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Giant manta ray somersaults with diver in rare interaction

By Pete Thomas/GrindTv Giant manta rays are revered by divers, who find their presence soothing because they’re so gentle, and soar through the ocean with such grace. But during a recent expedition to a remote area off Peru, Josh Stewart...Show More Summary

Surf's up, and strikingly beautiful, at Alaska's Turnagain Arm

By Pete Thomas/GrindTv Visitors to Alaska marvel at the vastness of the wilderness, the breathtaking scenery, and bountiful wildlife. But each spring and summer, a natural phenomenon known merely as the bore tide along Turnagain Arm, on the Cook Inlet south of Anchorage, becomes an attraction that’s dazzling in its own right. Show More Summary

Max Matissek & Rick Jendrusch in Freedom

Windsurfing means pure freedom to Max and Rick. The oceans of this world are their open roads. The post Max Matissek & Rick Jendrusch in Freedom appeared first on Continentseven.

Angler reels in fish, stunned to find large croc on his line

By Pete Thomas/GrindTv Ben Stack was admiring the fighting spirit of a small threadfin he had hooked while fishing recently off the Cape York Peninsula in Queensland, Australia, when suddenly there was a snag. Stack thought the fish had dashed for cover under a log, so he continued to pull and reel, hoping to dislodge the log and claim his prize. Show More Summary

Maciek Rutkowski on Tenerife

Maciek Rutkowski (Pol-23) returned after many months of training from Tenerife back to Poland, where he grew up and where he lives.  Maciek, a goofy skater, who loves to play Basketball and was ranked 16th... The post Maciek Rutkowski on Tenerife appeared first on Continentseven.


Akounak Teggdalit Taha Tazouhai Trailer from sahelsounds on Vimeo. 6'7" Taureg Purple MPegg, for sale- $850 6'6" Porsche Gulf Racing Orange Widowmaker, custom. Dave Parmenter and Waterman's Guild Glassing deliver in serious form on these two. They'll each get their own post but feast your eyes on those seriously juicy colours and forms for now....

Act Locally - While You Still Can!

There are many proposed laws going through state legislatures as we speak that would preempt local action for environmental protection, on issues such as reusable bag ordinances.

Today's Thought

Just a lovely, well crafted article. Read away thanks in part to Noah Sabich. (Click the pic)

John Skye – Interview and Video

John Skye released a new video about a great week on Gran Canaria. And it was about time to hook up with John for an interview. The post John Skye – Interview and Video appeared first on Continentseven.

Lipke + Highsnobiety + Mercedes

Nothing like a fast new car and a couple good waves to get the blood pumping in the morning. Highsnobiety, Mercedes, and Marlon Lipke get together to make it all work. This edit is another reminder, however, that each time we see a Mercedes it makes us want to test drive a Tesla... […]

David Bensussan and Antoine Albert in Galicia

David Bensussan & Antoine Albert drove from Marseille to Galicia to ride clean waves. And they had success. The post David Bensussan and Antoine Albert in Galicia appeared first on Continentseven.

Double Forward Loop – John Skye

Great Double Forward Loop by John Skye at Pozo Izquierdo, Gran Canaria. The post Double Forward Loop – John Skye appeared first on Continentseven.

Nic Hibdige in Brazil & on Bonaire

Nic Hibdige (K-700), one of a few professional freestyle windsurfer from UK, lived the ultimate Freestyle dream during the winter months. The post Nic Hibdige in Brazil & on Bonaire appeared first on Continentseven.

Iballa Moreno, Nicolo Boronat & Stephane Etienne at Dakhla

Iballa Ruano Moreno, Nicolo Boronat and Stephane Etienne travelled to Dakhla in the Western Sahara in January 2015. Watch their cool waveriding clip! The post Iballa Moreno, Nicolo Boronat & Stephane Etienne at Dakhla appeared first on Continentseven.

Georges Cronsteadt Finishes 3rd in Race at The Ultimate Waterman

Photo: Jim Culley A huge congrats goes to our Global Team Rider Georges Cronsteadt for finishing on podium in 3rd place in the race discipline at The Ultimate Waterman. The race, and entire event for that matter, has had the most fierce and all-around amazing waterman competing against each other for the inaugural title of [...]

Trio of stand up paddleboarders from Southport selected to represent a leading watersports brand

By Georgina Stubbs, Southport VisiterAlan Taylor Three stand up paddleboarders from Southport have been selected to represent a leading watersports brand. Co-founders of resort-based SUP North, Alan Taylor, Lucy Pearce and Simon Dunton, are the latest members to join the Starboard SUP 2015 team.The trio, who have just held Southport’s first ever stand up paddleboard race [...]

SUP Racing, Jesus Lizards

I've really been having fun lately, albeit a masochistic variety of fun, with SUP racing and training. Yesterday I won another of the local Imperial River races put on by CGT Kayaks. A couple of the differences between this race andShow More Summary

Some Waves Are Way Too Big For Me To Sail, Too.

Another day, another wave that I would need to pass on. Robby Naish posted this picture on Facebook a few days ago (photographer credit is Tracy Leboe). In his post Robby said "It was not a huge day, but the...

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