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God told Rex Ryan not to challenge a call

The Bills lost a back-and-forth battle with the Chiefs on Sunday, and part of the issue might have been God actively conspiring against them. @ByTimGraham this guy? #bills — Mark Miller (@MarkMiller30) November...Show More Summary

Jeremy Maclin outduels Sammy Watkins to lead Chiefs to 30-22 win

The Bills forced the ball to Sammy Watkins for two quarters, then inexplicably stopped throwing his way in the second half. The gameplan for the Buffalo Bills on Sunday appeared to be throw to Sammy Watkins over and over, and it worked excellently early. Show More Summary

Did you know 'roughing the holder' and 'leaping' are NFL penalties? The Bucs might not have!

We had some Weird NFL Penalty Theater in Bucs-Colts. Chris Conte of the Buccaneers tried the old jump-the-line-and-block-the-field-goal play. But he missed, hit the Colts' holder, and was called for a rare "leaping" penalty, giving the...Show More Summary

Jets' Chris Ivory blasts through 5 different Dolphins tacklers for touchdown

The cool thing here is how quickly Chris Ivory goes from EVASIVE DANCIN' mode to BONE CRUSHIN' mode to break these tackles. Ivory's so impossible to tackle that this dude can't even get close before he eats it:

The ref in the Buccaneers-Colts game was very confused

Sometimes even reviewing a play isn't enough to make the refs sure of what the call is. Leave him alone. He's doing his best!

Jaguars WR Allen Hurns stretchered off with head injury

Hurns suffered a concussion that ended with him stretchered off the field in Jacksonville. Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver Allen Hurns was stretchered off the field following a head injury after attempting to make a diving reception...Show More Summary

Just watch this ridiculous Odell Beckham Jr. catch

The Giants have struggled for much of the day against Washington, but when you have Odell Beckham Jr. on your side there's always a chance. This is one of the most wholly ridiculous catches you'll see, rivaled by very few -- including...Show More Summary

'Sunday Night Football' 2015 live stream: How to watch Patriots vs. Broncos online

Brock Osweiler vs. Tom Brady headlines Week 12 "Sunday Night Football." The Denver Broncos and New England Patriots are two of the NFL's best teams and have been over the years. The highlight has typically been the quarterback battle between Peyton Manning and Tom Brady, indisputably the two best quarterbacks in a very long time. Show More Summary

LeSean McCoy borrowed his new celebration from convicted murderer Aaron Hernandez

LeSean McCoy has a new celebration! The Bills are working on a comeback and this touchdown bought them a little closer, so LeSean McCoy opened the safe up and made it rain! Wait, have we seen that somewhere before? Oh, uh, well then...

Referee comes thiiiis close to getting destroyed by defender after falling on his butt

It's not nice to laugh at someone when they fall down, but if America's Funniest Home Videos taught us anything it's that its totally okay to laugh at people falling when they're on TV. This play is beautiful for the unison backpedal with Tyrod Taylor. Show More Summary

Jordan Zimmermann's $110M Deal Is Good Move to Kick off Tigers' Latest Revamp

Last winter, the Washington Nationals signed a front-line starter away from the Detroit Tigers. On Sunday, the Tigers returned the favor — and kicked off their latest revamp in earnest. Last year it was Max Scherzer who went from the Motor City to the nation's capital. Show More Summary

T.Y. Hilton busts out the Sexy Pan's Labyrinth touchdown dance

T.Y. Hilton's touchdown grab gave the Colts a second-half lead over the Bucs, and his celebration was an SB Nation favorite: William Gay of the Steelers did something very similar last season, and at the time we couldn't decide whether it was a sexy moose or a sexy Hombre Pálido From Pan's Labyrinth. Either way, it is very good. Thank you, T.Y.

Travis Kelce scores TD, hits the Quan

When Travis Kelce scored to put the Chiefs up on the Buffalo Bills, he had a surprise in store for fans. Could The Quan be the latest dance move to gain popularity in the sports world and have a bunch of old men trying to keep up with hip hop? I really hope not. Frank Beamer probably can't hit this one quite as well as he dabs. Kelce sure can though.

Blake Bortles set his awareness rating to 0, can't stop throwing past the line of scrimmage

Blake Bortles is having a little problem against the Chargers. He's completely forgotten where the line of scrimmage is. This happened not once, but TWICE. To be fair: Bortles doesn't have that big blue line telling him where the line of scrimmage is. That's the best excuse we can muster -- because it's pretty hilarious. On both attempts Bortles was called for an illegal pass.

Monmouth's over-the-top bench celebrations are the most fun thing about college basketball

Other teams have tried. But no benchwarmers have ever been as great at celebrating as the Monmouth Hawks' benchwarmers. The Monmouth Hawks are perhaps the best story of the early college basketball season. The team from the tiny MAAC has taken on some of college basketball's giants and won. They beat UCLA in overtime at UCLA. Show More Summary

The Raiders ended the half with a bunch of laterals and a loss of 6 yards

With time expiring in the second half, the Raiders were trying everything to get the ball in the end zone. Even sacrificing a full grown human being to the football gods. This play did not end in a touchdown, but it did end in Seth Roberts getting fully devoured by Jurrell Casey. Show More Summary

The Chiefs scored because the Bills were too slow to challenge Jeremy Maclin catch

The Chiefs may have caught a big break when Rex Ryan and the Bills failed to challenge what was ruled a 37-yard catch by Jeremy Maclin in the second quarter. Kansas City hurried to the line and handed off to Spencer Ware, who scored from three yards out on the very next play. Show More Summary

Geoff Schwartz is latest Giants starting OL to suffer big injury

Schwartz will have to miss some time with a lower leg fracture. New York Giants offensive lineman Geoff Schwartz sustained a fractured left leg against Washington on Sunday. Schwartz was rolled up on and limped to the sidelines, where he was examined by the medical staff. Show More Summary

Red Bulls vs. Crew 2015 live stream: Time, TV schedule and how to watch MLS playoffs online

The New York Red Bulls are in a massive hole. The New York Red Bulls have never won MLS Cup, and their hopes of capturing the title for the first time in their history took a massive hit in the first leg of the Eastern Conference finals. Show More Summary

The Bengals tried to throw a jump ball to a 300-pound tackle

The Bengals tried to throw the ball to Jake Fisher, an offensive tackle, and it did not work. It was, however, hilarious. I BELIEVE I CAN FLY I BELIEVE I CAN TOUCH THE SKY THINK ABOUT IT EVERY NIGHT AND DAY THROW THE FADE AND GET ME PAID Sports needs more of this. Luckily for the Bengals, the pass was ruled incomplete.

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