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Trade Industry Martial Arts

“The Trade Journal for the Martial Arts Industry” Kind of gives you the sense of today’s martial arts vs. yesterdays traditional form of martial arts practice. You are given two dichotomies here, one is martial arts and the other isShow More Summary

“Time is Relative” - Einstein

Have you ever heard the story that Einstein tells to explain how relativity works. The space travelers who experience ten years pass while on Earth they experience twenty years passing where the space travelers age only ten years while Earth experiences twenty years in age. Show More Summary

Breathing and Movement

First, continuous breathing is a must. Holding your breath to accomplish some physical exertion is a no-no. Another very important part of the breathing process is how we breath while we move. An example is when swimming one normally turns the head to the right to take a breath. Show More Summary

As for Combat, Fighting, and Self-Defense: Interchangeable Terms? Or are they?

First, combat and combatives are more in line with the military system of hand-to-hand. Where I come into an issue is the actual “New” combative martial arts instituted within the military, i.e. with my focus toward MCMAP, they seemShow More Summary

Diaphragm and Stomach = Breathing

Often, in martial practice I am asked how to breath properly. I often answer with, “It depends.” So today, I am going to lay out the very fundamentals of breathing. First, proper breathing involves many things but the absolute fundamental is that breathing involves the stomach and the diaphragm. Show More Summary

A Close-In System (Isshinryu)

A bit of mindless meandering here, when I see seminars and demonstrations of martial disciplines and they present that system, like Isshinryu does, as a “Close-in” system I wonder how they define “Close-in?” Often, in seminars and demo’s...Show More Summary

Stretching - to stretch or not to stretch?

“ … Not only does stretching NOT warm your body and prepare it for exercise, but it can be harmful.” - The Maffetone Method by Dr. Philip Maffetone Stretching as to its benefit is very controversial. It is understood that stretching for most who exercise are not necessary for proper warm up and cool down. Show More Summary

Force Decisions Teaching Self-Defense and so on ...

First, I am not an expert on force decisions. If you wish to study the subject for your self-defense requirements or for teaching self-defense or learning about what SD is before seeking out a training hall for self-defense then read the bibliography. Show More Summary

About Kata

In a recent question posed at the Ryukyu Martial Arts FB Wall about kata I posed or suggested that the question was limited in nature and did not provide a true picture of what folks should be looking to in the practice of kata. These...Show More Summary

Traditional Karate, Really?

Westerners tend to “Think” they are training and practicing a “Traditional/Classical” martial art but are they? Lets narrow it down to the Okinawan system of karate, or Ti (pronounced Tee). Today’s Okinawan karate has many aspects that...Show More Summary

Why Kichiro Shimabuku?

The current leadership, supposedly, for Isshinryu in Okinawa is Tatsuo-san's son, Kichiro Shimabuku. Since the death of Tatsuo-san and after he assumed the leadership role I often wonder why it is we don't see him, hear of him, have any relevant or comprehensive information on him anywhere. Show More Summary

Dojo’s, Styles and Systems are just Tribal

“In tribal societies make-up plays an important role in establishing the status of the individual within the community, and gives him a cultural ‘badge.’ It true protection is it affords the person that they are of that groups membership.” This quote once again suggests that our pension toward martial arts as to clothing, i.e. Show More Summary

Chambering the Fist in Karate (Isshinryu)

In Isshinryu, the chambering of the fist is considered a very important application of fist strikes, punches or thrusts. In reality that particular way of using the fists and arms violates the fundamental principles of martial systems. Show More Summary

Small Circle Jujitsu or Judo

Just wondering if any of the folks reading this blog have experienced training in “Small Circle Jujitsu” as developed by Wally Jay? I have decided I need to supplement my training and practice with something that will provide locks and throws that will allow me to apply same in a SD situation. Show More Summary

The Fifth Principle

This immediately reminded me of the movie, “The Fifth Element.” It made me think that in the movie there were four elements similar to those from the ancient Chinese, i.e. Earth, Water, Metal, Fire, and wood, etc. (Yes, there are five...Show More Summary

Isshinryu and Self-Defense

I am going to piss off a lot of Isshinryu’ist with this post. I am going to literally undermine their belief system about Isshinryu. It is important to “KNOW” that this is not a blanket statement about Isshinryu but rather a personal...Show More Summary

Five Ways to Not Be THAT Swim Parent

Maybe it’s because when my oldest started swimming, I was already friends with many veteran swim parents. Maybe it’s due to the fact that I never really babied my girls, and have always done my best to teach personal responsibility and independence.  Quite possibly, it’s just because I am a level-headed personal without anxiety or […]

An Idea - A New Principle

I believe in the fundamental principles of the martial system, i.e. Theory (Universality, Control, Efficiency, Lengthen Our Line, Percentage Principle, Std of Infinite Measure, Power Paradox, Ratio, Simplicity, Natural Action, Michelangelo...Show More Summary


To polish one’s skill (Waza o migaku [ ???? ]) in karate takes courage, skill unto itself as a discipline within a discipline, dedication and due diligence toward many myriad things. The myriad things of which some are designated as underlying principles given birth from the study and practice of Okinawan Ti (pronounced “Tee”). Show More Summary

Karate Instructor vs. Sensei

I was reading a post by Michael Clarke Sensei, at Shinseidokan Dojo blog, and the two seemed to beg for attention, “Karate Instructor vs. Sensei.” I believe he was trying to make an distinction and that spurred me on to write a post about it because in my view it is an important distinction. Show More Summary

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