robotics competition in Washington on Sunday after the US reversed a decision not to grant... (Read more...)

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Scammy Goop Tries to Attack an Actual Doctor

Categories: Anti-Science Support more videos like this at! Sorta transcript: “Goop” is Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle website where she adds her stamp of approval to all manner of stupid pseudo-medical bullshit, from... (Read more...)

Tim Freke on the Science of Evolving Souls |355|

Philosopher Tim Freke’s, Soul Story offers a worldview beyond science and religion. photo by: Skeptiko On this episode of Skeptiko… Alex Tsakiris: …you’re talking about a deep evolution, a spiritual evolution, and I get that, I justShow More Summary

It’s the Skepchick Sundaylies! How Not to Grade, Dealing with an Empty Nest, Surviving Super-Armor, and more!

Categories: Meta Stuff Tags: diapersempty nestfourth of julygradinggrounded parentsMad Art LabParentingpoor peoplepower-armorsarcasmschool of doubtTeen Skepchick Sunday Funny: Existence proof. (via xkcd) Teen Skepchick Making America Great Again: Denying Buttons to the Poor Hating the poor is an American tradition. Mad Art Lab Power-Armor Punch-Up Would... (Read more...)

Global Quickies: Pregnant Teen’s Rights, Abortion Rights, and White Monopoly

Categories: Quickies TANZANIA “Women’s group joined forces on Thursday against Tanzania’s ban on pregnant pupils in state schools, saying education was a girl’s best shot at success.” HONDURAS “Honduras is on “red... (Read more...)

Breatharians Claim to Live Without Food

Categories: Skepticism Support more videos like this at! Sorta transcript: Can humans live without eating any food and only absorbing sunlight for energy? No. Case closed, let’s all go home. Next... (Read more......

Global Quickies: Germany Votes for Love, Museum Celebrates Pride, and Fines for Hate Speech

Categories: Quickies GERMANY “German MPs have voted in favour of legalising same-sex marriage, prompting joyous and unusual scenes in parliament as Green party politicians tossed glittered confetti across the chamber and gay... (Read more...)

How YOU Can Help Scientists Combat Global Warming

Categories: Science Support more videos like this at! Sorta transcript: This past weekend, the nice folks at the California Academy of Sciences invited me to join their “Snapshot Cal Coast” initiative,... (Read more...)

Joe Atwill Takes on Covert Culture Shapers |354|

Joe Atwill has a deep state, pro-Roman view of the Bible. photo by: Skeptiko On this episode of Skeptiko… Alex Tsakiris: There’s a famous quote about truth passing through three stages: first it’s ridiculed, second it’s violently opposed, and third, it’s accepted as being self-evident. Show More Summary

It’s the Skepchick Sundaylies! Help Finding a Therapist and the Intentionality Fallacy

Categories: Meta Stuff Tags: intentionality fallacyschool of doubtstandardized teststeachingTeen Skepchicktherapy Sunday Funny: The Hard Limit of Outrage (via Wondermark) Teen Skepchick Guest Post – Trying to Get Therapy: Asking Questions Beyond “How Long Have You Been Practicing?” Finding a therapist... (Read more...)

Global Quickies: Vaccines in Europe, Evolution in Turkey, and Nazi-era Convictions Quashed

Categories: Quickies EUROPE “The European Court of Justice has ruled that courts may consider vaccines to be the cause of an illness, even in the absence of scientific evidence confirming a link.”... (Read more...)

What the Media Gets Wrong About Children Dying of Gunshots

Categories: Science Support more videos like this at! Sorta transcript: A truly heartbreaking study has just been published in the journal “Pediatrics” showing that the third leading cause of death for... (Read more...)

Dr. Karen Jaenke, Consciousness Studies and Politics |353|

Dr. Karen Jaenke discusses her approach to Consciousness Studies at JFK University. photo by: Skeptiko On this episode of Skeptiko… Alex Tsakiris: I want to read this next question, so folks don’t think I’m sandbagging you. The question...Show More Summary

Monsanto Doesn’t Cause Cancer!

Categories: Skepticism Sorta transcript: People hate Monsanto, mostly because they’re a huge corporation that has a lot of power over our food supply, and that scares people. It especially scares people because... (Read more...)

The Skepchick Sundaylies! Summer Reading List, Signs of Life, and the Undesirability of Flying Cars

Categories: Meta Stuff Tags: booksflying carsMad Art LabSciencescience fictionsummer reading Sunday Funny: Myths and Facts about Cottonmouths (via bird and moon) Mad Art Lab A Few (well, 90+) of my Favorite Books Need a summer reading list? Emily has you... (Read more...)

Global Quickies: Wonder Woman Chores, White Headscarves, and Compulsory Vaccinations in France

Categories: Skepticism BELGIUM “Belgian cinema chain Kinepolis has been accused of being tone deaf with gift bags it gave to attendees of a women-only showing of Wonder Woman that contained several items... (Read more...)

Happy Anniversary to the First Woman in Space!

Categories: Science Support more videos like this at! Sorta transcript: Today is the 54th anniversary of the first woman in space, Valentina Tereshkova, known as “Valya” to her friends. She went... (Read more...)

How Virtual Reality Can Give You an Out of Body Experience!

Categories: Science Support more videos like this at! Sorta transcript: Those of you who are my patrons may know how I feel about VR — that it’s cool, but ultimately destined... (Read more...)

It’s the Skepchick Sundaylies! Opera vs. Trump, Star Trek Optimism, Wonder Woman, and more!

Categories: Meta Stuff Tags: architecturecosplaycritical thinkingdesignFrank Lloyd Wrightgrounded parentsMad Art Labmovie reviewsmusicoperaParentingschool of doubtStar Trek: DiscoveryteachingTeen SkepchickTrumpWonder Woman Sunday Funny: Glacial Erratic (via xkcd) Teen Skepchick Suspension of Disbelief: Wonder Woman Elizabeth reviews Wonder Woman. Show More Summary

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