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Birds Eye View

It's sparkling, sunny, crisp. No wind. I can sit leisurely on the top of Mt Tom, my third peak of the day and my half way point, and enjoy the views without the usual rush to get back to the shelter of the trees. A birds eye view of a birds eye. Show More Summary

Adam Sims & Riccardo Marca in Cheers Mate – Ep.2

Following up on their "Cheers Mate" episodes, Adam Sims and Riccardo Marca release episode 2 from Cape Town. The post Adam Sims & Riccardo Marca in Cheers Mate – Ep.2 appeared first on Continentseven.

The Neal Purchase Jnr. Surfboards Are Here

After a bit of time getting this program on the road and getting ourselves established as official importers as well as a lot of stress trying to figure out the utterly byzantine workings of the Customs & Brokerage world, we have the first batch of Neal Purchase Jnr. Show More Summary

Goiter – Victor Fernandez Lopez

Goiter by Victor Fernandez filmed by Bartek Jankowski at El Cabezo, Tenerife. The post Goiter – Victor Fernandez Lopez appeared first on Continentseven.

Whale Breach Wow

The great Alf Imperato (the windsurfing instructor who, at my first clinic, told me "you sail fast but you do everything wrong. Everything." And who subsequently fixed me...) posted this on Facebook. Photo taken by William R. & Beach Activities...

Jacopo Testa at Cala Pischina & Chia

It is no secret that Sardinia offers some of the best wave spots in the Mediterranean Sea. The post Jacopo Testa at Cala Pischina & Chia appeared first on Continentseven.

Abstract ft. Frithjof Blaasch in South Africa

Nice wave riding in a 70's style clip ft. the German windsurfer Frithjof Blaasch in South Africa. The post Abstract ft. Frithjof Blaasch in South Africa appeared first on Continentseven.

Paraglider soars amid Aurora Borealis' dazzling beauty

Witnessing the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights, belongs on the bucket list of anyone who appreciates breathtaking natural wonders. But few have witnessed this ethereal light show as intimately as Horacio Llorens, who recently soared beneath a radiant aurora in the sky above Tromso, Norway while piloting a paraglider. Show More Summary

Water crisis in Flint reveals government’s failure to protect public health

We all look to our government to make sure the water we drink, bathe and swim in is clean. The crisis in Flint, Michigan reveals the government's failure to protect its citizens. Join Surfrider in asking EPA and the President to live up to their responsibility to protect public health at the beach.

Short Board Tack – Aleix Sanllehy

Aleix Sanllehy has an interesting tacking technique, which seems to work well in high wind side-on conditions. The post Short Board Tack – Aleix Sanllehy appeared first on Continentseven.

Snow-windsurfing in Latvia

Krisjanis Tutans rides the snow when the sea is frozen at his home beach in Latvia The post Snow-windsurfing in Latvia appeared first on Continentseven.

Very Windy Session with 3.5 Sail

My smallest windsurfing sail is 3.5 meters squared. Mostly it collects mildew at the bottom of the pile in my van, since to use it requires exceptionally strong wind. But Saturday we had exceptionally strong NW wind in SW Florida, and I got to use the sail for an unprecedented two hours of uninterrupted major wind power. Show More Summary

Air Chacho Crash – Antony Ruenes

A nasty crash by the French windsurfer Antony Ruenes. The post Air Chacho Crash – Antony Ruenes appeared first on Continentseven.

Kainoa McGee Ohana Surf Project Mobile Command Center

I got a first hand tour of the mobile command center for Kainoa McGee’s Ohana Surf Project. Sean Anderson shows us both the Mercedes Sprinter van and the school bus looking board van. I have to say that I was impressed. This was the first time I’ve seen a Mercedes Sprinter used for a surf [...]

Puls Boards – Brand Profile

Puls Boards is a young windsurfing custom board manufacturer from Poland. Read more. The post Puls Boards – Brand Profile appeared first on Continentseven.

Kevin Pritchard visits Denmark in Dezember – Video & Interview

"Oh SH#)$ what did I get myself into," was Kevin's first thought arriving in Denmark. Later he rides icy winter swell at Hanstholm and Agger. The post Kevin Pritchard visits Denmark in Dezember – Video & Interview appeared first on Continentseven.

Burner – Valentin Böckler

Burner by the German freestyle windsurfer Valentin Böckler. The post Burner – Valentin Böckler appeared first on Continentseven.

Wavesup with Angulo Surfa 10'4 and Exocet WindSUP 10'2

The other day I paddled in the waves with my windsurf buddy Alex. He has a cool new board- an Exocet WindSUP 10'2, which is pretty similar in dimensions and design intent to my modified Angulo Surfa 10'4. I.e., it's intended to be a maneuverable mid-sized SUP board that also functions as a full-planing windsurf board. Show More Summary

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