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Warrant issued for John Abraham’s arrest for misdemeanor battery

Longtime pass-rusher John Abraham might be out of the NFL, but he’s still in the news. According to WGCL in Atlanta, Abraham was charged with battery for an incident that happened outside a strip club in February 2014. Brookhaven police responded to a call around 4 p.m. on Feb. 28, 2014, for an assault that…

5 Players Who Might Find Themselves on Cleveland Browns' Practice Squad in 2015

We're months away from the Cleveland Browns making their final determinations about their 2015 roster. Training camp practices in full pads and, of course, the team's four preseason games will heavily influence the Browns' depth chart,...Show More Summary

5 Players Who Might Find Themselves on Denver Broncos' Practice Squad in 2015

The Denver Broncos have a talented roster with some young developmental players worth keeping an eye on. This is what the practice squad was created for. Each NFL team can keep up to 10 members on the practice squad in addition to their full 53-man roster during the regular season. Show More Summary

Banned, but Bountiful: Marijuana Coveted by NFL Players as Invaluable Painkiller

Jamal Anderson was a talented NFL running back with a bruising style who rushed for over 5,000 yards while playing for the Atlanta Falcons. It was a more physical league during Anderson's time—he retired in 2001 after an eight-year playing career. Show More Summary

5 Players Who Might Find Themselves on Dallas Cowboys' Practice Squad in 2015

The practice squad is one of the most overlooked facets of the 32 NFL franchises. For the first time in a long time, the Cowboys' roster is loaded enough that their practice squad will be home to some very good players. Gone are theShow More Summary

5 Players Who Might Find Themselves on Chicago Bears' Practice Squad in 2015

The NFL does not have a minor league system, so the closest thing a team has to a developmental system is its practice squad. Players who are not good enough to stick on the 53-man roster but are too good to just let go typically land on a team's practice squad. Show More Summary

Ryan Tannehill wants to be a “big leader” for hungry Dolphins team

It’s been a pretty good offseason for Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill. He saw the team trade away Mike Wallace after two frustrating seasons and add Kenny Stills, Greg Jennings and DeVante Parker at wide receiver while also signing Ndamukong Suh to anchor the defense that will try to make Miami’s offensive production stand up. Tannehill…

Now that Russell Wilson said a number, his agent’s pumping it up

With the news on Russell Wilson’s contract situation trickling out in tweets (sub- and otherwise) and thinly veiled references to leaving town in radio interviews, it was notable last night that the Seahawks quarterback finally said a number. As you might imagine, his agent wishes he’d have said a bigger one. Shortly after Wilson floated…

NFL’s next Los Angeles meeting limited to owners only

We knew NFL owners were meeting in Chicago on Aug. 11 to discuss the future of the Los Angeles situation, that fact alone makes it noteworthy. But when they call the roll, it’s going to be even more clear they’re there to do business. According to Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times, this meeting…

San Francisco 49ers: What Can We Expect from Carlos Hyde in Year 2?

When I published a list of stat projections for players on the San Francisco 49ers Monday, the most optimistic prediction was easily the one for Carlos Hyde. The second-year player could top 1,000 yards on only 200 carries, boosting his yards per carry attempt up to 5.0. Show More Summary

5 Players Who Might Find Themselves on Miami Dolphins' Practice Squad in 2015

We're weeks away from training camp for the Miami Dolphins and the rest of the NFL, that time of the year when we see who can move up the roster into starting jobs. This article isn't about that, but it is about working your way up,Show More Summary

5 Players Who Might Find Themselves on Oakland Raiders' Practice Squad in 2015

The Oakland Raiders have several developing talents worthy of future opportunities but not quite ready to take the field during the 2015 season. The Raiders would benefit from stashing these talents on the practice squad for at least...Show More Summary

Walter Thurmond says Tom Coughlin isn’t a fan of new-age medical practices

At 68 years old, Tom Coughlin is the oldest head coach in the National Football League. His personality and coaching style has always been rooted in the old-school ways of football. While Coughlin has softened his demeanor in recent years, there may be one aspect of the game where he has yet to adapt to…

Marshawn dives into Skittles, talks about “grabbing my ding-ding”

While Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson was talking about his contract on ESPN, running back Marshawn Lynch was on TBS discussing slightly more sophisticated matters. “I done got in a lot of trouble for grabbing my ding-ding,” Lynch told Conan O’Brien during Monday night’s show regarding the player’s habit of putting a hand on his crotch while diving into…

Ranking the Top 10 Running Back Tandems Entering 2015

Even as NFL teams emphasize the passing game more than ever, many successful franchises have acquired talented running backs to bring balance to their offense. Some teams opt for a heavy dosage of one back. Others must rely on a tandem...Show More Summary

5 Players Who Might Find Themselves on 49ers' Practice Squad in 2015

Only certain players on the San Francisco 49ers are eligible for the practice squad. Any player who has been on an NFL team’s active roster for six or more games can’t be on a practice squad, according to Mark Sandritter of SB Nation. If...Show More Summary

5 Players Who Might Find Themselves on Green Bay Packers' Practice Squad in 2015

It seems to be the case every year: There are so many talented and high-upside players on the Green Bay Packers' offseason roster, and so few spots for them on the 53-man roster. Each season, the Packers have to let go of a number of...Show More Summary

Russell Wilson mentions a figure: $25 million

Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson has yet again been interviewed. And he has yet again avoided questions about his contract with the team. But Wilson has finally floated a figure, during an interview with ESPN’s Marty Smith. Said Smith, “Nobody’s won more than you in the last several years. We’ve seen what some of your peers…

John Abraham Wanted on Battery Charge: Latest Details, Comments and Reaction

Former prolific NFL pass-rusher John Abraham has been charged with misdemeanor battery after allegedly bloodying the nose of a business associate February 28. Steve Visser of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution indicated the alleged incident took place at the Pink Pony strip club. Show More Summary

5 Players Who Might Find Themselves on New York Giants' Practice Squad in 2015

For a young player trying to make his way in the NFL, the ultimate prize is a place on the 53-man roster. However, the consolation prize, which is a spot on a team’s practice squad, isn ’t necessarily a bad deal either and not just because...Show More Summary

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