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Jericoacoara waves

Italian Adele Frola and Andrea Franchini at Jericoacoara. They got excellent wave conditions in the Freestyle Mecca. The post Jericoacoara waves appeared first on Continentseven.

Breaking through the Wall

Week 2 of the St.FYC Thursday Night Kiteboarding Series. 1 mark at a time, I'm going to get around this course- even if it takes me the whole series.It took just about everything I had to make downwind to the starting line, up the 1st beat, around the weather mark then back to the beach in survival conditions. Show More Summary

Stylish new wetsuit is an actual suit, but will it catch on?

The surfing lineup will become far more distinguished-looking if a new wetsuit developed by Quiksilver becomes the latest fashion craze–because the new wetsuit is an actual suit. Or, depending on one’s taste, a tuxedo. Quiksilver isShow More Summary

Tim van Dam Sanchidrian at Cabezo

Watch Tim van Dam Sanchidrian at his homespot Cabezo, Tenerife. He is 14 years old and can make it on the water almost every day. The post Tim van Dam Sanchidrian at Cabezo appeared first on Continentseven.

Kono – Dimitris Malliopoulos

Kono by the Greek freestyle windsurfer Dimitris Malliopoulos. The post Kono – Dimitris Malliopoulos appeared first on Continentseven.

Your Input is Shaping the Clean Water Rule

The EPA has just finished incorporating over 1 million public comments into an Administrative rule to clearly define 'Waters of the US' and restore Clean Water Act protections to small streams and wetlands. Meanwhile some members of Congress are trying to prevent the EPA from finalizing or implementing this rule. Show More Summary

PWA Mondial du Vent 2015 – Video from the Double Elimination

Steven van Broeckhoven wins the Mondial du Vent PWA World Cup at Leucate. Watch a video. The post PWA Mondial du Vent 2015 – Video from the Double Elimination appeared first on Continentseven.

PWA Mondial du Vent 2015 – Video from the Single Elimination

Watch a short clip from the day of the single elimination. Steven van Broeckhoven won the single elimination in front of Gollito Estredo and Kiri Thode. The post PWA Mondial du Vent 2015 – Video from the Single Elimination appeared first on Continentseven.

PWA Mondial du Vent 2015 – Result

  PWA Mondial du Vent 2015 – Result (after one double elimination)   1. Steven Van Broeckhoven 2. Jose ‘Gollito’ Estredo 3. Kiri Thode  4. Dieter van der Eyken  5. Amado Vrieswijk  6. Taty Frans  7. Anthony Ruenes  7. Davy Scheffers 9. Youp Schmit 9. Romain Pinocheau 9. Yentel Caers 9.... The post PWA Mondial du Vent 2015 – Result appeared first on Continentseven.

Barracuda eaten too quickly; could have set world record

As a longtime angler, Dennis Tilden knows that the quicker a fish is prepared after it’s caught, the fresher it will taste. But Tilden, who reeled in a 32-pound Mexican barracuda recently while fishing off Costa Rica, did not know until dinner was being served that he'd be eating a potential world-record catch. Show More Summary

Long, tough SUP race with Danny Ching and other hotshots

Danny Ching is a famous SUP and outrigger canoe racer from California. Right now he's ranked #3 in the world and he has lots of first-place wins in super competitive races like the "Battle of the Paddle". That's Danny on the right, next to a top Florida racer named Brad Ward. Show More Summary

QPR in the TLS and a new surf book on the horizon

This rarely written blog resurfaces. Am stoked to have had this piece in the Freelance column of last week's Times Literary Supplement, about QPR, the American writer Robert Coover and football. Things are also looking very good for an agreement...

Sapinus Pro Tahiti Entries now open & Barcelona to open World Series in style

The Sapinus Pro Tahiti is back for 2015 and set to deliver one of the most exciting spectacles of the year: Entries are now open The Stand Up World Tour Legacy was set in stone back in 2009 with the groundbreaking Contenders project, an event that changed preconceived notions of the sport of Stand Up Paddling [...]

2015 Molokai Race Bootcamp

Note: We will offer this Bootcamp again for the 2015 Molokai race. It will follow the same format and we will hold it two days before the 2015 M2O race, on Friday July 24th. We are meeting at the Hawaii Kai boat ramp at 8:30 am.After the success of the last few year’s Molokai Race [...]

2015 Molokai 2 Oahu Race Board Rental and Buyback Program

Now that the start list has posted, we have been getting questions from customers looking for a board to use for the Molokai to Oahu race in July 2015. We still have a limited selection of performance downwind boards available for rent and we are also offering the SIC buy back program again:For those that [...]

What Happened Next

Right after the last post, exactly that day, life went into a tailspin from which I have not yet fully emerged. Loss, grief, regret, financial catastrophe and to top it all off a bad haircut. I think I aged two years in the past two months, which you really can't afford when you are my age. Show More Summary

Why aren't we skiing?

You might have heard about (or seen or experienced) the record snowfalls this winter both in the East and in the West. In fact, Hunter Mountain in upstate New York, a place I'm fond of, just received....guess what...SEVEN FEET of snow.So...Show More Summary

Snowstorm surf

I remember thinking back in December that it was an epic event to get a snowstorm in New York City. That day (it was my birthday) we got maybe a foot and a half. Since then we've gotten so much snow it's just silly. Several epic snowstorms.And today another was forecast. Show More Summary

The ocean can see really well today

That sounds like the title of a Tom Waits song, doesn't it?Here was my session today:Head high waves. Getting out no picnic. Had to do back to back turtle dives which I HATE, no time to catch your breath, plus something weird was going on where the board slipped away from me on turtles which never happens. Show More Summary

wetsuit blues

I am having trouble lasting more than an hour in this cold weather. I haven't had this trouble before and I wonder if it's my gear.I read in some surf magazine "Wetsuits are so good now that if you get cold it's your own fault." NotShow More Summary

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