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Quickies: Feminist princesses, exoplanets, and free speech

Categories: Quickies Feminist princesses? Fuck yeah! – Elyse’s awesome husband Brian is blogging at More Than Men! In his first post, he examines the Disney princesses. New exoplanet could be Earth’s cousin – Or not! From Criticaldragon1177. Show More Summary

Bad Chart Thursday: Stand Your Ground

Categories: Meta Stuff Random Asides Skepticism Tags: bad chart thursdayFloridaReutersStand Your Ground law By now, I’m sure you’ve all seen the Worst Chart in the Universe, created by Christine Chan of Reuters, depicting the numberShow More Summary

Sex LifeHacks for Parents

Categories: Parenting Skepticism Tags: grounded parentslife hackssex Recently, on the Grounded Parents backchannel, we got to discussing sex. And how much we have it. How parenting makes sex near impossible… and I happened to drop in, a little concerned that maybe I’m parenting wrong because I have a TON of sex. Show More Summary

Throwback Thursday HPV Vaccine for Adults

Categories: Science Skepticism Tags: hpvhpv vaccine for adultsthrowback thursdayvaccines We read your emails but it has been brought to our attention that you fine readers have not read every single thing we ever have written on this blog. Show More Summary

Quickies: Hot maggots, mental milkshakes, and Klingon astronauts

Categories: Quickies Maggots bring the heat – I it when Bug Girl talks forensics. Judge overturns tough North Dakota abortion law – The law had banned abortion after a fetal heartbeat was detectable. Mind over milkshake: How your thoughts fool your stomach – From Will. Show More Summary

Grabby Cabbies, Street Harassers, and Ferengi: About Last Weekend

Categories: Feminism Several years ago, I was living on my own in Boston (well, the ridiculously nicer town of Brookline, to be honest). I left a Somerville bar after the subway had stopped running, so I hopped in a cab for the fairly quick trip home. Show More Summary

Live Below the Line Challenge with Claire Knowlton

Categories: Activism Tags: Do Better Challengelive below the linepoverty I meet a lot of inspiring people and sometimes when I’m really lucky they come over to my art studio, eat vegan cake with me and let me photograph them. This was one of those times. Show More Summary

Gimme that new-time religion!

A review of Dr. Karen Stollznow's excellent summary of America's bizarre religions, "God Bless America"

Fundraising Auction: Handmade Beer and/or Dildo Cozy

Categories: Events Meta Stuff Cross-posted with Skepchick Events. The SkepchickCon fundraising auctions are back this week with another one-of-a-kind handmade item, a bottle (or large dildo) cozy that Jodi Thibeault crocheted during the Godless Fiends Fabric Arts Hour, part of Freethought Blogs Conscience 2, the online freethought con. Show More Summary

GoDaddy Released My Personal Information to a Spammer Troll

Categories: Feminism Yesterday, I learned that GoDaddy released personally identifiable information about me to a spammer troll. You see, it all started way back in August of 2011 when I got a dodgy-looking email from someone I didn’t...Show More Summary

4 Myths about Taxes

Categories: Skepticism Tags: public policytax daytaxes If you’re living and working in the U.S. then you know today is that most infamous of “holidays,” Tax Day. You are either rushing to finish your taxes and get it to the post office...Show More Summary

Quickies: Homeless Jesus, stereotypes, and voodoo dolls

Categories: Quickies Statue of a homeless Jesus startles wealthy community – Somebody called the cops on Jesus. The Representation Project: Rewrite the story – Strict gender stereotypes harm us all. Someone finally notices that JohnShow More Summary

Help Without Heaven

Categories: Activism Tags: atheismatheistDo Better Challengefacebookmental healthsupport groups As part of my ongoing Do Better Challenge, I am seeking out people who are doing volunteer work and good deeds to help out in the various secular communities. Show More Summary

How 100 Days of Anti-Dieting Changed My Life

Categories: Guest Bloggers Tags: anti-dietingdietinghealth and fitnesshealth at every sizehealthy weight lossintuitive eating Editor’s Note: Today’s guest post is about how one woman, Shaunta Grimes, is currently breaking through the...Show More Summary

Quickies: Jenny McCarthy Backpedals, the Heroin Epidemic, and Homeless Jesus

Categories: Quickies Today is April 14th, and I just want to take a minute to remind you that if you’re up really late tonight (or rather, early tomorrow), you might see the lunar eclipse! Is anyone planning on watching for it? Jenny...Show More Summary

Skeptical Wine-ing, Part IV: Twist and Shout

Categories: Skepticism Tags: environmentalismwine The squeaky anticipation that comes with uncorking a bottle of wine is akin to the tactile sensation of placing a needle on a spinning record: romantic, nostalgic, exciting, evocative, and above all, a vestige of a bygone era. Show More Summary

Skepchick Sundaylies: Computer Gamer, Silent Spring, and Doodling Dongs

Categories: Meta Stuff Tags: aspergersbook reviewbulliescarl saganCommon Corecomputer scienceCrazy StoneDemon-Haunted WorldeducationEscepticagame designGogrounded parentsinternet memesMad Art LabRachel Carsonschool of doubtScienceSciFri...Show More Summary

Global Quickies: Ice Cream, Birth Control, and Teapots

Categories: Feminism Quickies Religion AFGHANISTAN (From Mary) Associated Press photographer Anja Niedringhaus was shot to death by an Afghan policeman while covering the national election. She covered conflicts for more than 20 years, and earned a Pulitzer Prize in 2005. Show More Summary

The Pseudoscientists Episode 122: An Important Time in Cosmology

Liz, Joanna and Jack brave apocalyptically-bleak Melbourne weather to delve into news about the efficacy of homeopathy, why a recent Melbourne study into acupuncture might not be so great, and how scientists found water under the surface of one of Saturn's moons, while Jargonauts gets personally drugged-up with "pharmacogenomics".

Bias in Science: Further Thoughts from Skeptech

Categories: Skepticism This weekend at Skeptech there were many great talks, but one in particular stood out to me as something that could use a bit of fleshing out.”The Other Scientific Method” looked at ways that bias can influence science. Show More Summary

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