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To Pimp A BeyHive

While Beyonce's SuperBowl performance seems to be the new litmus test for racism, what fascinates me most is the conviction of worship. Last weekend did not disappoint my inner-anthropologist as I watched the sheeple take formation to protect their shepherd. Show More Summary

Premature Demolition

(PG-13 Language) A construction worker in Houston, Texas was using his excavator to help gradually dismantle a multi-story parking garage, when the whole building unexpectedly fell at once. Fortunately, he backed up just enough that he managed to walk away unscathed.

Two Social Entrepreneurs That Are Transforming The Education Sector

Tenacity is a trait that truly defines whether a person is a real entrepreneur. The post Two Social Entrepreneurs That Are Transforming The Education Sector appeared first on The Good Men Project.

RC Duck

Following in the footsteps of Roomba Cat, this duck takes a ride in a cardboard box that’s being towed by a remote-controlled toy truck. Why? Because he’s on his way to the duck store.


(PG-13: Language) “Three beers and I’m so messed up, get drunk and I can’t shut up!” The fun music video for Toronto-based punk rock band PUP’s new single DVP inserts the lyrics into classic video games.

Bernie Sanders Ad Rallies LGBT People To Transform America — Feelin’ It?

1 hour agoLGBT / Gay : Queerty

Whether or not you’re feeling the full-bern, the partial-bern, or perhaps the no-bern, the language coming out of Bernie Sanders’ campaign is some of the most refreshing of the current political landscape. Does that make him the right man for the job? Well, there’s room to go round and round on that. But one is [...]

The Flame in the Flood (Trailer)

The lighthearted trailer for the rogue-lite survivor game The Flame in the Flood gives you tips on dealing with the post-biblical flood wildlife. Long story short, they’re all out to get you. The game drops 2/24/16 on Windows, Mac and Xbox One.

Conan & Jordan Talk About Love

“I can predict your future: you’re fired if you don’t answer my questions succinctly.” Conan dug up a Valentine’s skit from 2011 where the host talked to his second sidekick Jordan Schlansky about the latter’s taste in women, fashion sense and conversation skills.

Kristin Davis Dragged Into Embarrassing “Sex And The City” Reenactment On Australian TV

4 hours agoLGBT / Gay : NewNowNext

The morning hosts of Australia's "Sunrise" forced Kristin Davis to read lines for a "Sex and the City" reenactment.

Cyanide & Happiness: Joking Hazard

(Crude humor) A casual card game based on Cyanide & Happiness’ Random Comic Generator. Joking Hazard is a lot like Apples to Apples, except this time you’re forming a three-panel comic strip. The person who supplies the funniest third panel wins the round.

On the Roofs: Shun Hing Square

The daredevils of On the Roofs are back to once again make us sweat and wonder about security in skyscrapers. This time they snuck into Shenzhen, China’s third tallest building, the 1260ft-tall Shun Hing Square.

DayZ: A Social Experiment

(PG-13: Language) YouTuber Cyborg Lizard tried a commenter’s suggestion for one of his DayZ sessions. He offered strangers a gun but did not tell them that it was broken. Here are the highlights of his “experiment”, which he says are not indicative of the overall result.

Batman v Superman (Trailer 4)

Everybody loves Clark Kent, Diana is like no other woman and Bruce Wayne is chaining combos like his video game counterpart in the final trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Go go Bat armor!

Interesting Facts about Love

When speaking with someone you like, look them in the eye. If they’re female and their eyes dilate when they’re talking to you, you might have a shot. If you end up together, kiss her in the morning to save your life. All that and more in Mental Floss’ video.

Cat Jumper 2000

(PG-13: Language) Videogamedunkey and his uh, former friends play Bloody Trapland. If you don’t have a Wii U this can be your version of Super Mario Maker. By that we mean it’ll make you hate the world. Watch out for that hand.

Hollywood Star Forest Whitaker Is On A Quest To End The Use Of Child Soldiers

Forest Whitaker is known to many as a gifted actor who brought poise and gravitas to hit Hollywood movies like "The Great Debaters" and "The Butler." His Oscar-winning role in "The Last King of Scotland" inspired him to become a passionate campaigner against the use of child soldiers around the world, joining with the U.N. Show More Summary

Single? You Missed the Girl in the Corner

If you want to play chase like a cat and mouse go ahead--I have no judgment. If you are ready for a steady alternative, let me clue you in on a few secrets. The post Single? You Missed the Girl in the Corner appeared first on The Good Men Project.

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