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Assumptions (Katei [??] Assumption; supposition; hypothesis)

A thing that is accepted as true or as certain to happen, without proof. A fact or statement taken for granted. An assuming that something is true. When teaching and training for self-defense often assuming that someone understands your meaning can be an assumption that leads to that persons misunderstanding. Show More Summary

The Golden Move by Rory Miller

First, read the article on the Golden Move, here. Since I am and have been a MA practitioner for a long time one of Mr. Miller’s quotes came across as very beneficial, i.e. when I write or teach on the subject of “Shu-ha-ri,” I often speak to MA’s tendency to remain transfixed in the Shu and possibly Ha stages. Show More Summary

My eBooks - Status

Just wanted to get it in that I have not forgotten about publishing my eBooks on the gokui and the terminologies. I work and I write all the time. One book is still being edited by a very good friend and I didn’t give them a deadline simply because I appreciate their efforts and the time it takes them to do this - for free. Show More Summary

Types of Emotional Response

First is the emotional response that precedes the rational and logical mind. Second is the kind of emotional reaction, slower then the quick-response, which simmers and brews first in our thoughts before it leads to feelings. The first...Show More Summary

Styles ?

We have a lot of karate styles and until recent years it baffled me as to why. Especially when you finally understand all styles must adhere to the same fundamental principles to function as a system for combatives, fighting or self-defense. Show More Summary

Old Men and Fundamentals

Fundamentals are critical no matter what cause one day you get older and having a solid foundation in fundamental principles means you will still be formidable. Fundamental principles of martial systems never expire while youth does, speed does and so on. Show More Summary

Martial Arts and Perceptions in SD

Martial Arts and Perceptions in SD Note: I am not an SD expert. I am not an firearms expert. I am not a lawyer or attorney. I am not advocating any of the following as more than my thoughts, perceptions and theories on the subject involved. Show More Summary

Using the Scientific Method

Caveat: I make mistakes and if the article actually follows the scientific method properly and completely I will gladly amend this post in response to comments that are accepted as appropriate and support that view, etc. Using the scientific method to provide “evidence” of something is not as simple as one might think. Show More Summary

Purposeful Compliance

This is another term coined by Richard Hubbard (host) in his Prevail Podcast #4. If you haven’t noticed I tend to like terms and phrases that can and do lead to greater lessons. Sometimes I come up with my own terms or phrases but more often I find them by listening to others such as Rory Miller, Marc MacYoung or Michael Clarke and many others. Show More Summary


It suddenly occurred to me, “Why do I have this fascination with MA, SD and Conflict/Violence?” Yes, you would have thunk that maybe I would have addressed this question at one time or another but those questions were more in line with,...Show More Summary

Luck [?]

In recent postings it has become known that in relation to the experience threshold, i.e. “According to Ken Murray in 'Training at the Speed of Life', the Air Force set ‘ace’ at five dogfights because there best research showed that no one—no one—remembered their training for their first three to five dogfights. Show More Summary


In a recent roundtable podcast one of the participants said something like, “Techniques learned by ROTE wire the wrong part of the brain.” It was also stated that the focus on making sure a technique “looks right” is not correct. The techniques must be about working right along with a knowledge of its depth and breadth along with its shortcoming. Show More Summary

It’s Critical

This is the start of what I am going to call, “It’s Critical,” and the goal is to provide some tidbits of information that I personally feel critical to anyone teaching, training or applying self-defense. I will begin by saying, “It’s...Show More Summary

Don’t Lose the War

Ever hear the quote, “They won the battle but lost the war.” This kind of reminds me of self-defense. I came up with the thought or you could say it kind of jumped out at me after reading the book, “In the Name of Self-Defense by Marc MacYoung.” It kind of reminded me of the mind-set or mind-state of those who teach and take self-defense training. Show More Summary

In the Name of Self-Defense

Review: Wow! Let me say that one more time, “Wow!” Guess what, I say “WoW” because all I have read to this point is the “introduction.” Wow, I can hardly wait to dive into the real meat of this book. I am a martial artist of thirty-seven plus years. Show More Summary

Getting Hit

In SD it never occurred to me that getting hit would carry importance and when I first started teaching SD in MA I always preached that one had to “hit something” a third of the overall time spent in training and practice. In other words, about twenty minuted to each hour of training - if you are serious. Show More Summary

Three levels: Escape, Control, Survival ~ Rory Miller Chiron Blog

Escape: Literally means, “Break free from confinement or control. an act of breaking free from confinement or control. getaway, breakout, jailbreak, bolt, flight, disappearance, vanishing act.” Control: Literally means, “The power to influence or direct people's behavior or the course of events. Show More Summary

Asian Sources

In martial arts the Western mind gives a good deal of credence toward sources that come from Asian sources. Because martial arts come from and have in-depth historical history the westerner has come to rely on the “Asian experts.” In...Show More Summary

The Lesson

I learned a lesson the other night. I first learned of this lesson reading the book by Marc MacYoung, In the Name of Self-defense. It comes with the understanding you get from his stuff. You learn about violence and self-defense andShow More Summary

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