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Newman Darby R.I.P.

Newman Darby invented the windsurfer. He wasn’t successful at marketing it, and his design needed refinement, but he up and invented it. There are people who quibble over this fact, but Jim Drake (the design half of Drake and Hoyle....

SUP Race Report: CGT Superlap Series #1

Race: Race #1 in the CGT Winter Time Trial series, aka the "Superlap Series" because of a new race format. Date it happened: 4 December 2016. Host: CGT Kayaks and Paddleboards, which you can become a groupie of by joining the CGT Tribe facebook page. Show More Summary

Gale Warning! The Wolf Bleeds...

"3.4?" Jan cried, "then I can't sail!" "It's up and down" I replied. It was honking, with big swings in wind strength. The consensus was that even though the holes in the wind meant shlogging with three meter sails, nobody...

SUP Race Report: CGT Series 2016 Final

Race: Race #9 (the last one) in the CGT Summer Time Trial series. Date it happened: 20 November 2016. Host: CGT Kayaks and Paddleboards, which you can become a groupie of by joining the CGT Tribe facebook page. Location: Riverside Park on the Imperial River in downtown Bonita Springs, Florida. Show More Summary


The photo sequence below is the same wave in this video

Scott Believes That We Shall Rip on Sunday (5 W's)

Who: Puffins. Wind Chimps. Men of Wind and Water. And Women (that all counts as one W.) What: Shall windsurf in 25+ mph winds. When: Sunday. See the headline. Where: Well now that's always the question. A list of the...

Windsurf Foiling

I got the foil bug and have started windsurf foiling. I began researching it last spring. One of the things I was looking for was a foil that could go with one of my existing boards so I wouldn't have to invest in yet another board (at least not yet) just for foiling. Show More Summary

SUP Race Report: Englewood Beach PaddleFest

Race: Englewood Beach PaddleFestDate it happened: 12 November 2016. Host/Sponsors: Hosted by "Hooked on SUP Paddlesports" and a bunch of other sponsors and volunteers listed on the race's paddleguru page. Location: The Gulf of Mexico off Englewood Beach, Florida, and into Stump Pass inlet. Show More Summary

Rip Rip Ripping

4.7 is my favorite sail size. Yes it is yes it is yes it is. You can have your 4.2 days (I'll take those too, actually, and everything else!) I like 4.7 best. That's what we got at Sebonac yesterday....

Today it is going to be windy

If you can get on the water, do it. The Wind Chimp/Puffin collective is chirping about Sebonac Inlet and Meschutt. Wet we shall be!

Basic Fun Board Moves

We started filming windsurfing moves in 1999, when digital video cameras hit the market. Our first camera was a Sony Digital 8. Sony had a great water housing available, what allowed us to film in 40+ knots and flying sand conditions from great angles already. I can remember filming in the lagoons of Sotavento in […]

Gamer Girls, by Rhonda

In addition to being a multi-published science fiction / fantasy writer, my talented wife is also an adept video game player. She was recently commissioned by the video game news website "Gamers Sphere" to write a blog article aboutShow More Summary

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