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Creationist Sues the Grand Canyon!

Categories: Religion Support more videos like this at! Sorta transcript: Young-earth creationists are people who sincerely believe that our planet is 6,000 to 10,000 years old and that it was created... (Read more...)

Why Net Neutrality Matters to Skeptics

Categories: Skepticism Support more videos like this at! Sorta transcript: Hey pals, it’s time to have a little chat about net neutrality and why it’s important to you, intrepid science-loving critical... (Read more...)

Beverly Gilmour, 100s of NDE and a New Insight About Consciousness |350|

Beverly Gilmour has a rare medical condition that has caused her to experience 100s of NDEs. photo by: Skeptiko On this episode of Skeptiko… Alex Tsakiris: We’ve established [the medical part of your experience], tell us about the spiritual...Show More Summary

Quickies: the End of the $100 Graphing Calculator; Finding Out Your Parent is a Conspiracy Theorist; and Nerdy Birthday Cards

Categories: Quickies Section 8 Vouchers Help The Poor — But Only If Housing Is Available – This article contrasts a poor, black, single mother who has a housing voucher but cannot find... (Read more...)

SoD Cross Post: Gender Studies “Hoax” Shockingly Reveals Scammy Vanity Journals Will Publish Nonsense

Categories: Feminism Science Skepticism Tags: academiagender studieshoaxesMichael ShermerskepticismSokal Hoax This post originally appeared on our sister site, School of Doubt. Read it there or catch the beginning below. When Peter Boghossian and James Lindsay published their recent hoax article “The... (Read more...)

Global Quickies: Compulsory Vaccination in Italy, Equality in Divorce in India, and Provisional Bonds

Categories: Quickies ITALY “Italy’s first black minister has said she feels “vindicated” after winning a four-year court battle against a far-right MEP who made repeated racist slurs against her.” MALI “An unmarried... (Read more......

Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove, The Long-Term Future of Parapsychology |349|

Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove has a unique vantage point for evaluating the future of parapschology and psi research. photo by: Skeptiko On this episode of Skeptiko… Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove: In many ways philosophers are pointing out that there’s a conceptional error there and that has to do with confusing technology with science. Show More Summary

Quickies: Why People Don’t Return Shopping Carts; Vintage Vampire-Killing Kits; and the Privilege of Buying in Bulk

Categories: Quickies Follow-Up: The Reasons People Don’t Return Their Shopping Carts – “It seemed like a simple question: Why don’t people return their shopping carts? It turned into a full discussion in... (Read more...)

It’s the Skepchick Sundaylies, with Trusting Rich People on the Internet and More on Teaching Critical Thinking

Categories: Meta Stuff Tags: critical thinkinginternet securityschool of doubtTeen Skepchick Sunday Funny: Virginity (via Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal) Teen Skepchick Trust the Rich People on the Internet Elizabeth explains how money buys trust on the internet. School of Doubt Why... (Read more...)

Global Quickies: Superpowers for Girls, Superior Babies, and Not Enough Outrage

Categories: Quickies IRELAND “Irish police have halted an investigation of Stephen Fry for blasphemy because the Garda Síochána could not find enough people to be outraged over the actor’s anti-God remarks on... (Read more...)

Quickies: Evangelical Teen Magazine, the Insulting Childbirth Experiences for People with Disabilities, and Raw Milk Causes Illness

Categories: Quickies The Insulting Childbirth Experiences Mothers With Disabilities Endure – ” ‘My parents were told when I was born that I would never have a child,’ Nikki says. Growing up, when... (Read more...)

Lisa Smartt, Linguist Explores What We Say Nearing Death |348|

Lisa Smartt examines what our final words tell us about consciousness and the afterlife. photo by: Skeptiko On this episode of Skeptiko… Alex Tsakiris: One of the things that surprised me is the playfulness of [these final words]…  “Hey, I’m going to Las Vegas. Show More Summary

Trump Signs “Religious Freedom” Executive Order!

Categories: Science Skepticism Support more videos like this at! Sorta transcript: Back in February, I discussed Donald Trump’s speech at the National Prayer Breakfast in which he promised to “destroy” the Johnson... (Read more...)

Anti-Vaxxers Cause ANOTHER Measles Outbreak

Categories: Skepticism Support more videos like this at! Sorta transcript: The anti-vaccine crowd, who falsely believe that vaccines cause autism despite the fact that there is zero evidence to suggest that... (Read more...)

Quickies: Intersex and Proud, Juice is Bad For You, and ‘Dear White People’ Needs Work

Categories: Quickies People think juice is good for them. They’re wrong. – “Mrs. G. came to our offices for her first visit distraught. Her primary-care doctor had just diagnosed her with diabetes,... (Read more...)

It’s the Sundaylies, with LGBT Fiction, Critical Thinking, Jobs a Humanities PhD Won’t Get You, and more!

Categories: Meta Stuff Tags: critical thinkingjob huntingLGBT fictionmenstruationmusicschool of doubtteachingTeen Skepchick Sunday Funny: Pre-existing condition. (via Wondermark) Teen Skepchick Awesome Sauce Music Friday: I Got that Flow The world needs more songs about being on you period. A Guide to LGBT+... (Read more...)

Benny Hinn, Religious Fraud?

Categories: Religion Support more videos like this at! Sorta transcript: The offices of Benny Hinn have been raided by the IRS in the midst of a huge investigation. If you don’t... (Read more...)

Global Quickies: Victim Blaming in Mexico, Groping ‘Prank’ in Italy, and a Scout Confronting a Neo-Nazi

Categories: Quickies MEXICO “Thousands of women in Mexico have reacted with outrage on social media after the Office of the Public Prosecutor tweeted that the lifestyle of a young woman was to... (Read more...)

“Tron Guy” Joins the Alt-Right (Except When It Comes to Furries)

Categories: Feminism Support more videos like this at! Sorta transcript: Hey guys, remember the Tron Guy? No? He was super famous back in the dark ages of the internet, like before... (Read more...)

Joy Lin, From Engineer to Spirit Medium |347|

Joy Lin didn’t go looking for spirit communication, but when they came she answered. photo by: Skeptiko Welcome to Skeptiko, where we explore controversial science and spirituality, with leading researchers, thinkers and their critics. Show More Summary

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