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US Open 2010 Ladies' Final: Kimmy Wrastles Vera Down, Teaches Her

RR here -Kimmy is the Boss. She gave Vera nothing, wrassled her down, pinned her, Vera tried to struggle but Kimmy was too strong, nothing worked. Eventually, after some pretty good (but not great) Vera histrionics, smash the rackets,...Show More Summary

Highlights from Auckland

Heeey Rowan here, I told Paula I was gonna post something about the Auckland WTA and ATP tournaments, which took place just before the Aussie Open, then I forgot, then I remembered, so here you go. We had a great field for the women’s tournament this year, with Sharapova, Kuznetsova and Safina all coming for the first time. Show More Summary

Hanging Out at Tennis X, I Discover There Are Robots Amongst Us

Yes, it is true. There are robots among us, people who look like people but are actually robots built by Martians and then smuggled down to earth in a rad spaceship that maybe was invisible to the human eye and then- like, the Martians...Show More Summary

The 2011 Australian Open Women and Men's Finals

Ladies First. The Beginning of this match was all about boob sweat. Poor Kimmy had two perfect circles of sweat on her boobs. It made her lose the first set. RR and I like both Kimmy and Li Na, so we were excited to see either win. In the second set, Kimmy's sweat morphed into all over body sweat, undoing the unfortunate boob circles of sweat. Show More Summary

Facebook Chatting About Vera and Youzhny

2:26pm Me this match is boring me the kimmy match was great 2:26pm Ron i think want zvonereva to win 2:26pm Me I don't think she can But it would be a great upset- I like Vera I like Kimmy too- but she's won it twice 2:27pm Ron she's...Show More Summary

Nadal .v. Verdasco US Open 2010 - Ladies Love Cool Fernando

Hey - it's RR here again -Help me People! P is not blogging. Why? She has been hanging out on Tennis-X and commenting a lot, and it's sapping her creative juices! They are sapping her creative juices and turning them into creative syrup, to pour on their own pancakes, by boiling them and adding sugar!!! It's terrible. Show More Summary

Rogers Cup Pix - and Forgive Me I Drove 350 Miles Today

RR Here -Here come some pictures from our last day at the Rogers Cup - yesterday. The commentary is gonna be a little thin and spacey - long drive home. Fried. Vodka. Fried vodka? Mmm... that would be good.For starters, here's Murray, on a practice court. Show More Summary

Leni, Stosur, and Yahoo Answers!

RR Here - P is not blogging. I apologize to our readers - I tell her that her readers need her. I am trying. She is hanging out on Tennis X too much and it's sapping her.... blog juice? I tell her to just blog what she is commenting... Show More Summary

Day Three, Rogers Cup 2010, And the Last Morning in the Hotel

We just had our fourth and final breakfast at the hotel. Youzhny sat behind us, in a little corner, trying to hide out. I did not bother him, although last night when we- the boys and I- rode the elevator up with him, I said, "I'm sorry about your loss today, I was rooting for you" and he said, "that's OK". Show More Summary

Djokovic vs. Blake: Butt Battle! And, Tracey Austin Torn Apart by Wild Dogs

It's Djokovic and Blake, and man, these guys have giant asses. Blake's is immediately evident. It fills up half the TV screen. We are in the country, where our TV is smaller, but I don't think that makes a difference. I think on our big TV it would be even bigger! Ginormous butt, a tennis-engine butt machine shooshing him around the court. Show More Summary

Day Two, The Rogers Cup 2010

Well, we got there, as usual, an hour late and I didn't yell at Rick Rock even once during the drive! It was a very hot day, but we kept telling each other we can't complain because at least it wasn't raining. David Nalbandian (linkShow More Summary

Hanging out on Tennis X Today

I've been posting little comments on Tennis X(click here to go to Tennis X) and not blogging here like I usually do. I find lots of the comments enjoyable and interesting and whatnot. And I do love the official posts by the people who work there, you know, the writers there. Show More Summary

World Peace Through Tennis, Rain, The Cazalets, Feliciano Lopez, Rain, The Chairs

Yesterday was a great day one and a disappointing day one. It was great because it started out with the minis (although this will be the last time I call them that, as Rockytoad is six foot one now, I have no idea how that happened,Show More Summary

Tipsarevic v. Roddick

Let's talk about how nuts Tipsarevic is. In Toronto, I was very excited to watch him play up close and personal because he's a true eccentric. A tattoo quoting Doestoyevsky in Japanese writing? Lots of tatts in general? Shabby looking hair and those glasses! Gosh, I bet he's a fun person with whome to pound vodka. Show More Summary

HI! We are at the Rogers Cup - Here are some pictures

RR here - That's right, we may be crappy bloggers lately but... well but nothing. Anyway we are in Toronto at the Rogers Cup, and here are some pictures - thanks mostly to Cheesewad who is the main photographer. This is Tommy. He is good at tennis. Show More Summary

Mardy Fish is Anorexic

I've been watching tennis. Also, I've been napping a lot while watching tennis. Also, I've been chatting with some men I love while watching tennis, which is to say, I haven't been paying the greatest attention to the tennis. But that's OK. Show More Summary

Berdych upsets Federer

I'm having a Gin martini. I have no idea whether or not Gin should actually be capitalized, but it looks right to me this way. I want to have sex with Andy Murray and not only because he's winning-- really, I don't get the hots for the...Show More Summary

French Open increase prize money with singles champions to receive £1.3m each

Prize money at the French Open has been increased by three million euros to over 28 million (£20.2million), the French Tennis Federation has announced.

Maria Sharapova and Venus Williams pull out of respective Russia and USA Fed Cup ties

Maria Sharapova and Venus Williams have both withdrawn from their countries' respective Fed Cup ties. Russia take on Germany in the semi-finals, while USA face a play-off against Italy.

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