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Lightning Strike Video

How cool is this (or how hot? Look at the plasma lit in the air as the lightning fades!)

Windsurfing is a board sport

I got in touch with skateboarding, windsurfing and snowboarding pretty much at the same time. It all started in the mid to late 80ties, when Madonna released La is la Bonita, when Sylvester Stallone Rocky Balboa fought his fight in Rocky IV or when Nidecker started to built their first snowboards. I was stoked by […]

For Sale

Welcome in my “For Sale” area. I only offer used gear, which is in good condition and without any breakage! Just contact me and I will send you an offer (prices). I can handle the shipping through UPS with tracking number and can send you detailed pictures of the products you are interested in. […]

Goodbye winter – welcome spring 2015

We had a long winter in Austria, but the April saw great wind conditions. Still chilly, but sailable with gloves and hood. The water level is nice, what allows to sail behind the little reed islands. Kerstin took a few shots recently, riding the lake with the 82 Twinser and a 4,7 m. That was […]

Two Four Two

“All I sail is 4.2” Scott proclaimed. We were in the parking lot at Tiana Beach, rigging for what was going to be the second second day of back to back 4.2 sessions (the previous weekend ‘s Sebonac fest having...

Donald Trump To Build A Wall (On A Surfing Beach)

Save the Waves is trying to stop Donald Trump from building a wall on an Irish beach to protect his private golf course from the effects of climate change. Which he doesn't believe in. Go to Save the Waves web...

Sexy Space Opera, Part II

My wife, Rhonda Mason, is a published author. Today is the release of her second book, Cloak of War, which is the follow-up to her critically-acclaimed sci-fi debut, The Empress Game. You can order both books on her website, or find them at Barnes and Noble.

Epic Weekend Pays Off The Big Buildup (except for CD)

“This week has been crazy” Christian said. “There has been nonstop texting about where to sail since Tuesday! It had indeed been nuts. But after what seemed like 4.5 days of nonstop text traffic we were at Sebonac Inlet (instead...

SUP Race Report: Imperial River Challenge 2016

Race: The Imperial River Challenge. Date it happened: 22 October 2016. Host/Sponsors: Hosted by the town of Bonita Springs. Sponsored by CGT Kayaks and Paddleboards, and lots of other Bonita Springs businesses including the Shangri-La...Show More Summary

This Weekend We Sail

Windsurfing, yes. Sebonac Inlet looks good as of press time!

Hookipa 10/20/16

super challenging conditions, light wind

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