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May Action and TS Ana!

We are well into the prime late Spring/early Summer wave sailing season on the OBX, and the crew down south have been scoring on the south side from Frisco to Hatteras Inlet! Recent NE winds and south side swell have lined up some quite nice conditions down there. Show More Summary

Oman Desert Windsurfing

Camille Juban, Antoine Martin, friends and a camera team travelled to Oman during July 2014 and produced a nice clip. The post Oman Desert Windsurfing appeared first on Continentseven.

Forward Loop Stalled – Ricardo Campello

Ricardo Campello has amazing control during this Stalled Forward Loop at Pozo Izquierdo. He landed this move during his quarterfinal heat against Philip Köster at the Gran Canaria Wind and Waves Festival 2014. The post Forward Loop Stalled – Ricardo Campello appeared first on Continentseven.

Lazy Susan Crash – Clemens Müller

This Lazy Susan crash by Clemens Müller looks painful. Ouch. The post Lazy Susan Crash – Clemens Müller appeared first on Continentseven.

Great Big Shark

The only people I want to hear telling me that sharks are beautiful creatures that pose no danger to humans are windsurfers and SUPpers who have had a shark display interest in them while out on the water. Happened to...

Levi Siver Through My Eyes Ep.1

Levi Siver released the very first episode of his video series "Through My Eyes", in which he gives some insight to his daily routine on Maui. The post Levi Siver Through My Eyes Ep.1 appeared first on Continentseven.

Windsurfing at Peahi & Lanes

Watch a great film featuring Jason Polakow, Robby Swift and Morgan Noireaux, who scored two incredible windsurfing days. The post Windsurfing at Peahi & Lanes appeared first on Continentseven.

Double Forward Loop Stalled – Philip Köster

Philip Köster shows a perfect stalled Double Forward Loop. The post Double Forward Loop Stalled – Philip Köster appeared first on Continentseven.

Majanicho Winter waves

Jean-Mat de Ridder enjoyed riding the clean waves at Majanicho at the fullest and got skills at Fuerteventura's rugged North Shore. The post Majanicho Winter waves appeared first on Continentseven.

Amado Vrieswijk on Bonaire

A firework of freestyle moves by the Bonairian windsurfer Amado Vrieswijk. A must see. The post Amado Vrieswijk on Bonaire appeared first on Continentseven.

Orange Bowl Paddle Championships (SUP race)

Saturday I got up early and went with Matt Kearney of the CGT Kayaks and Paddleboards race team to the Orange Bowl Paddle Championships in Miami. The event was put on by the same people who put on the Orange Bowl football game, so there...Show More Summary

A windsurfing session with friends

Cameramen are overrated. Watch the latest clip ft. Davy Scheffers, Guy Meiers, Matthijs van Dijk, Remko de Zeeuw. The post A windsurfing session with friends appeared first on Continentseven.

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