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(PG-13) Two hesitant members of rival gangs are forced to work together to escape from another band of thugs. Trevor Stevens’ intense short film mirrors the downward spiral of running with the wrong crowd.

Timeless Dreams

Julian Tryba edited the footage that he and his friend Mike Sutton took of the American Southwest into a mesmerizing layer-lapse, where parts of different time-lapse shots are merged into the same frame. The song is Kygo’s remix of M83’s Wait.

Helping People and Animals in Peril From Fires and Floods

Troy Snell, a field responder for the HSUS Animal Rescue Team, helps Bridget Arrants, manager of the Lee County Animal Shelter in South Carolina, as she puts a collar on Ace, a dog rescued from the flooding. Photo by Bob Leverone/APShow More Summary

WATCH: Marriage Equality Ruling an 'Atrocity,' Says Alabama Justice

It’s probably no surprise that Chief Justice Roy Moore isn’t the only antigay member of the Alabama Supreme Court — now Justice Tom Parker, who is up for reelection next year, is saying state courts should defy the U.S. Supreme Court’s...Show More Summary

Not One Child. Not One Night.

How can it be in a country as affluent as the United States that 2.5 million children are homeless each year? Although the numbers are climbing, family homelessness is absent from our nation's agenda. We regularly declare that our children...Show More Summary

x2 Underwater Jet Pack

SCP Marine Innovation is in dire need of a PR team. If we’re freaking out over a gimped hoverboard then we should all be going nuts for the x2. The wrist-mounted thrusters let you go up to 6 mph underwater for up to an hour per charge, or until your arms give out.

House GOP Creates Benghazi-Like Committee to Target Planned Parenthood

The U.S. House voted Wednesday to create a select committee to investigate abortion practices and fetal tissue donation, a move that Democrats say is a politically motivated attack on Planned Parenthood. Image: CNN / YouTube The post House GOP Creates Benghazi-Like Committee to Target Planned Parenthood appeared first on RH Reality Check.

Hopsin: No Words

(PG-13) Hopsin thinks there’s something worse than poorly written rap songs: the ones where there are barely any words in them. Watch him poop on Young Thug, Future and the other Bon Ivers of hip hop in this skit from his album Pound Syndrome.

Seth Meyers: United States should take in more Syrian refugees

With a segment called "A Closer Look," Seth Meyers is turning "Late Night" into an important voice in the political conversation.  In the past week, Meyers has weighed in on such hot-button issues as the campaign against Planned Parenthood and Republican opposition to gun control. On Wednesday,...

Light L16 Camera

The Light L16 aims to bring DSLR quality to a pocket-sized device. Instead of offering just a single lens, it has 16 camera modules for different types of pictures, and 10 of them fire at the same time to create a 52mp image. Early adopters save $400. Gallery here.

The Tree Samurai

Rock star he ain’t, but YouTuber Chuck Berry can trim Christmas trees – and perhaps someday his body – in a jiffy by dual-wielding brush knives. We like his casual swishes from behind, as if saying he doesn’t mind if all he has below his knees is air.

What We Don't Talk About When We Talk About Women And Hair

Hair possesses a power to elevate or destroy that every woman struggles to harness. When I saw a copy of Me, My Hair, and I: Twenty-seven Women Untangle an Obsession, a new essay collection compiled by Elizabeth Benedict, I was accordingly prepared to love it. Show More Summary

Pedal Lock

Not to be confused with the similarly named concept, the Pedal Lock is a bicycle pedal that has a built-in retractable stainless steel cable with a three-digit lock. It also has a motion-activated 120dB alarm. The final version will be water- and dirt-resistant.

24 Ridiculous Lawsuits

Subway’s footlongs were actually lessthanafootlongs, a man sued himself to get free money and a woman thought Frozen was based on her life. All that and more in Mental Floss List Show’s rundown of absurd and frivolous lawsuits.

Should Kids Pay Back Their Parents for Raising Them? A New Freakonomics Radio Episode

Our latest Freakonomics Radio episode is called “Should Kids Pay Back Their Parents for Raising Them?" (You can subscribe to the podcast at iTunes or elsewhere, get the RSS feed, or listen via the media player above.) When one athlete turned pro, his mom asked him for $1 million. Our modern sensibilities tell us she doesn’t have a case. But should she?

Far Cry Primal (Trailers)

Goodbye wingsuit, hello saber-toothed cats. Far Cry Primal takes place in a primitive world with danger in the form of both man and beast. It’s looking like a single-player version of the likes of Rust and ARK.

Now Is the Time to Push Iran on Women’s Rights

The world’s governments looking to build stronger ties with Iran must redouble their efforts to hold Iran’s leaders accountable for advancing women’s issues in the wake of the nuclear deal, not excuse them. Image: PBS NewsHour / YouTube The post Now Is the Time to Push Iran on Women’s Rights appeared first on RH Reality Check.

Melting POP

Filmmaker Alexandre Dubosc loves to make animation using food. His latest work is a zoetrope formed out of a multiple-tiered cake. It shows a wacky cycle where corn kernels are turned into popcorn and back. Behind the scenes here.

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