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Very sad but "No Byron Bay Surf Festival this year"

"Organisers of the Byron Bay Surf Festival (BBSF) say this year’s fifth annual event will not go ahead, blaming lack of major sponsorship as well as council and government red tape for the decision.Festival director Mike Jahn and co-founders...Show More Summary

Downwind and Around an Island

7:00 AM. I'm on my way to the Cape when my cell phone rings. Peter says, "hey I just passed you on the highway. Wanna join us for a downwinder?" "You bet!" I've never met a downwinder I didn't like. Pete at Sunken Meadow Downwinder- Sunken Meadow, (Wellfleet), to First Encounter. Show More Summary

Brest is the Best

For the past few weeks I've been training in Brest, France. This Atlantic coastal town is located just about as far west as you can travel in northern France, and it's one place where I spend a lot of time training. The best thing about Brest is it's a really interesting place to race and train. Show More Summary

Culo – Giovanni Passani

A Culo by the Italian windsurfer Giovanni Passani at Lake Neusiedl, Austria. The post Culo – Giovanni Passani appeared first on Continentseven.

Mattia Pedrani at Imperia

Recently the Italian windsurfer Mattia Pedrani scored some nice waves at Imperia on the Ligurian riviera in Italy. The post Mattia Pedrani at Imperia appeared first on Continentseven.

We Have Reached Peak Hipster......

Excuse this digression into humour, but after this week and dealing with the state of insanity that is the 5 freeway and realising that driving to San Diego to collect surfboards now takes twice as long as it did a couple of years ago, I need it. Show More Summary

Surfrider College Clubs take to Capitol Hill, Part 3

Cal State Channel Island College Club Chair Kevin Piper shares his experience attending 5th Annual Blue Vision Summit in Washington, DC May 11-14th. This is a 4-part series.

NYC Surfrider Weaves Fun & Teamwork Into Bio-Swale Project

Surfers, the City and a business team up for a second year of turning a landscape "brick" into a "sponge" to absorb water, filter pollution and create beautiful wildlife habitat.

Updates on Santa Barbara Oil Spill at Refugio State Beach

On May 19, 2015, the popular and pristine beaches of Refugio State Beach were covered by sticky, smelly, black oil. Shockwaves spread through Santa Barbara—a tiny town all too familiar with oil spills. As Santa Barbara once again contends with a catastrophic spill, the memories of the devastating 1969 spill still linger. Show More Summary

Laird Hamilton’s GolfBoard Open

So big wave surfer Laird Hamilton is reportedly the co-founder of a company that makes a skateboard like golf cart that’s used at Bend, Oregon’s Tetherow Resort. It’s call the GolfBoard. And next weekend he is hosting the world’s first “GolfBoard Only Tournament.” In other words, everyone has to get around the course on a […]

Shark Mary Lee Heads South

Mary Lee has left the building. Or the coast of Long Island, which is good enough for me. When we last reported on the lovely 3,500 pound great white shark, she was idling away the hours off of Gilgo, whilst...

Katie McAnena at Magheroarty

Katie McAnena scored some big waves at Magheroarty in north west Donegal, which is one of her favorite spots for windsurfing in Ireland. The post Katie McAnena at Magheroarty appeared first on Continentseven.

2014 BWTF Annual Report

The Surfrider Foundation is pleased to release its 2014 Annual Report for the Blue Water Task Force program. The time and interest that chapters and volunteers continue to dedicate towards monitoring the water quality at their localShow More Summary

Backloop off the lip – Philip Köster

A perfect Backloop off the lip (also called Aerial Backloop) by Philip Köster at Pozo Izquierdo two days ago. The post Backloop off the lip – Philip Köster appeared first on Continentseven.

Protesting Oil Drilling in Kayaks Made of Plastic - Ironic?

There's a kayak and paddleboard-based protest happening in my hometown of Seattle, Washington. The protest is a blockade of a giant Shell Oil drilling rig that is in the harbor being readied to start drilling for oil in the Arctic Ocean. Show More Summary

Life Beyond Walls: Highway 101

Undecided on where to take a spring trip this year, Yadin Nicol and Dillon Perillo looked at the reports, packed their bags, and bought one-way tickets to Smith’s new home in Portland, Oregon. From there, the two embarked on a 1,600-mile journey down the pacific northwest coast searching for waves and avoiding sharks. Titled “Highway […]

Parmenter 6 Channel For Sale

Single - Studies of Movement - featuring Stephanie Gilmore from the Spirit of Akasha sessions by Andrew Kidman from Andrew Kidman on Vimeo. Beautiful. 6'6" Parmenter V-6, 19.75 wide x 2.75 thick. The classic, a stepped up version of the board Stephanie Gilmore rides in 'Spirit Of Akasha' and Andrew Kidman's 'Single' book. Show More Summary

Surfrider College Clubs & Staff take to Capitol Hill

On May 11-14th Surfrider staff and four college students from a variety of Surfrider Clubs across the US attend the Blue Vision Summit in DC. Hosted by the Blue Frontier Campaign, the Blue Vision Summit brought together ocean advocates, scientists, and members of industry to discuss ways to advance marine conservation.

Philip Köster at Pozo

Philip Köster definitely knows how to sail in Pozo. Watch this short clip from Philip's windsurfing session yesterday. The post Philip Köster at Pozo appeared first on Continentseven.

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