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Hacking an MP3 Player Designed for the Pool to Increase Volume

So I decided to hack my Sony Walkman Swim Headphones – an imperfect but adequate solution to a volume problem. This past Christmas, I received an MP3 player which can be worn while swimming. I was excited but afraid some of the more negative reviews I'd read might be true. Show More Summary

Chlorine impacts performance?

Does anyone know if this is legitimate?Data appears unsourced, so I'm skeptical, though I've heard that chlorinated pools may be cause for some asthma.

Monthly Review of Swimming

Check out our posts from the Month of May! Altitude Training for Body Fat Loss? Does Swimming Build Muscle? Motivational Levels in Champion Athletes Which Carbohydrates Should I Eat Before Practice?... Read Full Post

Monthly Review of Swimming

Check out our posts from the Month of April! Does Swimming Build Muscle? 4 Ways to Reduce Drag in Freestyle Force Production Timing in Freestyle Guide to Swimmer's Shoulder, Part I Guide to Swimmer's Shoulder, Part II Muscle Strength... Read Full Post

Swimming Off Into the Sunset

Those of you that have followed the Adventure Beard and I across the last 5+ years have probably noticed that there hasn’t been a lot to follow recently. At the beginning of the year I turned my attentions towards academic pursuits at the cost of my blogging time. After thinking about it for a couple [...]

Review: Underwater Audio Waterproof iPod System

A long time ago the nice people over at Underwater Audio sent me a waterproofed iPod to play with. Unfortunately they hit me while I was deep in scholastic focus which has been pretty bad for my swimming. I’ve been getting to the lake/ocean when I can but there has been almost no pool time [...]

The Triple Martini Club Doubles!

This weekend I helped put together a Double Triple Martini event that ended up a triple triple… that sounds confusing but it will all make sense shortly! A while back one of our ocean swimmers Casey, who also happens to be an up and coming pro triathlete, declared an interest in swimming the triple martini. [...]

A Little More Splash and Dash

The Splash and Dash covered a city pool, a mile worth of city streets and big loops though the Hancock College Campus… unfortunately I only got to see a third of the action. The good news is that I’ve had pictures trickling in from a few different places and thought I’d share some bonus shots that [...]

A Semester of Splash and Dash

A good portion of my Spring Semester has been filled up with preparing for the Hancock Splash and Dash which is a community fitness event put on by Recreation Management students at Hancock College in Santa Maria. I was a participant in 2012 and that’s actually what turned me onto the major. I had never [...]

The Adventure Beard Goes Freestyle

Recently I heard an ad on the radio for a Tattoo & Art event at the Santa Maria Fairpark that grabbed my attention because it included a beard competition run by the LA Beard and Mustache Club. I haven’t been able to find my way into another bearding event since I went to the Wiskerino [...]

Santa Cruz Island Redeems Itself

A couple months ago I was walking through Pismo Beach and spotted a big poster with information on parks and recreation programs in the city. Since I’ve been studying Recreation Management at college this year it reached out and grabbed my attention… I have radar for this stuff now! In reading through everything I spotted [...]

Better Pools Considering New Chemical Choices

2013 started off with a bang at the annual Country Club Managers Association Convention held this year in Las Vegas, where visitors were treated to a variety of new innovations and improvements on old stand-bys that club managers can bring home to their wealthy clientele. Show More Summary

Finally Under Fifty

It was only a matter of time until we hit a day with water in the 40?s. We don’t get a ton of it, but February to April is prime season for some freezing. Temps had been hovering around 51 on the nearest buoy but we know that you typically have a standard two degree [...]

Recreational Diversification

Things have been quiet around here and I have a fantastically large pile of excuses to choose from for it :) My best one is that my main pool exploded. Some sort of major pump burst and has shut things down for weeks… every time we hit the last best guess as to when we’d [...]

Swimming On

The time has come for mw to move on to other things. All the best to everyone, I have enjoyed my time here. Swim on!

A Look at a Few Hand Paddles from Finis

I looked in my swim bag and realized that I had several types of hand paddles from the same company, Finis. Among other paddles in my bag, I have Finis' Agility, Freestyler, and Forearm Fulcrum models. Why do I have different kinds, and what are the different kinds of Finis hand paddles used for in a swim workout?

Schedule for 2013 Swimming World Championships in Barcelona

The next major swimming competition after the 2012 Olympics is the 2013 World Swimming Championships in Barcelona. World championships in open water swimming, synchronized swimming, diving, water polo, and pool swimming will be contested between 19 July and 4 August 2013. The open water portion of world champs is 20-27 July.

IM Workout for Strokes and Turns

This swim workout uses 50s, 100s, and 200s to give swimmers work on all strokes and turns for an individual medley. When you swim this IM workout, think about the stroke and think about the turns!

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