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Lawrence Okoye turns down Oxford education for Dolphins training camp

Lawrence Okoye has been chasing his NFL dream for four years, but is willing to pass on other opportunities to keep after it. In the last four years, defensive tackle Lawrence Okoye has been on six different NFL rosters, but hasn’t yet made an appearance in a game. Show More Summary

Kevin Durant joined the Warriors because we demanded that he win an NBA title

NBA fans demand rings, and Kevin Durant and the Warriors did exactly what they should. There were two commercials during and after the last game of the NBA Finals that captured the culture of the league. First up was Dr. J giving a soliloquy: “The Finals. Show More Summary

Zaza Pachulia yelled 'No Game 7' during NBA Finals celebration

Pachulia was making fun of his past with the Atlanta Hawks. Zaza Pachulia — setter of many screens, scorer of not many points, and alleged dirty player — was shouting “No Game 7” after the game while standing next to Klay Thompson. Bffs...Show More Summary

UCF says its kicker can’t make money off of YouTube videos because ... NCAA

Students and athletes are equal in the eyes of the organization, until they aren’t. UCF kicker Donald De La Haye is something of a YouTube star. With a channel boasting over 50,000 subscribers, he’s carved out a nice little space for...Show More Summary

Rap songs about NBA Finals players, ranked from Soulja Boy to Lil B

The (un)official soundtrack to Game 5 and beyond. We’re in the middle (or at the end) of the 2017 NBA Finals and if you’re a basketball fan, you’re probably watching. But really, you should be listening. Not to Jeff Van Gundy’s rambling,...Show More Summary

Jonathan Crompton says he felt ‘animosity’ towards Tennessee after his career ended

The quarterback says he developed a “genuine dislike” for Knoxville. Former Tennessee quarterback Jonathan Crompton apparently is still moving on from his experience with Vol fans when he was in Knoxville. The former UT signal caller,...Show More Summary

Michael Jordan's 'flu game' was 20 years ago today and you're old

1997 was a long time ago and I’m sorry. This post will probably make you feel old and for that I am sorry, but June 11th marks the 20th anniversary of Michael Jordan’s “Flu Game.” You can actually watch the entire game here, while you wait another day for the NBA Finals to start back up. Show More Summary

Which NFL player would you clone to play every position?

Just imagine a football field with 22 Khalil Macks. Versatility is a good skill to have in football, but it’s a sport of specialization. Von Miller doesn’t have to throw passes, Tom Brady doesn’t have to rush opposing passers, and Odell Beckham Jr. Show More Summary

Paul Pierce calls Kevin Durant ‘the new best player in the NBA’ after Game 3

Pierce hinted that KD might be better than LeBron after Game 2. After Game 3, he came right out with it. After Kevin Durant’s heroic Game 3 performance that included a 14-point fourth quarter, Paul Pierce said on ESPN, “What we’re witnessing...Show More Summary

Warriors vs. Cavaliers Game 3 was everything we wanted

Game 3 was perfect basketball promising a competitive series... and then Golden State won. The Golden State Warriors — undead zombies, unkillable foes, impossible opponents — won Game 3 in Cleveland on Wednesday. It took them finishing...Show More Summary

3 possible reasons Lonzo Ball didn't wear his own shoe at his Lakers workout

Lonzo Ball wore James Harden’s signature shoe at his Lakers workout Lonzo Ball said he was going to wear his signature ZO2 shoe throughout his rookie season, but he didn’t wear them during his first pre-draft workout with the Los Angeles...Show More Summary

Allen Iverson stepping over Tyronn Lue 16 years ago is a moment that might not ever happen again

Iverson lost the 2001 Finals. In today’s #RINGZ culture, would we even care about what he did? Sixteen years ago today, Allen Iverson shook Tyronn Lue, buried the jumper, stepped over him on his way back down the court, and stole his soul. Show More Summary

Which NBA superstar could the Cavaliers add to keep up the Warriors?

Adding Kevin Durant to a 73-win team created an unstoppable juggernaut. How can we balance the scales? As the Warriors have raced to a 2-0 lead in the NBA Finals, anyone hoping for a competitive series has mumbled the only analysis necessary: the Warriors won 73 games and then added Kevin freaking Durant. Show More Summary

Warriors fans see bias in the NBA's officiating crew for Game 2

It’s true: Scott Foster and Golden State have not got along well over the past few years. Scott Foster, Tony Brothers, and James Capers will refereeing Game 2 of the NBA Finals on Sunday, and it’s causing Warriors fans to groan all across the internet. Show More Summary

If the Cavaliers’ offense is in trouble, they should just chuck the ball out of bounds

We’re being serious. Better than allowing the Warriors a fast break. Here’s an obvious fact about the Golden State Warriors: they are a terror on the fast break. The combination of Kevin Durant coming at you and Stephen Curry spotting up for three is impossible to handle. In Game 1, the Cavaliers handled it by... Show More Summary

WWE Extreme Rules 2017: Full rundown and why you should care

Get ready for a show with some extreme (and not so extreme) stipulations. Welcome to WWE’s annual tribute to 80s hair band, Extreme: Extreme Rules. I briefly considered making a reference to Extreme songs in every match preview, butShow More Summary

Ranking all 19 of Nick Saban’s losses at Bama by how happy they’ve made the world

He’s had so few, you might remember all of them. Take this as a compliment, Bama fan. Your team is in the middle of probably the greatest dynasty in college football history (minus the “probably”), and your coach has so few losses (he’s 114-19 at Bama) that almost all of them are memorable by average fans. Enjoyed by devoted Bama haters 19. Show More Summary

The 5 best photos from the Bryce Harper-Hunter Strickland brawl

You’ve seen the moving images. But the still images might be even better. Hunter Strickland threw a baseball at Bryce Harper, who charged the mound and threw his helmet at the invisible devils that have been heckling him since he was 6. Show More Summary

Nashville became its own kind of hockeytown

Nashville likes sports. Hockey is a sport. It’s the Stanley Cup Final. Let’s not overthink ‘hockeytowns.’ “I listen to real country, but not this shit.” Ten years ago next week I was standing in a green room at something called the CMA...Show More Summary

7 definitive ways to decide LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan for good

Why won’t anyone consider these very important, totally serious stats when arguing LeBron vs. Jordan?! Has LeBron James surpassed Michael Jordan? It’s a debate that has been raging over the past week now that James is headed to his seventh straight NBA Finals, a series that could potentially give him the fourth championship of his career. Show More Summary

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