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CPW: Experts, Masters and the Knowledgable

Experts are those who have taken the time, made the effort and have shown due diligence in a discipline so as to learn, understand and know about that discipline but there is a hitch. The hitch is those who follow. If the expert, master...Show More Summary

Stabilizer Muscles

Ok, lets get to it, lets discuss how we can segregate and exercise those special muscles we call “stabilizer muscles” to improve our martial arts practice, training and most important of all “applications.” You know, those muscles we use to provide us stability when punching and kicking, etc. Show More Summary

No When to Hold-em, Know When to Fold-em

Note poker but in self-defense. As you are aware there are rules in self-defense. They are not necessarily the ones your self-defense instructor told you but the ones society imposes on you if you are dragged into court to convince the judge, jury and prosecutor that you used self-defense properly. Show More Summary


I am surprised that both ego and pride don’t appear in the fundamental principle of martial systems. When you look at the principle of Philosophy you encounter sub-principles that may or may not address these two but unless one is versed in how this affects training, practice and application you may fall prey to them. Show More Summary

Bibliography - updated 8-21-2014

Bibliography: Advincula, A. J. The Naming of Isshin-ryu: In the beginning there was the one. Isshnikai:The Official Website of Sensei Arcenio J. Advincula. 2009 Advincula, A.J. Show More Summary

Just Sayin

I know that I can be a bit intense sometimes and that my pursuit of knowledge and clarity in my martial arts (actually I do it in most of what I do) sometimes seems or is perceived as pushy, opinionated and critical. If you have been on the receiving end I apologize. Show More Summary

Ma-ai or Distance

In any self-defense situation the distance you have and maintain between you and your adversary is important. As long as you have distance you can dial down your need for dangerous activity that can both get you hurt or killed and get you out of self-defense and into jail. Show More Summary

Home Made Push Up Bars

If you wish to discover your ability to do what some are referring to as "chinkuchi push ups" and do not have a source that will create them identical or similar to the ones posted at the Arcenio Advincula Facebook wall then here isShow More Summary

On Knives in Self-Defense

I observe things as a natural course of walking around in this world. It is not a matter of being hyper-vigilent toward danger although if something tweaks my spidey sense I do pay attention. I mean I am kind of hyperactive in that my eyes are always roaming. Show More Summary

Personal Space

This is, again, about self-defense. Space has a significant meaning to all of us. We have our personal space, which is the main topic of this post, we have spaces that extend our personal spaces such as our home, our office, our automobile and then we have spaces that encompass our neighborhood, our town and our country. Show More Summary

Movie Syndrome in Self-Defense

When viewing those selfie’s or cell phone video’s or even security video’s when violence occurs is not truly telling the entire story. Even when it seems that the entire incident is shown on the video we cannot take that as a full and complete picture. Show More Summary

45 Degree Angle

Have you heard of this one before where sensei says you should move to a 45 degree angle off an adversaries centerline while maintaining your centerline to attack or counter-attack? Yea, do you know why they tell you to do that other...Show More Summary

Flooding - The Flood

Flooding is a new term I am using to address the often miss titled adrenaline rush or dump. It actually applies to all emotionally driven stress responses be it a conflict leading to the need for self-defense or any stress induced conflict...Show More Summary

Learning Chinkuchi

There are always questions regarding chinkuchi and how a person learns to use it in martial arts, i.e. specifically in Isshinryu since this system tends to stress chinkuchi more than others - at least in my experience. There are those who insist that one cannot learn chinkuchi without a qualified sensei teaching them using a more tactile approach. Show More Summary

Open Sparring

First, what is it? “Open Sparring is about physical interactions of a more or less violent nature with no judges, no points, no time limit, and no stopping after a strike.” ~ (some additions in italics added by me) Marc MacYoung, Taking It to the Street: Making Your Martial Art Street Effective. Show More Summary

Y’all Have a Lot of Catching Up to Do

“This has been the most stressful summer of my life” is the absolute understatement of the century. I haven’t had time to write, let alone do much breathing. In the spring, Mr. BBM was called by a recruiter about a position that sounded pretty intriguing. About a week later he had a phone interview. Within […]


If I were to be asked about what I thought could, would and sometimes is the culprit in conflict I would tentatively say, “Impulse control.” If we are to make self-defense work even as far back as the possibility of avoidance all together then impulse control seems a good one. Show More Summary

To Study (Forgive me, a cross post - arghhh)

Lets define this: “the devotion of time and attention to acquiring knowledge on an academic subject, especially by means of books; a detailed investigation and analysis of a subject or situation: look at closely in order to observe or...Show More Summary

Martial Body and Mind Conditioning (Working on some Theories)

The first term that comes to mind is, “karada-kitae.” This is body conditioning. When a martial artists, traditional, thinks of this term they usually think of Hojo-undo, i.e. more specifically the makiwara. What I tend to think of when...Show More Summary

My Martial Art - Explained

I practice martial arts. That seems to those who read this blog and my posts as a redundant statement but I am about to clarify what it is that I practice to ensure clarity to many aspects of the posts herein this blog or blogs. First,...Show More Summary

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