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Snow Climbing Techniques: The Stomper Belay

You pull up over the final crest and you're off the steep terrain. Time to build a belay. But what to do? What would be the fastest and effective?One very quick technique is the stomper belay, also known as the carabiner/ice-axe belay. Show More Summary

Book Review: Buried in the Sky

There are a lot of great stories from a lot of horrible tragedies in the Himalaya. This is one of the great ironies of mountaineering literature. The most horrific stories are the ones that lead to the most interest amongst those of us that follow this type of literature. Show More Summary

Daily Stoke: Chris Parker’s Cliff Notes

Music is the partner we all need, in climbing, road tripping, and life. And I couldn’t imagine a better partner to take with me on the road this summer than “Cliff Notes,” a new album from my good friend Chris Parker, a singer-songwriter who also currently works at Black Diamond Equipment. Show More Summary

Climbing and Outdoor News from Here and Abroad - 7/20/17

Northwest:--A skier was killed in a crevasse fall on Mount Rainier on Sunday. It appears that the team skied to the summit and Michael Naiman, 42, accidently skied into a crevasse on the way down. To read more, click here.--The American Alpine Club Cragging Classic is happening in Smith Rock this September. Show More Summary

Technique: Oppositional Forces

The Beta Angel series provides a series of excellent coaching tips for beginner to advanced level climbers. In this video, the Beta Angel coach demonstrates several techniques for oppositional climbing.--Jason D. Martin

Women's Concerns on Day Trips

All climbers in the backcountry need to find the best way to interact with the environment and also take care of their health while they are out-of-doors. Women sometimes have different needs in the backcountry than men do. If you’re...Show More Summary

Sailing to St Kilda

Setting up for the crux of Old Boy Racer E8 5b, 7a, 6b on Ruabhal, St Kilda. Photo: Chris Prescott/Dark Sky Media Several years ago I was lucky enough to climb on the spectacular islands of St Kilda, which sit 50 miles out in the Atlantic to the west of the Outer Hebrides. Show More Summary

Family organizes continued search efforts for Galvan and Zerain on Nanga Parbat

This photo taken during the helicopter search on July 1 shows where Mariano Galvan and Alberto Zerain disappeared on Nanga Parbat's Mazeno Ridge. [Photo] Alex Gavan Mariano Galvan's family has arranged to continue searching for him and his climbing partner Alberto Zerain after the two went missing June 24 on Nanga Parbat's Mazeno Ridge. Show More Summary

Leave No Trace: Leave What You Find

It's not especially intuitive...You see a beautiful flower, a cool native arrowhead, a colorful rock, or something else that you just want to take home and keep...but you know what's going to happen to it. That flower will be destroyed in your pack. Show More Summary

Climbing and Outdoor News from Here and Abroad - 7/13/17

Northwest:--The NPS is reporting that "searchers have been unable to locate a skier who is believed to have fallen through a snowbridge into Pebble Creek on July 3, 2017. While skiing from Camp Muir to Paradise, a 30-year old male from Washington State fell into a hole that spanned the rushing water of Pebble Creek. Show More Summary

Nine Lessons from Rock Climbing

Recently this video has been making its rounds on the web. The piece is from a motivational speaking conference sponsored by TED -- a motivational speaker agency -- and features Matthew Childs, a former climbing guide.Matthew Childs is a specialist in digital branding and interactive services. Show More Summary

Book Review: Alone on the Wall by Alex Honnold and David Roberts

On June 3, 2017, something happened that changed the climbing world. Alex Honnold free soloed Freerider (5.12d, VI, 3000') on Yosemite's El Capitan. This ascent was beyond awe inspiring. Some have said that it was the most impressive...Show More Summary

Route Profile: Angel's Crest (5.10b, IV)

The Angel's Crest is likely the most beautiful route of its grade in Squamish. The line takes you up a perfect ridge from low on the Stawamus Chief all the way up to its summit. The bulk of the climbing is moderate and most of the cruxes are short...but you have to be on your A game. Show More Summary

Summer Outdoor Retailer is moving to Denver in 2018

A deal was confirmed July 6 that the summer Outdoor Retailer trade show will move to Denver, Colorado, next year. Pictured from left to right are Luis Benitez, director of Colorado's Outdoor Recreation Industry Office; Darrell Denny,...Show More Summary

Climbing and Outdoor News from Here and Abroad - 7/6/17

Northwest:--The Everett Daily Herald is reporting that, "A 22-year-old rock climber was rescued by helicopter Sunday after she fell down a ravine outside of Darrington. She tumbled at least 100 feet. The woman was climbing with a partner on Exfoliation Dome off the Mountain Loop Highway. Show More Summary

Climbers missing and presumed dead on Nanga Parbat's Mazeno Ridge

Nanga Parbat's Diamir Face with the Mazeno Ridge extending toward the foreground. [Photo] Guilhem Vellut, Wikimedia Mariano Galvan and Alberto Zerain are presumed to have died in an avalanche at around 6000 meters on Nanga Parbat (8125m). Show More Summary

Adidas Summer Apparel Spotlight

When most people think of Adidas, images of soccer cleats, running shoes or hip street kicks pop into their awareness. But, thanks to an excellent clothing and approach shoe offering, strong sponsorship of North American rock climbers, and the 2012 purchase of climbing shoe company 5.10, attitudes are slowly starting to change. My first exposure to […]

Cleaning Anchors on a Single Pitch Climb

The American Alpine Club has put together an excellent video on cleaning single pitch anchors. Check out the video below: The video identifies three governing principles to cleaning an anchor:1) Minimize equipment so that essential items...Show More Summary

Now You're Cooking with Fire!

I used to hate campfires… They’re dirty. They make your clothes smell bad. They’re a lot of work. And they’re kind of dangerous.But then I started camping with my children and I rediscovered the fun, the warmth and the social value of a campfire. Show More Summary

Quick Belay Techniques

In the world of climbing, it's not at all uncommon for one climber to be stronger and more experienced than his or her partner. In such a situation, many climbers elect to move together on easier terrain. In some cases, teams with this kind of make-up even choose to simul-climb. Show More Summary

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