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Pushloop Tweaked – Philip Köster

Looking forward to see those kind of moves soon again. The post Pushloop Tweaked – Philip Köster appeared first on Continentseven.

Christos Loizou in Cyprus

Christos Loizou with freestyle action from Cyprus. The post Christos Loizou in Cyprus appeared first on Continentseven.

Blue Planet Kai Zen Paddle with 98? Blade Review

I recently had the chance to try out the Kai Zen Paddle with the 98? wide blade on a SUP surfing session. The Kai Zen has a super solid catch and it really grips the water, which means you get a lot more paddle power.I’m not used to the amount of grip the Kai Zen [...]

Shaka – Yentel Caers

Yentel Caers flys through a Shaka. The post Shaka – Yentel Caers appeared first on Continentseven.

Improvise (Reeb Ranch & Dupont State Forest pictorial trip report)

It was time to improvise. Original plans had the whole family going to the beach for a long weekend recently, until we realized one of the kids had a commitment we almost forgot about. So we backpedaled a bit, realized we still had 32 hours between their commitments, and starting thinking about what we could do in that time. Show More Summary

Alkali Fins!

Ellis Ericsson twin Classic Twin Classic Single Flex Single Apologies for the lag in posts, but we've been working! The planned Kidman/Parmenter design widowmaker fin set is so happening the first batch will be done next week, and Alkali Fins of Australia are the ones doing it. Show More Summary

SUP Race Report: CGT Summer Series #2

Race: Race #2 in the CGT Summer Time Trial series. Date it happened: 26 June 2016. Host: CGT Kayaks and Paddleboards, which you can become a groupie of by joining the CGT Tribe facebook page. CGT's Aaron Thomas, and John and Nick Paeno,...Show More Summary

Spock into Spock 540° one handed – Jonathan Mourgues

Spock into Spock 540° one handed by the French freestyle windsurfer Jonathan Mourgues. The post Spock into Spock 540° one handed – Jonathan Mourgues appeared first on Continentseven.

Dieter van der Eyken in the Netherlands

Freestyle World Champ Dieter van der Eyken with radical flat water freestyle action at Grevelingendam. The post Dieter van der Eyken in the Netherlands appeared first on Continentseven.

Eleazar Alonso in Gran Canaria

Eleazar Alonso aka Ele lands big air moves at his home spot Pozo Izquierdo during June 2016. The post Eleazar Alonso in Gran Canaria appeared first on Continentseven.


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River Current Effects on Paddling Speed - With Calculator

A while ago I was thinking about how river current slows down the racers in the CGT Kayaks and Paddleboards race series on the Imperial River. It's obviously that the current slows you down when you're paddling against it, and speeds you up when you're paddling with it. Show More Summary

Maximum Heart Rate and Training Zones Excel Calculator

Since getting into standup paddleboard racing I've started paying attention to physiological aspects of fitness, like Heart Rate (HR). I'm no expert in HR, but here's what I've learned from the Internets: 1. HR is a measure of how many times your heart beats in a given time period. Show More Summary

Markus Rydberg in Viking Diaries Ep. 14 – Pozo Izquierdo

Watch amazing action from Alessio Stillrich, Aleix Sanllehy, Moritz Mauch, Daida Moreno, Omar Sanchez, Dario Ojeda, etc. The post Markus Rydberg in Viking Diaries Ep. 14 – Pozo Izquierdo appeared first on Continentseven.

Nicole Bandini in South Africa and Tenerife – Video & Interview

"When I drop into a big wave I don’t think about the consequences but instead how I can improve my style and push my riding more." The post Nicole Bandini in South Africa and Tenerife – Video & Interview appeared first on Continentseven.


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