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Five Last Rounds in Louisville

Photo: Focus on Sport/Getty Images Five Last Rounds in Louisville Excerpted from the book Approaching Ali: A Reclamation in Three Acts by Davis Miller Music: Isaac Miller May, 1988 One I n the month since I met Ali at his mother’s and...Show More Summary

Lessons learned from watching an empty baseball game

There were no surprises, but there were a couple things to learn. This should have been a Bill Veeck stunt, the idea of an owner with the imagination of a stoned college freshman. What if they played a baseball game in front of no one, man? It should have been a stunt, a lark, something to break up the tedium of the 162-game season. It was not. Show More Summary

Previewing the Sweet Sixteen/the future of space travel

Will Liechtenstein get to the moon before Northwestern makes the tournament? The Sweet 16 starts today, so we bumped up Punt Brothers by 24 hours so you can get predictions on the games from Rodger Sherman before they're all proven completely wrong. Show More Summary

Eastern Washington guarantees win against Georgetown in NCAA Tournament

No. 13 Eastern Washington is not lacking confidence. We tried to tell you about the Eastern Washington Eagles. Jim Hayford's team finished 26-8 and won the Big Sky tournament to make the NCAA field for only the second time in program...Show More Summary

Punt Brothers Podcast: John Calipari Could've Been King of the Trailer Parks

We all make choices in life. Did John Calipari abandon his true career path too early? You know John Calipari as the head basketball coach of the undefeated Kentucky Wildcats. But he once lived a different life, as USA Today reporter Nicole Auerbach discovered, and he had to choose between his twin loves: hoops and landlording. Show More Summary

Listen to a dramatic reading of Alex Rodriguez's apology letter

In a world... where apologies are made... To help you process the earnest, heartfelt, not-run-by-30-different-lawyers-and-publicists apology letter from Alex Rodriguez, allow SB Nation to present a dramatic reading of the letter to you. This is certainly how it sounded in A-Rod's head, we assure you.

Punt Brothers fixes All-Star Weekend and your love life at the same time

The solutions are separate, of course. Unless your significant other is really into 18 foot jumpers. Punt Brothers is back with a vengeance, featuring returning guest and romance expert Mike Prada, SB Nation's NBA editor. Mike helpsShow More Summary

Punt Brothers drives a stake into 2014

You had some good things, Calendar Year, but now it's time for you to go. DID YOU KNOW: Today is the last day of 2014. That means it's a good time to have on Dan Rubenstein, SB Nation video personality and one half of the Solid Verbal to review this trip around the sun and talk about our favorite and least favorite sports-things from it. Show More Summary

Punt Brothers invites Canada to the Pro Bowl

Mostly to distract Michigan fans from the whole Harbaugh thing. Punt Brothers is back with an extra-long episode made especially for you. Yes, you! The person reading this! This week, Jane and Ryan are talking about: - Jim Harbaugh,Show More Summary

Rajon Rondo trade rumors pop up again

It's December, which means it's time for rumors about Rajon Rondo's future. This time, though, the Celtics may finally be serious about moving him. Interest in point guard Rajon Rondo has begun to ramp up again, but Boston Celtics president...Show More Summary

NBA trade rumors: Danny Ainge downplays Rajon Rondo trade talk

The Celtics' team president didn't say much when asked about the latest round of Rajon Rondo trade rumors. Interest in point guard Rajon Rondo has begun to ramp up again, but Boston Celtics president Danny Ainge will do nothing but hold...Show More Summary

Punt Brothers is destroying the past for no reason

While talking about Arizona and Baylor, of course. OH SNAP SECOND EPISODE OF PUNT BROTHERS THIS WEEK  MAYBE IT'S BECAUSE YOU ATE ALL YOUR VEGETABLES WHO'S TO SAY Today, Jane and I chat with Mark Seymour of Our Daily Bears about Baylor's case for a playoff spot and what Art Briles would and would not find sufficiently American. Show More Summary

Punt Brothers is having Nick Saban nightmares & Gary Patterson dreams

We probably need to stop huffing paint before bedtime. DISCLOSURE: When we planned this week's double episode edition of Punt Brothers, we were assuming TCU, Baylor, Ohio State, and Arizona would be fighting for the fourth spot in the College Football Playoff. Show More Summary

Punt Brothers will give you this Sega Genesis for Rajon Rondo

Do not push for Neo-Geo, though. That's a non-starter. This week on Punt Brothers, Jane and Ryan bring back Paul Flannery, widely regarded as the stretch four of the NBA writing world, to discuss: - Why we can't shut up about the Lakers -...Show More Summary

Quotables: Seahawks call Marshawn Lynch accusations 'bogus'

The Seahawks were quick to back up their star running back, while Donovan McNabb had harsh words for the Jets quarterback plans. "We are comfortable these accusations are bogus." -Seattle Seahawks, on investigation involving Marshawn...Show More Summary

COLLEGE FOOTBALL GAMBLING: The 2014 Big 12's best bets

Welcome back to our weekly college football gambling column. It's called COLLEGE FOOTBALL GAMBLING. Today, let's talk about the second of five power conferences: the Big 12. The Big 12 is an extremely frustrating league to handicap in the preseason. And there is one reason: the Texas Longhorns. Show More Summary


Welcome to our weekly college football gambling column. It's called COLLEGE FOOTBALL GAMBLING. Today, let's talk about the first of five power conferences: the ACC. The ACC is the power league with the most ridiculous conference odds, because it includes Florida State. Show More Summary

Dramatic Jon Morosi tweets

For no apparent reason, here are selected Jon Morosi tweets read with a dramatic voice. Sorry. But it makes the deadline more exciting.

Future TV analysts of the world, unite!

If you've read all the articles at Baseball Nation and its affiliated websites today, and are still desperate for media to consume, I recommend this terrific anti-Selig broadside from Kris Liakos and Rob Iracane. As a sometime contributor...Show More Summary

Ron Cey and the worst baseball songs ever recorded

So there are two really great things about this record: 1. There's a penguin on the label! 2. It's not even two-and-a-half minutes long... Then again, that's the B-side of the record. Maybe the A-side is fantastic! I mean, sure, the Beatles' 45's were great on both sides. Show More Summary

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