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Up to 18 Reported Dead on Everest In Quake-Triggered Avalanche

Across Nepal, there is widespread devastation, death, and anguish after a 7.8 earthquake struck 48 miles northwest of the capital Kathmandu near noon local time, with more than 1,400 already reported dead, and the effects

Looks Who’s Getting An Icon Award

The International Assn. of Skateboard Companies (IASC) and the International Skateboarding Hall of Fame (ISHOF) are proud to announce this year’s Icon Award recipients for the 6th Annual Skateboarding Hall of Fame: Steve Van Doren, James O’Mahoney and Tracker Trucks. The Skateboarding Hall of Fame will be held during the IASC Summit on May 14 […]

Tyler Bledsoe in the Grotto

Tyler's got this park wired. These tricks are nuts! The post Tyler Bledsoe in the Grotto appeared first on Transworld Skateboarding.

SIDEWAYS: Graham Jarvis

By Mark Kariya Extreme enduros are relatively recent phenomena, making the sport’s heroes stand out even more than the seemingly impossible terrain they appear to conquer effortlessly. The best of these riders tend to come from an observed trials background—no surprise—and have managed to transpose the magical skills acquired in that genre to what are […]

Exciting List of Riders for X Games Step Up Qualifier

—PRESS RELEASE— See it in person in conjunction with the Vegas EnduroCross   Irvine, CA. (April 24th) – Last month, X Games announced the first ever X Games Step Up qualifier event to be held in collaboration with the 2015 GEICO AMA EnduroCross Round 3 on May 1, 2015, at the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas. […]

12 Pack presented by Imperial Motion: Alex Massotti

Alex put down a 12 Pack with style. The post 12 Pack presented by Imperial Motion: Alex Massotti appeared first on Transworld Skateboarding.

The Killing Floor, Prism Trailer

The first full length video from Portland, Oregon's The Killing Floor skateboards will premiere here on Monday! The post The Killing Floor, Prism Trailer appeared first on Transworld Skateboarding.

Madison, WI Skatepark Groundbreaking

After years or working toward a skatepark in Madison, WI proper, construction crews have broken ground. The post Madison, WI Skatepark Groundbreaking appeared first on Transworld Skateboarding.

In This Issue: May 2015

Here's a sneak peek at what's inside. The post In This Issue: May 2015 appeared first on Transworld Skateboarding.

Matt Berger’s Pro Part

After a breakthrough few years in the streets and contest circuit alike it was a no brainer to give him the professional nod. The post Matt Berger’s Pro Part appeared first on Transworld Skateboarding.

RAZORBLADE starring Jimmy Carlin

Any skater that has ever had to set up a new board at the spot can relate to this problem. The post RAZORBLADE starring Jimmy Carlin appeared first on Transworld Skateboarding.

Weekend Cabin: House in the Sea, Cornwall, England

Dude. The House in the Sea, in Cornwall, England, is straight up fancy. There’s no “quaint,” “charming,” or “rustic.” It’s an immaculately designed cottage that somehow manages to look completely comfortable and homey. The decor

Square Shooter: Erika Skogg’s Traveler’s Eye-View

What’s the difference between a travel photographer and a traveler who photographs? It might be a subtle difference, but it’s one you can see in Erika Skogg’s clear, focused, perfectly framed images from around the

Global Warming Hitting Highest Peaks Harder Than Expected

After one of the mildest winters on record, it may come as no surprise to hear that the world’s highest mountains may be warming much faster than than the global average — and faster than

Probably The Chillest D.I.Y. Spot in the World — Yume Farm in Narita, Japan

Japanese culture is well known for its attentiveness to detail. They seem to master everything they pursue, sometimes even surpassing original versions of things indigenous to other places. Why else do Americans fly to Japan, convert dollars to yen, and spend money on superior Japanese versions of traditionally American products? So in hindsight, it shouldn’t […]

Skate Nerd: Jack Olson Vs. Windsor James

Don't quit your day jobs, you definitely don't have futures as sketch artists. The post Skate Nerd: Jack Olson Vs. Windsor James appeared first on Transworld Skateboarding.

A Mountain Bike Run to Make You Run for Your Bike

Begin at the beginning and end at the end and in the middle go like hell. Watch a perfectly ridden, filmed, and edited trail run and you quickly learn the music is a crutch, slow

Jimmy Decotis To Canada’s Motorcycle / FXR / Yamaha

—PRESS RELEASE— Stittsville, Ontario (April 23, 2015) MX101 is pleased to announce James Decotis is coming to Canada for the summer of 2015 with Canada’s Motorcycle / FXR / Yamaha.   James is an accomplished racer currently sitting in a 3 way tie for 5th place for the East Coast for Lites SX. He is […]

Arizona MotoTrials 2015 Photo Gallery

By Robert Theobald Pat Smage made it four wins in four tries with a double win at the Arizona round of the Aires AMA US National MotoTrials Series near Kingman, Arizona. Dirt Rider contributor Robert Theobald was on hand to document all the action.

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