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Board Meeting Episode 4: Blue Planet SUP Race Paddle

Welcome to another episode of Board Meeting. In this episode, Robert and I will talk about Blue Planet’s new SUP race paddle prototype called the “Kai Zen” paddle. The paddle is light weight and made from high quality carbon fiber. Robert and his team are still finalizing the design and will launch the paddle on [...]

Aquece Rio Olympic Test Event

The Sailing Olympic Test Event was the fifth Aquece test event to be held in Rio de Janeiro after volleyball, rowing, triathlon, and equestrian. The test events are ongoing through February 2016 as part of both organizers’ and athletes’ preparation for the Olympics Games. Show More Summary

Activist Spotlight: We all influence our waterways

I am with Surfrider because I want to use my scientific background to promote environmental change towards a synchronization between use and conservation.

Activist Spotlight: A Worthy Pursuit

I am Surfrider because I believe that protecting our oceans and beaches is a worthy pursuit for all of us to take on.

Burner – Philip Soltysiak

Perfect Burner by the Canadian windsurfer Phil Soltysiak filmed at Sotavento, Fuerteventura. The post Burner – Philip Soltysiak appeared first on Continentseven.

Naples Water Tri and Riviera RP 14' Race SUP

Today, for the first time in more than a decade, I participated in a race that wasn't purely a windsurf or SUP race. It was the "Naples Water Tri Challenge," organized by SW Florida athletic gurus Mark Athanacio and Jen Hayes. A classic triathalon is a swim, bike ride, and run, in immediate succession. Show More Summary

This Week In Not Surfing

This Week In Not Surfing features surfing (!) and not surfing! The above a shot of an actual moment just after I'd actually surfed. And surfed a place I'd never surfed. A place not in the United States. Which effectively means I went on a surf trip. Show More Summary

Shaka – Maaike Huvermann

Shaka by Maaike Huvermann. The post Shaka – Maaike Huvermann appeared first on Continentseven.

World Belly Board Champs

It's coming up, so here's a fine instructional video. Belly boards are your secret to always getting a fun ride no matter the conditions.....


Here the tides flow,And here they ebb;Not with that dull, unsinewed tread of watersHeld under bonds to moveAround unpeopled shoresMoon-driven through a timeless circuitOf invasion and retreat;But with a lusty stroke of lifePounding at...Show More Summary

Cabeibusha, the Curly Gem – Trailer

A documentary ft. Sarah-Quita Offringa. The trailer looks very promising! Watch it now. The post Cabeibusha, the Curly Gem – Trailer appeared first on Continentseven.

Wave Ride Side Onshore – Ricardo Campello

Side Onshore wave ride by Ricardo Campello at Pozo Izquierdo including a Backside Aerial, nice turns and a Frontside Wave 360. The post Wave Ride Side Onshore – Ricardo Campello appeared first on Continentseven.

Waikiki Beaches Re-opened after Sewage Spill but Brown Water Advisory Remains in Effect Statewide

The Department of Health re-opened Waikiki beaches on Wednesday after bacteria levels dropped in the ocean from the sewage spill that affected the area in the early am hours on Monday. Signs will remain posted at the Ala Wai Small Boat Harbor and Kewalo Basin telling the public to keep out. Show More Summary

Julien Mas about his new created Live Scoring System

French Julien Mas created a Live Scoring System for freestyle. Read more about it. The post Julien Mas about his new created Live Scoring System appeared first on Continentseven.

Young Guns Camp 2015 – Photo Gallery

14 kids travelled to the Shaka Surf Center at Torbole (Lake Garda/Italy) to take part in the Young Guns Camp The post Young Guns Camp 2015 – Photo Gallery appeared first on Continentseven.

Teahupoo July 2015 red alert

Extreme barrel surfing in 10 feet+ high waves. A great film by Timothée Pruvost about red alert conditions at Teahupoo. The post Teahupoo July 2015 red alert appeared first on Continentseven.

Toad – Sarah Quita Offringa

A perfect Toad by Sarah Quita Offringa filmed at Sotavento, Fuerteventura. The post Toad – Sarah Quita Offringa appeared first on Continentseven.

The Misunderstood Shark? I Don't Think So.

Sharks get a raw deal when it comes to public perception, is the thinking of the learned and the green. "You're more likely to be killed by a falling coconut or a cow than by a shark, they say. For...

Jeremy Flores Wins Teahupo’o In A Helmet

Jeremy Flores prevailed over reigning world surfing champion Gabriel Medina at an apparel sponsored event at Teahupo’o, Tahiti today (August 25, 2015) in what was probably one of the most entertaining content production days in a long while. Even more impressive — he accomplished this feat while wearing a helmet. “Gabriel (Medina) is one really […]

Cheese Roll – Balz Müller

Cheese Roll by Balz Müller. The post Cheese Roll – Balz Müller appeared first on Continentseven.

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