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“The Biggest Loser” Study Doesn’t Prove Weight Loss is Impossible!

Categories: Science Support more videos like this at! Sorta transcript: When weight loss is in the news, it inevitably revolves around the idea that it’s impossible to do, or if you... (Read more...)

Queereka looking for writers!

Categories: Meta Stuff Hey everyone! Queereka is looking for new writers. The gig requires with some commitment and provides zero monetary pay, but what it lacks in generating coin is made up for with... (Read more...)

Racist Algorithms, Crime, and the Ethical Use of Data Prediction

Categories: Feminism Tags: algorithmsprisonracismsocial justicestatistics ProPublica came out with an excellent piece this week by Julia Angwin, Jeff Larson, Surya Mattu and Lauren Kircher looking at the algorithms used by the US justice system to... (Read more...)

Quickies: Hillary’s “Woman Advantage,” How The Media Avoids Saying Penis, and Banana Flavoring

Categories: Quickies David Miscavige’s Father Exposes Scientology’s Cruelest Policy – “An ex-Marine who had modest success as a musician and a salesman, Ron Miscavige introduced his family to Scientology and spent more... (Read more...

Joe Martino Sees a Consciousness Shift… And That’s a Good Thing |316|

Joe Martino started Collective-Evolution to challenge the status quo, raise consciousness and make the world better. Easy, right? photo by: Collective-Evolution Are we experiencing a shift in consciousness, or just seeing what we want...Show More Summary

Shrill by Lindy West

Categories: Book Club Feminism Tags: lindy west It’s true that you don’t really know what it feels like to be targeted with the nonstop deluge of obsessive online harassment until it happens to you. How it seeps... (Read more...)

Quickies: Transgender Choruses, the Fallibility of DNA Testing, and How Technology is Helping People with Disabilities

Categories: Quickies The False Promise of DNA Testing – The science of DNA testing is only as reliable as the humans who operating the sample collection and testing equipment, as more people... (Read more...)

Skepchick Sundaylies! Dancing for a Cause, the Tragedy of Dian Fossey, Children as Werewolves, and more!

Categories: Meta Stuff Tags: Ann Coulterbathroom billschemtrailscomic booksconspiracity theoriescultural differencesdancingDian Fosseydomestic violence sheltersEscepticaEurovisiongrounded parentsInternet Meme Demolition DerbyMad ArtShow More Summary

Global Quickies: Terminator of Child Marriages, Confronting a Witchdoctor Who Wants Your Organs, and Banning of the Bulls

Categories: Quickies CAMEROON “Stephane Ebongue fled Cameroon because of the colour of his skin – his albinism made him a target for those who believe such people have special powers. Years later... (Read more...)

Organized Atheism: Isn’t That an Oxymoron?

Categories: Skepticism It’s rare that we spend time on Skepchick defending organized atheism, but every now and then someone makes a comment so ignorant that I just have to throw it back to... (Read more...)

Hookers for Jesus Wants to “Save” Sex Workers Whether They Want It or Not

Categories: Feminism Religion Tags: jesussex work Hookers for Jesus is an absolutely real non-profit organization started by Annie Lobert, a former sex worker, in order to save women from the evils of prostitution via the most... (Read more...)

Quickies: Genes are overrated, gendered baby clothes have got to go, and the Babel fish

Categories: Quickies Genes are overrated – “Their discovery wasn’t predestined, nor do they dictate our destinies—and current ideas about them may die.” From Will. Texas Republicans accidentally call the majority of Texans... (Read more...)

Quickies: Are GMOs Overrated, Naturopaths Lobby to be Mainstreamed, and Ice Cream Wars

Categories: Quickies GMOs Are Safe, But Don’t Always Deliver On Promises, Top Scientists Say – “The committee also found that GMOs, as promised, have allowed farmers of some crops to spray less... (Read more...)

Why are so many movies going Gnostic? |315|

Miguel Conner explains why movies like Snowpiercer and The Lego Movie rely on Gnostic themes.  photo by: Bong Joon Ho Today we welcome Miguel Conner to Skeptiko for another round of Skeptiko at the movies. Miguel is the host of one of...Show More Summary

Quickies: Critiquing skepticism, the start of the Satanic panic, and the Nebula awards

Categories: Quickies Dear “skeptics,” bash homeopathy and Big Foot less, mammography and war more – “When people like this get together, they become tribal. They pat each other on the back and... (Read more...)

Quickies: Sexy Headless Women of Hollywood, Angry Bible Woman, and When to Use Fancy Salt

Categories: Quickies Why the Victorians Were So Terrified of Death by Poison – “This fear was driven partly by obsessive newspaper coverage of sensational poisoning cases, but as Linda Stratmann makes clear... (Read more...)

Skepchick Sundaylies! with Adventures in Comedy, Ontological Design, and Proto-Punk Pioneer Sonia Landy Sheridan

Categories: Meta Stuff Tags: Mad Art CastMad Art Labontological designprint and publishingSonia Landy Sheridanstand up comedy Sunday Funny: Fall(Out) Guy (via BoxPlot) Mad Art Lab Mad Art Cast Episode #55 — Ontological Design The Gang gets deep and dives into the concept of ontological design —... (Read more...)

Quickies: The most successful female Everest climber, tuberculosis, and an upskirt ad

Categories: Quickies The most successful female Everest climber of all time is a housekeeper in Hartford, Connecticut – Via. How tuberculosis shaped Victorian fashion – The trailing skirt of death! A Black... (Read more...)

Quickies: Promoting diversity, femojis, and picky eating

Categories: Quickies The only people who aren’t penalized for promoting diversity at work are white men – “First, no one gets a pat on the back for promoting diversity at work. No... (Read more...)

Can We Ban Atheists From Billboards?

Categories: Religion Skepticism Tags: atheismbillboards It’s not even the lack of design skills. One out of one-hundred of them usually comes out ok. It’s not even that I think censorship is a good idea. It’s... (Read more...)

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