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Stories become Truth to become Legends

I quote, “The myth of ryukyuan disarmament is no older than the early 19th century but is very persistent, and in particularly popular among the practitioners of karate.” - The Samurai Capture a King: Okinawa 1906 by Stephen Turnball. Show More Summary

Rant, Rant, ladda da di da, Ranting

One of the special forces maxim refers to a soldier's greatest weapon, the mind. It would seem that in the MA world be it combatives for the military, police, etc. or as self-defense for the masses this mind thing would be critical. There is a phrase that describes this, i.e. Show More Summary

Validating by Rory Miller

If you don’t know Rory Miller and you have not read his Chiron blog you might be missing out on some awesome stuff. Here is a sample that from where I sit speaks volumes to the martial arts community. Validating by Rory Miller

Giving Credit

A long time ago I began writing the blogs I have on Martial Arts, Self-Defense, and Philosophy of MA. In those humble beginnings I didn’t give credit where credit was due. I used direct quotes and even longer content exactly as the originating author provided. Show More Summary

SD vs. MA (Your MA is NOT SD, maybe :)

Oh shit, a bell is going off and guess what, it is about my long practiced and personally important martial art that is being “dissed.” Yet, all that it is and all that I thought is was is false but true. There are some very important...Show More Summary

The Benefit of Kata Training

The value or benefit of kata training in martial art has been bandied about for many, many years. I have posted many times on the value of kata training and that includes kata two person drills, etc. You can also add in the two person drills for kumite as well, with caveats. Show More Summary

Challenge the Monkey

To achieve some semblance of control over our emotions, as to the monkey brain, we have to achieve some understanding of how the emotional mind actually works. It all parcels into the traits and components that make for a good martial artists and is inter-connected in how we achieve a modicum of ability in the fuller spectrum of self-defense. Show More Summary

Emotional Reasoning

“It takes will to keep emotion under the control of reason.” - Emotional Intelligence, Daniel Goleman. More so in conflict than most other situations one’s emotions run rampant and the key to survival is learning to recognize when emotions...Show More Summary

Push Up Bars (Some refer to as Chinkuchi Bars)

Stopped in, finally, to a hardware store to see if this is doable and that they had the parts to put it together. Except for stock shortages all these parts are available. I also noted that for the handle you can go bigger to fit, then...Show More Summary

Bujutsu [??] to Budo [??]

The combative form of martial arts are referred to as “bujutsu.” The more philosophical and spiritual (non-religious meaning) practices of martial arts are referred to as “budo.” There is a middle ground as well called, “Bonpu budo [ ???? ].” This is addressed as the “three stages” of martial arts. Show More Summary


Becoming conscious of one’s own character, personality, feelings, motives, and desires. Creating a capacity for self-perception thus becoming self-conscious. It is becoming a person with the ability and capacity for introspection. To...Show More Summary

CPW: Experts, Masters and the Knowledgable

Experts are those who have taken the time, made the effort and have shown due diligence in a discipline so as to learn, understand and know about that discipline but there is a hitch. The hitch is those who follow. If the expert, master...Show More Summary

Stabilizer Muscles

Ok, lets get to it, lets discuss how we can segregate and exercise those special muscles we call “stabilizer muscles” to improve our martial arts practice, training and most important of all “applications.” You know, those muscles we use to provide us stability when punching and kicking, etc. Show More Summary

No When to Hold-em, Know When to Fold-em

Note poker but in self-defense. As you are aware there are rules in self-defense. They are not necessarily the ones your self-defense instructor told you but the ones society imposes on you if you are dragged into court to convince the judge, jury and prosecutor that you used self-defense properly. Show More Summary


I am surprised that both ego and pride don’t appear in the fundamental principle of martial systems. When you look at the principle of Philosophy you encounter sub-principles that may or may not address these two but unless one is versed in how this affects training, practice and application you may fall prey to them. Show More Summary

Bibliography - updated 8-21-2014

Bibliography: Advincula, A. J. The Naming of Isshin-ryu: In the beginning there was the one. Isshnikai:The Official Website of Sensei Arcenio J. Advincula. 2009 Advincula, A.J. Show More Summary

Just Sayin

I know that I can be a bit intense sometimes and that my pursuit of knowledge and clarity in my martial arts (actually I do it in most of what I do) sometimes seems or is perceived as pushy, opinionated and critical. If you have been on the receiving end I apologize. Show More Summary

Ma-ai or Distance

In any self-defense situation the distance you have and maintain between you and your adversary is important. As long as you have distance you can dial down your need for dangerous activity that can both get you hurt or killed and get you out of self-defense and into jail. Show More Summary

Home Made Push Up Bars

If you wish to discover your ability to do what some are referring to as "chinkuchi push ups" and do not have a source that will create them identical or similar to the ones posted at the Arcenio Advincula Facebook wall then here isShow More Summary

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