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Gotta love these guys...

As if a fully powered slalom session for lunch wasn't enough to put a big smile on my face, I was treated to a spectacular visit by a very playful pod of Harbor Porpoises (see image for what these little guys look like; photo by Erik Christensen via Wikimedia Commons). Show More Summary

Rites of spring

The first flowers are poking their heads up; some trees are starting to bloom, and slowly but surely, temperatures are creeping upward here in Bellingham. The skiing on Baker is still great (the base on Pan Dome is 273 inches - which...Show More Summary

On life-affirming stupidity

I don't have any small b&j gear. I just don't get to sail it enough to make the investment. There's only one day or so every winter where I'll be out there on my small slalom board and 6.1, picking my way through the somewhat chaotic terrain on Bellingham Bay, and wishing I had a 4.2 Hucker and a jump board. Show More Summary

On deflating kites and the relative strengths of FW and slalom gear

The Lord of the Wind Showdown in Los Barrilles (Baja) got some pretty intense coverage. Lots going on, tons of good racing and freestyle/big air for both boards and kites. And, of course, a bit of friendly rivalry. David Wells of Waterhound...Show More Summary

US Nationals - Day 3

What a day - a bit of everything, which is just why racing is a lot like life in general. The RC announced that we'd do a noon start for long distance, then run slalom at 3. That was met with a healthy sense of skepticism on the beach, as the fog was deeply entrenched and the breeze was light. Show More Summary

JC Hawaii SD-3 Thruster

My little brother has had an old JC Hawaii SD-3 surfboard for the past 3 years, and somehow that thing is still kicking around the house. It’s been pretty beat up, but through constant repair, is still surfable. On top of being used in California, it’s been used on several trips to Hawaii in the…

US Nationals - Day 2

Wow, I'm tuckered out. Tough day at the office, but also some really fun and challenging racing. We started a bit late as there seemed to be trouble with the windward mark; that kind of thing is pretty commonplace in racing, but at the St. Show More Summary

How To Surf Rocky Point: North Shore Oahu

Rocky Point is one of the most high performance waves on the North Shore of Oahu. Stop by on any day that has swell on the North Shore and you’ll see Hawaii’s best locals and the world’s best surfers who are in town ripping this surf spot apart. It’s the place to go if you…

US Nationals - Day 1

Nationals got off to a good start yesterday. Conditions were cold, foggy, and a bit gusty. Nice big fleet, including a great group of juniors. David Wells has excellent coverage at Waterhound (if you haven't checked out that site, you...Show More Summary

Wonder what the guy at the rental counter would have said...

You know it's regatta time when heavily overloaded rental cars start showing up at Crissy Field. Roof racks? We don't need no steeenkin' roof racks! Got to SF yesterday, met up with the rest of the Gorge Cup fleet today. Good showing - five juniors (Fiona, Alyson, Ben, Jay, Alex), MacRae, Tavis. Show More Summary

How to Surf Nukumoi Point in Kauai

A few weekends ago, I spent some time in Kauai looking for waves. Since it was May, we went looking for waves on the south side of the island, because most of the north swells were gone by then. A north swell was supposed to hit on that Saturday, but it didn’t really hit until…

2010 Sailworks Junior Clinic

What a great bunch of kids - Bruce put on his annual junior clinic today, shortened to one day due to this year's compressed racing schedule with Nationals in SF next week. It was cranking windy this morning, making for epic slalom conditions - and the kids just ate it up. Show More Summary

How to Surf Lower Trestles: Southern California

If you’re planning on surfing Southern California, then Trestles should be one of the main spots on your list of places to go. Surfing Lower Trestles isn’t something super technical that requires local knowledge like many of the famous reef breaks around the world, but there are still some simple things that you should know…

Just a little bit further...

Go ahead, click on that picture. That's BP, slogging out on his smallest slalom board (my guess is about 75 liters) and 5.4. And it's not an optical illusion - he really is in the water up to his butt. At this point, he's been at it for about 7 or 8 minutes, displaying good balance, a fair bit of determination, and good slogging technique. Show More Summary

How to Paint a Surfboard Using Dish Soap and Spray Paint

Ever since modern surfing began surfers have been painting their surfboards in a whole variety of ways. The styles of art have changed a lot over the years, and today you can see a little bit of every kind of surfboard art on the boards out in the water. About 5 years ago I traveled…

Family picture

Good day of sailing in Hood River. Got a chance to use every piece ofslalom gear I own as conditions built during the day. Warm enough tosail in boardshorts, too - gotta love the Gorge.

Freds Wave: The Ultimate Replica

Check out this video:  (a well spent 53 seconds of your life): As you can tell by the size of the wave, and the fact that it is powered by the back wheel of a truck, this is not the final product, simply a scale model.  But, if you surfed a wave that good whenever you wanted,…

2010 Blowout

An interesting one. Good breeze at Stevenson, so I rigged my Exo 71 and 8.2 NXsl. Bruce was going slalom as well, as were MacRae and Jay Salzman. Jay Watermeyer was going slalom with an 8.5 Retro, and Sean Williams and Aaron Cardwell went formula. Show More Summary

Object lesson on barging - Any questions?

Check out this screenshot from a video taken by Jean Rathle. Then scroll down to the video. Watch from about 2 minutes in and witness Steve B. taking out Al M. Steve was definitely barging here (pretty common thing in formula fleets). Show More Summary

Gorge Cup - 2010 Season Opener

Victoria Day weekend in the Gorge - and just to make all those visiting Canadians (plus your humble narrator from Bellingham, which is nearly up there as well) feel right at home, the Gorge was dishing out frontal conditions - gusty winds, clouds (we kept waiting for rain, but were spared), and chilly temps (I doubt it broke 50 while we were racing). Show More Summary

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