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'Dancing' to the bank: Von Miller gets his deal with Broncos

The Von Miller Victory Tour has one more stop: the Denver Broncos’ headquarters, to sign his long-awaited, well-earned new contract. Yahoo Sports’ Charles Robinson reported Miller and the Broncos agreed to a six-year contract. Previous reports indicated the total of the deal would be about $114 million with about $70 million guaranteed. Show More Summary

Why Leonard Fournette Is Already 2017 NFL Draft's Top Running Back

Leonard Fournette is the biggest name in college football. In Sports Illustrated's recent effort to put together the top 100 players in the FBS, the LSU running back ranked first. In June, Pro Football Focus' Jeff Dooley called the Tiger...Show More Summary

Colts commission Peyton Manning statue - but what will it be doing?

The Indianapolis Colts have commissioned a local artist to create a sculpture of Peyton Manning, and once it’s completed it will sit outside Lucas Oil Stadium, a.k.a. the House that Manning Built. Peyton Manning (Getty Images) The statue...Show More Summary

Tim Duncan once held up a team flight over a Chicago Bears game

  Tim Duncan’s love of the Chicago Bears is well known (AP) Now that Tim Duncan is retired, we’ll remember his insanely consistent greatness and his unemotional demeanor. But really, all you had to do to fire up Duncan was bring up the Chicago Bears. Show More Summary

'Dream teams' don't always win. Ask Vince Young and the Eagles

Vince Young dubbed the 2011 Eagles a “dream team,” but it was no dream (AP) This offseason, Shutdown Corner will travel down memory lane with a series of stories presenting some interesting and sometimes forgotten stories from the NFL’s past. Show More Summary

Meet Trevor Siemian, Potential Starting QB for the Reigning Super Bowl Champions

A total of 249 players were selected ahead of Trevor Siemian in the 2015 NFL draft, which wasn't a surprise because few had any clue who Siemian was. And the majority of those who did know the Northwestern product likely didn't expect...Show More Summary

Bengals' Offensive Question Marks Could Hold Team Back from Success Yet Again

The Cincinnati Bengals could quickly be roundhouse kicked by a crippling problem when the 2016 season begins. No, not the crushing weight of an 0-7 postseason record during the Marvin Lewis era, though the ghost of playoffs past is always hovering. And no, I’m not talking about the semiannual purge of key coaches. Show More Summary

Mike Freeman's 10-Point Stance: Finally, Someone in the NFL Speaks out

Ricky Jean-Francois is speaking out, and all NFL players should do the same. 1. Ricky Jean-Francois Has Something to Say, and We Should Listen First, let's get this out of the way. Some of you will hate what Washington defensive lineman Ricky Jean-Francois has to say. Show More Summary

NFL Draft: Brad Kaaya Needs to Prove Consistency to Earn Blue-Chip Label

The first round of the NFL draft should be used to acquire players with rare traits, skills that players who hit free agency almost never have, no matter how raw or young those athletes are. At the quarterback position, that net is wide,...Show More Summary

Why 2016 Is a Critical Year for Teddy Bridgewater's Development

Imagine for a moment that you’re an NFL general manager desperate to land a franchise quarterback—which means you’re also an NFL general manager clinging to a job. On any given year around the league, several such general managers exist because the supply of starting-caliber quarterbacks comes far short of the demand. Show More Summary

Purdue DT Ra'Zahn Howard Is Supplemental Draft's Top Prospect, but NFL Long Shot

The supplemental draft is a yearly event that can mean absolutely nothing or impact the NFL greatly. When players like Josh Gordon or Terrelle Pryor enter the alternative college draft, NFL franchises get into wars for the players, but...Show More Summary

Why Le'Veon Bell Won't Get the $15 Million Per Year He Wants

Pittsburgh Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell wants you to believe everything he says in his music. We know this because, well, he said so. He means every lyric of hot fire from his new song “Focus”. Bell is just overflowing with truth...Show More Summary

Mike Freeman's 10-Point Stance: Like It or Not, NFL Has Best Athletes in Sports

I tweeted NFL players are the best athletes. All hell broke loose after that. 1. Sticking Your Head Into the Teeth of Twitter Can Be Dangerous It was a simple tweet and it went like this: Such a simple, non-offensive tweet. It was in response to the massive contracts NBA players have been receiving since the start of free agency. Show More Summary

Can't Wait for the 2016 NFL Season? You Don't Have To—Here's What Will Happen

Are you sunburned from the holiday weekend? Deafened by the fireworks? Perhaps a little food-poisoned by your brother-in-law's trademarked Extra Rare Backyard Pinkburgers? If so, it's time to ease slowly back into thinking about the NFL. The league's usual 24/7 news cycle slows to more of a Tuesday-Thursday, 10:00 a.m. Show More Summary

Battle Between NFL and Players over Al Jazeera Report Is About Power, Not PEDs

This week, the NFL Players Association sent a letter to the league's top lawyer over the Al Jazeera report about PEDs in the NFL that aired last December. You remember that report, don't you? It's OK if you don't. Everyone's forgotten. First, let's discuss the letter. Show More Summary

Dylan Moses' Quest to Reclaim No. 1 Ranking

The scene at The Opening Houston regional was routine for Dylan Moses. As he entered the Delmar-Tusa Athletic Complex, he immediately garnered stares from other athletes. Media members quickly gravitated to him as he walked from one side of the field to the other. Show More Summary

It's Another Remarkable Day for Al Michaels, the Voice of Sports' Top Moments

Al Michaels never eats a damn vegetable. Those are his words of warning when we discuss dinner options over the telephone. "You'll see I never eat a damn vegetable." Fair enough. We all have our quirks. But this goes well beyond George H.W. Show More Summary

B/R 5th Down: Coach Recruits While Riding Hoverboard and More

Editor's note: Bleacher Report's 5th Down captures the top social media college football stories of the week. As this long, bitter offseason continues, we'll focus on moments from the schools, coaches and players that kept us entertained as we wait for actual college football to make its highly anticipated return. 1. Show More Summary

The crazy story behind Steve Young's crazy 43-year USFL contract

This offseason, Shutdown Corner will travel down memory lane with a series of stories presenting some interesting and sometimes forgotten stories from the NFL's past. Join us as we relive some of the greatest and craziest moments in the sport's history. A $42 million pro football contract barely causes a ripple anymore. Show More Summary

NFL is partnering with...Cirque du Soleil? So. Many. Jokes.

As we all know, the NFL is all about building its brand, and making the NFL a 365-day-a-year experience.  Its newest venture in that mission? The NFL Times Square Experience. On Thursday, the league announced it is partnering with Cirque...Show More Summary

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